by wetstuff

Chapter One

I was sitting there watching people chat on #niftywriters and kinda waiting for a friend to type to me again when I heard a knock on the door. I looked around towards the clock, saw that it was 10:30 at night, and wondered who would be at the door at this hour?!

Again, I heard a knock.

I got up, walked to the front door, flipped on the light switch (which, some people tell me, is like turning on landing lights at the airport,) opened the door, and paused. After what seemed like hours, I recovered my tongue, cleaned up the drool on the floor, and closed my mouth. On the other side of the screen door, stood two of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen, ever. Obviously, they were not from around here.

The guy who apparently had been doing all the knocking, was wearing one of those throw-back to the 80's mid-cut shirts that showed off his outie belly button, a pair of too tight blue shorts, had dirty blond hair, and wore a smile. He also looked a little dazed from the lights, I think. The other guy, while I saw only his face at first, moved over into the light, and I saw that he was wearing a gray OP shirt with tan cargo shorts, had blond hair, and a really large smile.

I guessed that they were both right around 20 years old or so. I was still stunned as I opened the door to talk with them. The first guy held out his hand, which I shook, and he said his name was "Ken." I could have sworn that Ken held my hand a little longer than what normally would have been acceptable.

Before Ken could tell me his friend's name, I introduced myself, "I'm Frank. Nice to meet you both."

Ken smiled and pointed to the other guy, whose hand was also out, which I also shook, and said his name was "Leif."

"So, what can I do for you guys?" I asked.

"I was wondering about this place.. this is the third time we have driven through and tonight we are just too tired to go on. We saw your lights on and figured that you might still be awake. So, where is a good motel we can spend the night in?" Ken asked me in a rather breathless voice. WOW, what a sexy voice he had!

I immediately thought of my bed as being a perfect hotel, but instead decided I shouldn't be that forward. "Down the street there, forward through the stoplight, down on the rightside of the street is a motel. I don't know how much they are a night or even if they have any rooms, but could call them if you want?"

Leif started to say something but I noticed Ken wave one of his hands at him. Ken said to me, "That'd be great if you don't mind."

I asked them if they were afraid of dogs, to which they shook their heads. I thought to myself, this might be fun, then said outloud, "You can come in if you like while I call."

They looked at each other and shrugged. I stepped over to the leftside and held the door open. Ken seemed to move intentionally over to me so he could brush his body against me when he came into the house while Leif just walked in. I closed the screen door and then closed the main door behind us.

I thought I should warn them that my dog was on the other side of the inner door and that she would be very curious of them. They both just nodded. Ken was standing right near the handle so I had to slide up behind him to reach the handle. Again, he seemed to move backwards into me, so close that I had to use my left hand instead of my right hand, to move the door handle. I suppose that if I had been straight, I would have been freaking out about now. But, I am gay, always have been, always will be.

I opened the door and pushed it open. My dog was right there and entered the room. She checked out Leif first but he was walking into the next room so she turned her attention to Ken. I was still standing right behind him and expected him to move inside, but he just stood there, like he was frozen. Maybe I ought to tell you that I have a rottweiler and she isn't a small dog. And the worst part is when she smiles, people think she is going to eat them.

She was smiling at Ken and he was petrified. Then she did something I never expected. She jumped up and started to hug him! He staggered backwards (she weighs about 90 pounds) right into me and I think he would have fallen farther backwards except I quickly wrapped my right arm around his waist. Let me tell you, he felt GREAT! If he wasn't gay, he was soon about to be cuz there was no way I was letting go of this guy. Plus, my dog liked him enough to hug him.

Then I heard some laughter. I looked left and saw Leif just standing there laughing his ass off. He was holding his sides with his arms, laughing, while tears ran down his face. I have to admit, it must have seemed strange for someone to see, Ken was getting hugged from the front and back.

Eventually, the dog dropped back to the floor and wandered over to the still hysterical Leif and started to sniff him again. Leif reached down and petted her head while her tail was going a million miles an hour. Here I was, my arm wrapped around Ken, our bodies still pressed together, and he was pushing his body back into mine. I vaguely thought that maybe I ought to let go of him now but it was really difficult to do. My face was pushed up towards his right ear and his smell was just wonderful. I could do this forever, but..

