This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended by this story or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

Copyright 02/2002


I headed up the road towards home. It was another nice summer day and since the roads were good and traffic was slow, it shouldn't take me too long to get home if I had no more unexpected delays. I took my time to enjoy the summer warm day and the sight of the newly planted trees along the road.

As I was heading up the grade a couple of large logging trucks had passed me. There was an area up the road where trucks heading down the hill would stop to check their brakes and make sure their logs were secure before heading on. I would stop there on the way home. Near by the area was a terrific water hole and waterfall where Junior and I use to swim during the hot summer days. I needed to take a good shower anyway because of my workout with Joe and the Jailhouse trio.

I was coming up to the truck checking area so slowed down before hitting the dusty parking area. There were 3 large trucks already parked this morning doing their routine check. I pulled around to the back area away from the road and parked by Jeep. I took my duffel bag from my Jeep to change into a fresh set of cloths by the waterfall. As I was getting out of my Jeep another trucker had pulled in while the other one left.

I headed around the cliff and down a narrow rocky path to the location of the water hole. I could hear the sound of the falls as I approached and feel the cool water spray as I came around the bend. Finally there was my old watering hole and the 20-foot waterfall. I immediately took off my shoes and jeans and jumped into the water. It was so refreshing against my naked body. I played around cleaning myself and then stood under the torrent falls washing my hair and body. Now I was almost ready for anything. I heard a man's voice call out to me by name.

"Hey Lance. Is that you?" Came the call.

I looked up to see one of the regular log-truckers from our camp. It was Jerry a man about 40 with silver gray hair and a fantastically hard and well-developed body. I watched him in the gym as he worked out and always admired the tattoos on his body. He had been in the Special Forces and told me that if I ever needed his physical services to let him know. I never did quite understand exactly what he meant but never ask. I heard some of the other men say he wasn't one to mess with.

"Hey Jerry. Did you come down for a swim? Come on in. This water is so great." I yelled back at him as he started taking off his boots and cloths.

I was standing under the falls still completely naked still enjoying the water. Jerry had already stripped down to his jeans. I watched anxiously to see him completely naked. I had never seen him naked even in the showers. He yanked off his jeans and threw them on the ground along with his boots. He jumped right into the deep end and swam around.

"Wow! This is just what I needed to cool off today. I had to stop to adjust some of the chains holding the logs and check on my brakes before heading down that long grade. How long have you been here? I thought that was your Jeep so thought I would check it out. What the hell are you doing up here anyway?" Jerry continued.

"I just stopped to cool off before heading home. I was at the Ranger station for a while and went over to the Firefighters Training area with one of the rangers to help out. On the way back I was ask to join Big Sam and his crew to herd the horses down the valley to town for the Rodeo next week. When I went to pick up my Jeep at the cross bridge I ran across Steve and some of the men going to the Biker's run at the Marine airfield and joined them for a couple nights. My Jeep had been taken to the Sanders Brothers Garage so I went there to pick it up. Meanwhile I was taken to the local Police headquarters for questioning and was released this morning. I was finally on my way back to the Lumber Camp but thought I would stop here to freshen up. It has been quite a week. Believe me." I said as I shook my head in disbelief.

We use to swim here every summer." I continued to tell Jerry as he swam up to me and crawled out of the water. He went over to the big flat rocks near by and lay in the sun. His body was well tanned with out even a tan line on his muscular body. I walked out of the waterfalls and set down beside him. He turned to look at me then set up and said.

"I have a joint in my shirt pocket over there. Would you like to smoke a couple puffs?" Jerry inquired.

I nodded as he got up and walked over to his boots and cloths. He picked them all up and headed back to the rock where we set. I got a good chance to watch his body move along the rock and back. He had a slow but strutting kind of walk: like a mountain leopard stalking his prey. When he faced me I could see his nicely shaped cock flopping from one leg to anther. His cock was partially cut and the tip of his soft cock was peaking out. He set down once again and reached in his pocked pulling out a joint and a Special Forces lighter. He also pulled out a small tube of body oil from one of his boots. We lit up the joint and took a few puffs. He handed me the tub of oil and said.

"Lance, would you rub this oil on my shoulders and backside? I like to keep from getting too dry in this sun."

He proceeded to make a soft area to lay with his cloths then lay on his stomach. I was more than happy to rub his hot body. I wasn't sure if I could control my cock from getting hard.

