Chapter 3

Dreams Really Do Come True.

Story by R C Barber

Copyright Pending 01/2002

I would really like to fuck Peter's ass but now that he had drained me just a short time ago, I had to get back in the mood. I was thinking about what Tony at the Gym had said about meeting him again today. Perhaps by the time I got to the gym I would be in the mood again. I would like to get Tony in bed where I could really work his hot body over. Even a 3 way with Peter would be exciting too. I wonder if Tony knew about Peter. I know he would bring his Limo here on occasion to get serviced. Oh wow. I bet he knew about this place. I was getting another hard on just thinking about a 3 way with Peter, Tony and I.

I started to put my cloths back on and head back to the Gym. Peter had gone to the showers again so he must have been getting ready to go back to his office. I straighten up the room and as I was leaving I heard Hans in the hallway talking to someone. I wanted to say thanks to Hans before I left so I waited until he came into his office.

Hans entered the room and nodded to me.

"I have someone here I would like you to meet."

I stood up to greet the man. It was my friend Tony. Oh my God. I thought to myself. Tony looked up and laughed.

"Yes, I know this dude. We both work for the same company. Hi. Nice seeing you again. I was just here to have some repairs done and Hans said he wanted me to meet you." He looked at Hans then me and said softly to Hans.

"Has he been in your private office?" Meaning the private sex observation room.

"Oh yeah." Hans said laughing. "He has been there. I caught him before he left." Hans paused for a moment then he said with a glint in his eyes.

" I would like for the 2 of you to join Peter in a private session if you would like. I would be watching from the room so I hope you put on a good show."

"Oh my gosh. I was just thinking about that earlier today. I guess dreams really do come true. That is if Tony is willing. I know I am." I said as I looked anxiously at Tony.

"It would be my pleasure too. I enjoyed our last encounter but was hopping would be able to do more so here is our chance. What the hell are we waiting for? I have a hard on just thinking about it. Hans. Take us to Peter's activity room." Tony said to Hans.

Hans laughed as he motioned for us to follow him down the hall to another door. The locked door leads to the room where Peter was lying on the bed resting and waiting for us to pleasure ourselves. As we walked in, Peter looked around and smiled.

"I was hoping it was the two of you. Hans told me he had something special but I didn't know it was both of you. What a delight this will be." Peter said.

Peter was clad only in his jock strap. It emphasized his bowling ball buttocks and his tight youthful abs. Peter was no doubt a seductive young man. I had been looking forward to being next to his perfect body.

Tony started to take off his shoes so I did likewise. He come over to me and looked me straight in the eyes, started to unbutton my shirt. I reached for his form fitted body shirt and pulled it over his head. What a fantastic chest he had. He was so powerful and manly. I undid his jeans and started to slide them over his hips.

"We might as well take our time and let Hans get his money's worth." Tony said softly as he glanced towards the mirrored wall.

I had forgotten about Hans because I had been concentrating on Tony. We were both almost naked now except for the jock strap Tony was wearing and the boxer shorts I was wearing. Tony pulled me towards him and started to kiss my shoulders and cress my hard nipples. He had very seductive and suggestive moves. I think he had performed before an audience before. I lowered my head to his chest and tongued his body and over to his hairy armpits. They had the scent and musky man smells I an expected from his body. His body scents were really turning me on. I felt his hands roaming all over my body and pulling off my shorts. I kneeled before Tony pressing my face and lips on his jock strap. He smelled so good. He was so clean yet he had just the right scent of a man. I could feel his hard cock throbbing under his jock. I gradually pulled his cock from the strap. It popped out like a steel rod and bumped me on the lips. I opened my lips and tasted his pre-cum on the head of his cock, sliding my tongue down to his balls. I once again took a deep whiff of his musky body scents.

Peter sat on the bed watching us in our foreplay. Tony took Peter by the arm and pulled him closer to us. Peter touched my head as his fingers slid to my mouth to feel Tony's cock going into my mouth. I kissed his hand as he caressed Tony's balls. Tony pulled me to him kissing my mouth tenderly. He pulled Peter to our face and started to kiss Peter too. The 3 of us stood their kissing and exchanging tongues while we caressed each other's body. Tony had his one arm around Peter and his hand on his ass.

"I want you to kiss Peter's ass and rim his ass hole." Tony said to me. "I want his hole to be kissed and loved before we use it for our pleasure."

I hadn't done much rimming but it seems the thing to do. I followed Tony's instruction and went down on my knees to kiss Peter's ass and tongued his ass crack. I found it quite exciting and pulled his sweet ass cheeks apart and found his pink warm ass hole. I did not hesitate and immediately tongued fucked his sweet hole while Tony bent Peter towards him to have him suck his cock. I now had better access to Peter's hole. I went in as far as I could.

