This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended by this story or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

Copyright 02/2003


The Sanders' Brother's Garage

Chapter 15

I saw Adam standing at the back of the tent with a couple of the men from our Lumber Camp. Adam was looking rather tired, after all it had been a grueling, grinding, fucking and sucking long 48 hours since it all began. I think he was about to call it a day. He saw me and motioned for me to come over to him as he headed my way.

"Hey my young fuck buddy. Have you had enough cock and ass to last you for a few days? We are going to wind thing us soon and close down the tent before we get some rest. If you want I will take you into town to pick up your car and you can head on back to the Lumber Camp. What do you say?" Adam said to me. I nodded and said I was ready to go.

I said a quick good bye to most of the men and went to the side entrance of the tent where Adam said he would meet me. I found his motorcycle and waited. He came out looking as sexy as ever in his full leather gear. He tossed me the helmet and a small leather bag. It was a small token of his appreciation and I could open it when I got home. I prepared myself for the ride and put my arms around Adam's firm body and held on. He took off slowly then as we reached the open road to the main gate he speeded up and slowed again at the gate. Ralph, Adams brother was on duty again and waved at us as we went by. We headed down the narrow road to the main road then headed down the hill to the Garage where my Jeep should be located. We couldn't talk much on the bike but I hugged him tightly as he looked around half way and smiled. He knew we were still the best of friends and would re-new old acquaintances as soon as he returned home. We pulled into the driveway of the station. I saw my Jeep setting inside the garage waiting for Joe, the mechanic to place my recharged battery. Adam and I say a quick good bye and he pulled me towards him and kissed me then pulled away and speeded up the highway toward the Biker camp.

I headed to the garage and Joe and his brother, Luke, wave to me and said.

"Hey Lance, Your Jeep is waiting for ya, and as soon as I put ya battery back in you will be ready to go." Joe said to me.

"Thanks fellows, you don't know how much this means to me. You can put this on Adam's bill and he will pay you later. I don't know how I can repay you for your trouble." That might have been the wrong or perhaps the right thing to say because Joe and Luke looked immediately at each other and laughed.

Joe grabbed his crotch showing an impression of his big cock and said.

"I do. In fact we were just thinking bout how pretty that young ass of yours is and how nice it might feel with our dicks inside. Nobody will be around and we can `do it' right back here in our Daddy's office." Joe pointed to the office his father used for his bookkeeping and office work.

Joe and Luke were both kind of redneck looking men but they were sexy in a hillbilly sort of way. Neither had more than a mid high school education and started working for their father's garage when they were quite young. Both men were not over 30 at the most. I knew they were serious and were probably so horny they would cum at the drop of my pants.

"Heck, why not?" I said as I headed for the back room. Joe followed me immediately as Luke stayed in the garage area to be the `look out'. I looked over the messy un-kept room trying to figure out where to have sex. I noticed a small nag a hide brown couch against one wall and set on the edge as Joe unzipped his greasy overalls. He didn't have on any underclothes so when he pulled his arms from the jumper they dropped to his knees. I looked up at his enormous semi-hard uncut cock and sighed. It was beautiful. I was surprised at the size of it and wondered why I hadn't fucked around with this dude before. His body was rather pale from the lack of sun but his arms and stomach muscles were firm as some of the men at the camp. His cock was as big as Shaw at the Leather Camp, perhaps even bigger and he could even give Big Sam a run for his money. I reached out, as he stood before me ready for me to worship his tool. I wanted to stick my tongue under the long foreskin of his cock before it got hard. My hand held his shaft with reverence as my other hand gently held his big balls. His sack was soft and hairy and matched the size of his cock. I placed my tongue under his foreskin as he leaned forward to taste the pre-cum already oozing from the opening of the skin. He had a hint of piss and his body was clean but had the manly scent of a working garage mechanic. I took a deep whiff of his ball sack and quickly took one ball in my mouth to suck on it. My hand eased under his ball sacks to explore the hairy crevice of his lower ass. The buttocks were solid as a rock and would be good to eat or fuck. Perhaps I would explore that area when we had a better place to play. I looked up and Joe to see him looking down at me and smiling proudly as I caressed his cock.

