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Author's Note: I'm not especially interested in size, or traditional ideals of masculinity, but I know many guys are turned on by both. This story is for them generally, and for one reader in Australia specifically. I hope he enjoys it.


by Stephen Scott

As Scottie approached the shop his heart beat so rapidly he was sure it was audible to everyone around him and his palms were so damp he found himself continually rubbing them against his trousers. Yet in spite of his terror, an ungovernable erection swelled his jeans; he imagined everyone on the street was staring at it, and that only made him harder.

He reached the door, took a quick breath, and pulled the handle.

The light inside the sex shop was as bright as any department store's.

This wasn't what Scottie had been expecting--the place was more like an erotic grocery store than the dim, seedy place of his imagination.

There were rows and rows of videos and DVDs arranged on shelves and tables, and a large, freestanding island in the center of the store held the toys and sexual aides.

That was the area he made for.

As he walked he noticed a wide opening at one side, where men were going in and out. This was the video-booth area, and from the size of it the boy figured there must be dozens of cubicles.

The thought really turned him on.

All those guys. All that raw sexuality. All those cocks.

He imagined rows of cubicles, the only light source the video monitors stared at by horny men waiting to attract other horny men. He could see the guys rubbing their crotches with as they sat there, their palms massaging their hard-ons. He could see zippers going down, cocks springing up.

He wanted to join them.

He set them aside for the moment, however. What he wanted right now would be behind that big counter.

He stared at the array of dildos and butt-plugs, feeling his erection growing even stiffer.

Which one? He had never put anything larger than a couple of fingers up his ass before. Should he go with one of the smaller plugs to start with, maybe work his way up? Or try something larger to start with?

Scottie stared at the largest of the butt-plugs, his mouth slackening. It was as big around the middle as a juice can. As he imagined the thing being shoved up his ass Scottie's hole dilated and contracted several times in rapid succession.

He turned to the dildos...

There were so many!

Which should he try? Stationary, or vibrating? Thick-at-the-base-tapering-to-thin-at-the-tip, or wide all the way around?

He finally decided on a selection: several of the butt-plugs and a variety of dildos. It was costly, but at least he'd have a lot of options.

His voice trembled as he spoke to the clerk, pointing with a shaking finger at each item.

When his purchase was complete he held a package of erotic possibility so rich and exciting he could barely focus his senses on the present. All he could think of was getting home, stripping off, and stuffing his butt until he drenched his sheets with cum.

Now if Scottie had been more aware of his surroundings, he would have seen the three guys.

The men who had noticed him when he walked in the door. The ones who followed his every movement in the shop, who were enticed by his youth, his boyish good looks, and that very visible hard-on tucked in his jeans and tilting to the left. The ones who followed his entire transaction at the sales counter.

They were friends, these three. They shared tricks. Occasionally, they shared each other. It just depended on what life threw in their path.

Tonight, life had thrown them this boy.

The three haunted the shop on weekend nights, sometimes trolling the floor, sometimes cruising the video booths. They knew each other well enough they didn't have to say a word. Their glances spoke volumes. And they had already made their choice.

The kid was cute. He was hot. And, judging from his haul at the sex-aides counter and the barely-contained boner in his pants, dying to get laid.

They watched from separate stations on the floor--Thad from near the sex-toys, Victor from the video racks, Steve close to the entrance to the booths. Whichever way the boy went, one of them would be close enough to make his move.

For a moment it seemed the kid was headed for the cubicles. That was okay. They couldn't all negotiate the booths at once, with so many bodies at once, they had a system there as well: one to grease the wheels, the other two to seal the deal.

No, not the booths.

Just as well. The direct approach worked best.

The boy headed for the front door. He took another look around and went out.

Vic, who was closest, followed him.

The key was negotiation. The others could close, but Vic was, by consensus, the best opener of the three.

Sure enough, by the time Thad and Steve were on the street, Vic was chatting the kid up. The other two smiled at each other and moved off in a different direction.

