by Greg Bowden


I knew I was going to do it the minute I saw the big yellow crane being set up in the parking lot beside the freeway. I was on my way home from Los Angeles where I had spent a couple of days doing errands and seeing friends. And, of course, wandering around West Hollywood, checking out the men. Sure, there are good looking men in the desert where I live, lots of them, but you seldom feel that sexual electricity crackling around them the way you do in West Hollywood, or anywhere in Los Angeles for that matter.

Anyway, there I was, on my way home, when I spotted this crane going up in the fairgrounds parking lot. They weren't ready for business--the crane wasn't even completely assembled yet--but I got off the freeway and drove back to the fairgrounds anyway, to find out when they were going to open and how long they were going to be there.

I parked the truck off to one side and wandered over to one of the men working on assembling the crane. "Excuse me. You know when they're going to open this thing?"

The man shook his head. "No idea, buddy. You gotta check with Dusty, over there." He pointed across the lot to a man standing on a short ladder, nailing up a sign. "He's the boss around here. Probably tell you what you want to know."

I thanked him and made my way over to the man on the ladder, studying him as I went. He was big, taller than me and very muscular. His back was broad, narrowing down to a trim waist and he had a man's ass, rounded and firm looking under his jeans, all hard muscle. He was wearing a blue tee shirt which clung to him, dark with his sweat.

I stood by the ladder, waiting for him to finish putting up the sign.

"Help you?" he said, taking a couple of nails out of his mouth.

"You Dusty? Guy over there said you could tell me how long this outfit is going to be here."

He hopped down from the ladder and turned to me with a smile. "I'm your man for that. Be here a couple of weeks at least. More if business is good." He pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and mopped the sweat which was beginning to run into his eyes. "Why? You want to jump?" He looked me over with his dark eyes, sizing me up.

I nodded. "Yeah, I think so."

"You want something cold?" He turned and started towards a trailer parked to the side of the lot. It was one of those little teardrop shaped things, silver, with round windows like portholes. At the door he flipped open a cooler full of ice and soda. "Help yourself," he said, tugging his tee shirt out of his jeans. "Working in the sun really makes a man sweat, doesn't it?"

I took a soda and popped it open, watching him pull his shirt over his head. He had a hard, flat belly and well defined pecs, all of it covered with a mat of thick, light brown fur. When his head reappeared he grinned at me and tossed the shirt aside. Then he reached into the cooler and took a can of soda which he rubbed slowly over his chest. The cold of the soda can brought his nipples up hard and they pushed out of the fir around them, almost the same color. I felt my cock begin to stir in my jeans.

We stood for a couple of minutes and watched the crane guys as they wrestled the last of the thick steel bolts into place. I shaded my eyes and looked up at the top of the crane. "How high is it?"

"Crane itself is a hundred and seventy feet but the platform will only go up around a hundred and forty, hundred and fifty." He put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed at the muscles there. "No point in tensing up yet babe," he chuckled. "Crane won't be inspected and tested for at least a couple of days." He didn't take his hand away and my cock began to have serious space problems. I glanced down at his crotch and saw I wasn't the only one.

"What's it like?" I asked, "jumping off that thing." His hand moved up the back of my neck, thumb on one side, fingers on the other. A chill ran down my spine and settled in my balls where it turned into heat.

"Scary. Scariest thing you'll probably ever do." He pulled me a little closer to him. "Some guys never can do it. Take them up and they can't make themselves, can't let go." He tossed his soda can into a box of empties and then put his cool, damp hand, fingers splayed out, on my belly just above my belt buckle. "You comin' in?"

The inside of the trailer was dim and cool, the silver skin reflecting much of the heat and a small swamp cooler fitted in one window taking care of the rest. The windows were heavily shaded and we had to wait for our eyes to adjust from the brightness outside. He pulled my tee shirt up and over my head.

"You are a pretty little thing, aren't you," he said, tracing his fingers over my face. I ran my hand through the thick hair between his pecs; it was damp with his sweat and my fingers got tangled in it.

I tilted my head back and he kissed me, his moustache brushing over my lips and tasting faintly of the soda he had just drunk. When his mouth opened he tasted like peppermint, the kind you get at Christmas. He held me and inhaled the air from my lungs and then breathed it back to me until we were both dizzy. My cock was so hard that it hurt.

