"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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The Ranger Station

Chapter 5

   The week had gone pretty fast now that the second crew had rested up and got to know each other. We had become well acquainted with this crew of hot sexy lumberjacks. They never seemed to slow down with their sex escapades but Jack Jr., Ralph, the new young Steve and myself, we seem to keep them all happy and satisfied. I had grown very fond of Steve and his older brother, Adam. I had sex with Adam as much as I could without neglecting the other men. He was such a hot hunk.

   Everything was going smoothly around the camps except for some small fires over the hill that might have been started by some campers or hunters. Fire in the woods was a very serious thing but we had some great and experienced forest rangers that kept watch over most of the area. I had a chance to spend a few days in one of the forest ranger's fire towers this past year and not only did I find it interesting but the rangers were most attractive. Since they were secluded here by for several months they were always ready to fuck a fresh piece of ass.

   I was heading out once again to spend some time at one of the main forest ranger towers. Rodger, the Ranger Captain was in charge of the local area. His new helper for the summer was Roy, a student from one of the colleges. Rodger stayed on full-time but the students were only part-time, remaining only about three months at a time. Rodger told me he liked it that way because he had fresh meat every three months.

   The day I arrived to check out the tower Rodger was still breaking in his new man. Roy was a 22-year-old student from UCLA on a state government grant. He was to train at the Forest rangers tower for three months a year. Roy was no shabby dude either. He had been very active in sports and had a great body. He had a hot round butt and showed a nice package in his tight pants. He liked to work out with the gym equipment provided at the small shed at the foot of the tower. Most of the time he would wear only his workout shorts or his jockstrap. He looked kind of hot in those shorts. When I arrived that day with my Jeep, Roy was working out so I sat and talked with him just before he went to the open shower. He was not a shy person because being in sports you are usually around a bunch of naked men all the time. I think that is why so many men like sports because they have all that contact with other hot naked men.

   Roy was a very likable dude and seemed to be very talkative. I watched him shower the first time and really had a good look at his body and cock. I thought he was washing his cock a little too long and started to get hard. He became more aware I was watching him and turned slightly away from me although I think he was just showing off his nicely shaped cock. After he showered he stayed naked except for a large towel that he loosely wrapped around his waist. He headed towards the stairs and up the tower as I quickly followed. The towel did not remain around his waist so he threw it over his shoulders and proceeded a couple steps ahead of me. My face was about eye level to his ass and I had a great shot of his asshole and balls as he climbed the stairs before me. Needless to say I was hard by the time I reached the top of the stairs to the upper deck. I wanted to grab his body and eat his ass right there on the steps. We finally arrived at the top of the long flight of stairs.

   At the top level there is a deck extending around the enclosed glass viewing area of the tower. Roy stopped to point out a view of Lumber Camp #1 to the North. He offered me a seat on one of the lounge chairs and sat down facing the sun and relaxed. I looked up at the glassed window and saw Rodger coming out one of the doors to welcome me.

   I had to get use to the quietness and the height of the tower up on that mountain. It was a beautiful sight but very lonely except for a coyote or an occasional mountain lion, or a bear. The tower was well equipped with all the latest in fire detection gear. A TV with VCR/DVD was at their disposal but Rodger mainly played X-rated movies they had in their movie library. That was cool though because it gave them at least a few good moments of fantasy.

   Rodger was not shy about his body either and would dress only in his shorts or a jockstrap if he could. Most of the younger students finally got over their shyness and would also strip down for comfort. I especially liked that part. Rodger had no problem watching a fuck movie and whipping out his big cock and start jacking off. Usually after a few times of this his student would join him and Rodger would end up fucking his partner.

   Rodger knew I was great at sex because the first time I saw him at our lumberyard I took him to my room and sucked the daylights out of him, that is why he asks me up to the tower as many times as I could get away. Rodger looked so hot in that Ranger uniform, hat, boots, and all. He never seemed to have any trouble with his students getting into the mood of sex. He is so masculine and handsome they could not resist him. Rodger told me once that knowing they have three months without any pussy to fuck, they will do almost anything he asks. He just had that persuasive way about him and usually ended up fucking them.

   "I see you have met Roy. He is going to spend the rest of the summer with me so make him feel at home. Isn't he a good looking s.o.b? And look at that cock. I bet he made many a pussy yell for mercy with that tool." Rodger laughed and Roy blushed and waved his hand at Rodger.

   "I've showed him some of my latest fuck movies but he hasn't jacked off with me yet. I think he is shy. Hey, Roy, Lance gives a great blow job. Why don't you let him suck you off while you're sunning there?"

   Roy looked over to me quickly and smiled.

   "Are you really a cocksucker or is Rodger just teasing? I have never had a blow job from another man but I have always been curious," Roy said.