Peter was enjoying sucking Tony's cock as I rimmed him. I was also enjoying the idea that Peter's ass had taken several hot loads of cum today as I watched earlier from the other room. I had seen Victor; the hot Auto parts man shoot a load in him. Then there was that hunk UPS truck driver. Of course Chris, Han's son shoot such a big load I'm sure some of his hot load was still remaining. Now I was sucking their juices that had been deposited in Peter's sweet ass. I could sense the flavor of cum as I lick and sucked on his ass. I knew now this was going to be one of my favorite things to do in my next sex session with a hot man. Now I loved eating ass and loving it.

I stood to wet my cock so I could slide it into Peter's ass. He moved back towards me and with one hand spread his buttocks for better entry. Peter moved back and took my cock it all the way to my balls. I gasp and felt a tingle go throughout my body. I the feeling of pleasure engulfed by body as I move in and out of Peter's warm and tight hole. Peter was enjoying it as if it was his first fuck of the day. I knew better and admired Peter for his love of a cock up his ass. Previously I had watched him take the Parts man, Chris the older son of Hans and the UPS man. All this within a few hours. Now Peter was going to take Tony and me and still loved every moment of it.

I continued to fuck slowly as Peter was sucking Tony. Tony said to me as I fucked.

"I want you to cum in Peter's ass leaving your cum in him so I can mingle my cum with yours. O.K.?"

I nodded and continued to fuck Peter. Tony was such a hot man and a bit kinky. I held on to his firm body and knew I could not hold out much longer. I took as much time enjoying this hot fuck. I new I could not hold out much longer because it was such a hot session. I started to pump in him as Tony leaned over Peter's torso and started kissing me. This really triggered me off causing me to release a big warm load into Peter. It felt so good. I gradually pulled my cock out while Tony was still kissing me.

Peter turned around dropped to his knees taking my cock in his mouth and going all the way down on it. Licking and cleaning off my excess cum. Then he went to Tony's cock and started to suck on it. Tony let him enjoy his cock for a time then he pulled Peter up from the floor and directed him towards the bed. Peter lay on his stomach while Tony spread Peter's legs so he could get better entry. Tony's kissing already turned me. The idea of him fucking that great ass of Peter's and mingling his cum with mine, was so hot and was causing me to get hard again.

I watched Tony placed the head of his cock into Peter and shove the rest of his big thick cock into Peter. I got closer to watch the entry. I caressed Tony's balls as his dick entered Peter's willing ass. Tony fuck for a short period of time then placed his arms around Peter's waist and turned him completely over without even taking his cock out. Tony looked around at me and motioned and instructed.

" I want you to place your cock into Peter's ass along with mine. Come on. This can be done. You will love this feeling besides Peter needs a good ride from us. Come on now. Get into position." Tony continued.

I understood but did not think Peter could take both our cocks at the same time. It sounded rather exciting so I managed to get between their legs, lifting his legs into the air and aim my cock for Peter's ass hole already filled with Tony. Tony had a very thick cock. I was not quite that thick so perhaps it might work.

I guided my cock slowly and after a period of time the head of my cock was going into his ass along with Tony's. It was tight but felt very good to me especially knowing my cock was rubbing next to Tony's. Peter was not having that hard a time and finally relaxed as I started to pump in and out of him. Tony started to move along with me and soon we were going in and out at the same time. It was a wild sensation feeling Tony's cock next to mine inside Peter's tight ass. I felt Tony getting larger so I knew it was about time we came. Tony let out some moans and we started pumping faster. Then I could feel Tony's cum in Peter's ass. This made me hot and I shot my load almost the same time. Peter started to cum about then too and was moaning with either delight or pain. Any way we all 3 came at the same time. I thought the bed would collapse.

We all lay there for a short time then as our cocks started to soften and slid out of Peter. I collapsed next to Peter and Tony on the bed. Tony was caressing Peter and kissing his neck and rubbing his body as he looked lovingly into Peter' eyes.

"Are you all right Peter?"

Peter smiled a big grin and nodded yes. I had to get up or fall off the bed so I sat in the big chair next to them. Tony set up and winked at me as Peter got up and sat on the bed.

The door to the hall way opened and Hans walked in with a huge grin on his face.

"That was nice, that was nice. Beautiful exhibitions! Beautiful and very exciting. My 2 sons enjoyed it too. We all got so hot that we jacked off all over the glass. Now let me eat out my sweet boy's ass. I want to taste you're cum while it is still warm."

Hans headed for Pete as he turned over and pushed his ass into the air so Hans could eat his ass. It was unbelievable that such a big hunk as Hans would like to eat our cum from Peter.

Tony rolled off the bed and come over to me rubbing my leg as we turned to watch Hans and Peter together. Tony caressed me in his strong arms then gave me a deep and passionate kiss. He motioned for me to join him in the shower and we left Hans and Peter to their lovemaking. Both Peter and Hans seem to be in a fantasy state. I guess their dreams were coming too also.

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