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  I parked the car and got out. Looking around I saw a few other cars but not much of a crowd. There was a fire raging in my loins since morning, the tingle between my legs had become unbearable... I decided on a quick lunch and then to the waterfront to see if I could get lucky and pick up a stud this early. I needed the stretching, the probing, I was dying for a good fuck.

  Slowly I walked in and sat down at the corner table away from the large french windows. I gave the menu card lying on the table a cursory glance and sat back to await the steward. My cock throbbed and oozed... I was undoubtedly HOT ! And that's when I saw him walk in though the kitchen door, laden trays held high above his head. The sight set my blood boiling and in one single twitch I felt my cock go rock hard. The guy was incredible !!!

  I slowly unzipped my jeans and fished out my sticky cock........


  The dimly lit men's room had a sink at the rear, and I went over to it. I cautiously lowered my jeans a bit to wash off the cum-soaked prick and heard the door open and close quickly. Looking up in the large mirror over the sink I saw the same handsome steward enter, half-smiling and looking at my partly exposed behind, the crack running halfway down before being hidden by the jeans.

  "Need any help?" he said, in a low husky voice, walking over to where I stood.

  "Um...... uh, I guess not. I won't be long," I said nervously, as he continued moving closer.

  "Let's see," said the lithe guy, looking over my shoulder at the pink cock below, his crotch pressing at me from behind. I could feel the hardening cord against me!

  "Let me help you," he said, taking the moist paper towel from my hand. He dabbed my prick a few times, and with his other hand, pressed me into him. "How does that feel?" he asked.

  "AH !" was all I could say.   His hand slowly lowered my jeans further, while his other hand moved behind to extracted his own stiff rod, a very long organ, deep brown, and stuck it through my parted legs so that it peeped out from under my balls! My heart jumped into my throat. I had never seen a cock so big before and it was so curved!

  "Wanna try something?" he asked softly, his tongue licking behind my ears.

  "I.... I suppose so," I replied, as I sheepishly reached down and touched the tip, long and pointed. His cock's shape really intrigued me. "Won't anybody come in?" I asked.

  "Oh, I think I flipped the lock when I came in."

  He jerked the dispenser on the wall and filled his palm with the liquid soap and then coated my twitching asshole, as I took some to apply on his awesome cock. I obediently placed my hands on the sink as he took position and pushed my full ass out at him. Slowly he guided his beautiful cock to my nether hole and fitted the plum sized head at the wrinkled mouth. His other hand held me close to him as he gently shoved into me. With a breathtaking smooth motion, his long, curved cock crept up deep inside, inching its way along solidly..... stretching me wide.... setting my stomach in turmoil.

  "Oooooooo....... !" I wailed in pain and pleasure,'What a cock', I thought, as it continued its sliding journey through my insides, churning up my bottom and my stomach with his repeated deep lunges into my butt hole. It was really quite amazing, a perfect curve, and the head seemed like a rounded arrow tip, so right for the job of ass fucking.

  "Like it?" he panted, without letting up in his humping of my tender ass.

  "Oh, its just great," I panted in reply, as his lovely prick moved in and out ever so slowly. "I really love the way you can go right in and out so smoothly..... so deep!"

  "Yeah, want to try it another way?" he asked, between hunches.

  He pulled out, leaving me feeling totally empty and soon had me facing him. He was in front of me now, giving it to my ass. And believe me, this worked even better!

  "Oh, WOW!" I exclaimed wrapping my arms round his neck and hanging on. "This is just super."

  The long, sweeping dick traveled further up my bowels, bringing squirms and squeals of delight from me! My own pink prick, which I thought was due for a limp period, after what I had just done under the tablecloth, quietly began to stiffen!

  "You have a beautiful body. I really dig it," he panted as his gentle hands ran up and down my back, caressing, feeling..... tracing my hips and ass cheeks. "I noticed you the moment you entered, and also noticed your hands moving under the table. Who were you jacking off to?"

  "A-humm, ...you," I blushed. I still couldn't believe what was happening. Such a good-looking hulk, such a glorious cock... the very guy I was jacking off to was now fucking me!

  His hands pulled my shoulders harder, as he eased his rod up further into my shuddering asshole.

  "Uhhhh-o-o-o-hhhh," I moaned into his shoulders at this sudden thrust, my arms tightening around his neck.

  "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" asked the handsome steward.

  Before I could answer, his hands held the sides of my face, and he began to kiss me. His lips wet and pliant, as he crushed them against my lips and we smooched deeply!

  "That didn't hurt," I answered, as our kiss was broken by the huge lunges that he was giving my quaking anus.

  Our hungry mouth came together again, and his tongue went right in... probing deep... I melted in his arms.... I trembled!

  All the while his super long, curved penis continued its rhythmic in-out motion, fucking into my asshole with smooth, long strokes that woke up my senses, made me take long, deep breaths and cry out with joy into his neck. With each shove he raised me off the floor as I clung to his strong and broad shoulders.

  "Phew!" he grunted, as his two hands now gripped my ass cheeks and caressed them, pulling them apart... "Your ass is marvelous.... I love 'em..... Mmmmnnn....... they are like two lovely peeled melons," he whispered, as he stroked them again and again... while his awesome cock rode my ass slit deeper and deeper, thrust after awesome thrust.

  His deep brown cock seemed just the right thickness too. It was remarkable! Just a little fatter than my hole, so that every time he moved it deep inside, every tingling sensation would flare up, like a rush of feathers in my stomach. I just loved his cock. I adored it and what it was doing to my tight slit!