I slowly released him and moved back a step, but Ken slowly turned around. His eyes sought out mine and softly said, "Thanks, you feel nice Frank."

I couldn't believe my ears and just stared at him, while lightly blushing. "You feel great too," I softly replied. "I almost didn't want to let go, sorry."

Ken blushed and then started to faintly smile.

Meanwhile, Leif was looking around the room and then caught the look I was giving Ken. I heard him clear his throat before saying, "You guys just need to get a room!"

Being the smartass that I am, I said, "A room? Hell, I got a whole house! So Ken, which room should we start in?"

I heard Leif cracking up again while Ken just shook his head at me, turned and walked into the room. I started to follow when Ken stopped and reached behind me and grabbed my left hand. How he knew where it was I still do not know. I let him pull me into the room and I walked up next to him, still holding his hand.

We both looked at Leif, who by this time was sitting on the floor laughing while the dog was trying to get a lick of his face. To me, that was even funnier than what Ken and I were doing, so I started to giggle. Soon, we all were laughing and the dog was going nuts, trying to figure out who to lick next.

After we all calmed down, I said, "I suppose you want me to call now so let me find the phone."

Ken slowly released my hand and I walked around the wet Leif and over to the desk, where I had left my cell. I picked it up, quickly checked the number in the directory, then dialed. After a few rings, the owner answered and I quickly asked what their rates were and if they had any openings. The motel's owner recognized my voice and asked what was going on. I said I had friends visiting who needed a room. Then, I thought of something, so asked if the owner wouldn't mind holding.

I turned to Ken and said, "One room or two? And for how long?"

Ken looked at me and then looked at Leif, who was shaking his head. Ken turned back to me and said, "I think just one room and its for Leif."

I remember the surprise my face must have expressed and Ken just laughed. Ken then looked seriously at me and said, "If thats okay with you?"

I unmuted my call and said, "Sorry for the delay, just one room but I don't know for how many days. Please just charge it to me instead of my friends."

I heard the owner say no prolem and just have your friends come into the office and I'll give them a room. I said, "Thanks, I'll drive them right down. Okay, Goodbye."

I ended the call, turned around to see both Ken and Leif's shocked faces. "What? I know how to drive."

Ken stuttered out, "Bu, Bu, But, charge to your account? Frank! We can pay for the room, thats no problem!"

Leif, still shocked, said, "Hey, you don't even know us. Why Frank?"

I just grinned at both of the guys and said, "I bet I'll know Ken a lot better by morning plus, its not a problem and its easier for me. This town gossips way too much."

Both guys looked at each other, then looked at me and nodded. I looked down at myself and realized I had better go put on my jeans instead of the sweat pants I was wearing. Otherwise, I would not have my keys or wallet. So I said, "Guys, let me go change my pants, be right back."

Just then, my computer "bonged" and I looked at the screen to see that I had an instant message from my friend JohnF. I laughed at what he had said and quickly typed back to him "Have friend over, chat later? Like in 24 hours? :) Thanks!" To which he replied with "no fair! you got lucky! Can you share?!?!" I just laughed and minimized his window. Then I leaned over and turned off my speakers.

The guys looked at me strangely and I said, "A friend is jealous, I think, but too bad. Anyway, be back in a second."

I hurried into the bathroom, closed the door, removing my shoes and sweat pants. I took my good jeans off the hook (I wear different pants for different things, like work or clients) and slid right in to them. I then put on my high-top hiking shoes, checked my pockets to make sure everything I needed was there. Checked out my hair in the mirror (a guy has got to look good,) took a quick squirt of that TEN stuff (might as well make Ken insane for me,) and then left the room.

When I got back to where the guys were standing around waiting for me, Ken's eyes checked me out while his mouth let out a low whistle. Leif just laughed, shook his head at Ken, and said, "Dude, you've got it bad."

Ken blushed again, god he was cute!

"So, guys, who is coming with me and who is following or are we just taking my little rig?" (A rig is a vehicle, cuz where I live, people call cars and trucks and who knows what, a rig. Whatever.)

Leif laughed and said, "I'll take the car and follow you lovebirds."

Ken kept blushing, especially when I grabbed his hand and said, "Okay handsome, you are with me."