They approached a large van, unlocked the back, and slipped inside, closing the doors behind them.

Then they waited.

After a few minutes they heard the sound of keys in the lock. The door opened and Vic gestured into the back. The boy by his side smiled at him, started to climb in, and, seeing the others, stopped.


"Go on, kid," Vic said coolly, one hand in a tight grip around the kid's shoulder, the other pressed lengthwise between the boy's rounded buttocks. "We guarantee you a good time."

He pushed against the boy's lower back and the kid stumbled inside.

"See you in a few."

Vic closed the door and jumped into the driver's seat. He turned the engine over, checked his rear-view, and pulled out into traffic.

Scottie sat on the floor in the back of the van, slightly stunned and more than a little afraid. The cargo area was sealed off from the driver's compartment, and the boy was half-convinced he was being kidnapped. He clutched the bag full of sex-toys to his chest and stared at the other two, wide-eyed.

"Relax," Steve smiled, scooting closer and placing a gentle hand around the boy's trembling shoulders. "We're not gonna hurt you."

Thad sat next to the boy on the other side.

"Furthest thing from it, baby," he purred soothingly. "We're gonna make you feel so good..."

"Where--uh... where we goin'?"

"Somewhere quiet, that's all," Steve smiled, letting his hand slip toward the boy's chest, where his fingers gently rubbed the right nipple. "Someplace we won't be bothered."

"Uh... oh."

"You sure bought a lot of stuff in there, guy," Thad murmured, fingering the paper bag before casually dropping his hand onto the boy's knee. "You like these things, huh?"

"Uh--actually, I never... um..."

Thad and Steve exchanged a quick smile. Could this kid be a virgin? Vic would think he'd died and gone to heaven!

Scottie was less afraid now. In fact, he was getting turned-on. The soft fingers on his tit were both soothing and stimulating, and the hand on his knee held the promise of something more. True, he didn't know where he was going, but he no longer seriously wondered if they were going to harm him.

He turned toward the guy on his left and warm lips were suddenly pressed urgently to his. His eyes widened briefly and he relaxed into the kiss, pleasantly surprised to feel the other guy's lips against his ear a moment later. He moaned as warm air was breathed into his ear-hole, followed by a warm, wet tongue...

In a moment, the three were on the floor of the van, a tangle of limbs. Lips kissed, tongues slid across flesh, hands caressed clothed body-parts. No clothing was removed, but that didn't matter; the contact, the sexual heat, were enough, at least for the moment.

In the cab of the van, Vic smiled to himself. The boy in the back was so pliant it had been almost too easy to coerce him into coming along. He'd smiled shyly when Vic had hailed him, given the man a quick glance head-to-crotch, and when invited to come with the man had nodded his enthusiastic head like a child accepting a bar of candy.

The boy was cute as hell--one of the cutest they'd ever snared. He had a little snub nose and a slightly rounded face, full lips and big brown eyes that had sparkled with endearingly sexy eagerness under the streetlights. His thick brown hair was cut short and his eyelashes were tufty--which for some reason always turned Vic's crank.

The kid was tall and lean but not skinny, and his little ass was round and pert--the kind you just had to fuck.

The only thing that had worried Vic was his boyishness, so he was relieved when the boy had told him he was 18. Of course, Vic knew, the kid could be lying, but at least no one could accuse him or the others of knowingly picking up underage chicken.

Ten minutes later Vic found the side road and turned off, unaware that he had been rubbing his crotch with his right palm until he raised it to flick on the turn signal. There was a damp spot where the head of his dick pushed against the cloth of his jeans.

Scottie was so pleasantly distracted he was scarcely aware that the van had stopped.

In a moment, the door opened again and Vic stood outside, grinning at the sight that greeted him. He might be the closer on these deals, but Thad and Steve were the experts at loosening up the prospect.

It was a warm night in late spring, and Vic left the door hanging open as he clambered in. Behind him were the woods behind his father's vacation lake-house, the most secluded area he knew, and one the three had visited often.

