"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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Lance and Junior's First Night in the Dorm

Chapter 2, part 2

   It wasn't long after breakfast that the other men went to the recreation room to relax, watch TV, read or play some pool. It was their day of rest and recreation. Junior had returned from his delivery at one of the camps. He saw me sitting in the great room and came over to me and sat down.

   "I had a real good delivery but I am tired. I think I will go to our room and sleep. Want to join me?"

   I explained to Junior that our room was being painted and was still in disarray. He hesitated then he said with a mischievous look on his face.

   "I guess we might have to sleep in the dorm with all the studs", he said laughingly. "Let's go now and see if we can find a couple of empty bunks for a few nights."

   The dorm was divided into two sections with the showers and toilets located in the center. Across the hall from the showers were four smaller rooms made up into private bedrooms. They were used for guestrooms, special occasions, or when someone was ill or injured. At the present time they were not being used so we decided to use them. They were smaller than our room in the main house but they were all right for a couple of nights. They were sparsely decorated with a couple of beds, lamp table, a small dresser, and desk. A door opened into a small closet and a small bath. It had a couple of small windows letting in a bit of light.

   "I will ask the dorm captain, Ralph, if we can sleep in here a couple of nights. It might be fun and I'm sure he will approve." We were standing in the hall looking into the room when Ralph appeared from the other room.

   "Would you like to stay here for a few nights? I understand you are Junior and Lance. I'm Ralph, the dorm captain. I have been expecting you. Your father said you might need a room or two so I prepared these for you."

   "Hi. Thanks. We were just going to look for you. Our room is being painted in the big house and we need a place to sleep for a couple of nights. These rooms look fine. We will clean them up before we leave." Junior said as he tested one of the beds as he bounced on it.

   Ralph was a clean cut looking dude about 24. He had short blond hair and great-looking blue eyes. He was new at this job but had worked in the mill one summer. His present job was to manage the dorms. He really looked great in his red and black-checkered wool shirt, tie-up work boots and red suspenders holding up his tight fitting jeans. His wool shirt was rolled up over his arm muscles showing off his hard pecs and a small tattoo on his lower arm. I saw him working out in the gym one day and couldn't take my eyes off him. He was a hot-looking man; not only did he have a nice body but also his smile was a charmer.

   "Hey, that would be great. We could use some new `ass' around here. It might even give me a rest," he said as he laughed and held out his large thick hand to greet us. I looked at Junior, wondering about his comment.

   "What was he talking about? New ass? Was that just an expression?" Junior just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well, at least we have a bed to sleep in tonight. It might be a nice change. Besides we are closer to our kitchen jobs, too," I said.

   We spent our leisure day with some of the other men, playing pool and checking out our new computers that our father, Jack, had placed in the "big room" for Junior and me. This was one of the surprises he told me about besides being my father. I took to it real quickly but some of the men couldn't be bothered or were just too proud to show their lack of knowledge.

   We decided to pick up a few clothes and personal things from our room then headed for our new bedrooms at the logger's dorm. We stored our few clothes and items in our rooms then headed to the showers before the rest of the men headed to bed. There were only 12 of the men still remaining at the camp so it was not crowded.

   Junior and I went to the showers together. It was a rather large room with eight open showers, four on each side. At the end was a small dressing area. Most of the men just wrapped a towel around their waist or threw it over their shoulders, walking back to the bunks naked. They were not shy or ashamed of their bodies. I could understand why after seeing how good-looking this last gang crew was. I was glad that I had kept my body in good shape along with Junior. Since he was two years older than I, I figured he had a two-year start on me. He had a good frame just like our father Jack and, I might add, a dick almost to match.

   We started our shower just as another lumberjack, Rob, joined us. He was about 30 and had a well-defined muscular body. He had a shaven head and hardly even peach fuzz on him anywhere. He must have been in the Navy at one time, because he had a few Navy tattoos on his body. They were well-placed and artistically done. A small chain tattoo was etched around the base of his well-hung cut dick. He had a good upper body tan but from his waist down, he was much paler. It looked very sexy because his hard white buttocks shined under the stream of warm water.

   Junior was watching Rob's movements under the shower and was starting to get an erection. I started getting aroused watching Junior. We both smiled at each other and moved closer. I reached for Junior's dick to see what his response would be in front of Rob. Junior did not flinch but reached for my dick in return. We stood in the shower playing with each other until I suggested to Junior that he fuck me. I turned my ass to him and jokingly dropped the soap. He moved towards me, took hold of his dick, and started putting it in my ass. I remained bent over as Junior buried his dick into me all the way. I moaned with pleasure. My ass was still sensitive from all the fucking Jack had given me the night before but I was ready for more fucking. I was a male ass slut and I loved it.

