"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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First Orgy

Chapter 3

   I remained awake from that enjoyable `ass rimming' job from my mysterious mustached intruder. I thought this would give me a chance to check on Junior to make sure he was alright. I looked into his bedroom and when he saw me at the door, he motioned for me to come in. He had a joint that someone gave him and was about to light it.

   "How are you doing, Junior? Are you alright?" I asked as I entered the room.

   "Yeah, I am fine. My ass is a bit sensitive after several hot and long fucks, but I think I will survive." Junior took a deep toke on the joint then handed it to me. "I trust your ass got a working over as well?" he said.

   "I had a great time. Why didn't you tell me about the dorm before? These studs seem to have no hang-ups and are absolutely wild. I think I fell in love five or six times."

   Junior laughed quietly and smiled. "I knew about these dudes but didn't realize they were such sex maniacs. If I did, I would have been here long ago."

   We both laughed as I sat beside Junior on his bed. His sheets were all messed up and stained with cum and sweat. I took a deep whiff of one of the pillows and said, "Your bed smells great." I laughed and took another whiff.

   We lay next to each other as he leaned over and kissed me.

   "I wanted to tell you where I went last evening but had to leave in a hurry. Dad sent me over to the field camp to deliver some supplies. I stayed in their trailer all night and got fucked four times there. That is a wild bunch too. What did you do when I was gone?"

   I lowered my head, afraid to tell Junior about Jack, but I knew it would come out sooner or later.

   "I slept with Jack while you were gone." I waited for a response from Junior.

   "I figured he would find some way to spend some time with you. Isn't he a great fucker?" he said as he looked at me and smiled.

   "Oh, my, yes! Yes indeed! Jack is the greatest. I though you might be upset if I told you."

   "No, Dad has been wanting to fuck your sweet ass for months but I told him you weren't ready for his stud cock. I explained to him that I was breaking you in for him and the other day I told him you were ready. Was it really alright for you? Did you have any problems taking his 11-inch cock?" Junior asked.

   "I managed. The first time he got it in me I came. It was great. Then we fucked all night long. I lost track of how many loads he shot into me. That man sure is potent and every time he cums he shoots about a pint of cum," I said laughing along with Junior who was taking all this in very well. "I was kind of concerned that you might be jealous."

   "No! The only reason I might be jealous is because I was away and couldn't join the two of you. I think a three-way would be hot," Junior replied.

   We smoked the last of the grass then curled up in each other's arms and went to sleep. When we woke in the morning the dorm was a beehive of activity. Men were shaving, showering, making up their bunks, and doing personal chores. I took a clean towel from Junior's room and headed for the showers myself. Junior was still groggy and sat on the edge of his bed trying to wake up. He was a slow riser except for his dick. He already had piss hardon.

   When I got to the showers several men were shaving, one was in the toilet and four men were using the showers. I headed to the shower in the center saying hi to the men as I passed by. No one seemed disturbed about our sex-capades last evening. I did recognize two of the men but the others were still strangers. I was looking for my late night intruder, the one with the mustache and the long hot tongue that ate my ass out for 20 minutes. I saw Ralph down at the end shower talking to another man. They both left at the same time and headed back to the dorm. I finished showering and went to shave my little stub of a beard then headed back to my room to dress.

   I looked for Junior but he was not in his room. I saw a commotion in the dorm so thought I would check it out. I could see about six or seven bare-assed men standing around a bed. I recognized Junior's ass and squeezed in next to him.

   "What's going on?" I said quietly so as not to disturb the mood.

   "The Giant got home this morning and is fucking the hell out of Ralph."

   I looked at the bed where a man was holding on to Ralph's body and plunging his huge cock into this poor man's ass. Ralph was not fighting him off so I guess he was enjoying it. The man looked to be about 12 to 13 inches long and eight inches around. He had balls the size of a bull. He would push his cock into Ralph very slowly then pull it almost all of the way out, then repeat this again and again. Ralph was on his knees taking the man's cock while one hand was braced against the head of the bed.