Amazingly, it was only five minutes from the sex-shop. One turn off the main drag, three miles down a two-lane road, and the next thing you knew you might as well have driven to the country. The only sounds were the chirps and croaks of night-creatures and the distant plash of water lapping the shore.

Wasting no time on preliminaries, Vic jumped into the back of the van, lay on his belly and buried his face in Scottie's rigid crotch. The boy jumped when Vic nibbled at his hard-on through the rough jeans material, and a groan came from the kid's busy lips.

Vic unsnapped the button of the boy's jeans and quickly unzipped him, rubbing the hardness at the crotch with the palm of his hand as he slowly slid the pants down over the kid's legs.

The boy's white cotton briefs displayed a mouth-watering lump, and Vic attacked it with vigor, licking up and down the shaft through the light material, fondling the full ballsac beneath as his friends continued to kiss and lick the boy's lips and ears and throat.

As Vic busied himself hotting the boy's cock, Steve and Thad began to undress him, pulling his shirt over his head, kissing, suckling and nibbling at his hard, hairless nipples as they bared his torso.

Scottie was delirious. He'd walked out of his house this evening an anal virgin, hoping only to pick up some dildos for his private enjoyment. Now here were three hot men making love to his body in a secluded wood.

He was pretty sure he was about to get his cock sucked. And then maybe, just maybe...

Vic was untying the boy's laces and removing his shoes. When he got them off he tugged the jeans over the kid's feet, then began lowering his briefs.

"Lift your butt up, kid," he said.

Scottie did as he was told, and his underpants slid down over his thighs and off.

The boy was now completely naked, fully aroused, and willing to do just about anything for the possessors of those warm lips and hands that were driving his body nearly violent with fervid desire.

Vic didn't bother stroking the boy's cock first. He dug right in, lapping at the head with his tongue, sliding up and down the head and shaft, groping the hairless balls and stimulating a small stream of pre-cum to ooze out the tip of the glans as Scottie writhed and groaned.

Thad and Steve, knowing that this was Vic's prerogative as their leader and as the man with the van (and the family-owned, erotic rest-stop) allowed their friend his prime-time with the boy's dick while they kept the kid on high by kissing and stroking him from the waist up.

No one was going to go away unsatisfied here.

Vic popped Scottie's dick into his mouth and took it all the way in one, swift movement. The sudden shock of pleasure lifted the boy off the floor of the van, gasping loudly.

Thad and Steve laughed, tickled by the kid's reaction.

"Fuck his face, baby," Thad urged.

"Yeah!" Steve put in, twisting one of Scottie's nipples. "Pump that cock!"

Scotties didn't need the encouragement; his hips were already moving, heaving up, jabbing his dick deep into Vic's accommodating throat.

Vic, savoring the salty-sweet boy-cum on his tongue and turned on by the kid's sexual delirium, reached up and placed his fingertip at Scottie's mouth. The boy obediently opened his lips and took the finger inside, slathering it with his freely flowing saliva, sucking on it like it was the tastiest cock he'd ever known.

After a few moments Vic removed his finger and placed it against the boy's hairless butthole, gently tickling the soft, puckered flesh. Scottie moaned deeply and relaxed his sphincter, allowing the tip of the man's finger to slip inside.

Vic teased the muscle, swiping his fingertip around just inside, loosening the boy up. Then, still fully engaged in sucking the randy young cock in his mouth, he pressed forward, sliding as far up the kid's boi-pussy as he could reach. He located Scottie's prostate and massaged it gently, causing Scottie to moan and thrust with his hips.

The expert manipulation of his button by Vic--and his tits by the other two--made Scottie explode. Gasping and crying out, he arced his back and blew his load into Vic's throat.

The man swallowed the hot boy-cream and, licking the shaft and head clean, finally allowed the boy's now-softening cock to slip from his lips and withdrew his finger from Scottie's pucker.

"Mm-mm-mm!" Vic enthused, licking his lips. "Hot boy-milk! Nothin' like it."

