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Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound. Raindrops taste like tears, without the pain. Geoff Tate




Glancing at my watch, I pulled out from the driveway. Already after midnight, I was ready to prowl. The long days work fading into the darkest corner of my mind, anticipating the games that were to come. Just a usual night in the string of nights that make up my life. The rain fell steadily, drops of water hiding my pain.

I arrived at the club shortly after 1am, like something out of a Greek legend. My long blond hair down and flowing around my shoulders. I had decided to wear a faded pair of brown leather pants and a sleeveless fitted T that shown off my body like I was on display.

Topping off the ensemble was my favorite pair of boots, brown to match my pants. As I paid the ten-dollar cover charge, the bouncer eyed me up with a mischievous grin. After dazzling him with a smile I entered the club laughing softly to myself. It would take more than a nice body to get my eye this night.

The club was dark, giving off an illusion of beauty and mystery. Except for the occasional blacklight, the club was lit only by the revolving strobes that lit the dance floor. Causing a never-ending flashbulb affect that assaulted your senses and left you with an euphoric high long after the sun came up.

Returning smiles, I casually snaked my way through the throng, allowing myself to be seen by the drunken inhabitants of the club. Moving gracefully, I eyed up several promising candidates. With a lust filled smile, I moved over to the neon lit bar and waited for the twink behind the bar to notice me.

Catching the brunet's eye, I flashed him a smile that I knew would get me moved up to the front of the line. As always, it worked. Walking past me, the twink made sure that I saw his tight little ass. Grinning, I accommodated him by giving it a thorough examination.

Having to scream above the music, the twink asked, "What'll be sweetie?"

I answered, "Give me any imported beer you have."

Flashing a smile that I'm sure worked on many guys, the twink replied, "None of that cheap shit for you huh."

I nodded and turned my attention back to the mass of dancing flesh. Taunt bodies glistening with sweat as they moved their bodies to the beat of the music. An obsession I've never understood. I only came to these clubs for one thing, to find a cum dumpster. One of these twinks would accompany me back to some secluded spot and I would ravish his hard little body and leave him begging for more.

"Here ya go stud." The twink yelled at me.

Turning around, I threw down a bill, not even looking to see what is was, and I grabbed the cold beer and left the gorgeous twink with his pretty little mouth opened, shocked.

Taking a sip from the beer, I studied the crowd. Out of the crowded dance floor, only two guys had caught my attention. One was a tall twink of about twenty-one, nice hard smooth body that looked perfect. His body was built for fucking.

Narrow waist, a toned muscular back with long legs that I could already feel gripping me as I plunged into his tight ass again and again. His brown hair was gelled and pushed forward in the style of the day.

The only clothing to adorn his smooth body was a pair of faded blue jeans that had a star painted on the back of the pants that covered his ass. To me, that star was like a bulls-eye that drove me half-crazy with lust.

The other twink was a fellow blond, his short hair plastered down on his head from sweat. He also wore faded blue jeans but he had a white shirt on as well. Luckily, he had been dancing for a long time and I could see his chest and ribbed abs through the wet material.

I could see his muscles straining under his clothes to keep up the furious pace he had set for himself as he moved frantically across the floor. The intensity on his face showed me the lengths he would go to pleasure his lover. Yes, both of them would make a perfect bottom this night.

I felt like a kid at a candy store. I wanted both of them, each for different reasons. As I gulped down the bitter liquid, I watched them dance. They were both dancing with two average looking guys but I had noticed that neither one seemed overly interested in their respective partners.

Making a decision, I downed the rest of the beer. Handing the empty bottle to the person next to me, I started walking steadily towards my prey. I had chosen the brunet, simply because he looked the most nervous of the two. Hoping that my instincts were right, I walked right over to where he was dancing.

Stepping in between the two, I ran one hand down the toned chest, stopping just short of the top of his jeans. Smiling, I stared into the bluest eyes I've ever seen. He was actually better than I thought up close. He returned my gaze with a nervous smile, finally blushing.

Looking up and down, my hand found it's way up to the back of his neck, and I pulled him close. Without me realizing it, we had started moving together. His arms snaked around my waist, gaining confidence by the second.

His bare chest was pushed against mine and I could feel the heat emanating from his body. Breathing deeply, I smiled. He smelled of cologne and sweat, but all man. His aroma overpowered me, driving me wild with lust.

