"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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Home at the Lumber Mill

   In this first adventure Lance tells of his early childhood and the close relationship he has from his older brother and mentor.

Chapter 1

   My parents disappeared somewhere in the Rocky Mountains during a snowstorm when I was too young to remember anything about them. My Uncle Jack took me into his care even after he lost his wife during childbirth and I became part of the family. He never remarried but I think his real love was Lumber Camp #1 where we lived. He had one son, Jack Junior, who was 2 years older than I. Jack Junior had become my best friend and guardian, always trying to keep me out of mischief and harm.

   Uncle Jack was a big man, about 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighed a solid 250 pounds. He worked hard at the lumber mill for years and had become the Head Foreman and part owner. During an average season he had 50 men under his jurisdiction plus the staff and office crew.

   We had taken up residence at the mill provided for us by the company as part of his gratuity. The main house was part of the original mill property first constructed by a wealthy Colorado family. It had awesome rooms still decorated with the original woodwork, wooden floors, and paneled walls. I was especially fond of the `great room' with the huge beam ceilings and large stone fireplace. In one section of the room were rows of bookshelves filled with books left by the original owners. Jack shared this room and the large dinning room with the men at the mill during their rest or recreational time. We considered all the men and their families as part of our family.

   We never went to a public school but had a great `live-in educator' to teach us at our home. His name was John Batter and we jokingly called him Master Batter. I never knew the jest of it until I was old enough to masturbate myself. He taught us everything we needed to know and we always passed the state exams with high marks.

   I was 12 years old when I shared the workload at the mill. My job was to be part of the of the kitchen staff until we were old enough to be trained in the mill or in the field cutting down and working the trees and logs. Working in the mill and the field were both dangerous and you had to be trained very carefully. We were still too young to do hard labor but worked very hard trying to feed and clean up after these men. Another part of our duties was to maintain and clean the barracks where 25 to 50 men would sleep during rotations of seasons and shifts. Sometimes they would travel to the other camps and would be gone for several days or even weeks at a time. While one group of men would be out working, another crew section would remain here resting or helping at the local mill.

   Since I was 2 years younger than Jack Junior, I was to share a bedroom with him in the big house. I didn't mind because he and I had become very close as we grew up together. He was not only a good-looking young man, but was smart, with a good personality, he got along with most of the other lumberjacks, and he had a great body. I liked watching him during our exercises in the gym and especially liked seeing him nude in the shower. I knew he liked me watching him work out and he never shut the door when he showered.

   I was still pretty young when I began to be fascinated with the growth of his dick. Each week his dick appeared to grow bigger and longer. I hoped my dick would be that big when I was his age. I told him one day that I thought he had a nice looking dick and ask him if I could touch it. He smiled at me and said he would let me touch it some time but only when we were alone. We usually slept in separate beds but one night when we were having a bad storm I was frightened and crawled in bed with him. He put his arms around me and held me until I fell asleep. The next morning when we got up, his dick was stiff and really big. I had never seen it this big and could not help but stare at it. He looked at me and asked, "Would you like to touch my dick now that it is hard?" I nodded yes.

   He stood by the bed as I placed my hand around his penis and pulled the remaining foreskin back to see the big head of his dick and explored the piss slit. It was dripping with moisture. As I was exploring his dick he said to me, "Lance, would you like to taste my dick?" I nodded as he continued. "But you promise this is our little secret. You must not tell anyone until I say you can. Understand?"

   I nodded again and put my finger to the white moisture on his dick. He took my hand and placed it around his hard dick then pulled my head to it, forcing me to open my mouth. I stuck my tongue on the head of his dick and he trembled. I thought it tasted good so I squeezed it down so I could get more. He pushed my head down on it further and my mouth went over the head of his dick. I felt my own dick getting harder as I licked on Junior's dick. Junior seemed to like what I was doing and I liked pleasing him. I kept on licking and tasting his dick then Junior suddenly gasped and a huge amount of his tasty white juices came from his dick and into my mouth. I liked it even more and I started swallowing it as fast as I could. Junior was holding my head as he gave me his juices and when he stopped flowing he looked down at me and said, "Now remember what I told you. You must not say anything about this to anyone or I won't let you do it again."