Steve whispered into his ear, and Vic grinned broadly. A virgin! A virgin with a bag of dildos! God-damn, but this was just getting better and better!

Scottie lay on the floor of the van, panting and spent. Vic grinned down at him.

"Like that, baby?"

Scottie groaned his answer.

"There's a lot more where that came from, kid." He turned to his friends. "You guys still dressed? Shit--take off your clothes and the give our little friend a show, why don't you?"

Theirs was a well-rehearsed routine. Steve and Thad grinned at each other and, propping Scottie up against the side of the van, positioned themselves in his direct line of sight to begin the evening's intermission.

Kissing and caressing they slowly removed each other's shirts and trousers. When they were clad only in their briefs they looked over at the boy, pleased to see that, despite the kid's recent orgasm and the glazed look on his face, their performance was bringing the boy's soft cock back into a state of semi-arousal.

Scottie was dazed, sated, yet continually stimulated by the situation and by the two hot men making love by his feet. He knew the evening was far from over--had a feeling it had just begun--and was wildly curious to see what would happen next.

He glanced over at the man whose ravenous mouth and probing finger had so recently sent him over the edge. Although fully clothed, the guy had a prodigious bulge in his trousers. With no actual experience until tonight he couldn't be sure, but he thought the man was sporting a good 7 inches under his tight jeans.

Maybe 7 and ½.

Scottie's mouth watered at the thought, and his boy-pussy clenched and relaxed in desire.

Vic was one of the hottest men he'd ever seen--masculine sexuality defined, at least to Scottie. He had a strong, chiseled jaw, close-cropped black hair, piercing dark eyes and the nose of a Roman god. Although he was fairly short, his compact body was mouth-watering.

A tight black muscle-T was stretched across the man's slim, well-defined torso, and the boy's mouth watered when he looked at the outline of Vic's rigid nipples beneath the taut material. The man's light blue jeans were worn and thin, accentuating that sizable crotch-lump as well as his thick, muscular thighs and high, tight ass-cheeks.

The boy's butthole continued to spasm gently, feeling vaguely empty now that the expert cocksucker's finger was no longer embedded there.

He turned back to the other two, who were engaged in an intense, closed-eyed bout of soul-kissing. Their bodies were pressed together and both sets of hands had slipped beneath the elastic bands of each other's shorts and were cupping and groping two sets of tight bubble-butts.

Both were tall and willowy, but where Steve was dark-haired, Thad was ashy-blond. Their bodies were similar, muscular if largely hairless. The blond had a cute little ass but the brunet's was gorgeous--plump and round and full.

Scottie's dick was slowly but inexorably springing back to full life.

"Our friend likes the show, guys," Vic laughed, grabbing the boy's erection and waving it. "Keep goin'."

Scottie blushed when the guys interrupted their kiss to smile at him, but his hands went to his stirring cock and began to caress the shaft and pull on his ballsac.

The cotton briefs were lowered then, revealing two hot asses and a pair of impressively-proportioned cocks.

The guys at center stage lowered their bodies to the floor of the van and positioned themselves for an enthusiastic 69. Two gorgeous, shapely 7" dicks were swallowed by two pairs of thick, luscious lips, their owners bobbing up and down in concentrated rhythm, writhing together in a floor-bound tango as hands spread butt-cheeks and fingers poked against clutching manholes.

Scottie's own body was moving now, involuntarily, his damp cheeks parting over the floor of the van, causing his goaded, dilating boy-pussy to scrape softly along the close-napped carpet.

He thought that many, many other young guys had been in exactly this position on many previous nights, and the idea that his own butt-juices were being added to the carpet's previous collection of erotic odors made his dick spring to full erection.

He wanted to get down on his hands and knees and sniff the floor.

The van reeked of masculinity. Of sweat from pits both shaven and matted. Of musk from crotch and butt. Of cock and cum and ass. He felt inebriated, drunk on the smells of hot, uninhibited man-sex.