   "No, Rodger is correct. I love sucking cock but if you don't want me to do it, that's cool," I said so as not to push him into anything.

   "Oh, come on, Roy. Shit, I will have him suck me off and you can watch. Nothing is happening around here right now, besides I have been looking forward to this all week."

   Rodger already had his pants off and was wearing his famous boxer shorts. He whipped out his cock and walked directly over to me on the lounge and offered me his semi-hard cock. I immediately took his growing cock and licked the piss hole and went all the way down on Rodger. Roy's eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open. I think we shocked him at our sudden move but he didn't seem to be turned off by it. His cock was already starting to get hard. He adjusted his balls and watched me service Rodger's cock. I didn't mind being watched; in fact I was enjoying having virgin eyes watch us in action. I got down on my knees on the deck floor as Rodger moved back against the wall. He still had his binoculars wrapped around his neck and would occasionally take a look at the forest. I continued to suck on his cock and lick his balls.

   It had been several months since I had sucked Rodger off. I had forgotten how hot this man was, even out of his uniform. I sucked on him for a few minutes and could see Roy getting excited and was now jacking himself off slowly. He moved over closer to watch my mouth go up and down on Rodger's cock. I could tell Rodger was going to release his orgasm so I started to move faster to let him cum. He hunched back against the wall and moaned with delight as he dropped his load in my mouth. I licked and sucked him dry then looked at Roy and headed for his cock as he lay on the lounge. He stood up to let me get better access to his cock. He let out a joyous moan and sighed as I sucked on his cock for the first time. He was so hot that I knew he was going to cum right away but I held back so as to give him full pleasure of his first manly blow job. He worked with me trying to hold back too but it was useless. He started to shoot his cum and then grabbed the back of my head and held me on his cock as he shot several gushes of warm sweet sperm into me.

   Rodger was looking out at the forest and then he said to Roy, "See, that didn't hurt so much now, did it? I told you that you needed to have your shaft drained. Right? Now relax a minute and then you can take the watch for a while. We can do this all this day so take your vitamins because this was only a sample." Rodger laughed and hit Roy on the shoulder and smiled at me.

   "See, I told you he had a nice cock." I had to agree, Roy had a beautiful cock, and I was looking forward to sucking him again later.

   Rodger went back to his routine job of watching the forest and teaching his new partner Roy. I was fascinated with all the latest equipment installed in the tower. Rodger was good at showing me around. The day passed fast and soon we had eaten the prepared meal and were relaxing around the lounge area as darkness fell. Roy had settled back on a large chair and had fallen asleep. He looked so hot setting there in just his boots, T-shirt, and shorts. Rodger noticed me looking him over and motioned silently for me to approach Roy again. I quietly move over to Roy as he slept. I could see his bulge in his shorts. I kneeled besides him and touched his leg. He still did not move. I leaned over to kiss the bulge in his shorts. He smelled so nice as I moved my tongue up to his cock. He started to get hard so either he knew I was there or was having a nice dream. I reached under the elastic band of his shorts and touched his cock head, then pulled his shorts down further. He lifted his body so I could pull his shorts over his cock and balls. I leaned over to lick the head of his cock. His cock responded as I went down on him, reaching for his balls at the same time. He moved up slightly to meet my mouth. I ran my tongue down the shaft of his cock and licked his balls. His balls had a nice warm manly taste to them, as did his full erect cock. I sat back a bit to look as his beautiful cock and wonder how many times he fucked with this love stick.

   I continued sucking and licking his cock until I could feel him ready to let go of his manly warm sperm. He reached for my head and held it down on his cock as he came load after load. Then he released my head and fell back into a relaxed mode again as I cleaned all his cum from his softening cock. When I finished I pulled his shorts back up and let him rest again.

   Rodger was watching me intensely and had been jacking off. I started to get up when he pulled my shorts down and placed his hand on my ass then a finger in my asshole. I knew he wanted to fuck my hot ass. Rodger had never fucked me before but seemed to know what he wanted. I let him get his cock ready as he placed the head of his cock in my eager hole and slowly put it in me. When it hit home he held on to my body letting me get used to his large cock. I relaxed as he started to move in then out with precision. It felt really good in me. He knew how to fuck so I let him pleasure himself and me as well. He pumped away for a short period of time then he would stop, and then start all over again. I knew he was about to cum when he started to breathe harder and his cock swelled in my ass. He pumped faster and faster, then let out a deep sigh and released his load in me. It was nice. I let him pleasure himself in me then he started to pull out slowly. He sat down quickly on the other large chair and took a deep long breath.

   "Man, that was good. I have wanted a piece of your ass for months now. Why haven't we done this before?" Rodger asked as he reached for a sip of his coffee on the nearby table. I shrugged my shoulders and dropped to my knees between his legs to lick his cock clean. He spread his legs and let me have my pleasure with him.

