The Prodigal Son Returns Home.

Chapter 17

I was traveling as fast as I could up the hill to the Lumber Camp home and still concerned about the smoke. I didn't seem as wide spread now so hopefully they had it under control. I could now see the water tower and the smoke stacks at the mill so knew I was about home.

I pulled into the parking area and saw the horse trucks from Sam's and several cowboys unloading the horse and putting then in one of our pastures. I wondered what was going on. I saw Duke and Jack herding the horses so went over to see what was happening.

"Hey there Duke. Why are you unloading your horses here?" I ask as he comes over to me on his horse.

"Howdy partner" Duke said in his cowboy twang, "One of the trucks broke down and we are waiting for the Sander's Garage mechanics to come fix it. It might be awhile so your Uncle insisted we unload here for the night. We will be staying here until tomorrow in your bunkhouse with the lumberjacks. I am happy about that because it gave me a chance to see you once again before we head back to the ranch. Got to go now. I'll talk at ya later." Then Jake headed his horse to the pasture with the other men.

Oh good, I thought to myself. Perhaps we will get to spend some time together. Duke is such a good fucker as well as Jake and Ray and then there was Big Sam. Wow. This could be a hot night.

I saw all the bikes parked in the side lot so I knew Jack and the other Lumber Jacks had returned from the Biker Run. I was anxious to see Jack too. I headed for the main house to let Uncle Jack know I had returned home, safe and sound but a little used. I went to Jack's office to find he was in the dinning area talking to the men. I saw Junior as I entered the room. He was with his newly found stud Shaw. There were a few more faces that I was surprised to see. There was Randy, the Glory Hole Host, and all 6 of the Marines. Jack was at the other end of the hall talking to his 2 brothers, Ralph and Steve. Ralph was in his Prison Guard outfit. I looked further and there were all of the Prisoners from the Fire training Camp as well as Ranger Rodger, Roy and Raymond.

I come up to Uncle Jack and he turned to give me a big hug.

"Lance I am glad to see you. We had a small fire up in the hills and after they put it out I invited them to have lunch with us. They might be staying in the barracks tonight, if they can get permission. The rangers will be staying here tonight as well. Then Big Sam's truck broke down and he and his crew will be here until tomorrow. Joe Sanders will be trying to fix his truck so it might be an all night thing. Joe might stay as well. Our men have arrived from the Biker Run so they will be getting ready to go to work in 2 days. Junior brought home a few of his friends to spend the weekend.

I want you to go over and talk to Ralph to see what help he needs. Junior said his buddies would be willing to help set up the barracks so that will give you a good crew to work with. Thank goodness we have lots of supplies in the Kitchen and enough beds to bunk them all down. I only hope we can keep them all under control. You know how these men get when they get horny. I will probably have to hose them down every few hours. On top of everything else, I am horny for your sweet ass. Perhaps you can give me a quickie right after dinner. I have missed you son." Then Uncle Jack hit me on the butt and went on his way.

I went over to Ralph the Dorm Manager to see how I could help. He was busy instructing Junior and his new buddies how and what to do to get things ready in the Dorms. Ralph looked up from his instructions and saw me and said.

"Lance, Welcome home. Are we glad to see you? I have already assigned almost everyone to their jobs so set here and fill me in on all the horny hot men you have met this past week. It seems like you have been gone forever. Thank goodness most of the barracks have been empty. I only had a few ass fuckers this week but almost more than I could handle. Some of the jacks are beginning to participate in more action with each other. That takes some of the pressure off me. I understand you took care of a few truckers today so that should hold them off until they get back here."

"How did you find out about that?" It only happened this morning." I said in surprise.

"Don't ask how I found out but I understand there was a stranger in our mist or should I say "coyote"? Oh well, a few good outside men never hurt anyone. Your Uncle Jack spoke with him this morning trying to recruit him to drive for us. He called back today when he found out you lived here, he said he wanted to work for us. So see you're recruiting helped us too."

Ralph continued to tell all his news but wanted to hear all about everything I had done. When I told him about Joe Sanders and the 3 Police offers he went wild. He thought that was unbelievable because Joe was on his way up to fix Sam's Truck. Perhaps we could get him to stay the night and have another showing.

Tonight we would have some of the biggest cocks of the area. There was Big Sam, that already had a reputation of putting on a good show; there was Tony, from the Prison camp that was hung like a horse with the body of Adonis; Shawn from the Leather Bikers who always put on fabulous shows with his huge cock, and now we had Joe the Garage mechanic with one of the biggest cock around of course we can't forget Uncle Jack and his monster cock. What a night this could be. Good thing I had a good rest at the jail last night.

