"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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Arrival of the New Crew

Chapter 4

   I had decided to rest a few hours before the evening's entertainment began. I was still amazed that I had so much sex and got fucked so many times in the last two days and yet I felt good all over. I had to admit a few of my muscles were a bit sore but that was because I needed to work out more in the gym.

   When I awoke I could hear some of the new crew of lumberjacks showering and talking. I slipped on my tightest jeans and a T-shirt and headed for the small kitchen. Ralph was there making some coffee and talking with Junior and another young man. He looked younger than most of the other 'jacks here and even a bit nervous and shy. Ralph introduced me to the young man as Stephen. He was here with one of his older brothers that had taken a job last year.

   Steve was still in high school but would work here during school break. I think his older brothers were already making it hard for him, teasing and harassing him the way older brothers sometimes do. I assured him he was in good hands and would like working here. He had a great smile and the hottest looking dimples. He looked like a surfer with his well-tanned skin and sun-bleached light brown hair. He took good care of his body and had a small firm-looking ass. I was wondering if he'd had his ass fucked yet and if he was ready for the activity that was going to take place this evening. With a hot-looking body and ass like that, someone is bound to make a play for him.

   Ralph had talked to him for only a short time so I was not sure if he gave him any clue about our jobs. Ralph seemed to take Steve under his motherly wing so I would let Ralph worry about this new chick.

   "I think I better go over and have that `talk' with Uncle Jack before it gets too late. I will leave you dudes in good hands and I shall try to return before the wolves start to howl," I said smiling and glancing at Steve who had no idea as to what I was talking about but he was about to find out tonight.

   "Ralph, remember I like `cherries' so if you need any help, feel free to call on me." I reached in the maraschino cherry bottle and pulled out a couple cherries and tossed them into my mouth. Ralph and Junior laughed as I headed for the main office to see Uncle Jack.

   I knocked on Uncle Jack's office door then peeked in before entering. He was talking to a very handsome man dressed in a business suit and tie. I assumed he was one of the buyers from the big city to purchase lumber. I excused myself and started to head out the door.

   "Don't leave, Lance. We were just making some arrangements and have one or two items to clear up. Sit down over there until we finish."

   I sat quietly as the two men talked. I found a magazine to glance at while I waited. I didn't pay much attention to their negotiations until their talk stopped and the man went into the other room leaving his briefcase on the desk. I looked up as Uncle Jack was looking at me. He walked over to me and softly said, "Lance, he likes you and wants you to suck his cock."

   Shocked, I looked at Jack and said, "What?"

   "Yes, he has never had a male give him a blow job. We had been talking about it earlier and I thought it would be a good selling point. So would you mind going into the other room and sucking him off?"

   I was kind of surprised but I would do anything for Jack especially if it helped his sales. I got up and headed for the other room. "Sure, Jack. Anything to help business."

   When I opened the door, the man, Mr. Buyer, was looking at a `girlie' book that was on the table. He sat on the edge of the desk as I approached. He looked up and seemed rather lost and embarrassed at our contact.

   "Hello," he said. "I understand you like to give head? I have never had a man give me head and I hear you are pretty good at it. You want to try with me?" He unzipped his suit pants, reached in his boxer shorts and pulled out his semi-hard cock.

   I was right there reaching for this beauty. His cock was not huge like Jack's but had a nice shape to it. His large cock hung out of his shorts and curved slightly downwards. I went to my knees taking his cock in one hand as I pulled out his big hairy balls with the other. I tongued the piss slot and tasted his sweet pre-cum juices. He continued to look at the centerfold of the magazine as I pleasured his cock.

   He let out a big sigh as I started to go down on his cock. It was shaped so nicely that I could deep throat him each time. His orgasm was already too near so I slowed down so we could both enjoy this moment. He set down the magazine, opened his belt, and pulled down his pants and shorts, giving me more room to service him correctly.

   He closed his eyes as I licked his balls and cock then continued to suck him until he could not hold back his orgasm. I sucked his cock go all the way down my throat. He held my head down on his cock, releasing his warm sperm into my throat. He gasped and moaned, shooting load after load into me. I had to pull away slightly to catch my breath. He released my head and let me have control again as I sucked and licked every drop of his manhood juices. I gradually released his semi-hard cock from my mouth. I dried his balls with my handkerchief as he looked down at me and smiled.

   "That was the best, absolutely the best. I hope we can do more business together this year." I smiled back at this handsome Wall Street-looking man. I gave him the `thumbs up' and walked out of the room.

   Jack was standing in the other room and grabbed me and gave me a big hug and kissed my forehead. "Good, son. You should go back to the dorm now but I want to see you again later. I want us to have some personal time together again. I need your company soon."