   All of the on-lookers, including me, started jacking off while we watched the onslaught of Ralph and his Giant friend. It was very exciting watching not only Ralph's ass getting fucked but also the sight of all these hunks standing around in a circle jacking off. I thought I would taste a few while they watched. Junior thought that was a good idea so he started on the other side of me. We both dropped to our knees and starting sucking them off one at a time. It did not take long for some of them to cum. I finished them off and went to the next ones. One pumped into my mouth as another man shot his load all over my face. I continued sucking but he was very excited and came off after about ten good long sucks. I caught my breath as another cock guided itself into my mouth. When I would finish sucking down a load of cum another man would be ready for me to take his load. I had cum dripping down my face and onto my chin. The next man had a good sized cock and I wanted to take my time but he was so hot that I let him unload his cum into me. I waited for another cock to replace the last one but instead of putting his cock in my mouth, he pulled me up and leaned me forward so he could fuck me. I willingly bent over and let him slide his cock into me. He shoved in without even waiting for my ass to relax. It stung at first but went right in anyway. He did not take very long to cum and dumped his load into me. I didn't get a chance to get away when another cock went into my hole and another one slipped his cock into my mouth. This man had a bigger cock and the minute he shoved in, I came. He didn't even pause but kept right on fucking me. His cock really felt good in me. He plunged in hard and deep and when he came I could feel the juices start to ooze from my asshole. When he pulled out another immediately took his place. I was really getting raped by these hot lumberjacks but loved every fuck. While another man was fucking me, the man in front of me came in my mouth and I could feel someone shooting warm cum on my back. I was dizzy with excitement of the man orgy. I looked over at Junior and he was taking one up his ass and sucking one too. I winked at him as his body was being pounded from the backside. I had almost forgotten about Ralph and his onslaught but I felt I was getting my share of stud juice. I looked back at Ralph again to watch as I was getting fucked. I was about to cum again as one man was jacking me off. Another cock was fucking my ass and when he came, I came at the same time.

   The Giant, as they called him, had unmercifully continued his fucking but was about ready to dump his big load into Ralph's ass while another logger was about to unload in his mouth. The Giant proceeded to hump and then moan and groan, until he let out a grunt and shoved his cock all the way in Ralph. Ralph's cock started shooting his load right in mid-air as someone reached to catch his cum in his hand, then rubbed Ralph's cum over his own cock and shot all over Ralph's back.

   Everyone was going wild with the entire ass-fucking, cock-sucking and cum shooting everywhere. I had lost track of the cocks I sucked off or the cocks I took up my ass. I know my ass and my belly were filled with cum. It was delightful. I had become addicted to the man cum and wanted it anywhere and anyway I could get it. All the men in the circle, plus a few that joined later had all unloaded their manly loads, including Junior and myself. I shot on the floor and Junior shot on someone's ass. Gradually all the men pulled themselves from the scene heading for their bunks or for the showers. Even the Giant, with his dick swinging like a small elephant's trunk, headed for the shower. All that was remaining was a well-fucked trio, Ralph, Junior, and myself.

   We sat down to take a breather. I looked at my two well-worked-over friends and said, "That was fun. Shall we do it again?" We all laughed, as did a few of the men close by.

   "Oh, my God. That was wild," Ralph said as he lay on his tummy trying to get his composure. "I usually have a good time in here but I think the two of you stirred up the wild animal in these dudes."

   "They sure are a horny bunch of studs, that is for sure," I said as I wiped the wet dripping cum from my chin and hand.

   Our bodies were still dripping with cum and I know my ass needed to be drained before I could take any more cum. Where is my mustachioed ass-eater when I need him?

   Junior and I sat on the cum-covered floor. He placed his finger in a nearby puddle of cum then put it to his mouth to taste it.

   "How are we going to clean up the puddles of cum and juices? Shall we lick it up first-hand or scoop it up for a later snack?" Junior said as we rested on the floor. "Hmmm. I wonder who that was?" he wondered. "That tastes good. Like to have that one first-hand."

   I looked at Junior and shook my head. "Haven't you had enough for right now?"

   Junior looked at me and smiled. "I haven't had your cum yet today. How about it?" He playfully headed towards my cock. I quickly got up and headed to the showers. Ralph and Junior joined me.

   We went into to the mess hall after our showers to discover another 25-man crew eating their breakfast. The camp loggers had returned from their shift and the next crew would head out, leaving these men to rest for a few days before returning to the camp. They would sometimes rotate in three different groups if they had a big job to do. The men we `entertained' last evening and this morning during the orgy were preparing to take their place. I guess we were in for another evening of entertainment. These men had been working so hard they probably had no time for sex at the camp. After a few hours of rest they would probably be a horny bunch.