"Joe, you have a beautiful cock and I want to service you completely. I am yours to command and you can do with me anything your want." I said as I stared at his cock now growing to a good 12 inches long and bigger around than my wrist.

Joe gave out a nervous laugh as I started to go down on as much of it as I could. I kicked off my shoes so I could get completely naked. I wanted his cock in my ass. I wondered if Joe ever had a good piece of Man pussy ass in his life. I knew I would have to do most of the work to pleasure both of us. I pulled off my pants not once losing my mouth grip in his cock. He began to understand my intentions. I kept sucking and licking on his cock and tasting his musky pre-cum juices under his foreskin. He had a manly scent of sweat, grease, piss, and the juices from a previous orgasm. I held on to his cock as my tongue once again searched for his sweaty balls and that tender spot just before his ass.

Joe lifted one leg and pulled off his boot and coveralls placing his foot upon the couch. I had much better access to his balls and ass. I lapped away at him as he placed his hands on his hips, threw back he head, and sighed.

"Oh My God, I've never feel this good before. You are a good cock sucker. You like my cock Lance?" I nodded as he continued to talk.

"I never realize it could be this hot. Suck on my balls. Suck on my big cock. It is yours to service. I love it. Yea, suck on that hard cock. Suck it."

I continued to service this stud and lick the sweat from his balls. I went back for his cock to taste even sweeter pre-cum from his foreskin. I had yet to see the head of his cock. I stuck my tongue in his foreskin and found his big juicy cock head. I ran my tongue around and around it as it started to come out for air. It slow move away from the skin and out into the opening. It was beautiful as I slowly moved back the foreskin. His cock head was big around and a beautiful pale pink. His piss hole was very large so I placed my tongue into his piss hole. He moaned and grown so much that I feared his brother might think I was hurting him.

I rubbed up and down his hard muscular stomach and lightly pinched his brown nipples as I continued to suck his cock. I spit on my hand and tried to lubricate my asshole so I could try to get fucked by this giant cock. He roughly pulled me up from the couch with his strong arms and immediately turned be around. I knew he was about to try to fuck me so I reached for his cock to guide it in. He said to me.

"Bend your head over to the wall. If I am going to fuck that sweet asshole I want to lick on it first. I want to eat your man pussy."

He bent me over with his big hands as I leaned on the couch. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in my ass. His tongue must have been as long as his dick cause I felt it enter my asshole. Then he continued to tongue fuck me and wet my asshole. He then stood behind me and guided his cock head into my hole. Reaching back, I pulled my ass cheeks further apart so he could enter. He had really lubed my hole because surprisingly it started in. I took a deep breath as he keep pushing into my hole. I was taking it all. It was big but I was managing to handle this giant. I felt it hit my prostrate and I almost shot my wad. He had it all the way in then started to pull all the way out and plunge all the way in. It was wonderful. I loved the feel of his body hitting against my hard ass and his big cock fucking my asshole. Joe was fucking me long and hard but I loved the feeling. I pulled on my cock as his started to swell to the full 12 inches.

We were both into fucking when I realized that Luke had entered the room and was half undressed and was now beating his meat. I looked into a small mirror in front of me where I could see him looking at the 2 of us. It was rather exciting. His cock was almost as big as his big brothers. I was looking forward to getting his cock to unload in my ass too. Luke was cuter that Joe but his body was also very firm and masculine. Luke has less hair on his body perhaps because he was younger. Luke was the quite one but didn't mind watching the 2 of us fuck. He has an equally large set of ball sacks and they swung back and forth as he jacked himself.