   I nodded good-bye and headed out the door to the dorm to get ready for the night's entertainment. I could still taste the cum from that man. He must have not had sex for a week because he sure let loose with a big load. That is the way I like it.

   After I left Jack's office I went through the recreation room to see if anything was going on. I saw a couple of people working at the four new computers Jack had purchased. Steve was sitting at one so I went over to see how he was adjusting.

   "Hi, Steve. I see you know how to operate one of these things. Are you on the Internet checking out the porno sites?" He looked around and nodded to me and motioned for me to sit by him.

   "Nah, I am too young to get on the sites but I do know how to do it." He paused then turned to me and said in a more serious note, "I have been wanting to talk to someone about some personal things that are bothering me and since you seem to be a man with experience, humm, humm." He cleared his throat and lowered his eyes.

   "Oh yeah, I am a man of great experience," I said laughing, "but please go ahead. What is bothering you?"

   "Well, you know I have two older brothers and we have been living in very close quarters for several years. We are not the richest people alive so my brothers and me sleep in the same room. Several years ago when I was much younger my brothers worked at hard jobs. I was expected to help with the cooking and household duties. I would draw the water for my brothers to bathe and help them wash. They would tease me all the time by showing me their big cocks and said someday I might be lucky and have one like that too. I got so I liked to see their cocks and especially liked it when they would let me touch them and play with them until they got hard. Later on I would kiss their cocks and they taught me to suck on them. As they grew older they would cum in my mouth and make me drink their cum. Am I grossing you out, Lance? If so, I will shut up."

   "Oh no, I find this quite interesting," I said as my cock started to harden in my tight jeans. I adjusted it and told him to continue.

   "I also did other things that seem kind of weird, I guess. I would help my brothers take off their boots and undress. I was turned on by the idea and was forced to kiss their feet and lick their toes. Sometimes even before they bathed, I was forced to lick and clean their sweaty armpits and body. I was even forced to lick their raunchy ass-cracks and occasionally even their assholes. I got pretty good at it and even looked forward to doing it. I took care of my older brothers' bodies and washed them in the tub. I would even hold on to their cocks as they pissed if they wanted me to. I found it quite fascinating to watch them piss and even would lick their cocks off after they pissed. They would get hard and slap their cocks against my face, and many times they would jack off on my face and force me to take the cum shooting from their dicks. Later they made me jack them off or even go down on them and give them a blowjob. I would get a hard-on while doing this and would go jack off after they went to bed."

   "What are you trying to tell me? You think it's wrong or that you enjoy it?" I said as I rearranged my raging hard on. Wow, this was hot and I thought this dude was so innocent.

   Steve continued on. "My brothers are such good-looking studs but I think they hate me. They have started to treat me like their slave. I have begun to like it and crave their attention and humiliation. Now tell me, is that bad? Is it wrong for me to love my brothers this way?"

   Oh my God, I was about to cum with him telling me this story.

   "How do I tell you it is okay or not? As long as you are not being forced to do anything harmful to you or your brothers. I think if you get turned on sexually, then do it. Make the best of it and get even better at what you do to please yourself and your brothers. I have not met your brothers yet but if they are as good-looking as you say, then power to you. I personally think it is hot."

   Steve looked at me and smiled. "You mean you think it is okay for me to suck my brothers and all that other stuff?"

   "Steve, this may come as a shock to you but Ralph, Junior and I have sex with most of the lumberjacks in our dorm. Now tonight we have a new crew but by the looks of them, I think they will play. I want you to stay with me for a while and let's see what will happen. Tell me, are your brothers here tonight?" I asked eagerly.

   "Yes. Well, one of them is. One of my brothers is a guard at the prison camp but my oldest brother Adam is here. I want to be with him but he is busy playing cards with the other men and don't want me hanging around. I will show you who he is when we get back to the dorm. Right now I am scared and lonely. It's my first time away from my home."

   I saw the loneliness in his young face. He lowered his head so I could not see a hint of a tear forming.

   "Steve, I will be your friend. Just stick with me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Now come on with me. Let's head back to the dorm to see what hot-looking studs we can turn on tonight." I put my arms around his shoulders as we headed for the door.

   When we arrived at the dorm several men were playing cards, some writing letters, some were taking a quick nap while others were in the showers. It seemed pretty busy so I thought I would find out where Steve's brother was located. He pointed to a man resting in his bunk in one corner of the dorm. He was a very handsome man with a hint of a five-o'clock shadow. He was halfway sitting up in his bunk with his arms under his head. He saw Steve and motioned for him to come over to him. Steve glanced over at me then headed for his brother Adam.