   "Oh no, I promise I will not say anything. Tell me, Junior, what was that? It tasted so good and sweet. I want to do it again," I said as Junior and I started to dress for the day's chores.

   "That is what they call `sperm', the love seeds or love juices of a man's body. It comes through his penis and will make a woman have a baby. When we do it with each other it is because I love you, Lance. It is called `cumming'. Now get dressed because we have to set up the tables. We have a large crew that is leaving for that lumber site on the other side of the hill. Hurry now and perhaps we will do it again later."

   "Will you show me how to cum too? My dick might have some love juices for you," I said.

   Junior laughed and said, "We will try it with your dick later. Now hurry."

   We arrived at the mess hall and set up the tables, cooked the breakfast and fed the men. Today we only had about 12 men staying at the mill. The rest were heading out for the lumber site. We finished all our duties then had time to rest. Meanwhile Jake and John, two more helpers, had finished up the final stages and we all went to the large room where the men hung out. I started to read some books that we had in our large library while John and Jake played chess. Junior headed back to our room. I got bored with the book and thought I would join Junior. As I was heading for our room I head Uncle Jack and Junior talking.

   "But Dad, I am not sure he is ready for that kind of action yet. He is still too young and naive. I only introduced him to my dick today. He didn't even know what `cum' was, but I will say he liked playing with my dick. I came in his mouth I got so excited, and he liked it so much he swallowed it. Give me some more time with him and I will educate him one day at a time."

   There was a pause then Uncle Jack said, "Okay. We will give it some more time but I want him trained before the end of next year. You know Lance will enjoy it like the rest of us. He is the only one that can't do it yet. He is such a good kid and cute as his father was when he was that age."

   "Do what?" I was asking myself.

   I heard Junior coming out of Uncle Jack's room. I hurried to my room and jumped on the bed like I had been there all the while. Junior came into our room and seemed surprised to see me. He started to take off his work clothes before going into the shower. I kept watching him out of the corner of my eye hoping to see his hard dick again.

   After he undressed he looked over to me. "Hey, Lance, would you like to do the tasting thing again? I might be able to give you some more of my love juices," Junior said, as he stood naked before me. He was now adjusting his low hanging ball sacs and started to play with his dick.

   I was hoping he would ask me that again. I noticed my dick was already hard like before. I quickly put down my book and set up on the bed and said, "Yeah, that would be great, only I want you to show me how to shoot my juices too. You sure did act like you enjoyed it. Does it feel good?"

   Junior replied, "Oh yes, it feels real good. So I'll tell you what we should do. I want you to take a shower with me this time and we will start from there."

   Junior had finished taking off his clothes and headed for the showers. I was right behind him, still pulling off my shorts as I eagerly followed. Both of our dicks were all ready protruding from our bodies. Junior had a big dick but I guess for my age I had a nice sized dick too. We started the water and squeezed into the shower. After Junior soaped up his body he handed me the soap. Junior then took my dick in his had and said, "My, my, little brother, you do have a nice dick on you. I have never seen you hard before. You are going to make lots of people happy when they get to use you. I will show you how to make it feel real good." Then he started to move it back and forth.

   It did already feel good and I liked the way Junior held on to me from the back. I could feel his big dick poking me from the backside. He pulled on my dick as I reached back to pull on his. He placed his finger near my asshole, which felt good too. I had put my finger in my ass several times and felt a good sensation but now that my buddy was doing it, it was even better. I moved my butt back to let him place his finger in my ass.

   "Lance, I am going to make your hole feel good too. You might feel a slight sting at first but it is worth it. Now relax and let me put my dick into your ass. Trust me," Junior assured me as he placed the head of his cock to my ass.

   I could feel his dick touching my asshole and it did feel good. I felt my body tingle as he rubbed his dick closer to my asshole. I wanted him to do what he had to do to get it in me but I was a bit nervous because his dick was much larger than several of my fingers. He placed his hands on my back and pushed me forward so my buttocks would spread for him. I suddenly felt the head of his dick enter my hole. Junior paused but I was anxious so I pushed back into him. I felt a sudden pain as it slid all the way into me. I did not cry out but sighed with pleasure as I felt a new and wonderful sensation. Junior held me in his loving arms then started to move it in and out as he pulled on my dick.