Joe continued to pump his big cock into my ass for about 15 minutes then I knew he was about to cum because his pumping got harder and faster. I loved the feel of his big balls pounding against my ass. His brother was down on the floor watching Joe's cock going into my anus. Occasionally he would place his hand on my balls or Joe's as it slid into me. Then Joe was starting to moan and growled and almost yelled as he started to cum in my hot ass. I could feel the warm sperm hit the insides of my asshole. It was filling me up. There was so much cum that it was running down Joe's balls. Luke was catching it in his hand and was using it as lube on his dick as he jacked off. Joe gasps then shook. As he slowly pulled out of my wet hole I heard a slurping sound. He backed away and immediately came behind me and placed his hands on my hips as he guided his cock into my ass. He gasps and pumped hard and fast. He was so hot that after only about 10 pumps he shot his load into me. He gasps and then held on to my ass for a few minutes until I jacked off my cock and shot all over the couch. He slowly pulled his cock out of me then rubbed it on my butt wiping off the remaining cum. I quickly turned to his cock and went all the way down on him. He gasps with the sensation of my hot mouth on him. I know he was surprised that I was now cleaning his cock. I could taste both Joe and Luke's remaining juices. I think if I had continued to suck on his cock, he could have come again but I stopped to let him dress himself again. Joe had already put his Jumper and boots back on and was leaning against the mechanics bench. I stood there still recuperating from my wild sex from these two wild brothers.

All of a sudden I looked up to the door way and a police officer was looking into the office. I was still undressed and my ass was still hanging out. I quickly reached for my cloths as he hollered at Joe.

"What the hell is going on here? Who is that naked young man in your office? " He yelled at Joe and Luke in the garage.

He looked back at me and said.

"Get your cloths back on. You had better come with me down to the Jail. You need to answer some questions."

Joe had walked away before the officer had come in and Luke just stood there shyly grinning. Neither said a word to defend my naked body. I quickly put on my cloths and was trying to tie my tennis shoes. He came to the door and motioned for me to come with him. He pulled roughly on my arm and almost dragged me to the police car. I didn't want to get Joe or Luke in any trouble so I kept my mouth shut. The office threw me against the car kicking my legs apart gave me a good body search. I was nervous but thought he was just trying to scare me. He opened the back door of the car and pushed me inside.

"I am going to take him down for questioning." The officer yelled at Joe as he stood by the garage door watching.

I thought it best I didn't say anything at this time because he did not have anything against me. I could not figure out where he came from or what he wanted me for. We arrived at the small Police Station house on the outskirts of town. The streets were quiet as we entered the small Station. There were 2 other officers there, one younger cop behind the counter and another over by a desk talking on the phone.

"What do we have here, Officer Jacobs?" the young cop said as I was taken to the back part of the station where the jailer opened the jail doors and Jacobs threw me in a deserted small cell.

"I found this young punk stripped down naked in Luke and Joe Sanders Garage. I think he was trying to seduce them into unnatural acts." Officer Jacobs snarled out.

"You know how those two rednecks are always playing game. They probably molested this poor young guy. Let him go. Jacobs." The other officer said, as he looked me up and down.

"Besides he couldn't handle take that big cock of Joe's anyway. That thing would split a donkey's ass."

Jacobs spoke up again and said.

"You don't think so? Well let's find out if this young punk likes to have his ass fucked." He opened the jail door and walked over to me as he unzipped his tailored blue police uniform. He pulled out his soft 6-inch dick and grabbing the back of my head, shoved my face to his cock. I was shocked and tried to resist at his forcefulness.

"Get you cocksucking mouth open punk. I want you to get my dick hard so I can shove it up your pink little ass." Jacob continued.

"Come on Jacobs. Leave him be. He is only a young teenager. Probably the first dick he has ever seen besides your dick is too small to interest him." The young cop said as he laughed softly.

"Oh yea, well when he gets it hard you will see how big it can get. I have been told I have a nice big cock. "

Officer Jacobs stood there talking to the young cop while his cock was dangling in my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head and sucked it into my mouth. The officer jumped but did not pull away instead he looked down and smiled and said.

"See, you just need to know how to coo these young pigeons. Oh, yea. Suck it baby. That is nice. I knew you like to suck a mean cock when I saw you with those 2 Sanders brothers. Now keep it up and I will give you my hot load."

The young jailer looked into the cell and motioned for the other cop behind the desk to look. He walked over and shook his head.

"Jacobs, I will say you know how to pick em." Then he watched for a few minutes, walked over to the front door and put up the `Closed For Lunch' and locked the door.

I knew I might as well enjoy these 3 hunks so I started to unbuckle the officer's belt. He immediately reached for his pants and undid them and pulled down his pants. His now hardening cock was sticking out the hole of his briefs. He stopped my cocksucking and pulled down his white briefs to relieve his cock from the bondage. It popped out like a pole. He was right. He did have a nice big thick hard cock. I headed back to his cock as both of the officers came into the cell to watch.

