This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended by this story or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

Copyright 02/2002



Chapter 13

After that spin on the round bed and a satisfifying performance by Shawn, the stud of the day, I walked around the tent to see what other things were going on. Shawn took me by the arm and directed me to the beer bar for a cool drink. As we stood there talking I saw a strange looking contraption in the center of the room. It was a very large wine or beer barrel standing on one end. A stair way led to a platform or balcony about half way up the barrel. In the barrel were large glory holes drilled around the out side. At the top was a betting table with a bell in the center. Shawn noticed my curiosity.

"I bet you never saw one of these before?" Shawn asks me as I stood near by. "It is a game we play. A person sets or stands inside the barrel where 10 large holes are cut. Out side the barrel 10 men place their cocks into the hole and place bets on which one the cock sucker inside will choose as the best 3 cocks. The cocksucker will test out and suck off 3 of the best cocks then place a chain with a number around the base of each of the cocks. When he is through he will ring the bell and the men will pull their dicks out of the holes. The 3 chosen that round will be given 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. Then the bets will start over again and 10 more men will place their bets and their cocks into the holes again and the game will start again. If you were not chosen, you have to place another bet and move to another hole and try for another blowjob. Win or lose, everyone has a fun time and everyone eventually gets sucked off. Part of the winnings goes to the cocksucker inside." Shaw explained to me in great detail.

"That is very creative and it looks like fun too. Can I give it a try?" I said as I walked over to the barrel.

"Sure, we are going to begin soon and we need our first cocksucker for the inside job. You wouldn't happen to like to suck a few cocks would you?" Shawn grinned. "I know you are a good fuck, but are you a good cocksucker too?"

I laughed and was already trying to figure out how to get inside.

Shawn told me that no one know who is inside and the inside cocksucker did not see the men he was sucking. If I wanted to try it I would have to get in soon before they lined up the cocks from the outside. A hinged door opened from under the platform on one side and locked from the inside. It was a large barrel and I could either stand inside or set on a high stool. I would be given some water and a bucket to spit out the cum if I desired. The platform around the barrel held the men so they could stand and lean into the barrel while getting sucked off. The top of the barrel was numbered from 1 to 10 like a roulette wheel and the bets were place there with the help of a host.

Shawn introduced me to the host Randy and I went inside. He gave me instruction how to place the rings and told me after I closed the door a small light would come on inside. He also gave me a small flashlight and an intercom incase I needed anything. It was ventilated with fresh air from beneath. Randy also explained that there were small closed circuit cameras inside the barrel with delayed filming that were projected on a large TV screen in another room. The host Randy lit up a joint for us to smoke before the action began. I could hear several men gathering for the Barrel of Fun. I took several tokes and Randy placed me inside the barrel. I was ready for a new adventure.

Once I was inside the barrel I could hear the footsteps of men coming upon the platform and heading for a hole. The host, Randy explained to the men how to bet then the show would begin. Each man in turn started to un zip or unbutton their pants and started to pull out their soft dicks. They leaned into the barrel and placed their cocks into the holes. I was excited seeing all ten holes filled with beautiful glorious cocks and balls of all sizes, shapes, and colors. I helped a few to arrange their cocks so I could get full access to their shafts. I loved this job. I loved cock and I loved sucking. I could look over the ones I wanted and fondle them with care and love. I didn't know where to start so I thought I would taste a few and help some of them get hard. Most were already starting to grow. I was given a Polaroid camera so I could take a few pictures of any or all of the cocks I wanted.

"Where do I begin?" I thought to myself. I though most of them looked great so I started with the first one. I touched his semi-hard cock and pulled on his big balls. He was uncut and I placed my tongue under the foreskin to taste him. He sighed as I began to pleasure his cock. It was nice but I knew I had others to sample so as soon as I got him hard I went to another one on the opposite wall. I think I surprised him and he jumped slightly as I went down on his soft dick. It did not take him long before he was hard. I realized I must not play around too much because they were waiting to cum. I went to another, then another and started giving all of them some head. They all seemed to enjoy my mouth. I knew I was good at this so I could understand their excitement. Also not knowing who the cocksucker was at the hole was part of the game of barrel glory hole sucking.

I looked around as I had all ten dicks throbbing with excitement. I had to finish this game so I concentrated on one of the big dicks and he came. I wanted to linger but immediately went to #3 and #4 changing from one cock then back to the other. I felt one of the cocks starting to cum and took his load as I held on to another one. I went back to the other one and he came immediately. I think the excitement of the man next to him having his orgasm, got him off quicker. I continued on to another then another and wanted them all but had to chose the best 3 in accordance to the game.