   Rob's dick was hard as he watched our action in the shower. He left his shower area and immediately came over to us. He was manipulating his dick back and forth as he put his hand between Junior and me to feel and to watch Junior's dick go into my ass. I was excited that we had a new interested partner. Junior pulled his own hard dick out of my ass and offered to share me with Rob. He gladly replaced his throbbing dick in my warm empty ass and plunged in with no hesitation. I liked the excitement and the feel of this stranger fucking my ass.

   He never said a word but firmly held onto my hips pumping his manhood into my willing ass. He would slap me on the butt a few times as he fucked me and would mutter some obscene things at me, calling me his `pussy whore', `asshole sucker', `cunt slut' and a few other things. It was a new experience for me and it was turning me on. He was a wild one.

   He humped away at my ass until he deposited a nice load into me still calling me his pussy whore until he shot his last spurt of cum. He paused for just a moment as his body trembled from a good orgasm. He took a deep sigh then pulled his dick out of me as he slapped my ass one more time. He calmly went back to his shower area to continue his bathing.

   Junior moved back into my ass and quickly finished unloading his cum in me. Rob casually finished his shower and toweled himself off. His dick was still hard as he left the room. Junior and I laughed as we finished up our sex fun.

   "Perhaps we should stay around for a few more rounds," Junior suggested as we were toweling off.

   "That dude was hot! I wouldn't mind get that one again," I said. "Did you hear the things he called me? Wow! He was wild."

   We left the showers before anyone else came in and headed to our separate rooms to catch some winks. The night was warm so I left my door open. I heard several men talking softly and the showers running. Ralph walked by my room on his way back from the shower. He tapped lightly on my open door then entered my room. I looked around as he sat at the foot of my bed.

   "I saw your door open and noticed you were not asleep so I thought I would visit you before I went to bed. Are you aware that since you are lying on your tummy with the door open, you are inviting strangers in your room? Especially with your ass looking so good. This dorm is full of hot and horny men that are waiting to take advantage of a good piece of hot young ass, starting with me."

   He placed one hand on my leg and gradually moved it up until he found my balls and dick resting between my legs. I must admit I was surprised at first at his sudden approach but I didn't mind if he took `advantage' of my ass. He was a hot-looking stud.

   "I didn't know that was a signal for activity, but I wouldn't mind having your dick up my ass," I brazenly responded back at his advances.

   `Did I just say that?' I thought to myself. That was all the encouragement he needed. He bent over my ass and kissed it as he pulled his towel from his waist. His other hand slid up to my side as he straddled my body and started to rub my back and ass.

   I liked Ralph but didn't know he was so aggressive. He was already on top of me and had his hard dick already positioned to enter my ass. I waited for the lunge as he got the head of his dick in me, paused, and then went all the way in. He felt good in me. I hadn't even had the chance to see how big or long his dick was, but all I knew was it felt good. He fucked slowly at first, and then he would grind his dick into to me lifting my hips up to meet his dick. He would get close to cumming then he would pause again. He nibbled on my ears and kissed my cheek as he started fucking me again. This time he did not stop but fucked me harder until he started to moan, jerk, and he released his load into my ass. He sat there for a moment then rubbed my backside and started to pull out. He left me nice and moist but not messy.

   He got up patted my butt and said, "Thanks, Lance, I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast." I only realized then that the door to my room had remained open during our sex and Ralph left it open.

   I was still hard from the good fucking Ralph gave me so I turned over to jack off. As I turned over I was startled to see another good-looking lumberjack standing over me. I had seen him with my father Jack a few times and had lusted after his body when he had his shirt off. He had a large chest and big biceps. He sat on my bed, aware of my hard dick. He reached under my balls and put two of his large fingers into my wet asshole. I wasn't ready for a new visitor but he was ready for me. He put his large body on my bed and lifted my legs, exposing my asshole. He aimed his dick at my hole as I reached down to guide it in and to feel the size of his member. It was almost as big as Jack's. Oh my. Was I ready for another big dick to fuck me already? Yes, I guess I was because I held on to his dick as he pushed his dick head into my wet asshole.

   I was already lubricated from Ralph's cum so I knew it would go in pretty easily. I felt his big balls as I pulled him towards me, guiding his dick as he entered me. He leaned forward, holding my legs apart, and lunged all the way in. He must have hit my prostate because I shot my load over the both of us. He let me cum then started pumping his dick into me. He scooped some of the cum off my body putting it to his mouth, tasting me. Then he continued to fuck me with long and deep plunges. He hardly took his eyes off my eyes as he fucked me. It was beginning to feel good again as my dick started to get erect. He gave me a good fucking for about 10 minutes then he loaded my ass with a big hot squirting load. I could feel it shooting inside me. I reached around before he pulled out and held onto his balls so I could feel his dick in me for the last time. I released his balls as he gradually pulled out. The cum was dripping down my ass crack and onto the bed sheets. He got up, rubbed his dick dry with the towel, then winked at me and left. That was a good fuck. I hoped I could get that big dick back into my ass soon.