Officer Jacob was a masculine cop about 30 with dark hair and a tan complexion. His body was in good condition probably from working out. I explored his hair body as I was sucking his cock. He was generously covered with dark hair than formed a `V' shape from his hair abs down to his pubic hairs. I placed my hands around his buttocks to find the back of his ass was covered with fuzz. I though he had a nasty attitude but figured he was just trying to show his macho image to his fellow officers. Underneath that exterior he was just a hair gentle bear.

"Since you are so hot to fuck my punk ass, let's do it."

I said as I stood up and pulled down my tight jeans. The officer grinned as I turned around and spread my hard firm butt cheeks. He grabbed his hard cock, and aimed it to my ass. He looked over at the other 2 cops and smiled.

"Look as that sweet young ass. I'm going to fuck the shit out of this punk." He said as he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass on his hard cock. I flinched at his sudden movement. I also pretended like his cock was so hard and big that it hurt as it went in. I knew this one was into ruff and tumble action. I would let him ride me, as he liked. I knew I could take it.

Officer Jacobs started to pump my as like a pussy. He was moaning and groaning and talking dirty to me as he banged away. He was pushing and shoving very fast and hard. I moved with his body and let him enjoy the ecstasy of a good fuck. He was wild but could not go for very long. He muttered out a few dirty words as he pumped even harder on my ass. He came in me several times then pulled it out as he shot several more loads on my back and onto my neck. This man was loaded. He came like a wild animal then rubbed my cum in his hands and push it in my face for me to taste. I licked his fingers and tasted his salty cum. He loved it, as did I.

One of the other younger officers had been playing with his cock as he watched his partner fuck my ass. He still had all his cloths on but his cock and balls were hanging out of his pants. He walked beside me and felt my ass as Jacobs was still gasping from his recent orgasm. Jacobs took the officers hand and placed it on my butt then walked to the other side of the cell as the young officer guided his cock to my hole. It wasn't long before he was in my warm wet hole fucking me. He was not as rough as Jacobs but took his time and fucked me good. I looked over to the other office as he also had his cock in hand. It looked like a nice big cock hanging down with a slight curve. I was enjoying the young officer fucking me as he started to cum and pulled my body back on his cock as he came. A few gasp, a sigh, then a pause before he pulled out. He slapped me on my butt and backed away making room for my next entry.

The 3rd young officer was hung down instead of up like most. I knew it would be better if we fuck in a different position. I lay on the cot and told him to put his cock in me in this position. He gladly did as I said. He put the smooth head into me then I pulled his body towards me as he went all the way in. He gasps and almost came but I held him tight so he couldn't move out just yet.

"Man, I have never fucked a man in this position. This feels so much better. I know that since my cock is curved down it seems to hurt them but in this position it feels so good. "

Then he started to fuck me slowly. He sighed as it went in and out of my hole. He opened his eyes and looked directly into mine. I liked it this way too and knew my cock would cum in this position as he was rubbing my prostate. I put the pillowcase between our bodies so as not to stain his dark police uniform shirt and pants. He knew what was in store so he took his time and slowly pumped until we both came at the same time. It was so wild that the officer almost kissed me as he came. He lay on me for a short time them slowly pulled out. He looked down at my asshole now dripping with the 3 loads of cop cum and the 2 loads of the Sanders Brothers that he didn't know about yet. I got the feeling he wanted to eat my ass out but instead he took the pillowcase and dried my ass. He hesitated because the other 2 officers were still in the cell watching us. He looked up at me and winked then got up and put his cock back in his pants.

Jacobs still watching the action said to the young officer. "See, sloppy 3rds aren't so bad." Then he patted him on his butt as they all left a well-fucked young man in the cell.

I put my legs down and set on the bed. I knew I had 5 loads of hot cum in my ass and needed to deposit it in the stool. I set on the cell stool as the other officers walked out of the cell. Jacobs shut the cell door and said to me.