He relaxed, folding his head under his arms and butt to the sun. I squeezed some of the oil in my hands and rubbed them together placing my hands on his shoulders. He moaned like he was going to cum. I was good at messaging so I knew it felt good to him. I continued up and down his back and to his buttocks then down his hard firm legs. I could see his balls between his legs but not his cock. I continued on for a short time then he turned over and leaned back placing his head under his arms. His cock was rock hard and stuck up like a flagpole. It was larger than I had imagined. The cock head had come out of his loose foreskin. A large drop of pre-cum was dripping from the piss slot. He made no effort or showed no shame to cover his big hard on. It was a thing of masculine beauty under the bright warm sun.

"You'll have to forgive junior there for appreciating your message but he hasn't had any attention for some time now. He needs some loving cared. I think he wants you to message him too." Jerry said as his cock stood there asking for attention.

I didn't say another word but started to message his stomach and on to his balls. I leaned over to taste his pre-cum now oozing from his cock head. I held on to his balls and went all the way down on his cock with one big gulp. He let out a moan of delight as I positioned myself between his legs to service his neglected big cock. His cock was solid and muscular like the rest of his body. I loved the clean taste of his body. I worked his cock up and down and without warning he started to cum. His body tightened up as he shot his load into my mouth. I held on to his buttock as he sent load after load of hot sperm down my throat. He bucked like a stallion for a moment then relaxed and let out a sigh of relief. Then he spoke softly.

"Man I needed that. Thank you so much. My balls were beginning to hurt because I needed to cum. That was so relaxing."

Jerry set up slowly and offered me some more smoke. I was still between his legs and leaned back with my hard cock still protruding from my crotch. He reached for my cock and said.

"That is a pleasant looking thing. I'm not a good cocksucker but after a few more tokes you can fuck my tight ass if you like. It hasn't been poked for sometime now and I kind of miss a good ass fucking. I have been delivering this damn logs this month and haven't even had time to jack my wanger off. He sure appreciates your attention." Then Jerry laughed lightly as he took another puff and flopped his dick a few times.

We could hear the sound of a couple more men's voices coming around the bend. They were 2 more truckers coming to take a quick dip in the water. We didn't bother to move but set there talking and enjoying our smoke. The men looked up and saw us on the rock and gave a quick wave as they started to strip down. I recognized both men from our camp. One was a young Mexican man and a tall man with a heavy mustache. The both jumped into the water and started to splash around enjoying the cool water and the warm day. I think I had been fucked by the young Mexican man one night during a multiply fuck session and I think the other one is the dude that ate my ass out, jacked off, then left me to sleep. I knew they played around so I could relax while talking to Jerry.

"I guess that ass fucking is out of the question for now." I said to Jerry.

"Oh, I don't know. I haven't had a good gang banging for several years now. Perhaps my ass could use some working over."

He turned over on his stomach again and handed me the tube of oil. I rubbed some more on his butt cheeks then a small amount on my semi-hard cock. It didn't take long for my cock to rise again. I crawled between his legs and looked over at the 2 men in the water. They were horsing around but when they saw what I was about to do to Jerry's ass, they stooped to watch. I moved my hand to Jerry's ass hole and messaged it with my finger then put more oil on my finger and put 2 fingers into his tight hole. He flinched some but did not pull away. I bent over to place my tongue in his ass and tongue fucked him until it was good and moist. I leaned over aiming my hard cock to his anus and guided it into his hole. It was very tight but he started to relax as my cock head penetrated him. I waited then he backed into my cock as it went all the way in. He moaned, as did I. He felt great. The muscles of his ass tightened around my cock. I started to move in and out in slow fucking motion.

The 2 men in the pool had come out of the water but this time they walked over to our rock. Both already had a hard on. I continued to fuck at my new friends tight ass. I took my time to enjoy his tight body and would rub his butt and shoulders as I fucked him. He started to move with me, as I pumped harder. The harder and rougher I handled him the better he seemed to like it. I started to cum. It was a great sensation fucking this hot tattooed muscular trucker here in the open air with 2 of his fellow truckers watching. He moaned as I finished shooting my last spurt of cum in him.

I set quietly then as I started to pull out the Mexican man now standing behind me, positioned himself between his legs and aimed his cock in the now lubricated fuck hole. He had a thick uncut cock and the head was already exposing itself and ready to fuck. He went in without any trouble and started to say something in Spanish as he ruff fucked Jerry. He would slap him on his butt like he was ridding a young bronco. As I was watching the fucking the mustache dude was standing by me jacking off. I touched his hairy balls as he jacked off then he leaned over to put his cock in my mouth.