I took the chain with #3 on it and put it around one of the cocks, and then I took chain #2 and put it on another. I had hard time deciding which one I enjoyed the most so I took another long deep suck and went back to one I like. I took his picture as it hung thru the hole. His uncut cock was hanging down there so beautiful so I gave him the # 1 chain then pulled on the bell as the first round was over. He pulled out and cheered. He also slipped me a $20.00 bill and his personal business card to call him later. I was flattered and surprised at the response. Suddenly each hole was placing money into the hole as it dropped inside the barrel. I took a deep breath and took out my cock to release it from the pressure of my tight jeans. I did not want to cum yet because this was an exciting and fun thing to do.

I heard the men talking while some left and some moved to different holes. I was happy that they stayed because it told me they enjoyed my cock sucking.

Soon the cocks were being placed into the 10 holes again. I recognized some of them from before and would get them off this time. They all deserved to get a blowjob. I was pleased that so many of the men had such nice cocks and I would enjoy getting their cum. I had not spit out any of the 5 loads I had taken that last round but probably won't swallow too much for right now if I wanted to stay awhile. Even thought I enjoy most men's cum, it did give me cramps if I drank too much. I wish Junior could be here. He loves sucking cock as much as I did and was also very good.

They were all in position and I was ready to begin the cock sucking game again. Wow, I was in heaven looking at all of these 10 hard cocks all at one time. I looked around again and knew what to do this time so I started looking over the merchandise. I started on one cock and felt he was too hot and might cum right away so I stopped sucking on him and went to another. I found a nice cock that at had a cock ring around the base. It never got soft during all the sucking. I found a nice average cock and thought I would suck him off first just to practice. He leaned into the barrel as far as he could as I continued to suck him until he came. I went to another one next to him that looked so beautiful and sucked him off right away. I decided I would go back to that first one and drain him now. I was so enjoying all this cock that I almost forgot to place the winning chains around the 3 best ones for that round. I thought I would give the one with the big head cock 1st place and one of the smaller cocks 2nd place. It would make him proud. Then I quickly chose the 3rd place and rang the bell again. I heard a sound of disappointment from some of the men that did not get off but I was hoping they would come back for seconds.

Another 10 men were waiting patiently in line while I sucked the remaining 10 now at the hole. I felt the excitement of the other men as each one of them had an orgasm. I knew some of them were kissing and making love with each other while I sucked them off. The all remained at the holes until I rang the bell because they wanted to see who was the winner of the 1st 2nd and 3rd place money on the wheel. It was nice to have so much power. Even though I was sucking the cum out of each and every one of them, I was in charge.

I just finished the last cock and placed the rings around the 3 winning cocks when 10 more beautiful cocks coming thru the holes in the barrel once again invaded me. I took a quick drink of water then looked around to see where I would start first. I picked up the tips I had receive thru the holes by the other men and put them in an empty bucket next to my cum bucket. I hadn't even started to spit out any of the cum yet and could feel my stomach starting to feel the warm loads of cum. As I waited for the game to begin I would help pull the cocks thru the holes. I also like to see and feel the balls as I sucked cock. I would take a nice whiff of a few bigger balls and give them an extra lick or two. Most of the men didn't have any underwear on. A few were wearing jock straps and some had cock rings around the base of their penis. Most had also been drinking a few beers so I could taste the hint of warm piss. Now and then a big uncircumcised cock would have some extra manly pre-cum taste but I was beginning to like it. I knew some of them had already been sucked on before arriving at the Barrel Game but it didn't take them very long to get hard again at my expert cock sucking. I think by now I had gotten a good routine and could suck off all 10 men at each session. I think the news got around because I could see thru the hole before it was filled with a cock and I could see a long line of eager men ready to try their luck. I already knew their luck was to get them off. I did get a small chance to take a breather while 10 of the men left and the other 10 took their positions.

I heard a small tap at my door. It was Randy the host of the betting wheel above.

"How ya doing pal? Getting enough cock? Boy, you are really whipping them out. Here is a joint for you and another fresh bottle of water and mouth wash. Have you filled that bucket yet? You should see the studs that you have been sucking off. Wow, I think I will help you out and suck off a few dozen cocks too. I didn't know you would last this long. Do you want to continue or do you want to take a break. There is a big line of hot looking dudes ready to be sucked off. What do you say?" Randy said quietly as another 10 men were taking their place at the holes and making their bets.