   Adam was clad only in his boxer shorts exposing his very well-developed body. His chest was hairless but was darkly tanned, as were his masculine, hair-covered legs. I had an idea that Adam wanted some attention but did not have too much privacy here in this section of the dorm.

   I let them talk for a few minutes then slowly walked over to them. They stopped talking as I approached.

   "Hey, there. I guess you are Adam. I'm Lance, a friend of your brother Steve. I think you should come over to my room where it is more private and you can talk."

   They agreed and followed me to the room. Adam didn't bother to dress. I led them to my room and told them to sit down and relax. I went to my small refrigerator and threw Adam a cold beer and Steve a soda. Steve looked very nervous and Adam looked confused. He never smiled all the time we talked. I was trying to think of a way to get the two back together and let Steve do his normal thing with his brother. They both seemed out of place at the moment.

   Now that I had Steve and his older brother Adam together in my room away from the crowd, I thought I would try to get something started. I handed Steve a clean towel and a container of baby oil. Steve smiled at me but Adam gave me a strange look. He didn't know that I knew about the two of them.

   "Adam, why don't you lie down here on my bed and let Steve and me give you a nice rubdown. I'm sure your muscles are tired from your work today," I said as I motioned for Adam to go use my bed.

   He did not move until Steve nodded to him and took Adam by the arm and led him to the bed. Adam got up and lay on the bed face up. Steve sat by Adam on the bed and poured some oil on his chest. Adam shut his eyes, placed his arms behind his head, and relaxed. I took some oil and rubbed his leg as Steve headed for Adam's feet and toes. He loved making his brother feel good, I could tell. I rubbed Adam's large chest and touched his nipples. He was already getting aroused because his shorts were beginning to bulge with his hard dick. Steve continued on Adam's feet but now he was using his lips, kissing his toes and ankles. I was enjoying this and hoped that Steve was not getting jealous because of my help. Adam's cock starting to peek through the opening of his shorts so I thought it was about time to release the bear.

   I slowly moved my hand under the waistband still rubbing his body with oil. He did not flinch but his cock jumped. I looked at Steve as he continued his thing and watched me maneuver. He reached up and pulled Adam's boxer shorts as Adam gently lifted his body. Steve pulled them slowly as I pulled Adam's cock to keep it from catching in the opening. He had a nice big dick. It was now fully hard. His balls were now resting between his legs while Steve oiled them while crawling between his strong, muscular legs. He then bent over to lick his brother's balls and looked at me as if to say, "Suck my brother's dick." I read his thought and placed my lips over the head of his cock as Steve licked and suck on his balls. Adam was in ecstasy with his new experience of two boys working on his magnificent body. I went all the way down on him as Adam lifted his hips to meet my mouth and throat. Steve's tongue followed me up to the head of Adam's cock. We kissed slightly and sucked on each side of Adam's big cock in perfect rhythm. Steve then went for the cock and went down on his brother as I started to take off my jeans and T-shirt.

   I stood over them and watched them enjoy each other's presence. I really wanted to sit on his big cock and take it all the way up my ass but I knew there would be time for that later. I wanted Adam and Steve to relax and enjoy the moment together as they did at home.

   I still had the door open to my room as Junior peeked in. He smiled, waved, and walked on. I wanted to shoot my load all over Adam's hot muscular body but instead I went over to the large chair next to the bed and watched while I jacked on my cock.

   Two more men were standing by the door watching. I motioned for one to come to me. He walked over to me as I dropped to my knees and pulled off his towel to taste his hard cock. I had never seen this man before but he didn't seem shy. He watched Adam and Steve in their sensual sex act. He got excited too quickly and released his load in my mouth. It was very nice but it caught me off-guard. I savored his sweet warm cum while he picked up his towel and left the room.

   The other man entered the room. He was already hard and was watching very closely as he jacked off. He got closer to Steve and placed his hand on Steve's ass then down to his asshole. Adam looked up at the man giving him the once-over. He sat up quickly, pushing Steve back on the bed and pulled his legs up over his head.

   "If anyone's going to fuck this ass it is going to be me. Wait your turn," Adam said in a very demanding voice. Steve seemed surprised at his sudden moves.

