Voyeurism can be fun.

Chapter 2

I was at Anderson's Garage bright and early and as `horny' as I could be. I had a good day yesterday at the gym with Tony and was looking forward to our next session at the glory hole. Perhaps sometime I would have the chance to get him into bed. I'm not complaining it's just that Tony has such a great body I want to explore it more.

I went into the garage office to see if Hans was around and found Peter working away at the computer. He seemed very dedicated to his office work as well as being the "Punk Boy", as Hans had called him. I guess Peter kept Hans well satisfied sexually. I was curious if Hans 2 sons were in on the activities. They were both hunks, just like their father. Peter looked up and spoke as I entered the office.

"Hey" he said. "Looking for Hans?" he asks.

"Hey" I answered back and nodded my head in response.

"He is in the garage assigning everyone their new work load for today. You can wait here if you want. He is waiting for `Victor's Auto Parts' man to arrive."

I was thinking to myself. That must be the dude Hans spoke of yesterday. I was curious what he had in bestowed for that lucky man. I moseyed over to the main room of the garage where there was lots of activity going on. Hans was signing some papers at the stand up desk while the other 4 Mechanics, including his 2 sons were starting to work. They all had on their clean blue coveralls. I could see some bare skin at the side opening of one of the uniforms.

"How sexy" I thought to myself. Sure makes it easer to reach inside and give a squeeze to one their cocks.

Hans looked up and saw me standing by the door and motioned for me to come in. He reached out for a handshake.

"Come on in. I will be with you in a minute. You might be a bit early but I assume you are here to see if I have those auto parts?" He said as he winked.

I heard a small truck pull up at the delivery door and one man hopped out. I said "Victor's Auto Parts" on the side. He walked back to where Hans was standing and said.

"I have some auto parts to delivery and I need some place to put them?" the man said to Hans. "Hello Vic. You are right on time." Hans said to Victor

Hans said something to the man and he followed Hans to his special room. I knew this was the sign for me to go to the secret room and watch the action.

I opened the panel to the room and adjusted my eyes to the semi dark room. I saw Victor in the room standing by the bed were Peter was laying on his stomach, legs spread and all ready to get his hot little ass fucked. Victor looked down at his `fuck boy' as he took his shoes and shirt off. He almost lost his balance but managed to pull off his pants and stripped off his briefs. He never once took his eyes off that ass.

Peter never looked around but was anticipating getting a good fuck from this man. Victor's cock was already hard as a rock. He jacked on his cock slowly with one hand as he reached for Peter's ass. He rubbed his buns up and down as if it were a pet toy. Firmly spreading Peter's ass to inspect it he put his finger in Peter's ass hole. He quickly crawled between his legs and placed the head of his cock at Peter's ass hole but first spit on his hand to lubricate his own cock. He braced himself on each side of Peter then put his cock into Peter slowly. Peter backed into his cock and took it all the way.

Peter had placed a small pillow under his hips so he could open his hole to his `new man' cock. Victor started fucking right away, pumping hard, and fast at first. Peter said something to him and Victor slowed his pace. Victor worked on his ass like he was fucking some pussy. Pausing to admire Peter's hot ass and to watch his own cock disappearing into the warm hole. He pulled Peter towards him with both hands then would set up and let his cock soak in Peter's ass. He fucked and fucked until he was about to deposit his load into Peter. Peter worked back on the cock enjoying every shove and thrust. Peter really enjoyed a good fuck. Victor started cumming; breathing so deep I thought he was going to pass out. He shot his load in Peter then fell on him exhausted and happy with a good fuck.

I had my cock out and was so close to cumming. I wanted to see what was going to happen next. Victor got up, dressed, and left the room. Meanwhile Peter just lay there with his legs spread and his sweet ass still resting on the pillow. I saw the door open again and Hans entered the room. He went over to Peter felt his ass hole and stuck his hands on each side of Peter and buried his face in Peter's ass hole, eating and sucking on his ass hole. He was licking and sucking all the warm juices of Victor's cock that was deposited in Peter's hole. It was exciting to see this hunk of a man eating Peter's ass. Both were enjoying the action. Hans licked and sucked for about 10 minutes then he got up, wiped his face and left the room. Peter was still spread eagle on the bed ready for more action.

I didn't think I could keep from cumming much longer. I thought I would release my load but then the door opened and it was Chris, Hans's oldest son. Handsome son of a bitch. So well built and now I could see, well hung as well. He quickly stripped down and crawled on top of Peter. He spread those butt cheeks out very carefully and stuck his cock head into Peter. Peter flinched a bit at the size but relaxed took the cock right up to Chris' balls. Chris moved like a piston, going around and around as he pumped his cock into Peter. Peter backed into his big cock with ease and got up on his knees so he could take Chris even deeper. I could see his balls pounding against Peter's ass. Chris was a wild and ruff fucker as he plunged his big cock into that ass. He must have been on break and had t get back to work because he worked hard and fast. Chris suddenly stopped and gave out a moan as he threw his head back and pumped his load into Peter. When Chris came the pumped such a big load into Peter's ass that, you could see the cum running out and down his leg and onto the sheets. Chris stopped and slowly pulled out of Peter then he wiped his wet cock on Peter's ass and got off the bed. He went over to Peter's mouth and placed his wet cock into Peter's mouth for him to clean off. Peter very carefully licked off his cock and balls as Chris put on his shirt. Then he seemed satisfied with the cleaning and pulled out, put on the rest of his cloths and left the room.