The young Mexican fucked hard and ruff and continued his obscene Spanish talk. Then he yelled out as he pumped a hot load into Jerry. He paused then pulled out quickly and slapped Jerry's butt one more time. Jerry never got up but was ready for more fucking. My mustache friend headed towards Jerry's ass and buried his face in his ass, eating away at the 2 loads of hot cum that remained in him. I knew then it was he that ate my ass out that night. I realized Jerry was in for a treat so I watched as my Mexican trucker went back into the cool water.

My cock was starting to get hard as I now recalled how good he was at ass eating. He pulled Jerry's ass up and tongue fucked him deep. Jerry had another hard on and was playing with his cock. The man pulled Jerry around lifting his legs into the air to bury his face into his ass licking and tongue fucking his well-used ass. He was continuing to jack himself off and was about to cum. He stood over Jerry and shot his load all over Jerry's stomach, chest and face. This dude came about 8 or 10 big squirts. Jerry had his eyes closed as he pulled on his own cock still enjoying his cum bath.

I didn't want Jerry to cum without my mouth over his cock so I headed for him just as he started to cum again. He held my head down on his cock as he dumped his load down my throat. I continued to jack myself and emptied my 2nd load on Jerry's chest and stomach. Jerry was rubbing the cum all over himself and tasting it with his fingers.

The hunky mustache trucker had gone back into the pool to cool off again. Jerry lay there looking so hot with all that fresh cum glistening on his muscular body in the warm sun. I started to message his body again using the cum as lubricant along with the oil. He looked up at me as I rubbed his body, sighed and closed his eyes to rest.

The other 2 truckers had gotten out of the pool; sun dried themselves, and dressed. They waved as they left and said they would see us later and to drive careful. I let Jerry relax as I went back under the waterfall to wash off. Jerry woke up from his short nap then joined me at the falls. He playfully slapped my butt then said.

"Man, that was hot. I needed that too." Then he laughed." It was so good. Why haven't I don't more of that butt fucking? That was good." He repeated as he washed the cum off his body.

Then he looked at my ass once again.

"Baby, I haven't fucked your ass either. I see you at the camp all the time but never had the change to make connection. Ill tell you one thing, when I come back tomorrow I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours. I haven't even gotten a blowjob since I have been there. Please say you will contact me. I like you Lance. You are good sex. I need your cock up my ass again to keep it in shape."

Then Jerry laughed again, kissed my shoulder, and headed back to the rock to dry off. I joined him but knew I should head out soon so I got my bag and put on some clean jeans and a body shirt. I told Jerry a good bye and that I would see him at the camp probably tomorrow sometime.

My Jeep was still there but a bit dustier than before. I saw 2 more truckers adjusting their chains on the logs. One motioned for me to come over. I hopped out of the Jeep and went over to his truck bed.

"Hi Lance. I need a hand here for just a minute. Could you hold that handle while I tighten these chain?"

I held on to the handle as he adjusted the chain then he jumped off the log and back to the dusty ground.

"How you doing Lance? I haven't seen you around for a few days. I miss that hot ass. I've been fucking Ralph this past week but since you and Junior have both been gone I had to wait in line for a good piece of ass. I don't mind sloppy seconds, in fact I prefer them, but I love the way you take my cock up your ass. You make a man feel like he is the only fuck you have had that night. Man, I miss you. " He continued.

"Thanks Rod, I miss your `rod' too." I said jokingly as I rubbed his crotch.

"Would you give me a quick blow job Lance? I didn't get any sex for the last 2 nights and my nuts are hurting. I need a release. We can just do it here leaning against the truck. No one cares what goes on here besides there is not any tourist around." He said with a pleading look in his dark brown eyes.

"Sure Rod. It would be my pleasure too."

I said as Rod opened his jean belt and pulled down his pants past his hips. His hanging cock was already semi-hard and a few drops of clear pre-cum juices had started to flow. I put my finger on the head of his cock to taste his sweet pre-cum. He was ready to be serviced. He had a nicely curved down cocks that I love to suck. It would go down my throat with one full sweep. I dropped to my knees in the dusty parking lot and with cock in one hand and his warm balls in the other; I went down on his 7-1/2 in cock. He was amazed at my procedure because he had only fucked my ass a few times. I had never had the chance to give him a blow joy. He signed deeply and shook with the thrill and pleasure of my cock sucking. He leaned back and let me service him. Each time I would go all the way down on him, he would let out a moan. After about 10 time of this he started to release his nuts into my mouth. He let go with his load as he held his cock in me. He shook and moaned then released my head to let me come up for air. I continued to drain every drop of his cum then I blow-dried and kissed his cock before I stood up. He leaned against the truck trying to catch his breath and still enjoying the sensation of his long orgasm.