"No, I am fine. Keep em coming and I will keep them cumming." I said as I took the water and the fresh joint to smoke.

"Randy. I am having a ball. You should see all the tips I am making too. I would have done this for free. I may build one of these for the barracks at the lumber mill. What a fantastic idea. I am ready for more. Lets keep it going for a while and when I have had enough or the line stops, I will let you know. Thanks Randy. The show must go on." I said as Randy laughed and closed the door to the barrel.

I looked back inside to find 10 more beautiful cocks hanging thru the hole. I had 2 big black cocks this time. One was huge and could hardly fit into the hole. I had to take a closer look at this one. It wasn't a shinny black as some I had sucked but a nice dark brown. The head was still partially buried under his foreskin as I slowly arranged his ball in the hole. He had a dark musky smell at the base of his balls and a hint of leather from his leather chaps covering his jeans. There was some clear colored pre-cum dripping from the head of his big tulip shaped cock head. I immediate licked off the pre-cum as his cock jumped with anticipation. I tried not to show him more attention than the others but how could I resist?

I did my personal touching round with each one as I inspected and admired some of the perfect dicks. I would try to get everyone's balls thru the hole so I could do a few licks on them too. Some received this very well as a few moans were heard from above me. I started my dick tasting and ball smelling as I proceeded with my pleasurable cock sucking. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the delicious treats staring before me. I knew I loved to suck cock but this was so great because I didn't have to go through a long anticipated wait. They were coming to me for my service. I was in cocksucker paradise and if I should die right now I would have a smile on my face and a belly full of man nectar.

This kept up until I had lost track of the cocks I had sucked at the holes. I knew I had made a lot of men happy. I also had quite a few tips. Most of the men would give me at least $5.00 each and some even more. I had stopped picking up the money on the floor of the barrel and concentrated on drinking the man cum. I was beginning to let some of the cum go into the bucked. It was almost full. I figure there was at least a quart in the bucket and probably that much in my stomach. I had missed a few spurts of cum from some of the hotter cocks and it was now soaking up my t-shirt. It was good though because it was keeping me cool.

I was getting ready for another round when Randy tapped on the door once more. I opened the door to see what he wanted. He spoke to me before anyone else had entered the room.

"Hi again. I am getting ready to take a break here and thought you would like one too. This has made me so hot watching you suck off all these hot studs that I will be joining the next 10. I was hoping you would suck me off too? I am not going to tell you, which one I am so it will be fair for the other betters. Is that o.k? with you? Then after the next 10 we will take a break so you can empty your self and clean up a bit. I have a clean body shirt so you can change. I will get them ready now so I will see you in a few." Then Randy shut the door again and arranged the next 10 men on the platform at the holes.

Once again I did my thing of doing their things. I hated to admit it my lips were starting to get a bit numb from sucking all those fantastic cocks of all shapes, sizes and color. Even sperm has a bit of different favor. You get so after you sucked off a few dozen men that you can tell if they smoke, what kind of cigarettes or cigar, what they drink, and what they had for dinner. Sometimes you could even tell what kind of vitamins they had taken that day because of the taste.

I was just finishing up my last cock of the game and gave the rings to my favorite tasting cock. Randy was one of the last dudes I sucked off but I still wasn't sure exactly which one he was unless it was the big one with the cock ring around the base. I finished and started to pick up all the money on the floor and put the bills in the bucket to count later. I would leave the bucket of cum for the next cocksucker to fill. I heard the 10 men leave and then Randy opened the door. He had a cute little smile on his face and said to me as I left my den of love.

"You are as good a cock sucker as they said you were. I bet you couldn't tell which one was me but I will say I was sad you didn't pick me as one of the 3 best ones."

Randy said.

"Oh I knew which one you were but I didn't think it would have been a good business gesture to give the host the 1st place prize. Nice cock ring Randy." Then I grabbed his crotch and stood waiting for a response.

I followed Randy to the back of the tent thru one section of the entertainment section and bar. At one side was a small theater with a large TV screen playing some fuck and suck films. I looked over to see my face with my lips wrapped around a big cock beautiful cock. I had almost forgotten about the close circuit TV cameras set up inside the barrel where I had preformed. The men were commenting and wooing and awing at my performance. The room was semi dark and a few me were leaning against the wall getting sucked off. His master had offered another man slave in the back section for service and a couple of men were using him. He was bent over and one big man was fucking the hell out of him while another was face fucking him.

