Limo Service

A Visit to Han's Garage

Fantasy sexual story about young man and his man to man sexual encounters. If you are under age of 18 or you are offended by this story , then leave right now.

Written by R C Barber

Copyrights Pending 01/2002

Chapter 1

I had applied for my state Chauffeur's Driver License when I had my 21st birthday and passed my test the first time. I was already working as a student driver and helper for a local Limo Service company but now I could be a full time driver. Since I was one of the newest drivers, I was assigned to take the Limos for minor repairs and servicing at regurlar intervals. The garage service we used had been in business for several years and was owned and operated by a German man and his 2 younger sons.

I recall the first time I met the owner Hans Anderson and his 2 sons, Chris and Andy. Hans and his sons were very handsome and well built men. Also employed at the shop, were two more mechanics and a young teenage boy that worked in the office.

I took one of the limos in for a check up and was to remain until it was completed. I was observing all the good-looking men at work. Hans was very strong and masculin man with stern features but a friendly smile. He seems to take a liking to me right away. It was rumored he liked young men around him. I could see a close bond between Hans, his 2 sons, and the other 3 workers. They all worked very well with each other. The young man in the office was the only one that seemed sort of different. He was about 18 with a trim body and a pleasant smile. The other mechanics seemed to like him and gave him an occasional wink or pat on his backside. I thought at first they were just teasing him but as time went on I suspected an even closer relationship amongst them all.

There was no doubt that Hans was in complete charge and no one questioned who the boss was. He was strict but never cruel to his help.

Hans chatted with me more often and started to confide in me after a few visits. He occasionally would tease me about how handsome I looked in my uniform then pat me on my ass. One time he caught me off guard and felt my crotch. I was watching his hunky sons at work and I had a partial `hard on'. I just laughed it off but felt flattered that I got his attention. One day I went to the office to chat with Peter. He was reluctant to say personal things about himself except that he owed much to Hans. He told me Hans took him off the streets and gave him a good education and job. I could tell he loved the man.

One day much to my surprise Hans reached over and gave me a pat on my ass and asks if I would like to see something special. I had to promise not to tell anyone about this secret. I promised and wondered what it could be. I was hoping he was going to show me his cock but that was too much to ask for.

Hans said for me to follow him to his office. Once inside he opened a concealed door, which opened into a smaller room. It had a large window to one side overlooking a room with a bed, small table, and lamp.

"This is a 2 way glass and on the other side is a one way mirror. We can see and hear them but they can not see us." Hans said.

I don't understand," I said. Hans continued.

"Just stand here and watch and you will understand."

Then he left me to myself in the smaller room. As I looked into the room, I saw a naked young man lying face down on the bed. It was Peter, the office boy. He had a beautiful ass. I thought I would like to be in there on top of him. The door opened to the room and in walked Hans. He started to take off his coveralls. He reached for some lubrication on the table as he carefully undressed and facing the window towards me exposing his naked body. He had a firm body with lots of dark hair on his chest. His cock was beginning to grow as he faced the youth and started to manipulate it. Peter turned to Hans to get his cock hard by placing his lips around the head of his cock and licking his balls. It didn't take Hans too long to get his big cock full length and ready to go.

The boy lay back on the bed once again on his stomach. His legs spread open exposing his young firm ass. Hans slowly got between Peter's ass cheeks and started to place his large cock into the welcome ass. I was rather shocked but excited at the fuck scene I was witnessing before my eyes. My cock started to rise when Hans first started to undress. Hans did everything he could to let me see all the action through the 2-way glass. Hans first fingered the ass hole with lub before shoving his cock into the boy. I got a good shot of the boy's ass as Hans placed his large cock into his hole. The boy seemed to love the feel on this manly cock going into him. Hans took it slow at first but then started to shove his cock all the way in right up to his large hairy balls. The boy would jump with the harder lunges but completely give himself to Hans. Hans continued to plunge his big cock up the ass until he started to cum. He came in the boy then slowly pulled it out and faced me as I drooled over his cock, dripping with cum. The boy turned to Hans, took his cock in his mouth, and cleaned the remaining cum from his well-spent cock. I had already taken my cock out of my uniform and while jacking off shot my load all over, the glass window that separated us. Hans dressed and left the room leaving the boy to himself. I waited for Hans return.

"Well Vance? Did you like? Has said as he entered the small room.

I did not know how to respond except with a hardy,

"Fuck yes!' I said. Then Hans continued.