His one time partner gave me one last hate filled look before moving on to an easier target. I continued my probing stare into the endless pools of blue that was his eyes. By now, a thin layer of sweat covered my body. I could feel it dripping off my chin, rolling down my chest, tickling my stomach before being absorbing into the leather pants.

One of his hands had found my ass and he was pulling me closer to his sweaty form, his other was raking across my back causing me to moan loudly. Taking the moans for a sign, he started thrusting into my body as we gyrated to the music.

Fuck, I definitely made the right decision with him. I could see the unbridled lust in his eyes and I knew that I had him right where I needed him to be. With every thrust, I could feel his hardon poking me in the stomach, with every rake across my back he was urging me to take him.

Surprising me, he leaned into me, pressing his soft lips against mine. Many guys have kissed me and I know that each one has a different style. Some kissed hard, their mouths opened wide, engulfing me. Others were gentle, as if asking politely before entering the hot confines of my mouth.

But this kiss was different. It was as if he was kissing a man for the first time. Like he was trying it out, comparing the sensation to his other experiences. Blushing deeply again, he pressed his lips into me again, this time with the same urgency that I felt in his caress.

Seeing the willingness in his eyes, I grabbed his hand and drug him over towards the stairs. I was surprised that he went willingly. Actually he was almost right beside me as we descended the stairs into the backroom of the club.

All around was men, some fucking, some sucking, but all were moaning in pleasure as they reverted back to their animal instincts. I noticed my partner's eyes widened at the sight of so many naked men, but he continued to walk with me as I found a spot against the wall.

Immediately pulling him closer to me, I devoured his hungry mouth, invading the space with my probing tongue. Growling in the back of his throat, his hands roamed over my body, sending chills down my spine.

He shivered at every touch, my hands caressing his chest roughly. I was lost in the passion I felt, his body now a dumpster for my lust.

Turning him around, I pressed him against the wall, my lips biting and sucking on his neck. My hands fumbled with the button of his jeans as he gripped my cock through the leather, panting the whole time like a dog in heat.

Ripping down his pants, his slightly whiter ass finally came into view. I growled loudly at the sight of his tender mounds, my lust over taking me. With one hand I stroked his cock from behind and undid my pants.

Without bothering to pull them down, I drew out my cock and pressed it against his waiting hole causing him to moan loudly. I rubbed my cock along the crack of his ass, teasing him, making him beg for entry.

All rational thought was burned away in the aftermath of his moans. I bite the nape of his neck hard, my teeth leaving a mark in his tanned skin. All fear of diseases melted away as I nudged his hole, begging for permission.

With one fluid motion, I slammed my cock to the hilt, all seven inches buried deep into his tunnel. Crying out in pleasure, he pushed back, his hands holding himself against the wall. Grabbing his hips, I started thrusting wildly into him.

By now both of us was grunting and moaning, lost in the moment. My shirt was sticking to my back as I concentrated on the movement of my hips. With every thrust, he clenched down on my throbbing cock, sending spasms of pleasure throughout my body.

He threw his head back, crying out loudly, the whole time pushing back with every thrust. We were one, the complete joining of lust. Leaning my head on his strong back, I started jacking him. Keeping time on his cock with my own furious stabs, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long.

He was the ultimate bottom. Wriggling around as I jabbed him, clenching his muscles tightly as I tried to withdrawal, than releasing as I slammed back into him.

I felt something wet on my hand as he exploded his cum running down the wall. Bringing my hand to his lips, I felt the course of his tongue sucking on my fingers. Cleaning off his essence, his entire body trembling from the power of his orgasm.

Feeling him tighten as he shot his load, I felt my own balls tighten against my body. The burning sensation shot from my balls and into his tight ass, causing me to shout out as I emptied my balls into him.

Resting against him, I tried to recover my breath. He leaned his head back and kissed me deeply, my softening cock still embedded in his ass. I heard clapping and look around.

All the guys had surrounded us during our frenzied fuck session and now they were cheering us, thanking us for the show. My partner blushed again as I pulled out of his ass, my cum running down his legs.

I grabbed the closest shirt I could find and wiped off the excess cum from my pants. Throwing the shirt at some guy who was staring at me, I put my dick away. Without looking back, I walked up the stairs and made my way back to the street.

The brunet faded from memory as I opened the door of my car. By the time I got home, the entire episode would be forgotten. My mind already focused on the next guy, the next anonymous fuck. Just another blurry memory to go along with the memory of him. Another way to forget that I use to have love, another way to forget that I fucked it up. Oh yes, it was a usual night in the string of nights that made up my life.


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