   I reached over to get my towel so I could go to the toilet to let some of that nice cum out of me. I got to the door and heard grunting sounds coming from Junior's room. I looked in and saw he had legs wrapped around a man, getting fucked by another one of the lumberjack hunks. This hunk was fucking him hard and rough. It was nice to see Junior get his sweet ass fucked now and then.

   I sat on the toilet to ease out the load from my ass. Too bad I can't bottle this sperm and sell it to a sperm bank. I could make a fortune. I found an empty stall and did my thing, then washed up.

   I was looking in the mirror at a person in the shower. He was jacking off all by himself. He looked hot but lonely so I decided to join him. When he first saw me he stopped and turned away from me. I turned on the shower next to him.

   "Don't be shy. Let me help you," I said as I reached around and took a hold of his hard dick.

   I turned his naked body around, leaned over and put my mouth on the head of his nice dick. He relaxed while I dropped to my knees on the wet shower floor to finish sucking him off. He closed his eyes as the water continued to run over our bodies and I sucked on his dick. I tightly gripped his balls so he could not pull away.

   Another man entered the shower room and took the next shower area behind us. He watched for a while then he started to jack on his dick while moving closer to us. I held out my hand to touch him and he moved next to my friend as I sucked him. He placed his hand on my friend's ass and rubbed it as I continued to suck.

   I moved over to the other one and tasted his dick while he took the other man's dick. I went back to the first dick and guided the other man's dick toward this one's ass. He got the idea and started for his ass.

   The dude I was sucking was getting hot as I sucked him and the head of a dick was entering him. He jumped as the man entered him but did not pull away. His fucker started to pump his dick into him causing my man to cum. The man behind him dropped his load into him as I drained this dick.

   I got up from the shower floor and turned off my shower. As I looked back the two men were still fucking. I think they found a good fuck partner.

   I went back to my small room and noticed another man was patiently waiting outside of Junior's room while another was fucking Junior. I liked the looks of this man so I headed to my room; I nodded for him to join me. He did not hesitate. His dick was already hard and ready for action. He looked like he was hung pretty well. I lay down and placed a pillow under my hips as he immediately pulled my legs into the air and started to guide his dick into my ass. He smiled at me and said hi, then placed his dick into my ass.

   He was hot to trot and I was afraid he was not going to last very long. He started to pump very fast as I looked up at him and said, "What's your hurry? I want your load but take your time. Slow down and enjoy the feeling of my warm man pussy ass. I want you to enjoy my ass as I enjoy your dick in my hole." He paused and smiled at me once again as he slowed his pace.

   "I can cum more than once and I haven't had any sex for a week. My girl doesn't like sex too much. I have never fucked a young dude's ass before but watching Junior in the other room got me so hot. They were both enjoying it so much."

   He started to pump away again, twisting and grinding away at my body. He was hot and shot his load after about five minutes. He lay there catching his breath then he started to pump me again, slowly at first.

   "Wow! That was so much better than any pussy I ever had. You seem to have so much control. Your asshole was so warm and tight. Man, oh man. I want to do that again but this time I want to take my time. Hope you don't mind," he said as he continued his fucking.

   He was enjoying his second ride better than the first one. My ass was well-lubed from his first load but he shot so much I was full of his cum. He started to kiss me on my chest and sat up as he fucked me. He leaned over to place the head of my dick into his mouth. He kept fucking me until he shot a second load into me. He continued to suck on me as he pulled his dick out until I shot my load into his mouth. He drank me down and then crawled out from under me, Smiled and left the room. I was exhausted and turned over on my stomach to get some sleep.

   I guess I had been asleep for sometime after a great night of sex with several hot, good-looking, stud lumberjack men. As I woke I felt my asshole being tongue-fucked by someone. I didn't even look around to see who it was but I could feel a mustache rubbing against me at times. It was a nice feeling but sometimes it kind of tickled. I don't know who it was but he sure knew how to eat my ass. I wonder if he knew I still had two loads of cum in me. If he did, he didn't seem to mind. Perhaps it turned him on more knowing some of his fellow lumberjacks shot their load into me. I heard that some guys liked eating pussy after some of their buddies had emptied their sperm into them. Perhaps he was fantasizing that my ass was a pussy. Whatever he was doing I didn't care because it was beginning to turn me on again. I had to adjust my hard dick that was cramped under me. I lifted my ass up to him as an offering and shoved the pillow under my hips to let him tongue me even deeper. He didn't see too interested in fucking me because all the time he ate my ass he was jacking off. I could hear and feel his heavy breathing against my balls as he ate me. He was getting ready to shoot but kept his face buried in my ass. He was kneeling down and he shot his wad on the floor. He finished, cleaned off his dick with my sheet, and left the room. I did not get a chance to see who it was but not too many of the men had a nice thick mustache like that one. I'll spot him later I'm sure.

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