"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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The New Job

Chapter 2

   Junior and I continued our assigned work in the kitchen, mess hall, and dorm as before. I had become more mature and experienced with life. I enjoyed my relationship with Junior as a close dependable companion and teacher. We had learned to love and trust each other not only as brothers but also as sexual partners.

   Today Junior is going to one of the other lumber camps to deliver some food and supplies. He said he might be gone all night and would be back sometime tomorrow. I will miss his company and our sex but a night or two would not kill me.

   When I returned to our room in the big house, there were some men there painting. The room was a total disaster. The beds were on top of each other and I had no place to sleep. Uncle Jack came out into the hall and motioned for me to come to his room.

   "I thought you knew your room was being painted. You will have to sleep in my bedroom for a few nights until the paint fumes are aired out," Uncle Jack instructed me.

   I didn't mind sleeping with Uncle Jack. He was always so busy I never had much time to become as close to him as I wanted. I know that Junior would sometimes sneak out in the night and go to his room and come back the next morning exhausted but seemingly pleased. We never discussed his nightly adventures but I know they loved each other very much. Perhaps now that I was almost 18 we would become more intimate. I admired this man so much but didn't think he ever realized it. Perhaps tonight I could show him my affection. I was nervous but looking forward to our night together.

   Later on that evening I was ready to go to bed so I got a towel and a few personal items from my room and went to shower in Jack's shower. When I arrived Jack was showering so I waited until he finished then I went in to shower. He came out of the bathroom completely naked except for a large towel he was drying himself with. I observed his manly hairy chest and his big soft uncut dick flopping in the air. I had seen him many times at the mill without his shirt but had never seen his big dick. Junior had told me his dad was hung but I never realized how big it really was. I could see now where Jack Junior got his sizable dick and hairy chest.

   Jack was a hot looking man of 45. He was always too busy working to remarry but anyone would be proud to have this man as their mate. They might have some problems taking that big dick though. I estimated his dick was about 7 inches soft so it must be at least 11 inches hard.

   I quickly finished my shower and came back into the softly lighted room where Uncle Jack was lying on the bed with a sheet over his lower half. I crawled under the sheet naked as I always slept. I was nervous for the first time that night. I was about to lie next to this hot looking man who was causing my dick to get aroused. I wanted to touch his hairy chest but did not know how he would react. He was lying on his back with his arms behind his head on the pillow, then he suddenly kicked the sheet off himself exposing his full hunky body. His dick was now semi-hard but still looked huge.

   I could not help but stare at his beautiful manhood. I meekly spoke out without taking my eyes off his dick. "May I touch it Uncle Jack? I have never seen such a big and fascinating dick."

   Jack smiled proudly and looked down at me. "You can touch it if you want, and even play with it, but if it gets any harder you might be sorry," he said as he continued his sheepish grin.

   I could not wait any longer. I squatted up in bed next to him, slowly reaching out to reverently caress this staff of manhood. I touched it first with one hand then, reaching out carefully, I laid it between both hands, holding it as you would hold a precious jewel. I felt the warm shaft growing and moving as if it were coming alive. His dick was like Junior's, uncut and nice, with a long, lacy foreskin covering the head of his shaft. I could sense the piss slot peeking out between the foreskin. Pre-cum was developing at the slot like a sweet tear, emerging and seeking attention. I gently pulled the foreskin back to help the bulbous purple head emerge from its warm protective home. I once again placed my hands around the large developing manhood but it had grown too large to touch my fingers on the other side. I leaned over to taste the sweet pre-cum now emerging from the long foreskin. My warm eager tongue explored around the head of his shaft as it slowly came out to greet me. It had a nice manly taste and scent to it. I wanted to lick and service this dick even more. I had become mesmerized with his dick.

   My one hand moved down the dick shaft and touched his big warm hairy balls now lying between his strong firm thighs. They were in proportion to the size of his dick, covered with loose hanging skin storing his manly sperm. I lifted them gently and felt the warmth of his body next to his asshole. I directed my tongue down his balls and took a deep whiff of his manly scent. It was awesome.

   I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Uncle Jack smiling down at me. "You like that dick of mine?" he asked. "Now that you have it hard and at attention, what are you going to do with it?"

   "I'm-- not really sure," I said slowly. "What do you want me to do with it?" I asked, never once looking away from my new thing of worship. "I was hoping we might try to put it in my ass so you can fuck me, but..." I hesitated. "I know I love the way Junior's dick feels in me, but your dick is so much bigger than his." I looked slowly into Uncle Jack's face.

   "Well, why don't we give it a try? I know if we take our time we will manage to accomplish something. We have all night so we might as well start now. Lie on your stomach and put this small pillow under your hips," Jack instructed.

   I got on my stomach, adjusted my hard dick on the pillow and waited. He put his big hairy arms under my body, lifted my ass up in the air, and stuck his tongue directly into my asshole. I gasped with pleasure. I had never expected this. It was so good to have his warm tongue in my hole. He went wild sucking and licking my ass. He tongue-fucked me for a few minutes as he continued to jack on his own dick. Then he got on his knees behind my ass and placed the head of his huge dick directly on my wet and relaxed sphincter. I could feel the head of his dick starting to slowly slide past my opening. It hurt a bit at first but I wanted it so bad. He tried again and finally got the head of his dick into me, and then he paused. He started in again and this time his dick went all the way into my ass. His huge dick hit my prostate and I immediately came. The sensation overrode any pain that I had felt earlier. He held me and reached around for my dick and caught my cum. He waited until I relaxed then pulled out slowly. He removed his big hand from my dick, now filled with my cum, and placed it to his lips to taste my sperm.