I told Ralph and Jack that I had an idea for tonight's entertainment and I need their help. It would take some careful planning but would be great for all involved as well as those watching. I ask Uncle Jack if we could have full access to anything we want for our show. He agreed.

I told them of my plans and they thought it was wild so we started setting the Dorm up for a fun night. We had to move all the bunks back against the walls but took all the mattresses off and put them on the floor. Then we set up a long elevated platform at on end so everyone could watch the show. Lights were placed above the stage area and 4 of our close circuit cameras were placed a various angels for viewing on several TV sets placed around the room. One person in a make shift control room could direct the action taking place on the stage which would then be shown on the TVs. Now for the participants.

On stage we would have our giant Cock Studs dressed in leather halters wearing concealing mask. They would only be covered briefly with a leather jock strap that would be removed before any action took place. The first part of the show would have them on the stage ready for a cocksucker to get each of them hard. Then rolled into the room would be 5 of their victims strapped to a platform. Some would have their legs hanging in a halter and the others setting in dog fashion ready for their masters to penetrate their ass for the fucking of their lives. The cameras would be directed on each of them at different positions and angles for better close up viewing on the monitors. The master cocks would then perform at their hearts content.

No one could enter the room with more than a jock strap, briefs, or boxer shorts. No beer, hard liquor, or drugs would be allowed. Only the smoking of grass will be approved.

They all approved and added a few more ideas of their own, such as clean towels, and body oil. We all went to work. I was to contact each of our Stud Cocks and Adam set them up with leather halter, mask, and jockstraps. Ralph and some of his buddies set up the dorm, moving the bunks around and putting the mattress on the floor. Uncle Jack set up the sound system and the close circuit monitors. We had several volunteers to get the Stud Cocks hard but only a few volunteered to take those huge cocks up their ass. I guess it would be up to Ralph, Junior and myself to take 3 but we needed one more person. The evening would find another person I was sure. Everything went quite smoothly and we had informed the Cowboys from Sam's crew, the Prisoners from the Firefighting Gang, the Forest Rangers and our local Lumber Jacks and truck drivers.

Joe had arrived to fix the truck and I informed him of the show. He was enthusiastic about the plan. I got Tony and told him what I would like for him to do in the show and he said only if he could use me as his partner, which was fine with me. I informed Sam of his part and he was more than happy to show off his big cock and fuck some fresh ass. Then I told Uncle Jack he was to be one of the stars and he smiled and said he would be happy to get some good fucking in. He said this would give him an opportunity to recruit some fresh ass from the lumberjacks.

While I was talking with Joe at Sam's truck who should drive up but Officer Jacobs and his young partner, Officer King. I thought this would be a great opportunity to let Joe fuck Officer King. He was so hot for his ass already. I had to convince Officer King that it was just an innocent little show and he would have a ball. All he had to do was lay there and have sex. I didn't inform him that Joe was going to fuck his ass. This could be interesting and exciting. I know he was hot to have sex with another man and this would be the time and the place. Wow, A virgin cop ass.

The show was all set up and ready to go. The room had been prepared and the men gladly stripped down as they entered the room. Some didn't even bother to leave on their underwear and many didn't ware any anyway. Jack had prepared some hot jungle type music with the hypnotic sound of drums and animal calls with a few sounds of moaning in ecstasy.

The lights lowered in the dorm and the music started softly. The men had filled the room and had taken a favorite spot to enjoy the show. We had kept the performance as quiet as possible and only a select few knew all the details. The stage was black as a mellow deep voice comes over the mike. Everyone was quiet and anxious what was in store for them. The voice spoke quietly.


"Gentlemen. As I look around the room I see a full house of hot steaming sexy stud men. We welcome the Cowboys from Sam's Horse Ranch. Where the owner Big Sam makes even his horse studs look small." A sound of laughter from those informed people in the crowd.

"We also welcome the Firefighting Men from the Colorado State Resort Prison. "

A big round of applause and laughter was heard from all.

"I understand they bring along an extra hose to put out the big fires. They call him `Tony the Dragon' and he will amaze you with his equipment.

We have one of our talented local garage mechanics Joe that has a bigger tool than anything in his shop. And last but not least is Jack. The best damn boss anyone would want and a cock to match."

Another round of applause.

"I understand he is always searching for some new young lumber jacks, so if you think you can handle the big logs, you can see him after the entertainment for a personal interview.

As host of the Dorm tonight we welcome all our local hot sexy truck drivers and lumber jacks that make life worth living with all their fucking and sucking, and of course those policemen of the roads that keep them under control with their big hard night sticks."