"We are not through with you yet, punk. We are here for 4 more hours then the night crew comes on. I just might turn you over to them to teach you a lesson. You think we are bad but you are in for some real fucking once they get a hold of that ass. Now clean yourself up and get some rest. I will have some grub sent into you later. See you later punk." Then he went into the other room with the other 2 officers as if nothing had happened. He tried so hard to make me fear him but I liked that `son of a bitch' in spite of himself.

I cleaned myself up and emptied 5 loads of cum from my ass. I thought I should get some rest. Looks like I won't make it home tonight. Oh well! I have some taken several Policemen's Balls and would be ready for more if it were offered. I lie down on the jailhouse cot and fell to sleep.

I had a long day and my body was tired. I wanted to get some rest before the next session of screwing if I was needed. Officer Jacobs had more or less abducted me from the arms of Joe and Luke Sanders, the hunky garage mechanics. Neither seemed to be the brightest of men but Joe sure had a wicked huge cock. I think he was amazed that I could take his 12 inches as well as I did. His brother, Luke, was almost as well hung but after Joe fucked me, it was easy to take Luke. I started to get another hard on just thinking about that fuck. I think Officer Jacobs was aware I was either going to get fucked or had already taken that giant cock. Any way I ended up here in this cell being raped by these 3 Policemen hunks.

Repeat Performance.

I could hear the phones ringing in the outer office and occasionally an officer talking to someone. I heard the door open with a loud band and a sound of a voice I recognized. It was officer Jacobs and Joe Sanders yelling at each other about something, and then the outer door of the Jail opened and in came Officer Jacobs and Joe. The other officer named King was unlocking the door and helping Jacobs with Joe.

"You dirt bag, get your ass in there. Strip off that grease monkey coveralls and get you fucking ass in there." Jacobs was instructing Joe.

Joe Kicked off his boots and pulled on his jumper letting it fall to the floor. He kicked it over with his boots and stood there naked as could be. I stood at the bars of my cell to watch the whole procedures. I was still fascinated with Joe's well-developed body. He made no effort to cover himself up. Jacobs and King, the young jailor stood there staring at his big cock. Jacobs pulled his nightstick from his side and placed it under Joe's loosely hanging cock, lifting it gently as if to inspect the merchandise. Officer King said to officer Jacobs.

"See, I told you he was donkey size. Now tell me he could get that prick up that young man's ass?"

King walked over to the jail door and motioned for Officer Baker to have a look at Joe, now on display. I kind of felt sorry for Joe as he stood there like a slave on the auction block.

"Man, if that thing gets bigger than that, I would like to see it hard. I bet it is 11 or 12 inches; and look at all that foreskin. It looks like a watering hose." Officer Baker commented as he too was admiring Joe's big beautiful cock.

"Why don't we put Joe in the cell next to our young punk here?" Jacob said as he opened the cell next to Lance. As he was being shoved in the cell, Jacob took a pair of his handcuffs and placed one on Joe's right wrist, then another pair of cuffs and clipped his other wrist to another bar, then shoved him facing the other cell facing Lance. His naked body was pressed against the cold bars. His cock went thou the bars and hung out into the other cell facing Lance. Joe looked at Lance with some fear and anticipation in his eyes. Trying to force a smile at Lance.

"Now, who wants to make some bets that his cock is at least 12 inches hard?" Both Baker and King started placing bets then Baker said.

"How are you going to prove it?"

Officer Jacobs looked over to me and said.

"Ok, you cock sucking punk, get down there and suck on Joe's dick until it gets hard."

The other officers laughed and walked over to watch Lance get Joe's cock hard. I knew I had better do what the officers told me to do. They were very aggressive men and I was not sure what exactly they would do if I didn't obey them. I dropped to my knees but knowing how delicious Joe's cock already tasted, I did not hesitate, but hook his huge semi-hard cock in one had and his big balls in the other. I pressed by lips against his foreskin and stuck my tongue under his beautiful skin searching for that big cock head. The same cock that had already shot one fantastic load into my ass. I thought, how wonderful that I had the opportunity to suck him off this time. I looked up at his sweaty handsome face, as he stood helpless against the cold bars. He quickly glanced down at me as I was servicing his cock. I wink then he began to relax and enjoy the blowjob I was happily forced to give him.

