This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended by this story or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

Copyright 02/2002


After the Balls are over.

Chapter 14

I woke up to the sounds of motorbikes and many smells of gasoline, marijuana, and man. I had slept for a couple of hours and felt quite rested. I heard some men talking in the other room of this old barrack. It might be the Marines that were being used as sex slaves. I went back into the tent to see how Randy was holding up. He was not on the cross now but was in the Cage with several other men. His sailor uniform was ripped in the ass and his crotch was open and someone outside the cage was sucking his cock. I did not want to disturb the mood so walked by him.

I saw one of the young Marines setting on the floor. He looked exhausted. I motioned for one of the host to let me get him out of there. He opened the cage door and I lifted from the floor and told him to come with me. They closed the cage door as I directed the Marine to come with me to the back room where I had been laying on the cot. He lay down on the cot. I gave him some water and placed a pillow under his head. I found the sponge Adam had used on me and preceded to clean off his chest and face.

He finally looked up, focused his eyes on me and said.

"Wow, what a great party." He said.

I knew he was all right now.

"Who are you? You gone fuck me now?" He continued. He seemed groggy or perhaps just dehydrated. I made him drink more water then he halfway set up on the cot.

He looked to be about 18 years old. He had the typical Marine haircut and a fantastic hard body. His hair was light brown or blond. He was tall, I guessed about 6ft 2in or so. I looked at his dog tags and they said his name was Terry Torrance. I kept on wiping his body sweat and cum from his body with the sponge as he started to wake up. He still has on his Camouflage Marine pants and boots. He had no cuts or bruises that I could tell but seemed disorientated.

"Hey, Terry. I am Lance. How are you feeling? Do you want to set up?" I said. He slowly put his feet to the floor and placed his head in his hands.

"Where the hell am I? And how did I get here? I need to get back to the cage otherwise I will be fired."

"What did you say? You will be fired? What are you talking about?"

"Where is Adam? He asks.

"You know Adam? Why do you want him?"

"Adam hired me and the other fellows to be the sex slaves for a couple of days. I have to get back or I won't get paid." He continued. He started to stand up but got dizzy and set back down on the cot.

Ah, now I was beginning to understand. These Marines were not Marines but actors. They had been hired to pretend they were Marines. Now it is all clear to me. That is why Adam asks Randy and I to dress up like sailors. I was angry that Adam hadn't told me, yet I was relieved that these men had not been kidnapped. They had been hired. I had to laugh when I realized what was going on.

Larry asks me if I had some more water and a joint to smoke. I handed him the water but did not have any smokes. Larry looked up at me and said.

"You are really nice looking. Are you a friend of Adam? Did he hire you too? I though I saw Adam fucking the hell out of you on one of the platforms. He is a good fucker isn't he? You want to fuck me now? I think I would like that." He said as he lay back down on the cot.

I though he was a good looker too but was in no condition to get laid right now. He reached over for me where I was setting on the bed. I took his hand and held it as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Under any other circumstances I would not have taken him up on his offer to fuck him, but I though I would let him rest. He made a sound and then turned over on his stomach. Oh, my, how tempting, I thought to myself. Perhaps later after he was rested.

Taking a well needed piss.

I was going into the tent to see how Randy was holding up but needed to go take a long waited piss. I had been there before so headed to the one behind our main tent. When I arrived there were several men waiting to take a piss in the long steel troft that was provided just for pissing. I got inside the small section where I was going to piss when I notice 4 men setting in the urinal receiving anyone's piss that was willing to give it to them. I know at this stage of the party nothing should have surprised me but it did take me back a little. I was never into receiving body fluids except sperm. I didn't object to this fetish of piss drinking but I had never done it to anyone. I watched with curious eyes trying not to act shocked. I was close to one of the men as another man arrived at the urinal to send his golden piss right onto the piss slave. The boy opened his mouth like a young Robin bird ready to take the worm from it's mother bird. I found my own cock starting to rise at the sight of his obedient attitude to his master's warm piss. Now I knew I would have a hard time pissing with a hard on.

I continued to watch the procedure and ritual of the piss fetish for a short time when another man dropped to his knees in fount of me and took my hard cock into his mouth. He looked longing up at me and said. "Please give me your piss. Sir." Then he set and waited for me to pee in his mouth. I had never even thought about doing this but now I would give it a try. He seemed so thirsty for my piss. I tried to relax so I closed my eyes. He waited patiently for me. I finally felt a small gush of piss coming from my cock, and then it stopped. I tried again and this time I let loose with a larger gush. It was a new sensation that I had never experienced. It was almost like cumming in a nice warm asshole without the fucking motion. My piss slave gulped down my piss like it was from a fountain. I found myself holding his head down on me as I emptied all my heavy stream of piss. He gasps a few times as his throat muscles drank down my piss. I was proud that I had done it and so was my piss slave. He milked down the last few drops and then started to run his tongue around my foreskin trying not to miss anything.

I was piss free and now I could go into the big tent to check on my friend Ralph.

I found him in the small jail near the center of the room. He was still standing and when he saw me he ask me to get him out of there so he could go back to his tent. He looked so hot standing there in those whites. I was tempted to fuck him right there but called the host and got him out of the jail cage.