   "Lance? Are you are right?" Junior asked.

   "Oh yes. This feels so good. Keep doing it," I replied.

   Junior was more than happy to move his dick in and out of me. It felt very good to him too and he knew that he could not hold back his orgasm very long so he started jacking my dick faster and faster.

   I worked my ass back into Junior's cock and enjoyed every move. My own dick was about to burst. I felt a sudden surge of warm sperm being released into my asshole by Junior and then I too started cumming for the first time. I thought it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt. I did not want it to end. Meanwhile, Junior was making all kinds of sounds as he fucked me for the first time. It was good. They both finished cumming and Junior pulled his dick out of me slowly. We rinsed off and got out of the shower, dried and headed to the beds still naked.

   "I liked that. Why haven't we done that before, Junior?" I asked.

   "So you liked that? We will do it every time we can get together, if that is what you want. I did not hurt you, did I? I only want to make your ass and your dick feel good. That is what a man's ass is to be used for: pleasure," Junior assured me.

   Junior jumped on the bed with me and started to wrestle with me.

   "Okay, Junior, I want you to do it every day if you want. I love your sperm in me and I like the way you pulled on my dick. I have never had my juices come out like that. Is that what they call jacking off?" I asked.

   "Yes. Where have you heard that before?" Junior asked.

   "I walked into the dorm one time and four men were standing naked over another man in his bed and they were releasing their love juices all over him. I stood nearby watching and later I asked what they were doing and one said they were `jacking off' on Larry. He didn't look like he objected so I assumed it was alright with him. I did notice he was trying to taste them as they came. Can we do that sometime too?" I asked.

   Junior laughed and kissed me on the forehead. "Sure, we can do that too, little brother, but you stay away from the dorm until one of the older men takes you there."

   My life was a bit different from that time on. Every night or day Junior would crawl into my bed and fuck my ass and jack me off. We would take our showers together and Junior would fuck me there. Sometimes we would go horseback riding and find a nice spot in the woods and fuck. We would do it everywhere we could find a place to do it. It was really great and I was happy. One night he placed his mouth over my dick and I came in his mouth. He seemed to like my cum as much as I liked his. Junior said he enjoyed fucking me and letting his love juices shoot into my ass, and I sure liked him doing it.

   One night we were fucking and he said I should try a different position. So he told me to lie on my back and put my legs on his shoulders. I did as he suggested and he placed his dick into my ass and started to fuck me this way. He could jack me off while I was being fucked. I like this position just as well, perhaps even better. When he came in me he was jacking me off and we both came at the same time. Only this time he lay on me and kissed me on the lips. I had wanted to kiss him but didn't know how he would react. I thought it was hot and really liked the kissing part as well. I think I felt a deep affection for Junior and I think he liked me too.

   We lay in that position until we both fell asleep. I woke as Junior started to move and pull his dick out of my love canal. I was beginning to want more and more of his dick. I never wanted this to end. We continued this sex for several years and when I was older Junior asked if I ever wanted to try it with someone else. I was surprised and asked him if he was tired of me and he told me no way, but that he wanted to share our fun with others. Some of the other men at the camp had asked about me and wanted me to make them feel good too. I was excited about having one of the older men fuck my ass but didn't know they wanted to do it with me. Now I had something new and exciting to look forward to.

   We grew up very fast but continued to have many good times together. We worked hard but we were never too tired to have sex. I started fucking Junior in his ass and he learned to enjoy it as much as I did. We fucked all night on my 16th birthday and Junior said he thought I might be ready for something thing new that I would be happy with. It would be like a birthday present for me. I was looking forward to my new adventure.

To Be Continued.

In Chapter 2 Lance receives his `big' Birthday Gift from his Uncle Jack and also starts a new job in the Lumber Mill Dorm servicing and caring for all the lumberjacks. What new adventures lurk in Lance's future? Read the next chapter to find out.

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