"Let's get you naked, shall we?" he said, his lips still against my mouth. He gently lowered me onto the big bed making the springs squeak. I went to pull my boots off but he gently pushed me back until I was lying out flat, looking up at him. "Let me do it, okay babe?" He pulled my boots off, leaving my socks on. He said he thought it was sexy, making love to a man wearing his socks.

He bent over me and carefully undid the buttons on my jeans, letting his hand linger over the bulge of my hard cock before he tugged them off. I raised my hips off the bed, helping, and wished he'd hurry.

My cock was aching to be let free and I seriously wanted to get my hands on him, find out if his dick was as hard as mine was.

He bent over me again and slipped my shorts off. My cock snapped up and stood out like it does when it's that hard, too stiff to fall back onto my belly. There was a little pearl of honey oozing out the pee slit.

He stood at the edge of the bed for a moment, running his eyes over me and grinning. Then he popped the button on his Levi's and slowly pulled the zipper down, teasing me. He wore bright red shorts under his jeans, the Jockey kind only made out of some thin, shiny material. When he pushed his jeans down I could see the outline of his cock, very thick and long, with a big wet spot showing where the head was. He stepped out of his jeans and then pushed down the red shorts. All that light brown hair of his went right down to the base of his dick where it spread out, curlier than on his chest. I raised my arms up to him, asking him to hurry.

When he climbed onto the bed he kneeled between my legs and took my cock into his mouth, sliding all the way down the shaft until his moustache was tangled in the wiry black hair at the base. He stayed that way a long time, holding my cock in his mouth, hardly moving. Then, just before I lost all control he let it go and slowly licked his way up my belly and over my chest until he was stretched out on top of me.

We lay like that for a while, his weight pressing me into the mattress, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. I could feel the hard bulk of his dick lying next to mine and when I moved my hips he groaned and rubbed himself against me.

He dug his hands under me and found the crack of my ass. We shifted, rolling onto our sides and he pushed one leg between mine, wedging them apart. When his fingers brushed against the dark pucker of my ass, jolts of electricity went through me and I moaned against his mouth. He massaged me there, relaxing me until one of his fingers slipped into me.

"Oh, baby," he whispered. "Could we..."

I moaned again and nodded. I wanted his dick inside me as much as I've ever wanted anything.

He fumbled around on the floor for a moment and then handed me a condom. I tore the little packet open and then sat up, my hands all over him.

His dick seemed huge to me, longer than mine and very thick, clipped tight with no extra skin at all left behind the broad, flared head. His balls were about the size of large walnuts and he carried them in a smooth, oddly hairless sack which felt like silk on my tongue. He shivered as I took his balls, each one in turn, into my mouth while I slowly unrolled the condom onto his swollen cock.

I rolled onto my back and he got up on his knees, between my legs. Then he took hold of my hips and pulled me up against him, until his cock pressed against me. He reached for a white tube laying on the bed next to him and I felt a coolness on my ass and then a slickness as he stretched me and forced some of the lube into me.

"Now, Dusty. Please? Fuck me."

He took hold of my hips and pressed against me again, slowly easing into me. I took a deep breath and willed myself to relax, to open to him. Once the flair of his cock-head slipped past my sphincter the rest of his thick shaft followed easily and I was suddenly filled with him. I sighed and realized I'd been holding my breath.

He grinned at me. "You okay, babe?"

"I am now." I squeezed down on him and laughed as he threw his head back and groaned. I'd never felt so full of a man's hard cock.

He moved in me, short, slow strokes, helping me get used to the feel of his thick cock deep inside me. When I began to match him, pulling back as he pulled out and then pushing up to meet him as he slid back in, he went faster, almost pulling out and then slamming back in. He moaned, deep in his throat and his eyes seemed to glaze over.

I began to thrash around on the bed and he grabbed my wrists, holding me down, keeping me from touching my throbbing dick. With every stroke he was hitting something deep inside me which made my cock twitch and dribble honey and now my belly was slick with it. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer when I felt my balls draw up tight between my legs and my toes began to curl under. My cock was on fire with that special itch, that tension that must be relieved and suddenly I couldn't hold it back any longer. I cried out and shot a load of cum onto his chest. Then another. And another.

"Oh, baby, you're coming," he crooned. "I made you come." Then he let go too, and I felt his dick spasm deep inside me, filling the condom he wore with his hot, thick cream. He stared into my eyes and moved in me until he'd milked both of us dry, all the while grinning that silly grin of his. When we were finally emptied, he pulled me up tight in his crotch and looked at me. "You are a piece of work, aren't you, babe," he said and bent down to kiss me.