"Boy, am I glad to see you. I have never been so fucked and sucked in my life. I lost track of the dicks I had up my ass. I need to go to the head and release some of these loads and take a shower."

We headed to the barracks and the showers. Randy seemed to be walking all right. As he got to the showers he pulled off his cloths and went to one of the stools and drained some of the cum from his ass. A few minutes later he was in the shower.

"Wow, oh wow. That was so hot and so much fun. I could do this all night. That place is wild, like a Roman orgy. Cock, cock, cock, and more cock. I loved getting fucked by those hunks. I got so high on the smoke I got dizzy, but that sex is great." Randy kept on as I stood there watching him shower. I had to laugh at his enthusiasm.

"So you like to get fucked, do you now?" I said jestingly.

"Fuck yea. I never realized it could be so great. I loved all those hot sweaty men using my body over and over. I think one time I passed out from taking this one dude. He must have had a 12-inch cock. I was getting sucked off so many times that my dick is numb. Perhaps my asshole got numb too."

He laughed as he continued his rambling on about his sex. Then he looked over at me and said.

"Lance, why don't you join me in the shower and fuck me. You are so hot and you never got your chance tonight."

I shook my head at Randy and laughed.

"No. You are hot and I do want to fuck your ass but let's rest for a few. You may want to go back in there for more sex, besides I have to go look for Junior. You know my brother. He and Shawn hit it off and I think went to the Round Bed Room. Perhaps they are finished by now or getting ready for another show. That Shawn is hung like a horse. Has he ever fucked you?" I ask Randy.

"Yes, and he is a real sweet heart too. I think at one time I was in love with him but didn't have a chance. He is a real stud and can have any one that can take his horse cock. I saw the way he took to you too. You might have a better chance than I."

"Yea, he is a great fucker but I have a dude I like real well. We live in the same camp together and see each other all the time. It's Adam. You met him here tonight. A real stud fox."

Marine Taking Even More

I heard some noise in the other room where I left Terry, the Marine. I left Randy in the shower and walked back to see if he was all right. He was doing fine. I found his ass was up in the air getting fucked by a Marine Sergeant still fully clothed. He had his pants down past his waist and was slowly fucking Terry. Terry was on his knees dog fashion taking this big cock stud. He would hold onto Terry's hips and pull him into his cock. I was standing there watching very quietly when Randy came behind me still drying his naked body. He started to ask me what I was watching then he saw.

The Marine Sergeant saw us but didn't seem to mind; in fact I think he enjoyed us watching his onslaught to this young Marine. So we quietly watched. Randy was already getting hard again. He was close by so I held onto his cock as he dried his hair. The Marine Sergeant took his time enjoying his newfound ass to fuck. We watched quietly but were getting aroused. He was a hot looking man in his tailored uniform. The idea of him still having his boots and cap still on added to the excitement.

He pumped into Terry for about 15 minutes then he decided to unload in him. He shot most of his cum in him then pulled his cock out and shot the rest of it on Terry's back. It shot clear over Terry's head and onto the wall.

I couldn't stand it anymore so I went over to Terry's back and started licking the Sergeants cum from his back. He moved back slightly and pulled his cock out of the ass and pulled my head to him so I could clean the left over cum from his cock. I clean him off carefully then got off the bed leaving Terry's ass still wide open for fucking. I motioned for Randy to join me. He immediately got behind Terry and using some of the left over cum now dripping from his ass, rubbed it on his dick then shoved it into Terry with one full sweep. Randy had no mercy. He was a wicked fucker. I took off my pants and stood up on the bed placing my cock into Randy's mouth. He went all the way down on me and continued his wild fucking and sucking. He got excited quickly and proceeded to get me off as he came in Terry's well-used asshole. He pulled out quickly as Terry fell on his stomach and rested. Randy wiped his wet cock off on Terry's ass then went back to the shower room. I put my cock back in my pants and set on Terry's bed and wiped his wet ass with a towel.

This hot looking stud Marine looked like he had been thru a good week of physical training. His eyes were closed as he rested. He turned his head looking at me with his droopy blue eyes smiled and said to me.

"This has been the most exhausting 2 days of my life but the most satisfying. I had never been used like this before. I was frightened before but after I go into it, I couldn't get enough dick." Then he laughed softly.

I know exactly how he felt and now that he had experienced real hot Man-to-Man sex, he would never be happy with any other kind of sex. I rubbed his back and butt with some oil the Marine Sergeant had left on the bed. I knew he would doze of into a well-deserved sleep but then he looked around at me and seriously said.

"Would you like to fuck me? I think you are hot." He rested his head on the pillow and fell into a deep sleep.

I found a clean sheet and covered his naked body. He looked too tempting and would no doubly be used by the next horny dude that saw him. He needed to rest.

I heard Randy still using the shower and though I would leave to see what Adam was up to. I started to wave at Randy as I left but another man had entered the shower and was fucking Randy.

I went back into the tent area to watch more of the activities going on. They had started a Dick Contest to see who had the longest, the fattest, the biggest, the most unusual, the most foreskin...there was no end to their pursuits. I watched in amazement at some of the Dicks that made a showing. There was lots of humor in most of the presentations. I was hoping that Big Sam was here. He could show then an inch or two.


Author Richard Dick Richards eyeMrich1@hotmail.com