Peter carefully got out of his bed and went into the bathroom to shower and clean up. The 2 way mirror extended into the bathroom and shower so I walked to that section to watch Peter shower. He had a very well developed body and it was a pleasure to watch his shower. He took a connected hose from the faucet, stuck it up his ass, and duchy himself out. He seemed to enjoy it as much as getting fucked. I could see his cock getting hard as he hosed himself out. I left him and set back on the couch waiting for the next showing.

Peter had finished his shower and duchy and had returned to the bed with a clean set of sheets. I watched his naked body as he walked around the bed placing the new sheets on his bed. He removed a joint from the bedside table and proceeded to smoke it. He also took some scented oil and rubbed some of it on his body. I wasn't aware if he even knew I was watching his every move, if so he didn't show it. He finished his smoke, sprayed the room, and then lay back on the bed. He adjusted the pillow placing it under his hips pushing his great ass slightly up in the air, adjusted his cock, and relaxed.

The lighting in the room was perfect for me to see almost every move of everyone in the room. Han's had done a good job of making this a perfect show room. The room was carpeted in dark blue. The long tailored couch set at eye level giving better viewing of the activity. He had provided a stack of clean towels, condoms, and lubricants on a nearby shelf and a small sink for washing. It was truly a sex room. I was looking at the details built in this room and noticed a small latch on the wall under the window. It was a small opening to the other room. I decided to investigate so I slid open the latch, pulled open the door, and looked thru. It was a large glory hole. I guess Peter knew it was there and used it to suck off people in this room. I shut it quickly so Peter didn't know I was here.

The door to Peter's room opens again and in walked another man. Peter turned to greet his new visitor and chatted briefly with him. The man was about 30, tall and had on a UPS delivery uniform. He seemed shy. Perhaps it was his first time to visit Peter. Peter set up while the man set on the large armchair by the bed. Peter dropped to his knees between his legs and started to rub his legs and thighs. The man leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes while Peter pulled off his shoes. He managed to un-button his pants and pull them over his legs. The UPS man stood. Peter pulled down his briefs and the man's cock popped out hitting Peter on his cheek. He still had on his logo cap and brown shirt. Peter knelt before him preceded to kiss his balls while slowly moving up to his cock. The man was already gasping with pleasure. Peter was getting his partner all excited but made sure he did not cum. Peter held onto the cock and guided him back to the large chair turning his back to him. Bending over, Peter guided his cock towards his ass. The man finally got the idea and proceeded to guide his cock towards Peter's ass hole. I could see very well as I watched him bury it all the way into Peter, right up to his big hairy balls. I know UPS has a reputation of giving a quick delivery but Peter was not going to let him deliver his cum too quickly. UPS was enjoying his first fuck and was so excited that he would cum very soon. The man pumped wildly and grind himself around and around, then in and out. He was a good fucker and Peter was enjoying his every move. Suddenly he let out a deep moan and delivered his UPS load into Peter. Shaking, pumping, moaning all at the same time. He was exciting to watch. He delivered his load then as he pulled out he left a stream of his cum running down Peter's leg. Peter reached to feel the cock and turned to clean off the UPS man's cock with his mouth. The man was sensitive and jumped but did not pull back. He let Peter lick him clean and wiped him with a Baby Wipe leaving his cock nice and clean. He reached for his shorts and pants as Peter set in the chair watching this handsome stud that just fuck his willing ass. The man dressed, leaned over and kissed Peter on the cheek and placed his UPS logo cap on Peter's head and left the room.

Peter smiled and then he looked towards the Mirrored wall as he held up his thumb in approval. I realized for the first time that he knew I was there. He walked to the spot were the glory hole had been cut and knocked on the wall. I keeled in front of the hole and opened it. Peter kneeled down to the hole and motioned for me to stick my cock into the hole for him to suck. I was already naked and ready so I immediately stuck my hard cock into the hole. Peter went down on my cock taking it all the way. It was so good I thought I might cum at the first gulp. He pulled off and repeated the same thing. All the way, and again, and again. I could not stand much of this but he had hold of my balls so I was as his mercy. I could feel my balls ready to release the sperm that I had stored up. I knew he had me and I gladly shoot my load into Peter's mouth. He sucked my cock all the way down his throat as I came. I moaned and shook as I released a big load. Peter continued to suck and lick my cock until it started to get hard again. I had to pull away or he would have gotten another load. I wanted to wait to see if there were any more studs that were going to fuck Peter today. He moved away and I latched the small door. I flopped back on the couch to rest. I could see why Han's treasured this young man. Not only was he a good fuck but a great cock sucker as well.