A little later, when our breathing had come back towards normal, he allowed his dick to slip out of me and then handed me a towel.

"Sorry I don't have a shower to offer you," he said, "but as you can see, we're a little crowded in here."

I laughed and scrubbed at myself with the towel. "Don't worry about it, Dusty. This is fine." I went to clean the hair on his chest, where I'd splattered cum all over him but he stopped me. "Leave it, babe. I like the smell of you."

We dressed then, and went outside so he could see how the men were coming along with the crane. It was almost complete. I looked up at the top and felt a shiver run through me.

He put his hand on my neck, the way he had before. "If you're serious," he said, "come back Thursday." His hand slipped down my back and he rubbed the cheeks of my ass. "Yeah, Thursday would be good. In the afternoon."


d f


I pulled into the parking lot around five o'clock on Thursday. I'd intended to get there earlier but I'd run into a lot of traffic and a couple of stretches of road repair on the way.

I looked around for Dusty but didn't see him anywhere so I went over to the ticket booth and talked to the good looking blond guy standing behind the counter. He had on a bright blue tee shirt with JUMP, INC. printed on it and Jerry embroidered over his left pec. He told me it cost fifty dollars to jump, twenty-five for them and twenty-five for the insurance. Fifteen more for a video of the jump. I looked up at the top of the crane and felt a twinge of fear but I reached for my wallet anyway. I even sprung for the video.

I walked out to the little wooden platform with a guy who had Jose and Jump Master embroidered on his blue tee shirt. He hooked me into a heavy red and black harness while the platform was being hoisted up by the crane. I think he even groped me a little when he was fastening the crotch straps, but I was too nervous to pay much attention.

When the platform gave a jerk and stopped, swinging slowly in the air, Jose said, "Okay. Anytime you're ready, just step off."

I went to the opening in the guardrail that ran around the platform and looked down. My knees went weak and I had to grab onto the rail for support. A hundred and fifty feet is a long way down, especially when there's nothing below you but a black top parking lot with a bright blue bull's eye painted on it. The worst part is that the cord attaches under the platform so you can't see it. It's like there's nothing, just you and space and a black top parking lot.

"Relax, man. It's no big deal. Just let go and jump."

"Easy for you to say," I said into the air; I couldn't make myself turn around to look at him. I wondered if they'd give me my sixty-five bucks back.

Then I thought, Oh, what the hell, and jumped.

It was like a dream I have sometimes, where I can fly. I soar through the air, light as a cloud, looking at the world swing lazily below me. The dream always seems to go on and on, and this did too, until I hit the end of the cord and decelerated hard. Then I was thrown back up, high into the air, still flying. God, I loved it.

When it was over and they let me down, Dusty came out to catch me and help me out of the harness.

"Sorry I missed you at the start," he said, unfastening the buckles at my shoulders. "What'd you think of it?"

I was still in a daze and really couldn't think of anything to say. Dusty went for the straps in my crotch and when his hand brushed over the bulge of my cock in my jeans he looked up at me and chuckled. "Never mind, babe. I can see how much you liked it."

It was only then that I realized I had a hard-on. Just like in the dream.

We walked over to the ticket booth and the guy there handed me my video. "Good jump," he said with a chuckle. "Didn't take you long as it does some, you know, to decide whether to do it or not."

I shaded my eyes and watched as another guy rode the platform up. On top he just stood there staring down, like I had. After a long while he let go, just let himself fall off the platform, head first. I sucked in my breath, remembering how it had been.

"You want to do it again, don't you," Dusty said.

I reached for my wallet. If I skipped the video I could just do it.

Dusty stopped my hand. "No babe, the next one's on the house. Special." The place had suddenly become crowded and he looked at the line of people waiting. "Look, I gotta get to work now, but you come back, say," he looked at his watch, "say around nine, nine thirty. Then you can do the special night jump." He grinned at me. "You do it naked." Then he laughed, swatted me on the butt and disappeared into the ticket booth.