The other 3 officers stood to the side watching as I gave then a good show. I would show these stud how a good cocksucker could service a giant cock. I started to make love to it, caressing it, kissing his shaft and balls. Joe's closed his eyes and was in ecstasy with my tongue action. Joe's cock was now starting to lift like a huge steel working crane preparing for action.

The officers were mumbling some things as I worshiped Joe's 12-inch cock. I had the feeling they would like to make love to it as I was doing. They had opened my cell so they could get a closer look. One had a cloth tailor's tape and was going to measure him when I got it to full size. I kept sucking and licking his cock as Joe hung from the bars. Occasionally he would move forward as I would try to go down on him as far as I could. I could not even take half of it so I would use my hands to pull it back and forth along with my sucking. He was going wild and I thought he was going to cum right then. I knew I had it as hard as it would go for now and motioned for Officer King to measure it. I held on to Joe's throbbing hard cock and he placed the cloth ruler at the base of the shaft of his cock. His hand touched the cock but he did not move away. I offered it to him to hold as he lifted Joe's cock with his hand.

I was watching his face as he gently held on to this beautiful cock. I looked into his eyes and quietly said to him.

"I dare you to bend over and kiss it. It's so warm and sweet to taste. See how the clear pre-cum is oozing from his piss slot? Just waiting for you to savor. Go ahead. It won't bite you." I devilishly tempted him.

Officer King wanted to taste and kiss it so bad but he just held it in his hand and pulled on the foreskin to see it move. I noticed King's hard on thou his pants and rubbed it with my hand. He did not move away. He played with Joe's cock until he suddenly was aware once again his 2 officer buddies were watching. Then he said to them.

"Come here and feel this thing. It is like a big warm hard hairless arm."

Joe looked down once again as we admired his big cock. Officer King and Offers Baker reached to feel his cock as King reached under and felt his big balls as well. Jacobs already had his dick out and was jacking off as he watched me suck Joe's cock. I took the cock back into my lips while they were playing with it, and started tonguing him again. They had taken their own cocks out and were jacking off along with Jacobs. I continued to give them the show they wanted while I was pleasuring Joe. Joe was getting harder again as I sucked. Then I thought to myself, I should give them a real good show and enjoy Joe's cock as well. I got his cock nice and hard and wet, then stood up dropped by jeans and turned by back to Joe's hard cock. I was going to show them I could that that big giant.

As I turned to aim my cock in my ass, Jacobs said.

"No way you can get that cock in your ass. No way!" I looked directly into his eyes nodded and said.

"Yes, way!" I looked back at Joe as he grinned. He knew it would fit because we had done it before. I could tell he was looking forward to fucking me again.

"Why don't you let Joe lose from the bars and place him in this cell with me so we can do it right?"

Officer Jacobs agreed and un-cuffed Joe from the bars in his cell and placed him in with me. Joe readily joined me and still was as hard as ever, patted my ass and dropped to his knees and buried his unshaven face into my hot and willing ass. This was a surprise to the 3 officers. I heard a sigh from Officer King as he moved in closer to watch. King looked over at Officer Baker and said.

"Look at that ass eater go. Joe is eating Lance's ass like it was some good pussy. Look at that tongue of his go. Woweee. That is some hot action."

I was enjoying that long warm tongue of Joe's up my ass again and was anticipating his big cock back into my hole. I bent over as far as I could leaning against the cot with my legs spread apart. Joe licked and sucked on my ass for sometime then he stood up, grabbed my ass with one hand and his 12-inch cock with the other and headed for the warm asshole presented before him. I reached around to spread my ass cheeks and help him guide it in. We managed to get the head of his cock right in, and then he slowly but deliberately shoved the full cock into me. I moaned out with a cry of delight and pain. The officers were jacking off their own cocks as they watched in awe as Joe plunged into my willing ass. I let Joe have his way with me and enjoy the warmth of my body. I knew I would cum any minute because of the excitement and the rubbing of my prostrate inside my body.

Joe fucked me long and hard while the officers watched every move. One even got under Joe to watch his cock enter me. They could not believe a cock of that size could go into my young small frame. I was in ecstasy and shot one big load all over the cot almost hitting King in his face. The officers started to shoot their cum on us. Large gobs of white sperm landed on Joe and me. Then Joe let out a wild moan and yell of ecstasy as he emptied his huge load into me. He held on to my body tightly as he threw back his head and gasp again. I jacked on myself and cum again. It was such a fantastic feeling coming with that huge cock in me.