Applause heard once again. " Then some one said.

"Lets get on with the fucking and sucking then. I have a hard on all ready just looking at this crowd. " A big round of applause and laugher.

A sound of the music swelling and coming from behind a make shift curtain on the stage enter our first man. He was wearing his leather halter, mask leather cowboy chaps, and a cowboy hat. (Big Sam)

The next one entering the stage was dressed the same only he ware a fireman hat, open jacket, and his long pair of firemen boots. (Tony)

Then another man entered wearing the same leather gear but had on a mechanics cap and a ripped and torn mechanics jumper exposing most of his hot body. (Joe)

The next man was dressed in a lumberjack's cap, boots and wearing a scarf around his neck and an open plaid shirt. (Jack)

The last of the 5 men was in full leather jacket, cap, boots, gloves, and chaps. (Shawn)

"Lets give them all around of applause." The house sounded off with a huge applause and whistles as the sounds of marching military feet against the wooden floor.

Then in walked 5 of the good-looking Marines dressed in their tailored uniforms and the Marine Sergeant. They all marched into the room in cadence as their leader gave out orders to turn right then they stood at attention. The Marine leader yelled out orders.

"Your men's orders are to make these men's cocks stand at attention. You are to give them the best attention you can by servicing their cock until they are hard. Do you understand? " He shouted at the men now standing attention facing the audience. " Sir, Yes Sir!" They shouted back. "At ease. Now get to work."

They immediately turned around to the 5 men and proceeded to take off their jock straps releasing their huge semi hard cocks. The audience was in awe at the 5 young marines servicing the big cocks presented before them. The men on stage were more than willing to let these young men service their cocks. They were instructed to get them hard but not to get them to cum unless the Stud knew he could cum again. It was hard for the Marines not to completely suck the cum out of these beautiful huge cocks. They were good at showing the cock to the cameras and audience as they preformed. The Stud Cocks were beginning to grow and a few men in the crowd sighed and talked to each other as they watched the show. A few were already jacking off and a few were sucking their buddies next to them. The young Marines continued to suck and lick on their partners. One even crawled under his partner's legs and sucked on his balls. Another was licking his partner's legs and kissing his boots. The Marine Sergeant stood at ease while his crew serviced the Stud Cocks then he yelled out attention once again and his crew immediately left the Stud Cocks and waited for further instructions.

He yelled out at the Marines again.

"Take off your pants, boots and shorts and place them on the floor. Now." He shouted as they echoed back

"Sir, Yes, Sir!" They all did as ordered then stood at attention once again. He walked by each of them as their hard young cocks stood out from their bodies. Occasionally the Sergeant would stop and rub his staff against the marine's balls or hard cock. One time he milked down one of the men's cocks and tasted the pre-cum dripping from his cock head. The he yelled at the men once again.

"Now, get back to your duties only rotate to another cock."

They switched partners to suck but went right to work licking and sucking their Stud Cocks at everyone's delight.

It was hot to see these 5 young Marines with their pants off and their cocks hard. Some one from the audience walked over to one of the young men at the foot of the stage and started sucking on him. The sergeant laughed then went back to his rest position. Then another thought that was a good idea and soon all the marines had someone sucking their cocks while they were giving head to their Studs. One of the men from the prison camp gang thought the Sergeant should have a blow job as well so while he stood at attention, he unzipped his Marine tailored pants and proceeded to pull out his cock and give him a blow job. That was hot to watch as well. The Sergeant hardly changed expression on his face but when he started to cum, he let out a slight gasps and gritted his teeth. The fireman drained the hose and shot his cock cum on the floor in front of the Sergeant.

The Marines continued to service the cock getting them hard to where most were almost ready to cum. Then the Marines one at a time started to cum themselves. This got the Stud cocks even hotter but they still did not have their orgasm. The Marines came one at a time letting out a gasps or moan and an occasional spasm of pleasure. The Marine Sergeant had already cum once and another man was sucking him off for a second load. Just as he finished cumming the second time he shouted out to his crew.

"All right you cock sucking punk Marines. Get on you feet, pick up your cloths. We have more cock sucking to do. Now off with you."

They immediately picked up their cloths from the floor and marched our in single file. Everyone applauded. The Sergeants cock was still hanging out of his uniform as he left the room.


So now we had 5 Stud Cocks at full erection as the cameras focused from one to another. Some of the audience came in closer to the stage to gaze at these beauties. All of these men had perfectly shaped and formed cocks. Some had more foreskin covering them when they were soft but now that they were hard, they were at full attention.

