By Angyl

Kristian has it all going for him. At 17 years old, he is a fine specimen of the male species. He is 6' tall, and weighed about 160 lbs. He has gone through several different hair styles, for cut short to curly and longish, as it was now. He has nice definition to his body. He is completely smooth, except for his bush, but he keeps that trimmed. His cock is roughly 8" hard, and cut. He has hazel eyes. To all who know him, he is straight, but for the few he is bi, and likes the cock in his mouth. He has yet to have a cock in his ass, but uses toys to keep things loosened, for the day when he does get to have a cock in his ass.

Kristian has a strict set of guidelines when it comes to doing shit with a guy. The guy cannot try and kiss him or the whole deal is off. He only sucks the guy off and not the guy sucking him off. He likes to eat a guy's ass, but is none to sure about a guy eating him out. He will not fuck a guy, but if and when he is in the mood, he will let a guy stick his cock in him. If a guy did not follow these guideline he was sent packing or Kristian walked away.

Most nights when he is not work Kristian can be found on the web. Mostly he is looking at porn, male and female, but some times he will be in a chat room looking for a guy to hook up with. Living in a smaller city, sometimes it can be hard to find someone interested in getting sucked off. Most times it is some guy wanting to go on cam that lives elsewhere. He does not go on cam, and the guy(s) usually get pissed off about it. Sometimes he would go months without sucking cock. He never gave up hope though.

It was one such a night he was perusing the guys online randomly checking out a page. Nothing was of interest to him, till he came across this 40 year old guy. The guy was not like most guys he hooked up with. He was bigger and shit. This intrigued him, but he was too nervous. He must have creeped the guy at least 10 times before he sent a message.

-Hey you are hot- He typed and sent.

He refreshed the screen a few times before a reply came.

-Umm...yeah thanks but you are straight dude, and from another city.-

Kristian figured this guy was not gonna be interested so he sent the guy his MSN and told him he to add him. Then he opened his MSN to see if the guy would actually add him or not. He did not wait too long until his added user window popped up.


`Hi back; did not think you would add me.'

`Was not going to, but changed my mind.'

`Where are you from?'


`Grande Prairie.'

`Wow far away; I travel there once in a while...we should meet up next time I am there...LOL'

`Yeah we should and I could suck you cock.'

`I you are not really straight?'

`No not really.'

`How do I know you are serious or not?'

`Give me like five minutes and I will send you pictures.'


Kristian ran to his bathroom and took a bunch of pictures of him. Some of the pictures were nudes, showing everything. Some pictures showing just his ass. Finally, he took some of him in purple lace panties. He made sure most of them showed his face. Then one by one he sent them to the guy. The guy made random comments about how hot he was and how he'd like to suck his cock. Kristian explained how it worked. The guy was okay with it. The guy sent him a few pictures as well. One was of him naked, and the other was a shot of his ass. The guy gave him his cell number and shit so they could keep in touch. They chatted a bit longer before the guy signed off for the night.

Two weeks later, Kristian signed on to the chat site, and saw a message from they guy. He was in Grande Prairie and was looking to see if he was still interested. Fuck was he ever. His cock was instantly hard thinking about it. He got the details as to where the guy was staying. He told him he would be there in one hour. They both signed off and Kristian ran around getting ready. He was gonna wear the purple panties, but remember the guy did not like it. So he wore nothing instead. Then he was out the door.

He barely knocked on the door and the guy let him in.

"I was watching for you." He said.


"So ya wanna get naked?"

The guy dropped his robe, and was already naked. Kristian got out of his clothes, and crawled on the bed, wasting no time is sucking the guys 6" cut cock. The guy was running his hands over his body, and soon he was jerking him off. Kristian did not mind him doing that. He continued working on the guys' poll as her was jerked off. When the guy came, he swallowed it all. He came all over the bed shortly after that.

"Damn such a waste, but I know you do not like getting sucked off." The guy said.

"Sorry man; Umm...can you turn over I wanna see you ass."

The guy obliged and turned on his stomach. Not the guy was on the bigger side, but Kristian did not care, any cock, or ass was good to him. He spread the guys' cheeks and ran his tongue around his hole, and then shoved it in deep. Now Kristian has a long tongue, so he was able to go in pretty far. He rammed his tongue in and out of the guy. Then back around the pucker. He'd suck and kissed the hole like it was a mouth and then he was back in ramming his tongue in. The guy moaned as he shot a load on the bed. Satisfied Kristian was not done. He stood and lined his 8" cock up and drove it in. The guy had not been ready, but soon he was moaning as Kristian bottomed out.

"Oh fuck yeah!!" The guy moaned.

Kristian pulled out and then rammed back in. He would leave his cock deep inside the guy and the as quickly pull it most of the way out. He quickly drove back in. He began to move faster as he was close to cumming. He did not even warn the guy when he came. He just emptied his cock, and got not complaints. The guy turned and looked at him with a smile.

"So now I get to fuck you hot ass?"

"Yeah man."

"How about I eat you out first?"

Kristian flipped on his stomach and stuck his ass in the air. They guy spread his cheeks and ran his tongue down the length of his crack and then around his pucker. He then sucked and nibbled at it, before ramming his tongue inside. Then he would run it back around the pucker. A couple times he ran his tongue down and sucked on his balls. Kristian really liked that and it made him cum.

"Alright now I think you are ready for my cock." The guy said.

The guy got on the bed and lined his cock up. Kristian felt the guy push against his sphincter. There was little resistance, as his cock entered him. He grabbed him by the waist and started to push in and out of him. He thought getting a cock in his ass, was way better than any of the toys he had at home.

"Shit I did not know it would feel so good!! Fuck me hard man!!"

He felt the guys' sweat drip onto him, as he was pushing in and out of him. He kept bottoming out really hard, and then slowly pulling back out. He was panting almost as he fucked Kristian.

"Yeah fuck gonna fill you now!!"

A few more hard pumps and Kristian felt his ass filling with the guys' hot load. He pulled out, and then knelt down and proceeded to suck it out of him. Kristian thought that was weird, but hot at the same time. Then the guy collapsed on the bed. Kristian was going to get up and go.

"Wait...let me get some pictures of you."


The guy took quite a few of him in various poses. He cock hard from all of them being taken.

"Well you can't leave in that condition; How about I give you another hand job?"

Kristian lay back on the bed, and the guy got next to him. He wrapped his hand around Kristian's cock and began to stroke him. He had closed his eye, and let the guy do his thing. When he felt something wet on his cock, he opened his eyes to see the guy going down on him. He was about to say something but this guy was good. Shit he did not know that getting his cock suck by a guy could feel so good.

"What the hell." He said.

The guy stopped.

"No keep going dude; I like it."

The guy returned to bobbing up and down on his cock. It took a bit longer, but Kristian blasted his fourth load of the night. The guy finished and looked at Kristian.

"Sorry I just love to suck cock, and I forgot you were not into that." He said.

"Fuck dude you can suck my cock anytime you want to." Kristian replied.

Before leaving they agreed to meet up again the next time the guy was in town. Then Kristian headed home. He had so many thoughts in his head as he walked home. He definitely had to reconsider the no sucking his cock thing. Shit if the guy was that good, who knows what can happen with other guys. Maybe this would open up a new chapter for him. He was looking forward to doing more with guys than he had before.

The End


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