(This is where I was going to end this chapter, but knowing my readers, I'd never hear the end of it.. So, on we go..)

I drove up to the motel in my rig, parking on the street out front instead of driving in the lot. I told Ken to wave Leif into the parking lot and then said, "Follow me, not too close though, wouldn't want the owner to freak out."

I walk up to the motel's door, seeing Bret inside at the desk. He see me and waves just as Leif joins Ken and I. We all walk in and Bret greets me formally. I said to Bret that these are my friends, though Leif here is the only one who needs a room as Ken and I have decided to catch up on old times. Bret just smiled and handed Leif the registration card and a pen. While Leif filled out the card, Ken looked around the room and spied an overview of the local lake. He walked over to check it out while Bret and I chatted about nothing in particular. Soon enough, Leif was done and handed the card back to Bret. Bret then handed Leif the key, told him where the room was, and where to park. I thanked Bret again, signed the form he had for me, and then we all exited the office.

Leif whispered something into Ken's ear, which made him blush yet again. I asked Leif, "Need help with anything?"

Leif just shook his head and said, "Naaa, you guys go 'catch up' and I'll call you later in the morning. By the way, what is your number?"

I just smiled, reached for my wallet, got out a business card, and said, "The number is on the card. I write the cell off, business you know."

Ken looked at me with a strange look and said, "I bet you say that to every hot guy you see."

I just laughed and said, "Nope. You guys are the first. My clients are the only ones with my business card."

Ken wanted to know when he would get a card too? "Hey, you got me, what more do you want?!" I joked in return. I dug another card out of my wallet and handed it to Ken. He had the biggest grin on his face.

"You have just made my day, wow," Ken said.

"And now, to make your night..." I cracked out with a giggle. I told you I was a smartass!

Leif, again, shook his head and said, "Go on you two horndogs, laterz."

Ken waved as we turned and walked back to my rig. As we got in, Ken asked, "So, which part of me are you catching up on first?"

"All of you, though, your lips look tasty."

"Now?!" I think Ken was having a panic attack, afterall, it was night and we were inside my rig. Who is gonna see? The stars?

"Naaa, lets go back to my home and get comfy, Ken."

"Cool, drive on!"

So I made a quick u-turn and drove up the street. Hey, its been awhile and I hate to have a guy wanting and I want too.

We get to my home and I park in the driveway. Ken looks a bit nervous as he swallows rather loudly then turns to me and asks, "Could we go slow? This is like the first time I've ever been with a guy."

I eye him while raising an eyebrow. I can see Ken quite plainly because I already opened my door and the overhead light was on. "This is your first time with a guy? Serious?" Wow, I had no idea!"

Ken blushed again but said, "Yeah, I know, I was coming on to you really heavy, like, before. But yeah, you are the first guy I've ever done that with and wow, you responded. Plus, that aftershave or whatever you are wearing, its driving me wild."

(See? TEN Strikes Again! It even works on 'straight' guys... but thats another story!)

"Cool, Ken, lets go inside. And I promise to take it as slow as you want."

Ken and I get out of the rig, we both close the doors and I hit the alarm on the remote. I swear he jumps a foot into the air when it chirps. I laugh and remind him that its just the alarm.

I unlock the door and there is the dog, ready to pounce again. She gives me a hug and then hugs Ken, only this time he knows what to expect. I just shake my head, she never hugs strangers, but then again, Ken is about to not be a stranger so guess its cool.

As I lock the main door and turn around, Ken is just standing there. I have to tell you that we are both about 6 feet tall so when I looked into his eyes, magic happened. Ken leaned in close to my mouth, barely putting his lips on mine. I could feel his hot breath on my lips so decided that was one hole I was gonna explore first.

As our lips touched, I slowly licked his lips with my tongue, which caused him to moan a little. Then our lips sealed on to each other and our tongues started to explore, first in my mouth, then into his. Our arms and hands wrapped around each other, gently looking for places to touch and explore.

I had closed my eyes when his lips first touched mine so guessed the dog had given up on us and had gone back into the main part of the house. Its weird to hear her toenails go 'click click click' across the tile floor and then her sigh as she lay down in her chair.