The music swelled and in came the 5 of the same young Marines only now they had changed to tight white sailor uniforms looking as fresh and hot as before. Each was guiding the rolling platforms with 5 naked men strapped or secured to the units. Sam now standing on the edge of the platform with a big hard on had a platform place before him. The man was secured in a dog fashion position with his ass ready to be fucked by the Cowboy stud. I looked closer at him as I entered the room. It was young Steven, Jack, and Ralph's young brother. I didn't know if he was ready for that cock of Sam's but he couldn't do anything now but to grin and bare it and no doubt enjoy it. He was wearing a set of cowboy brown chaps and a cowboy cap. He looked rather sexy but scared.

I was the second man to enter the room. I was dressed in a yellow fireman's raincoat top and a fireman's helmet. I was hanging in the swing ready to receive my Fireman's hose of love, or in this case Tony's huge dragon. I had taken him before and knew Tony was a good fucker. I was looking forward to his Stud Cock once again up my willing ass.

I turned to see Officer King being brought into the room and placed in front of Joe. Officer King suddenly realizes he was going to be used by Joe. He started to struggle but knew he was at Joe's mercy. Perhaps he could manage to receive his cock. He knew he had fantasized about it but now he had no choice. He looked sexy positioned in a dog fashion dressed in his Police uniform shirt, hat, and boots. It was a lot of men's fantasy to fuck a cop so now they could watch this one take Joes 12 inches of hard cock. They were hoping he would yell in fear.

Next now being positioned in front of Jack was a young man that had hung around the mills for several days. He told us he was an orphan run-away and was assumed lost when the orphanage burned to the ground. We had no way of checking out his story. He was about 16 to 18 and had a hunky body a bowling ball butt and a long slender cock. I think he was still virgin but now Jack was about to break him in. This would be interesting to witness. He had on one of my old shirts that was ripped and torn and a checkered scarf around his neck. His ass was presented to Jack in dog fashion. It would be easier for him to receive Jack's 11- inch cock. I hope he would enjoy Jack as much as I had on many occasions. It might be fun getting into a 3 way with him and Jack sometime. I will ask Jack later after he has broken his cherry.

The last person to enter the room was Jack Junior. He was about to receive his new lover friend Shawn. Jack met Shawn at the Biker Run this week. I had preformed with Shawn one time and I knew he was a great fucker and had at least 11-1/2 inch cock and as thick as most peoples wrist. He was really a great performer and knew just how to show off his talents. Junior was now going to take Shaw again after they had preformed at the show at least once, perhaps more. I know Junior really liked Shawn and I sensed Shawn like him as well. It would be an easy and willing fuck on both of their parts.

Every one was in position and I felt the Fuck Show was about to begin. The sailor men had positioned everyone in the proper place and had now gone back to the Stud Cocks to continue to get them ready to fuck our asses. They each in turn took the men's Stud Cocks and started to get them hard again. Most were still pretty hard and ready to penetrate their willing partners. Each sailor sucked and licked on the cocks again then each came over to the ass about to be fucked and buried his faces in our ass. I didn't know that was going to happen but loved the feel of this young man tongue fucking me while my Tony was watching my ass getting prepared for his love making. They all did their jobs very well and I for one was ready to get fucked. My legs were in this swing as well as Uncle Jack's new virgin punk. I didn't mind what position but this way I could watch Tony as he fucked me. He was so handsome. He ask specially for me when ask who he wanted to use for the show. I was proud to get his cock again.

I felt Tony lean forward as our sailor friend guided his cock into my ass. I felt the head of it penetrate my anus then he slowly pushed his cock right into my ass. I surprisingly came as he hit my prostrate. I moaned and jerked as my cum shot up into my face. Tony stopped for a moment, smiled down at me. He leaned over and licked some of the come from my chest and then kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my own cum from his mouth. Tony started to enter me deeper and pull out. He knew we were to put on a good show but also enjoying my body to fuck. He moved in and out as he had done before. Even though I had just cum I was enjoying his huge cock in my ass.

As we were fucking I looked over at Uncle Jack's cute little virgin. He was still having a time getting him to relax. I whispered over to him not to be afraid. Jack is a gently man and only wants to give you pleasure. He halfway smiled back at me then relaxed his body as Jack got the head of his cock in the hole. He started to move back on Jack's cock then he whimpered a bit, stopped, and then tried it again. This time he backed all the way and took Jack's cock. He had tears in his eyes but did not pull away. He really liked Jack and would try to please him by giving him his virgin ass. He had accomplished it and he looked proud. He had taken Jack's full cock. Now Jack slowly move out then back in but only in short moved. Jack was hot for this young boy and I knew he would give him a good fucking.