I sat for a while in the little bleacher affair they have and watched the people jump. It was interesting to see the different reactions people had when they got to the top and looked down. There was one guy who got there and then couldn't do it; he had to be brought back down on the platform and I felt kind of sorry for him. He'd never know what he'd missed. Then there was this other guy who peed his pants on the way down. His girl friend just laughed and laughed but I could see that Dusty didn't think it was all that funny. He had to go get the extra harness so the one the guy wore could dry out.

Finally I got hungry so I drove into town and found a place with pretty good burgers and fries. While I sat with my food all I could think about was what Dusty had said. Jump in the dark? Naked? Suddenly I wasn't hungry any more. But I got hard, just thinking about it.

I went back a little after nine. The ticket booth was closed and what looked to be the last jumper of the day was being hoisted up on the platform. He'd obviously done it before because the platform was hardly stopped before he did a swan dive off it. I was surprised to see he wasn't wearing the harness like all the others had; he had the bungee cord attached to a gizmo around his ankles.

"You want to try it that way?" Dusty had walked up behind me.

"Sure," I said. "Why not?" My knees felt weak with anticipation. And fear.

In another half hour or so the place was really cleared out except for Dusty and the two other guys, Jerry and Jose. They turned out the lights and the crane glistened in the moonlight, like some eerie, prehistoric skeleton.

"Okay, here we go," Dusty said, taking my hand. "I'll go up with you and Jerry and Jose will handle the stuff down here.

We got on the platform and Jerry started the crane hauling it up. Dusty pulled my tee shirt off of me and then undid my jeans and pulled them down, along with my underwear. "Just as pretty as I remembered it," he said, taking my cock in his hand and squeezing it. "Now sit down on the floor and let's get this stuff off and get you into the ankle harness."

He helped me with my boots and pretty quick I was jay-bird naked, about to jump off a platform a hundred and fifty feet in the air. Dumb, I thought to myself. You've never done anything dumber in your life. I wondered if they could tell, the people down there on the freeway, that I was naked.

Dusty buckled the ankle harness up tight and then helped me stand. "Wait," he said, turning me around. "I need to check something."

The next thing I knew he had my cock in his mouth, trying to swallow it. It suddenly occurred to me what was going to happen next, but I put it out of my mind as Dusty's tongue began to rub around on that bundle of nerves every man has just underneath the head of his cock. Mine's really sensitive and I let out a loud groan when he did that. I grabbed his head, pulling it tight into my crotch and shoved my dick into his throat. That just made Dusty suck harder, wiping his tongue along the shaft of my cock while his throat muscles worked on the head. Then he let up a little and I began to fuck his mouth. That little edge of fear does funny things I guess, because I'd never had a blow job that felt so good or brought me up so quick.

My balls pulled up tight in my crotch and my breathing suddenly got ragged as I passed that point of no return. I felt my cum boiling up, getting ready to fill my dick and I let out a growl they could probably hear down on the freeway.

That's when Dusty pushed me off the platform.

My dick exploded. I yelled as a fountain of cum poured out into the night and every nerve I have went on overload. I shot again and then I hit the end of the cord and was thrown back into the air. That started it all over again, the fountain of cum, the yell I couldn't seem to stop and the electricity burning through my body. And an orgasm that just went on, and on, and on.

When it was over Jerry let the platform down and Jose caught me, turning me upright. "You been saving up, man?" he said as he bent to unfasten the ankle harness. "We should'a had an umbrella down here." He reached up and took my balls in his hand for a second. "Man, these things sure do make a lot of that stuff." Just then my cock, which was still hard, let a pearly drop out at the pee slit. "Jesus, and there's more," he laughed.

Dusty walked up, holding my clothes. "Liked that, didn't you."

"Oh, yeah! I liked it fine!" My knees were shaking and Dusty put his arm around me, holding me up.

Jerry walked up and patted my arm. "You sure must have liked it, the way you yelled."

I began to feel kind of awkward, standing naked in the middle of the parking lot with my cock still half hard. I reached for my jeans but Dusty held on to them.

"Don't bother. It'll save time when we get to the trailer, right guys?"

They both laughed and nodded. When we started across the lot to the trailer, Jose fell in beside me, walking with his hand on my ass.

I ended up staying a couple of nights with them, the four of us sleeping--and playing--together on the bed in the trailer.

During the day I hung around the ticket booth, making myself useful selling tickets or running the video camera. I got to jump a few more times, too, which was wonderful but nothing like the first time; I'd lost that sharp edge of fear. And, of course, nothing in the world will ever match that very special night jump.


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Greg Bowden