  He was now breathing heavily, throwing himself more forcefully into me. He started to grind his cock around with it fully inserted. Its long strength tugging at my intestine, the hot folds of flesh were electrified by his pulsating, curved prick! My tender walls gripped him in rapture.... as if sucking on the entrenched cock like a mouth! Every deep lunge inside absolutely filled me up, while as he pulled back up to the flared rim, it seemed as if my stomach was being emptied... being turned inside out! I thrilled at the feeling and moaned my approval, pushing down even harder.

  "OOOhhhh, you make me feel so-o-ooo good inside..... Ahhh!" I moaned.

  And it was true. Being fucked standing up wasn't something that I had ever tried before, but doing it with this guy, with his dandy dick, felt pure heaven! He ground it around, in small circles, and then lunged forcefully, inserting the whole damned phallus right up to the very base and then he pulled it out, only to reinsert, past the feverish entrance of my ass slit! If this was the way this guy fucked standing up, I could hardly imagine what it would be like to be fucked by him in a proper bed!

  "How old are you?" he asked.

  "21." I gasped.

  "Where do you live?" he panted.

  I told him and he asked if he could see me again, perhaps at his place... My heart jumped. OH, to think about getting fucked by him in a bed...!

  "Oh, yes..... of course. I'd love to." I could hardly conceal my excitement.

  "Kiss me," he said, his large dark eyes looking straight into mine. I sighed, and brought my lips to his, meeting in rapture. His tongue traced the outline of my lips, then went into my open mouth. It wriggled furiously inside my mouth, as if searching for some new flavor he might have missed the last time and I enjoyed every breathless second of it. Savoring his planted dick inside my shuddering butt hole.

  My hands found their way to his back, discovering the firm strength of his cord like muscles that ran all along his lovely lithe frame.

  "You have a terrific body too," I said squeezing his flexing ass cheeks, my fingers searching the cleft of his ass for the sweaty hole. "How old are you?" I managed after gasping at the tremendous force with which he lunged into me as my finger entered him.

  "Ah, 25." He finally answered. "I think our bodies were built to fit together..... I'll bet that no matter where we are, in whatever position, we will just fit like a big jigsaw puzzle! My cock and your lovely ass!

  His thick cock pumped harder, titillating the entrance of my ass with every insertion and withdrawal, as my own firm dick bumped heavily against his stomach as we stood in the dimly lit, tiled room and fucking!

  I grabbed his ass tighter with both hands, and pulled his steel stiff rod deeper into me, gasping as I did so. The cheeks of his ass were hard and cool, as was his stomach as it received the grinding pokes of my cock as we came together again and again.

  "Wanna try it another way?" asked the handsome hunk, his dark eyes looking into mine, twinkling.

  "Sure," came my quick reply, ever ready to experiment, to learn new ways of sexual joys, extract the most out of my young nubile body!

  He bent his knees slightly and picked me up and still impaled on that prick he carried me to one of the toilet stall! He lowered the seat and placed me on top of it, still fully buried! I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist and grabbed his thighs as he plummeted me with vicious jabs of his rampant cock. Then suddenly he stopped!

  I looked up in confusion.... The steward's bulky cock slowly pulled out of my hole, like a foot being pulled out of wet mud. It made me nearly cry.... it was a feeling I didn't absolutely enjoy, I wanted it right there, inside of me, my tingling asshole, the place meant for a thick, long cock! I looked longingly down at the exposed cock once again, seeing its fantastic shape, its perfect curve, its bulbous head, and the deep brown color. I looked up at him enquiring... My fingers reached out to touch it, squeezing its red tip ever so gently. I wanted it back, in my ass. God, it was beautiful! But I needn't have worried for he raised my legs up over his shoulders, exposing my fleshy slit through the soft calves, open and twitching, waiting for his piercing poker to reenter!

  "You have the best pussy I've ever fucked." he said, as he got into position to continue the glorious fuck that we were having. With a slight lunge forwards he located my asshole with his tool, and before I knew it, he had stuck it right in with one sweeping gesture, up to the loaded nuts!

  "Oooh-h-h-h, AAA-a-a-ah," I moaned, sucking in my breath at the sudden assault that filled me with a glow of intense pleasure, from between my parted legs to the root of my hair! I relaxed the muscles down there, surrounding his cock with my ass, my ankles over his shoulders.

  This position gave him more leverage than before, and he was able to push and pull his well-suited weapon in and out with perfect ease. It was almost as if he were scooping me up with each fucking thrust, as he battered my widely stretched ass chute!

  I locked my ankles behind his neck, so that he could move closer and deeper, and the rewards of my action were boundless. Deeper and deeper he drove his thick pole into me, opening me up like never before..... my own cock now as stiff as ever from all the action.

  The man picked up the pace now, ramming it in faster and faster, that rapturous rubber hose of his cock tickling the insides of my stomach. The excitement within me was boundless, like a great hot fever that spread to all parts of my tingling young body, from head to my foot.

  "MMmmmmm........... God, mmmnnnn," he moaned, panting, as he fuck me furiously, faster and faster, even better, until tears came to my eyes.

  "NOW!" he yelled, as he threw himself into my body with a ferocious force, his prick erupting inside me with rivers of steaming cum, shooting through me like molten lava!

  He reached down and gave my hardened prong a few expert twirls between his strong hands and brought forth a sizable deposit of my own sticky cum! The white fluid shot out and splattered against my tense stomach, warm and free!

  "That was really great, huh..." he said as he lowered my legs from his shoulders, and escorted me to the sink, where he cleaned me off neatly.

  Now face to face, he crushed me once again to his lithe body and kissed me hard. My arms circled him and I held on tightly to this young steward, who had just given me so much joy! I could still feel the pleasure pulsating in my ass, the liquid load sloshing, my asshole relaxing, after so prolonged a time of being battered. I was dying for a good fuck and had got the best !

  "We'll meet again, wont we?" I asked softly.

  He nodded as he walked out of the door.


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