I was curious as to how Joe was doing with his Police officer. I knew Joe wanted his ass and I could see why. I hadn't seen King naked at the Jail that day but now that I saw his body I would like to fuck him also. He had dark hair and his chest was covered with curly black hair. He was a hot looking dude. I bet his ass was hairy too. Joe had gotten the head of his cock into his hole but waited until King was ready for more. King tried to back into him but stopped suddenly in pain. Joe rubbed his back trying to relax him. He pulled the head of his cock out and dropped to his knees to eat out King's ass. I knew how good he was with that long tongue of his and if nothing else that would relax King. Joe tongued him long and hard then stood back up and put his dick head back into Officer King and moved in this time without a hitch. King had taken Joe's 12-inch cock. Officer King shot his cum over the bench as Joe kept moving in and out. King was now relaxed and enjoying his new adventure and Joe's cock up his ass. I could see a pleasant look on King's face so I knew it was going to be a good ride. Several of the truckers gathered around to watch the cop get a cock up his ass. Perhaps this would be an invitation for better highway relations.

I knew Junior was enjoying himself with Shawn. I looked up at the monitor above me and could see Shawn's big cock going all the way in and all the way out. When he took it out of Junior he acted like he needed it back in his ass. Shawn was glad to put it back. There were fucking like crazy and was putting on a good show too.

I was still enjoying my fuck from Tony. I looked over my shoulder to see what the audience was doing. Everyone was having a great time. I could see sucking and fucking going on everywhere. It was great. The sailors had gone to the audience and had started sucking off the men as they stood or set watching our show. Some men got closer to the stage and occasionally one would put a cock in Junior, Officer King, or the young Steve's mouth as they got fucked dog fashion. One man moved in next to me so I could suck on his cock as Tony shoved his cock in my ass. He came after a few good licks. I held his warm cum in my mouth as Tony leaned over to share the cum still warm and fresh in my mouth. It was so hot. I could hear groans and moans all over the place. Some one gave Tony and I a toke on some grass. He was now swelling in my well-used ass and I knew he would cum any time now. Tony started to moan and so did Sam. I could feel Joe starting to cum. He was a wild cummer and moaned and shook as he emptied his load in my ass. Sam was enjoying young Steve's ass and started to cum at the same time. I could hear Joe pumping away at Officer King and was going to shoot. Then Jack knew he had better release his cum in this virgin ass before it got too sore. Of course Junior and Shaw were pumping and moaning and ready to shoot their load. The sound of the musical drums was almost drowned out by the sounds of pleasure from all of us on the stage. I could tell Jack's young punk was cumming and leaning back to give Jack a kiss as he came. The audience was so engrossed with their sex orgy that the whole place seemed like one big orgasm. Cum was shooting from cocks and asses were being eaten and fucked. I think every one was cumming at the same time. I estimate about 50 men were in the room and most were either cumming or about to cum. It was so fantastic that as Tony shot his load in me, I came again. Tony's cum was oozing out of my well-used ass and my cum was running over my stomach. Tony leaned over and released my wrist from the straps so I could reach around and hug him while he pulled me deeper on his cock. He leaned over me and kissed me once again on the lips. He smiled at me and whispered in my ear.

"I think I will nick name you as "Lance the Dragon Slayer". I laughed and realized he was talking about the tattoo on his cock. The dragon. He was so hot. I hoped he didn't have too much longer to stay in Jail. I wanted this man more each time we fucked.

Everyone was exhausted and gasping for air. I looked over at the other Stud Cock Men as they were slowly pulling their huge cocks out of their love victims. No one looked un-happy. Even the young Steve that had never been fucked that hard with such a huge cock, looked pleased.

Uncle Jack took the mike to make an announcement.

" I would like to thank you all for cumming and you are all welcome to stay the night and use the showers and cots. Your cloths might be returned to you in the morning but you all have to stay naked the rest of the night. I have some refreshments in the other room and I want you all to have a piece of Lance's birthday cake. He is 18 today. I am giving him the first 18 men of his choice to either fuck or be fucked. "

Some one yelled out. "I want to be first."

I looked over at Jack and said. " I want you to be the first to fuck me on my 18th birthday. What more could a boy want than have the love of his father as our bodies melted together as one. I am so lucky. Thanks dad for everything these past years. I love you dad." I said

Jack came over to me still in Tony's arms and kissed me. Tony leaned forward and joined our kiss in a 3 way. It was a great night to begin my birthday.

Now lets see? Who was that dude that wanted to be first?

We continued to party until early the next morning. Everyone had a good time and we all lived happy ever after.

THE END? No I don't think so. Keep watch for more adventures of Lance as he enters college in the city.