Vic reached for the kid's shopping bag. He opened and extracted the smallest of the butt-plugs, smiled, and brought it to the boy's mouth, rubbing it languidly against his parted lips.

"Open up, baby. That's the way. Get it nice and slick."

Scottie embraced the plug with his lips, sucking it and rolling it around on his tongue. He thought he understood what the guy was after. He hoped...

Sure enough, the wet plug was removed from his mouth and instantly he felt it poking against his boy-hole.

Vic rubbed the slick tip of the rubber toy at the boy's pucker, pressed forward, and was rewarded with the sight of the thing being all but sucked into the kid's eager cavity.

"Yeah, baby," he said, gripping the base and beginning to move the thing in and out of the boy's pliant opening. "You want it bad, don't you?"

Scottie's answer was a long moan of assent.

The plug felt great inside him, especially when the guy began to fuck him with it. He spread his thighs wide and pushed back with his hips.

"Give him the next size up, will you, Steve?" Vic asked.

Steve disengaged from Thad, crawled over and rummaged in the sack until he found the larger-sized plug.

He stuffed it into the boy's willing mouth.

Scottie couldn't remember ever having been so turned-on before. He sucked happily on the plug, stuffed fore and aft with ersatz cock, until it was removed from his lips. In a moment the smaller plug was whisked out of him, replaced by the larger one. With his hole already dilated, it slipped in easily, right up to the base.

"Damn!" Vic enthused, pulling the plug nearly out and thrusting it back inside. "This boy sure loves him some cock in his butt!"

Scottie moaned with pleasure.

The plug was relaxing him incredibly, and rubbing his prostate to boot. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take before...

"Fuck, kid," Thad whistled. "What did you do--buy the store out"

Scottie opened his eyes. The man was holding up a vibrating dildo. The bag was still full of toys.

"Shit. We aren't gonna have time to use half of these things on him!"

Scottie blushed.

Laughing, Thad inserted a battery from the box the vibrator came in and turned it on. The hum held a promise of tactile pleasure that made the boy's heart race.

The man knelt next to Scottie and gently ran the dildo up and down the boy's chest and flat, hairless belly, the vibrations seeming to course through his entire body and come out the head of his dick.

The massage was both soothing and distinctly arousing. Scottie's nipples tingled, hardening. They seemed directly connected to his asshole, and he wouldn't have been surprised to see sparks shooting out of their tips.

He writhed, scooting his butt back for deeper thrusts of the plug as Thad ran the vibrator down, down his body.

When the guy lightly tickled under his balls with the dildo Scottie nearly screamed.

His butthole clenched, trapping the plug and releasing a surge of pleasure from deep within him.

"Use it on his cock, man," Steve whispered huskily. Scottie glanced at the guy and saw him stroking his hard-on with both hands.

Scottie's stiffened cock lay thumping softly against his belly. The vibrator surged across the underside of it, making him clench his teeth and ass-pussy at the same time.

Thad maneuvered the dildo slowly up and down the length of the boy's hard cock, from base to crown, causing the boy to writhe in an anguish of erotic delight.

"Let me see that thing," Vic said, holding out his free hand. "No, wait. Lube it up first."

Steve opened a tube of K-Y and squirted a generous dollop over the head of the dildo, rubbing it all over before Thad handed it to Vic.

"You want a cock to suck on, baby?" he crooned.

Scottie opened his mouth wide in answer, and Thad knelt over him, aiming his dick at the boy's lips.

When the kid's mouth was full of stiffened man-cock, Vic slowly pulled the big butt-plug from his clenching hole. As he prepared to replace it with the vibrator's slickened head, Steve lubed up his own dick and guided it between Thad's relaxed and parted ass-cheeks.

"Mmmmm, yeah," Thad sighed, moving his butt seductively, causing his cock to scrape slowly across the boy's gums. "Fuck me, baby."

With the timing of a skilled master, Vic waited until Steve had sunk his big throbber deep up his buddy's willing hole and touched bottom. Then he slowly urged the vibrator into the boy's spasming pussy.