   Adam placed the head of his cock close to Steve's asshole and was going to shove it in. I had to move fast so I could oil Adam's cock before he entered Steve. Adam waited as I placed oil on his cock. The other man said something to Adam and moved back while the man pulled Steve towards him and buried his face in Steve's ass. He was rimming the sweet virgin asshole of Steve while his brother watched. I was oiling his cock to the point that I was afraid he was going to cum. The asshole-rimmer took a pause and Adam moved into position placing his dick into Steve's ass crack. Adam could now slide his cock into his brother's well-lubed ass, and put the head of his cock into Steve's hole. Adam was really getting excited because he had never had so much attention and had never fucked Steve before. Finally he started to move in. He moved a bit more slowly now thinking he could have hurt Steve if he had shoved it in without it being moist. He placed his big dick all the way in, then held onto him, and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Hold on, little brother, I have been wanting to fuck that sweet ass of yours for years. You are in for the ride of your life."

   Adam began his fucking, and fuck he did. He fucked and fucked in every position he could never once stopping his movements, only to increase with more passion and more love than ever before. He started to kiss Steve's neck then up to his cheeks, and as he started to cum, he planted a deep tongue-sucking kiss directly on Steve's lips, both brothers huffing, puffing and moaning as they came. Steve's cock let loose with a stream of warm cum between the two bodies.

   The man and I were watching in great passion as I sucked the man off, getting his cum the same time as the brothers came. It was hot and passionate sex throughout the room.

   While Adam and Steve lay in each other's arms, two more 'jacks had wandered into the room to see if they could get into some hot action. Both had their cocks in their hands playing with them and looking for a hole to place them in. I felt it was time I took on a couple of these hot dudes while the night was still young. I liked the first one that stood by me. He was about the same build as I and had a nice firm hard cock. He still had on his tight jeans but had shed his shirt and shoes. I pulled him towards me and turned around reaching for his cock. I rubbed it against my ass and then bent over the chair giving him full access to my asshole. He spit on his cock, grabbed my waist, and started to place his cock into me. I took it with ease and waited for him to ride my ass. He placed his other hand on my hip and pulled my ass onto his cock, repeating this over and over. I could feel his warm balls hitting my bottom side as he would go all the way in, then pull almost all the way out again, then shove it back in. He could not last too long and started to move faster as he released his warm cum into me. He held me close, then slowly pulled out.

   Another 'jack moved right in and put his cock into my hole before I could rise up. I could see this crew knew what they wanted. I was glad they were not shy. This 'jack took his time with my ass and he was enjoying the feel of the warm cum that was already in me. He would pull out and let the extra cum drip down his balls. He would reach his hands under his balls and run the moist cum in his hands then put his fingers in his mouth to taste it. I knew he had fucked some ass before because he was very good at it. I tried to turn to see who was working my ass over but it was not easy to do.

   I looked over at Adam and Steve to see how they were doing. Another man was now sucking on Adam's cock and someone was eating Steve's ass again. I think he was going try to fuck Steve but I was not sure if Adam was going to let anyone else do it tonight. Adam was enjoying the blowjob that he was getting. I finally realized it was Ralph. It seems he had gotten into my room with the other men. I hadn't planned on this becoming an orgy but it turned out to be a good hot session. I think there were now seven or eight men in here having sex.

   My man was still fucking me when I saw another 'jack walk behind Ralph and place his hand on his ass and I knew Ralph was about to get a cock in his ass. I was enjoying watching Adam as he was getting sucked. He was such a masculine, hot-looking 'jack. I think I would like him to fuck me sometime. He looked wild. Sure enough, Ralph's ass was now getting filled with a cock. I could not tell how big his cock was, but I could tell Ralph was already enjoying it.

   My man was pumping away at my ass now and was starting to shoot his load. He felt really good and I thought I was going to cum at the same time but it did not happen. He came, paused, pulled his cock out of me and slapped my butt cheeks and left the room.

   Adam was looking at me and kind of gave me that look. I think he wanted to fuck me. I was unoccupied at the moment so I walked over to the bed where Ralph was sucking him. I leaned over to lick his nipples and he leaned forward to kiss me. I turned towards him and responded back. He was a good and hot kisser.

   A man was plowing Ralph's ass and Ralph stopped sucking on Adam to take full advantage of his fucking. Adam immediately put both feet on the floor, still sitting on the bed, and pulled me towards him. I straddled him while kissing him. He wanted me to sit on his cock. I was still well-lubricated from the last three fucks. It was larger than it looked. He was full hard again. I slid down on his shaft and sat there to feel his cock inside me. I held onto his neck as he lifted my hips up and down on his cock. A man was now fucking Steve. I think he got over his boyish shyness. His brother Adam had such a fantastic way of fucking me that I quivered at his movements. I don't know how long we fucked but it wasn't long enough. Adam was kissing me passionately while cumming in me. I felt him hit my prostate and I shot all over our chest and stomachs. Everyone was having a great time during our wild passionate session. The room was once again filled with love and passion. What a night, and it wasn't over yet.

To Be Continued.

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