My right hand had just touched his naked back, just below where his shirt ended, and he was hot, in so many ways. His hands had started on my butt but then he had reached under my shirt and was going up and down my back. We hugged each other closer as we got really into the french kissing. (I bet you didn't know that str8 guys think its weird to kiss that way, god I am glad I'm gay!)

We both were breathing hard, I could feel his heart racing, and our moans.. It was hot, trust me. Soon, though, he pulled back and said, "WOW! Talk about being breathless!"

"Hey, it takes two to kiss like that. Where did you learn to do it?"

"I was just doing what you did to me. Was it okay?" Ken asked.

"Okay? OK? Hello? It was awesome! Lets go inside, you are hot and I want more, like, a LOT more."

"Okay, cool, lead on Frank."

So, I took a hand and pulled him into the main room, closing the inner door with my other hand. I stood there and thought, 'Lets see what he does now.' I looked at him, released his hand and slowly removed my shirt.

"Hey, I wanted to do that! Damn, where did you get that body from?"

"Soloflex, traded the guy on the dvd for his. Why?" We both laughed.

Ken stood right in front of me as he removed his shirt. Damn, this boy is fine! Ken looked up after he removed his shirt, checking to see where my eyes were. He could see I was seriously checking him out, but that I had stopped somewhere around his abs. He got a little self conscious and said, "Yeah, its a freaky belly button. I ignore it, waste of skin."

"Nu uh, I love outties, just never been with anyone who had one. Ken, you are one lucky dude. And don't look at me like that.. I'll show you what an outtie is good for, you'll see and feel. Promise!"

"Come on, lets go upstairs Ken. There is something you need to see." (okay, pervs, its not what you are thinking..) Ken just looked at me like I was nuts, but little did he know. I gently took his hand in mine and pulled him upstairs to the bedroom. I opened the door and switched on the light. Ken looked around the room, not believing his eyes. My bedroom is 30 feet long and 20 feet wide, the size I have been told, of some vacation homes. It has a honey pine laminate floor and white walls, but the ceiling has a mural like no one has ever seen before. Ken's eyes were trying to understand what he was looking at and he kept shaking his head in disbelief.

The ceiling has galaxies. I mean the ones you see from the Hubble Space Telescope.. The most unusual ones I could find and that a local artist could paint. Hundreds of them, everywhere you looked. It was my own personal space with none of those stupid captions that say 'You Are Here.' In that room, laying on the bed, you could see infinity and not feel insignificant, but rather, be a part of it all.

Anyway, Ken just looked and looked, finally turning to me and said, "Wow!"

"But wait till I turn off the light.. I think we should lay down first, though. Uuh, if thats okay with you?"

Ken just nodded and looked at me as I removed my shoes and socks. Then I eyed him as I removed my jeans. He smiled and stripped down to what I was wearing, where I got my first surprise. He wore boxerbriefs like mine, in fact, exactly like mine, 2(x)ist in black! This dude knows his stuff. I lay my clothing on a chair and he put his right on top of mine. We moved over to the bed, I lay down next to the nightstand, where the switched light was. Ken lay down next to me and then took my left hand into his right hand. He held my hand tightly as I turned the light off.

The ceiling came to life, some of the galaxies were moving while others just pulsed in a strange glow. This wasn't a simple glow in the dark paint, oh no, this was the very best in computer controlled optical lighting. A few of the larger galaxies were actually not there when the light or sun was out, those appeared via a laser system only when in total darkness. And the sound, while haunting, was the real deal, taken from the radio telescopes and translated into that cosmic music.

Ken was simply awestruck, alternatively gripping my hand tightly and gasping in awe. Of course, I couldn't NOT say something cheesy.. "So Ken, now you can tell Leif that last night you saw stars."

I heard a groan. I figured that a kiss might be in order now. So, I let go of his hand and rolled over on to my side. I looked into his face until he noticed I was looking at him, then leaned in for his tasty lips and tongue. I felt one of his hands run from the top of my neck down my back as he pulled me onto him. Our lips touched, his tongue found mine, and I swear a galaxy exploded.

End of Chapter One

(I bet you are thinking, 'wait a second, I've seen that nickname a few years ago on stories but nothing lately..' Yup, tis me and my writer's block is over (I hope.) And yes, I am the same guy who lurks around in the #niftywriters and #niftyorg chat rooms on nevernet.)

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