"Looks like your performance is continuing to turn some people on." Randy said to me as we paused for a movement to watch the action. Then we moved on to another storage room in the back. Randy pulled a nice clean body shirt off the cloths rack, held it up to me to see if the size was right. I took it readily as I took off my cum stain sweaty shirt. Randy quickly took it from me and placed it to his nose to sniff.

"May I keep this? It's so raunchy and smells like you at the moment." Randy said as I smiled at him and nodded yes.

I put on the clean dry shirt while looking around trying to figure out my location.

Randy motioned for me to follow him out the back exit. It was connected to the other barracks, the showers, toilets and jailhouse. We walked along for a short distance and went in the back doors of the barrack. We found a couple of mattress thrown over some cots and pull them open so I could rest. I hated to admit it but I had sucked so many dicks in the barrel that I found I was weak. I hadn't eaten much that day either so that was a part of it too. Randy sensed my weakness and said he would be right back with something to eat. I started to settle into my bedded area where I found some clean sheets and a couple pillows. I headed to the shower to clean up a bit before taking a nap. The showers were large open areas like those at the Lumber Camp. I was alone and took a nice shower, and headed back to the bed where Randy had set me up a nice small table with a couple big hamburgers, fries and a large soft drink. I was still naked but threw the towel around me as I set down to eat.

Randy and I talked about a few personal things about us while I ate. Randy had run across Adam when he picked up the food. It seems Adam was concerned about my presents but when Randy told him I was with him, he was relieved. He said he didn't tell Adam of my experience in the Barrel of Glory Holes because he thought it was up to me to tell him about that. I was going to tell Adam next time I saw him anyway but I wanted to do this myself. I wanted to see Adams face when I told him. I think Adam was starting to take a liking to me. I was flattered at his concern. Then Randy told me that Adam wanted to know if we would both dress in the Sailor Uniform whites in the storage room and come back outside to be used on one of the cross. Randy said he was anxious to be part of the show and would ask me if I would join him.

"Randy. You know I am rather exhausted at the moment even though getting fucked a few times sounded very tempting to me. I liked the idea of being hung from one of the Leather Cross' in the main tent, to be used by some of these hunks but I think I will take a rest and try to get a few hours of sleep before I start in again. I thank you for the Hamburger and food but now I just want to rest my jaws." I said as I finished up my last fry.

"Yeah, I know how you must feel but when I saw the action taking place out there I got all horny again. I think I will take Adam up on the performance. I haven't had a good gang fuck since the last time I went to the Eagle Bar in Denver. Man that was so hot. I was a bit high and thought it might be fun. They took me and put me in one of those swings, ties me up spread me out and I was theirs. I was on this stage while they brought out this big stud with a huge 11-inch cock. I was in no position to argue and besides performing before another 50 or so hot leather and cowboy studs turned me on. Needless to say, I had no choice. After this stud used me for about 15 minutes I was so hot I wanted more. He shot such a load in me that I thought I was going to feel it coming out of my mouth. After he pulled out of my ass another stud came up on the stage and ask for volunteers. There was almost a stampeded to the stage. I started getting fucked by first one dude then another. I didn't even bother to keep score but I think it was about 15 guys that fucked me before the host thought I had enough. I had so much cum running out of my ass they had to put a bucket under my ass. One dude then came up and started to suck out all of the cum from my ass while another sucked him off and another sucked me off again. I had already cum about 5 times already and was covered with cum. Then while this was going on another 4 dudes came up and jacked off all over my body. I was in slut heaven. I never thought I would get myself in that position but here I was being used over and over. And you know what, I loved it. That is why when Adam asks if I wanted to be part of this show in the tent, my dick immediately got hard. I can hardly wait to join them so if you will excuse me I will put on the tightest white sailor uniform I can find and offer my body to the Gods." Randy said as we both laughed.

"Sure, Randy. I understand. Now you go and have a fucking good time and perhaps I might join you after a while. You sound like me when you get turned on. Find me a pair of whites too and lay them on the other cot there and I will put it on after I rest. Now hurry before you miss out on a big one." I said as I laid back on the cot to rest while Randy wave to me and headed back to the storage room to get the sailor uniforms.

Continued. Author Richard Dick Richards, eyeMrich1@hotmail.com