   "I don't know," I answered as I licked on his balls. "Good things are worth waiting for, I guess."

   The night went quickly and I was awakened several times by the two men checking out their equipment for signs of any fire danger. I saw Roy pull off his shorts and lay on the cot. He lay on his stomach with his beautiful ass exposed. I was still horny so I decided to sit on his bed and look as that ass while I jacked off. As I sat on the bed, Roy moved over giving me more room. He glanced around at me once and smiled. I touched his round buttocks and moved my fingers toward his asshole. He did not flinch but moved his legs further apart. I wet my finger and touched his anus and slightly put it in. He did not move away. I pulled out my finger and leaned over to his ass with my face and pulled his ass cheeks apart looking at his pink hole. I then leaned into his ass with my tongue and started searching for his asshole. I started to tongue-fuck his hole as he pushed back into my face.

   "This dude is asking for it," I thought to myself. I tongue-fucked him for some time then crawled up on the bed, spread his legs to guide my cock into his hole. He adjusted himself and placed a pillow under his hips giving me full access to him. I spit on my cock slightly and aimed my cockhead into his hole. It was very tight but gradually it went in. Roy jumped slightly as I lay flat on his body with my face next to his.

   He whispered to me, "Please be careful. I am still a virgin. Also try not to cum too quickly because I want you to break me in good so I can take Rodger's cock later."

   I didn't say much but assured him I was a good teacher and to enjoy the ride. I was so excited fucking a new virgin ass. I don't think I had ever fucked such a virgin hunk before.

   I took my time and made it pleasurable for Roy as well as myself. Rodger was sitting in the nearby chair jacking on his cock as he watched me start to place my cock into Roy's tight ass. I lubricated my cock with spit so as to make it easier to slide into Roy. He was relaxed and was ready for my fucking. I finally got the head in then slowly slid the rest of my shaft into Roy. His ass muscles tightened but as I rubbed his shoulders he began to relax. I then started to fuck him slowly at first but proceeded to go faster and faster and finally going all the way into his warm ass. He seemed to begin to enjoy it so I started fucking him for all it was worth. I fucked for about ten minutes before I let loose with a nice warm full load of sperm into Roy. Then I held him for a few minutes. I looked over at Rodger, as he was now standing beside the bed with his cock ready to put into Roy's fully lubricated asshole. I know I had shot a big load so Rodger should not have too much trouble shoving his cock up Roy.

   Rodger waited patiently as I slowly pulled my moist semi-hard cock out of Roy. Just as soon as I moved away, Rodger crawled between Roy's legs and aimed his hard cock into Roy's hole. Roy seemed ready for it and took it all with one full shove. Roy even backed into Rodger as he shoved his complete eight-inch cock into him. They both let out a sigh and then Rodger really started to fuck Roy rough and hard. He would slap Roy's ass as he fucked him. It was a very exciting and manly fuck that Rodger was giving Roy. Roy was really enjoying his newfound sexual liberation. I was getting excited just watching the two of them fuck. I started to jack off my cock again.

   Rodger and Roy looked great together as they moved. Their bodies, now covered with sweat, glistened in the soft firelight. They moved into every position that they could until they could not hold out any more. Rodger started fucking Roy with fast and wild motions. I had to get closer to watch Rodger's big cock plunging into Roy's well-used ass. Then all of a sudden the sounds of both men echoed the room as they started to cum. Rodger had Roy's legs wrapped around his neck as he cut loose with his load. I moved over closer and started to shoot my cum on Rodger's back and neck. My cum was running down his back and neck dripping into Roy's face. He hungrily licked at my warm cum as Rodger kissed his neck and lips as they both came. It was a pleasure to see both men enjoy their bodies against each other in manly love.

   Everything came to a pause as they lay in each other arms. I collapsed to the nearby chair to catch my breath. Rodger now opened his eyes and looking at me he started to laugh softly then lifted his head looking into Roy's eyes.

   "We had so much friction going there I thought we might start a fire," Rodger said.

   We all laughed. Rodger didn't want to pull his cock out of Roy and Roy didn't want him to pull out either. They lay there as Rodger wiped Roy's forehead and kissed him quickly on the lips.

   "Good way to end the day. Now that we really know each other we can do this everyday. What do you say to that?"

   Roy looked at Rodger and said, "I guess this is part of the training? Did I past the test?"

   Rodger pulled his cock out of Rodger and slapped him on his butt. "A+ for today's lesson."

   We all found a place on the cot. I curled around Rodger, and Rodger around Roy. It had been a nice day for everyone. We fell asleep relaxed and satisfied and resting for a new day.

To Be Continued.

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