   Junior, Ralph, and I sat down among the new men as they gulped down their food. Ralph had to get back to set up the new wing for the new men, making sure everything was in place and each had an assigned clean bed and all the personal supplies they needed. It was a big job so we would assist him. Besides this would give us a chance to get a look at the new men. I already thought the new crew was pretty good-looking but who knows what some of them look like when you are laying on your stomach with a big hot dick up your ass.

   Jack had just entered the hall and was speaking to some of the men. He saw us sitting at one of the tables and headed our way. One of the men moved over to give him a place by us.

   "Aw, you boys made it to breakfast alright. Did you get a good night sleep or did you stay up all night? You have a good appetite. I like to see my men keep their strength up." He looked at us both with a slight grin on his face.

   I think he knew that we were up all night getting fucked and sucking. He continued talking to us as we ate.

   "I want you men to stick around the dorm for a few more nights. I think you might be more comfortable there until your room gets painted. Besides, who knows, you might want to spend more time there. I am changing your work duties from the kitchen to the dorms. Ralph needs more help. It is hard for him to satisfy everyone's needs, if you know what I mean. I will increase your salaries and give you more time off. How does that sound? I'll have some of your personal things brought over to your new quarters," Jack said.

   Junior and I were pleased to get the change in jobs. We felt Jack looked at us as his men and not as boys anymore. We were looking forward to staying in the dorms for now. I loved the sex with those hunks and hoped they didn't get tired of us. Now that they had the three of us to choose from it might be better for everyone, especially Ralph. I watched him take that man called "Giant" and wondered how he held up this long. I think Giant was on his way back to the campsite so I didn't have to worry about that one for a while.

   Jack looked over to me as he got up from the table and said, "Lance, I would like to see you at my home office sometime tomorrow around noon. Plan to spend some time there. We need to talk again."

   Oh, boy. I thought I knew what he meant by `talk again'. I said, "Yes sir!" as he went on his way.

   Junior looked at me and smiled. He knew his dad liked my ass and I really liked the way he fucked me too. I was looking forward to that one again.

   We went back to the dorm to see what we could do to help Ralph get the place set up for the new men. Most of them had already been assigned a bunk and locker so there was no confusion there. When we arrived Ralph was talking to a couple of the men. He motioned for us to follow him into his room next to ours.

   "I guess you know after last night that these lumberjacks are a hot and wild bunch. They can fuck like animals and cum all night long, however there are only three of us to satisfy their appetite so I try to limit myself to five or six sex partners a night or day. They know that we will be ready and willing to take their loads each night so no one forces you to do anything you don't want to do. Most of the time they wait their turn. Occasionally they might join in a three-way but you can use your own discretion there. I saw how the two of you handled everyone and you are tops or bottoms or whatever. Another thing that might interest you is that the lumberjacks take up collection each week and give it to us for tips. We will split the tips three ways. So the donations dependents on their mood and needs. Most of the time you will be given a generous amount. Now let's get to work."

   "Wow! Did you hear that? We get all this hot stuff and tips for it too. I would have done it for free," I said, as Junior stood there with his mouth hanging open.

   We followed Ralph around as he told us what was expected of us, then left us to our jobs. I was even more excited about this new job. I was tired of working in that kitchen all the time, just looking at those hot men but never able to get laid. Now I could take my pick. I still had my eyes out for that hot dude that did such a good job rimming all of that cum juice out of me last night.

   We all finished our workload and headed for the showers, then off to the cot for a long rest before the evening rush. I stripped off my clothes and flopped down on my cot. I left my door open so the men could see what a nice piece of ass they would get tonight. Junior did the same. I was on exhibit and I loved it.

   I lay there thinking how our lives could change in such a short time of 48 hours. I had a good life here with Jack and Junior. I knew I had always liked the company of men even before I could enjoy sex. I felt privileged that I had been prepared over these past years to enjoy life to its fullest. Sex is a natural thing and everyone should use it the best way they can. I guess in some people's eyes I was being used as a male whore, punk boy or bunk fucker. I didn't care what it was called because I was giving away my love and getting lots of love and sex in return.

   I could see in these men's eyes they needed sex and if I could please them, it pleased me. No one was forcing me to do anything unnatural and if it got too kinky we could stop it. I feel that variety of sex as well as sex partners was great and I hoped it lasted for many years to come.

   Now I should get to sleep so I can be ready for the next round of satisfying these hot lumberjack studs.

To Be Continued.

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