   He started to fuck me with slow and determined moves. It was so good I could have yelled out. He fucked me long and hard dog fashion, then he flipped me over on my back without once taking his dick out of my ass. I came once again, shooting my warm sperm between our bodies. He only paused for a few moments while I took another deep breath and shook with orgasmic excitement. He continued to fuck me again with long and hard strokes. His manly dick drilled into me until he finally cried out with deep manly grunts and moans of pleasure. His sperm filled me to capacity pumping load after load of his love juices into me. I started to cum for the third time as he continued to jack me off, shooting my cum right onto his hairy chest and stomach. He fell to the side of the bed pulling me along with him, as if we were one unit. His dick still remained in my cum-filled ass as we fell asleep in this fetus position.

   A few hours later I began to feel his dick starting to grow and once again fill my rectum with his manhood. We started to fuck again moving from one position to another until we both came again. Once again his dick remained in me like it belonged there. We fucked most of the night until early morning. This stud was one hell of a fucker and sure liked to pleasure himself and me with orgasm after orgasm. I think he must have shot a gallon of cum in me.

   I found I could no longer hold all his cum in me so I let his dick slide out of me. I rushed to the toilet to let his sperm gush out of me. I really hated to let it go but perhaps he would fill me up again. I cleaned myself and went back to bed with Uncle Jack. He lay there asleep as I crawled next to him. He pulled me close to him wrapping his arms around me spreading my legs just enough to let his dick rest between my legs.

   I woke up later that morning feeling his hard dick searching for my warm asshole. I reached behind me guiding his dick into me. It went in like it belonged there, and somehow I felt it did. He started slowly to pump his dick into me while kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. I started to jack myself off again to make the muscles inside my ass tighter for his dick. He sensed what I was doing and started to fuck me even harder. He would always fuck just long enough for me to shoot my wad, and then he would shoot at the same time. He was an excellent and considerate fucker. I had lots of respect and love for this man.

   After he came in me I eased his dick out of me and I went to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth to wash Jack's dick, balls and chest. I reached for his dick and balls and carefully washed and cleaned him while he spread his legs for better access to his big balls. I washed his hairy chest, where I had shot several loads of my own. I went back to his dick and stuck my tongue under his foreskins to clean him there as well. He started to get aroused again. I did not mind because I loved his dick. I looked up at his smiling face and said, "You want to cum again?"

   He just lay back and let me suck his dick until it was fully hard again.

   "How did I ever get that hunk of meat in my asshole?" I was saying to myself.

   I kept jacking his dick and caressing his balls and realized he was going to cum again. I did not want his hot cum to go to waste so I placed my mouth over the head of his dick and slurped down another sweet load of his sperm into my willing mouth. I drank down all his juices and milked down his remaining cum until he started to soften. I continued washing his dick until it was clean again. He relaxed again but watched me very lovingly and said to me, "Lance, you really know how to made a man feel good. You responded nicely to our fucking and never complained about my big dick in you. You deserve something nice so this week I will have a nice surprise for you when Junior returns."

   "What? Tell me what, Uncle Jack," I pleaded.

   "No, you will have to wait until your room is finished and Junior is home. I want to share it with him too. You are both such good sons so part of the surprise will be his too. There is also something I have wanted to tell you for a very long time but it never seemed to be the right time. It is nothing I am ashamed of but something I want to share with you and Junior," Jack said in a very serious manner.

   "You know part of what I am about to tell you because I have mentioned it before but here is the rest of the story.

   "Your father, Mack and I were twin brothers and were very close. In fact, we are very much like you and Junior. We became very sexually active as soon as we discovered how wonderful sex could be, especially with each other. We were not only twin brothers, but friends and lovers. We grew up together, went to school together and went on to the university.

   "At the University we met Jill, my previous wife. Mack and I both were very fond of her and she was fond of the both of us. We would have three-way sex all the time and it was great. She knew how your father and I loved each other and thought it was sensational. The three of us were always having sex and Jill became pregnant. To give the baby a last name one of us decided to marry her. Jill, your aunt, became my wife and bore Jack Junior."

   "Everything was great and both Mack and I shared Junior as a son to the both of us because we really didn't know who exactly was the father, but we didn't care. We all continued to be happy, then Mack met your mother. We told her of our son, Jack Junior. She could see the love and devotion the three of us had for each other and she too became one of the family. Your father and mother decided to get married but since Junior belonged to the three of us, we thought it would be a good idea to all fuck together and have another baby. So from that time on your father and I both fucked your mother until she became pregnant with you. So what I am trying to say, I am also your father as well as Junior's. So welcome to the family." Then Jack looked directly at my surprised face and asked me, "Are you alright with this, son?"

   I was fascinated with this love story and was nothing but happy that Jack confessed to being my father too. I stuttered out in happiness and surprise, "Oh Jack! I am so happy about this. Now I understand so much more. I am so proud that you could be my father. I love you so much, Dad," I said as tears came to my eyes.

   We hugged each other so tightly that I almost lost my breath. Wow. This was so great. I loved this man so much and now even more. I could hardly wait to see Jack Junior's face when he is told this story. Dad made me give him his word that I would let him explain this to Junior. I was so thrilled I wasn't sure I could keep my mouth shut.

   My father Jack and I dressed and headed for the mess hall where the cook had opened the servery counter to feed the men for breakfast. I noticed how all the other men admired Jack and came to our table to eat. I hadn't been too familiar with most of the men because we always worked at different times or locations.

   Jack had hired some good-looking men for his crews. I don't know if he did it on purpose or if it just happened that way. He introduced me to the 12 other men at our table and presented me as his younger son. I felt so proud and flattered. He had never introduced me as his `son' before.

Part 2 of Chapter 2, continues with "Lance and Junior's first night in the Dorm."

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