We fell on the cot with Joe's cock still impaled in my ass. The 3 officers wiped of the extra cum from their cocks with my t-shirt and threw it on my cot. Joe had relaxed and had fallen into a deep sleep. The officers didn't say anything as they closed our cell door and left.

As I fell asleep I could still feel the warm cum oozing from my ass hole. Joe not only had a huge cock, but he had a huge load of sperm as well. I wiped a bit of it from my leg to taste his sweet cum along with the officers dripping cum on my neck and shoulders before I fell asleep.

During the night I heard someone enter our cell and cover me with a light blanket. I peeked to see who it was but they had their back to me. They covered Joe's body with a blanket too. I watched the officer hesitate before covering Joe. He reached down to touch his big soft cock. He was careful as not to wake him then placed his finger in the pre-cum dripping from Joe's cock and then placed his finger to his mouth to taste the cum from Joe's cock. I knew he desired to suck on Joe but perhaps be might get another opportunity. The officer left and I fell asleep again but was wakened early that morning by the smell of fresh coffee and the voices of several men talking. The phones were starting to ring so I figured it must be morning and another crew had arrived.

An officer that I had not seen the night before came into the Jail cell area and opened our cell. Then he said.

"Jacobs said you 2 could leave this morning so get your things together and get. Joe, your brother is waiting outside in the truck ready to give you a lift."

Joe opened his eyes and looked over at me. His cloths had been thrown on the floor in our cell. He picked them up and started dressing. I was still fascinated and mesmerized with his big cock as he put on his coveralls. It flopped around until he managed to put it back inside. I smiled as I watched him as he looked up at me and winked.

"How ya doing there little buddy? You ready to leave this hellhole? Luke is waiting for me so come on, well give you a ride back to the garage."

I dressed very quickly and put my cum stained t-shirt back on, I could smell the scent of man cum from the night before. I didn't mind, in fact I thought it was hot knowing the 3 officers from the night before had wiped their cum on my shirt. We headed out the cell and down a short hall to the main office. Some new officers looked us over as we headed toward the door.

"Don't we have to sign anything to get out?" I questioned the day clerk. He looked through his papers and shook his head.

"Nope, I don't even see you 2 listed as overnight guest. I guess you were never booked and could have left anytime." He said.

We didn't stop to question anything else and headed out the door to some nice fresh air. Luke had the Garage truck parked near by and we headed for the truck. We were both quiet as we thought about the night before. Then Joe spoke up.

"That son of a bitch, bastard, Jacobs. He never arrested neither one of us but wanted to see up put on a `fuck show' for him." Joe said in all seriousness, then he paused and starting laughing. Lance joined him in a series of laughter. Luke didn't know what the hell we were talking about but started laughing along too.

We pulled into the garage and I headed over to my Jeep. Joe asks me to come inside for some coffee before I left. We set on the couch in the office and drank coffee as Joe looked over to me and said.

"I sure enjoyed these last 24 hours. It was no doubt one of the wildest escapades I ever experienced. Things will never be the same. I know those 3 officers will be hounding me for another showing and I just might give em one. I thought that one young officer, King, sure had a sweet little ass, not as good as yours, but it was hot. I was just thinking if you ever want a repeat of tonight we could get together. What do you say there little buddy?" Joe said to Lance as he presented a big grin on his handsome hillbilly face.

"I would be honored, Joe. You are a good man and a good fucker. I just hope you haven't spoiled me for my life at the Lumber Camp. I have a lot of hot studs there I try to keep happy. I will try to make some arrangements for another Garage visit." I said as I stood up and headed towards my Jeep.

Joe handed me a business card with the Sanders Garage phone number. I waved at Luke who was working in the garage and gave Joe a big squeeze on his cock. He smiled once again at Lance as he hopped into his jeep and drove away.

End of Chapter 15, Lumbering Jacks, Sanders Brothers Garage

Story by Richard Dick Richard eyeMrich1@hotmail.com