"I thought you would like that. I bet you even shot your load. I was hoping you would like to go into the room with Peter and give him a good fucking. He likes you. Ask me if I would give you permission to fuck his ass sometime. I told him it would be all right but I was going to watch. I guess you realize he is our "Punk Boy". He is a good young man and keeps us all satisfied. I find my men work better if they have a good ass to fuck each day. Peter also gives a good blow job if you prefer that." Hans continued.

"I am surprised you are so open with your sex life but think it is great. I would like to have a session with Peter but I have to head back to my office with the Limo. Can I come back again tomorrow on my day off?" I ask.

"Hey, you are a special friend other wise you would have never seen this. Anytime you want you come by. I am looking forward to watch you throw a good fuck to Peter. I have someone coming by about 10 am tomorrow to fuck Peter for the first time. You might enjoy watching him before you fuck. He is a deliveryman that brings our Auto Parts from another store. He is a good looking dude and has been hot for some ass since I told him Peter was `queer' for him. He is about to get married this year. I told him he should experiment around before he settles down. I will tell you one thing though, once he has had some good young male ass, it is hard to give it up." We both laughed.

"So, are you interested?"

I told him yes and then had to take one of the Limos back to my garage. All the way back to the office I could not help thing about tomorrow's action. I had a hard on all the way to the garage.

As I parked the limo, I saw Anthony, one of the other drivers going to his car. He waved and drove off. Tony, as we called him, was a handsome stud that could have any woman he wanted. I had heard stories about some of his escapades. I would not turn him down either. I think he works out at the same gym as I but have never seen him there. I signed in the limo and timed out. I was heading for the gym tonight for a good work out. Perhaps I could relieve some of my horny tension.

I arrived at the gym and headed for the locker room and then the showers. I could not believe my eyes. There was Tony taking a shower. He was as handsome naked as he was in his tailored chauffeurs uniform. He was letting the water run over his head and had his eyes closed when I entered the shower. I wasn't sure that he knew I was there because his big think cock had started to get hard. He continued to soap his body and was rubbing his back and ass and lifted one leg. He looked directly at me and nodded. I was getting excited just being next to his hunk. I had to turn my back so as not to let him see my hardening cock. I didn't know how to respond to his look so I hurried with my shower and headed for the restroom.

I though I had better `beat my meat' before I exploded. I heard the door open and another person stood next to me in the next booth. He was taking piss. I could see he was naked and still wet from the shower. "It was Tony!" I thought to myself. He followed me into toilet to the booth that had the big hole in the wall. It was drilled there and used for cock sucking. I knew it was here but had never had the chance to use it. Now could be that chance. However, do I dare?

I continued to look as he finished his piss then started to play with himself getting his cock hard. Without any warning, Tony placed his cock into the glory hole offering it to me. I could not control myself any longer and placed my hand around his big cock and my mouth over the large cock head. I could hardly get my mouth over it but I was going to do my best. His balls were on my side of the hole as well as his cock. It was a magnificent beautiful Italian cock. I knew now why the women went crazy over this stud. He stood there patiently as I worked my tongue and hand up and down his shaft. I could already taste the sweet pre-cum and his salty piss from the slit in his penis. I was really enjoying his manly cock. I didn't give a damn if he told my boss that I sucked his dick. I would suck on him anytime. What a hunk of a man . . . and what a cock.

He started to swell and move with my hand movements. I knew he was going to shoot his warm man juices into my willing mouth. I was ready yet I did not want it to stop. He was huffing and moaning and his body was starting to tense before he let loose with his load of hot cum. He must not have cum for a week because I kept swallowing and swallowing until he finally stop cumming. I kept on licking his cock as it became softer and yet he did not pull out. I was admiring his semi-soft cock and balls as they hung through the hole. I could not do anything but jack my cock as I held his cock in my mouth and came into all over the floor. My nuts went crazy with relief. I practically passed out and became weak. Tony realized I had relieved my self and slowly pulled his cock from the hole as I took a deep sigh.

"Man, what have I done?" I thought to myself. What would Tony say to me or perhaps my boss?

I waited until Tony left the booth then I went back to my locker and continued to dress. Tony suddenly appeared next to me.

"Hey Vance, my buddy!" He said.

"We had a good work out today. We must do it again sometime. . . say Monday after work? Here?"

I was astonished at his comment. I paused then stuttered.

"Sh sh sh sure. I'll be here." Tony added.

"Bring your Racket Ball with you." He smiled and went back to the showers. I smile back then left the gym.

What a wonderful day that was. Life can be great if you just let yourself go and enjoy it. I was looking forward to visiting `Anderson's Garage' tomorrow and fucking young Peter.

End of Chapter 1. Revised 08/30/02 rcb