Scottie's eyes flew open. Christ, it was big!

He'd been well prepared, though, and the man doing the feeding was an expert. The thing slipped past his tight anal ring before he could register the fact, and was bumping gently against his little button, the gripping flesh around it vibrating silently, absorbing every tiny hum and sending it racing through him, up his ass, down to his balls, and seemingly straight out the head of his leaking dick.

"Warn me if you get close," Vic murmured, watching the boy's cock twitching against his belly and taking note of the little trickle of pre-cum pooling in the boy's navel. "Don't want you cummin' again so soon."

Thad was pushing his ass back, grinding his butt into Steve's crotch, grooving on the hot cock up his hole. Scottie leaned forward as much as he could and slid back and forth on the guy's leaking pole. Between the delicious cock in his mouth and the incredible, throbbing vibrator up his ass, the boy knew he was going to reach the danger point soon.

He leaned back, letting go of Thad's dick, and rasped, "Turn it off! I'm too close!"

Vic instantly switched the vibrator off, but left the dildo where it was. He wanted the boy completely relaxed and dilated for what was coming next. He looked up at the kid and smiled to himself.

Scottie was watching Steve fuck Thad, his eyes taking it all in. He'd never been in the same room with two guys fucking before, and he couldn't take his eyes off the hot scene before him.

Thad was bracing himself against the side of the van with both palms, his head thrown back, his eyes clamped shut, his mouth slack with pleasure. Steve had one hand wrapped around his buddy's chest. The other gripped Thad's stiff cock as he ground his own dick deep inside his friend's ass.

Vic quietly disrobed, completely unnoticed by the boy, whose attention was riveted to the intense butt-fucking. When he was naked except for his shoes he cleared his throat loudly in the kid's direction.

Scottie ripped his attention from the two fucking dudes and his eyes goggled.

The man was hot, with a finely chiseled chest, a flat belly and a pair of thick, muscular thighs.

But that wasn't what Scottie was staring at.

Between those big thighs was an 8 and ½–inch monster.

Flowing from a thatch of dark, curly hair, it was wide at the base and curved up in the middle in a way that made the boy's pussy itch deep within. He had a feeling that curve would send the broad, flanged, mushroom-like head up his boy-hole like a fishing hook.

"What do you think, kid?"

Scottie swallowed hard. Was he ready for this? Even with all the careful preparation the man had done with plug and vibrator--was he really ready for this?

"It's--I mean... Christ, it's huge."

Steve had stopped thrusting into Thad and the two looked at Scottie with big grins on their flushed faces.

Vic chuckled, stroking his massive shaft.

"Thanks, kid" he smiled.

He knelt between Scottie's legs and moved forward until his face was directly in front of the boy's.

"You want the real thing now, baby?" Vic whispered huskily. His right hand, addressing to Scottie's cock, was doing miraculous things below the boy's line of vision.

Scottie gulped again.


"You sure, kid?"


Vic whispered into the boy's ear. He didn't want to embarrass him in front of his friends.

"You're a virgin, aren't you, baby?"

"Yes," Scottie whispered back, his face burning.

"Nothin' to be ashamed of. We're all virgins once, right? Hey--would you rather one of my friends do it? They've got smaller dicks. Well... relatively."

"No," Scottie whispered fiercely. "I want you!" He was now unmindful of his own terror; the boy was so turned on by this point he would have gladly sat on a jackhammer. "Please!"

Vic kissed him quickly on the lips.

"You got it, kiddo."

Thad and Steve had uncoupled and were standing by. Thad handed Vic a condom, fresh from its foil pack. When it was unrolled and in place, Steve squirted a healthy stream of lube on the rubber-covered shaft and head.

"You know, baby," Vic was whispering, "bottom boys get a real itch in their pussies after they get hooked. After this your little hole's gonna itch for cock from now on..."

Vic used one hand to grip the vibrator and placed the other on his throbbing dick. Then he slowly pulled the dildo backward and out.