"Oh, Lance. I knew you were a good ass fuck but I didn't know you were a good cocksucker as well. I'd like some more of that action again soon. I have to go unload this load then I will be back at the camp later on tomorrow. I will be looking for you again." Rod said to me as he put away his cock and buckled up his pants.

"Thanks again, Lance. I owe you one." Rod opened the door of his truck and got back into the cab and started his motor.

I nodded and headed back to my Jeep passing another 2-parked trucks. One trucker was outside his cab taking a piss. The trucker was not familiar to me. I think he might have been one of the temporary drivers that worked during busy season. I must have overlooked this hunk but I wasn't overlooking his cock as his golden piss splashed against the dusty lot. He saw me yet didn't hid his cock. I looked up at him as I approached him and said.

"That was a long piss. You must have waited awhile for that one." I said as I smiled at his strong square faced unshaven masculine face.

"Yea, I needed that draining. I also could use another draining too. I saw you giving that trucker some head. Would you like to suck on my trucker cock too? My old lady is out of town this month and I could sure use a cock sucker to make my day. " He sad as he continued his pissing.

I stopped walking and looked him up and down. I did like the looks of this trucker and he was offering me his cock to suck on. I got closer to him as he stood between the wheels and the trailer. He finished his pissing and let his soft cock hanging out of his pants waiting for me to service him. I reached for his cock as he turned more towards me. It was still wet from his piss and still soft.

"You want to do it right here?" I ask.

"Sure, I like to get head in the fresh air, besides my dick needs some sunshine." He said then laughed.

I leaned over to taste his cock. I was still a bit salty from the piss but not unpleasant. He pulled his balls out along with his hardening cock, braced his legs apart and was ready for action. I dropped to my knees in front of the manly hunk trucker. He stood with his hands on his hips and leaned into my face as I pulled on his cock. He had a nice size cock with a large tulip shaped head. His cock was not completely hard so I could not tell if he was very large or not. He already had a good 6 inches showing and now it was growing very fast.

I could taste the hint of manly sweat from his hairy balls and the taste of pre-cum around his cock mingled with the remaining piss. He didn't make a sound but let me pleasure his cock as it continued to expand in my mouth. I knew he needed more room for his cock so I unbuttoned another 2 buttons from his jeans. He opened his belt, dropped them so I could reach more of his balls. I went under his hard cock and licked and kissed his warm scented balls. I heard a sigh. I went back to his cock taking my time.

This was a hot looking and tasting trucker. A cowboy hat covered his longer than usual dark hair and the hint of an unshaven face, a square jaw with a deep crest indention in his chin. He wore dark colored glasses. I could not see his eyes as he looked down at me on my knees sucking his hard man cock. He wore no under ware because as his jean came down around his hips, he was bare.

I could tell he needed a release. I sucked him until he started to shoot his load this time gasping as he came. I drained his cock milking it down to the last drop. After he had completely dumped his load in my mouth he reached for the back of my held and held me down on him. I knew he was going to release more of his golden piss into me. I took a deep breath and waited as he released a small amount, then released my head as I swallowed a few drops of piss. He looked down at me and nodded. That was just to show me he was marking his territory. I licked my mouth and stood up. He buttoned his jeans and said.

"O.K. cock sucker, I have to be on my way. See you sometime again. Look for my cab with the `Coyotes' on the side. That's my `call name". I'll need your services every week about this same time, so be here for another load. Take care and thanks."

The he hopped back into his cab and started the motor. I smiled as I walked away knowing I had pleased this Cowboy trucker called `Coyote" I did want to see him again but doubted if it would happen again unless he stopped off at the dorm. Jack was always hiring new men and perhaps this cowboy trucker would be one of them. He was hot and I liked the way he spoke.

Once again I headed for my Jeep to go back to my Lumber Camp Home. As I was driving along I could smell the hint of smoke in the air and then I saw a small area up the hill where there might be a fire. I thought I should hurry home now.

As I pulled into the road I saw one of `Big Sam's Horse Ranch' trucks going up the hill. They honked and wave to me as they went by. I drove on carefully still eyeing the smoky area. As far as I could tell it was a small area and hoped by now the Ranger and the prisoner firemen had it under control. I continue on my way home.

Continued. Lumbering Jacks Copyright by Richard Dick Richards

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