Almost as quickly as the plug vacated the boy's slick, clutching hole, it was replaced by the head of his impatient cock.

Vic didn't hesitate. Taking advantage of the small window of time he had before the boy's dilated hole could tighten up again, he pushed the big head inward, spearing it past the anal ring.

Scottie was amazed at the ease of the entry. Already thoroughly relaxed, his asshole took the real thing--even this thing, this firehouse of a dick--without a hitch.

There was no pain, no undue pressure, just an incredibly pleasurable surge of feeling as the guy's fat dick spread his loosened rosebud and burrowed inside, past the loosened ring, deep between his pussy-lips. He felt it moving in and before he knew it, Scottie could feel the man's thick bush against his buttcheeks.

He had a cock up his ass! All the way up. A real one!

A big one.

He moaned as Vic twisted around inside him, using his hardened dick like a corkscrew.

"Doin' okay, kid? Not too big for you?"

"Oh, Christ!" Scottie bleated. "You feel so good! Oh, god! C'mon--fuck me, man! Fuck my little pussy!"

Vic kissed the boy again and thrust slowly upward.

"Mmmm--tight, sweet boy-hole... So hot, baby... Hot virgin ass!"

Punctuating the final word, he smacked Scottie's butt, a sharp slap with the palm of his hand that made the boy cry out.

His dick jumped. The combination of the sudden sharp slap and the hard cock deep within him was almost more than he could stand.

"Oh, my god!" he shouted, slamming his hips back at the man's crotch. "My pussy's on fire! Fuck me, man! Fuck my pussy!"

Vic did.

He fucked the boy hard, deep, that cunning arc in his shaft hooking upward with each thrust, making his dick-head scrape the boy's flaming button. He fucked him on his back. He lifted him on his lap and fucked him that way, going deep and letting the boy bounce up and down on his stabbing shaft. He fucked him standing up. He fucked him on his belly. He raised the kid's butt and fucked him on his knees. Finally, he placed the boy's calves over his shoulders and, pausing now and then to kiss him deeply, plowed his ass until he came, grunting like an animal, spewing his pent-up load into the reservoir-tip and thrusting until he was completely dry.

But the boy hadn't shot yet, and Vic wanted to see that happen.

He rolled off, making way for Steve, who took his place joyfully. He was so turned-on watching Vic screw the little virgin he'd almost shot his load just standing there. Now he found himself so close he could only pump the boy a few deep stabs with his cock before he too came, filling his hastily donned rubber before making way for Thad.

Although Thad preferred being a bottom generally--especially when it was Steve's cock up his rear--he had become too excited watching as first Vic then Steve had their way with the young cock-hound on the floor of the van not to want to tear off a piece of the boy himself.

And so, ironically, it was not Steve's dick, or even Vic's monster-rod, that gave the boy his long-delayed climax but Thad's.

Scottie had learned control tonight, determining after his first ejaculation that he wasn't going to disappoint Vic by shooting too soon again. But three hard dicks up his pussy in rapid succession was just too much for him, and with Thad's cockhead poking against his button, he finally came, splashing Thad's belly with warm ball-juice as he reached a mind-shattering orgasm, thrashing his head from side to side and gasping as though he was about to die.

And when the kid's sphincter tightened and began to spasm wildly on his shaft, Thad gave a bellow and, stabbing upward, hard, one last time, experienced one of the most intense orgasms of his life in this willing boy's clutching, twitching young man-cunt. When it was done, he collapsed on top of the kid, thoroughly sated.

Scottie lay, pleasantly dazed, his asshole pulsating around the softening dick, enjoying the feel of Thad `s sweaty body on his, reliving the evening's events and smiling sweetly. Not only were his new purchases exactly what he had wanted, his boy-pussy and his little button had been treated to a dick workout beyond his dreams. Virgin one minute, well used, happy little cock-whore the next. Wow!

He didn't know how long it would be before he had his next experience of true man-sex, but his memories of this night--and his new toys--were going to make being alone a hell of a lot more fun from now on.