"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

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Prisoners of Love

Chapter 6

   I stayed at the Ranger tower with Rodger and Roy for 2 days and nights. We had a wonderful time of hot manly sex and love. I was pleased that Rodger and Roy were getting along so well and were so compatible. I enjoyed both men tremendously and was looking forward to another session with them some time soon.

   Rodger was sending Roy over to the New Firefighter Training grounds where 12 men from the nearby prison had volunteered to help during fire emergencies. The `trusties' were bussed over with two armed guards from the prison today. They were not locked or chained up but were still under the close watchful eye of the guards. It was interesting but sad that these hot-looking men had to be in prison.

   I was to leave my Jeep at the tower and go with Roy to the fire camp and stay a day or so. Another ranger that was replacing Roy at the tower would pick me up later for my return.

   We pulled into the camp after stopping at a guardhouse to show our ID. Roy had been here before so there was no problem getting by the guards. It was about lunchtime and the men were sitting at the outside tables and eating. Standing nearby were the two guards watching over everyone while they ate. We walked up to one of the guards, and he and Roy chatted a moment, then we headed for the food line to help ourselves to the lunch. We took a seat by some of the men as they continued to eat and talk among themselves.

   Roy was a friendly dude and introduced himself and me as we ate. The men were between the ages of 18 to 35. I couldn't help notice how good-looking and well-built some of them were. They did not look like criminals at all but just average men. Some were had finished eating and took their plates over to the trash cans to clean off their food and place their utensils and plates into the dishwater. They walked over to another area to sit on the grass and smoke or just to talk. Roy and I chatted some then finished up and joined the men under the trees. Roy was starting to gather the men together for instruction. They all wandered over to another area where benches faced a small shaded arena as Roy took center stage and started to talk. I sat towards the back near some cinder block buildings. Roy was good at his job and seemed to draw the men's attention as he talked.

   I had to take a piss and headed towards the buildings nearby to the men's showers and rest room. I entered the building to find the toilets and several open showers. I sat down in one of the open booths where I found a magazine on the floor. While I was resting with my pants down, I head a person enter the toilet. Looking up I saw it was one of the guards that had just been relieved of his duty by another guard. He stood at the long urinal to take a piss. He saw me nearby and made no effort to cover his cock as he pissed. In fact he pulled his balls out as he relived himself. His piss splashed against the white porcelain urinal as he took a deep sigh.

   "Whew, I have been waiting too long for that one," he said as he continued his long and hard piss.

   I looked up and smiled at him as he took a quick glance at himself in the mirror against the opposite wall. Then he glanced back down at his cock and shook it several times, then started to piss again this time with only short spurts. He let his cock drain then started to milk it down to the last drop. I was starting to get aroused watching his piss ritual. I never got tired looking at a nice cock. He proceeded to shake his cock another time or two then put it back in his pants without zipping up.

   "Hey, buddy. Are you helping the ranger out with the instruction and training? I've never seen you here before," he said.

   "No. I go up to the ranger tower to keep them company a few times a year. I live at the Lumber Camp #1. I am Jack Wood's son," I told him as he stood combing his hair with his fingers.

   He suddenly stopped and looked around at me as if he knew me or knew of me. Then he walked over to me sitting on the toilet and said, "Yeah, I know you now. My brother Adam works for Jack. He is a cool dude. So you one of his sons that do a lot of the `entertainment of the troops'?" Then he let out a sly grin. He got even closer as I looked up at him now leaning against the railing at my booth.

   "Yep, that's me," I said as I stood to pull up my pants.

   "Don't leave. I like to be entertained too you know." He then reached down to his crotch and grabbed his cock.

   I stood there wondering if he was serious or not but by the look in his eye I knew he wanted something. "Sure, why not? You will not get in trouble, will you?" I said as I reached for his crotch.

   I sat back down on the stool as he pulled out his cock and offered it to me to suck. I gladly held onto his cock and tasted the flavor of his previous piss. It was salty but nice. He pulled out his balls as he reached up for each side of the open partition and spread his legs to give me his full body. His uniform was tightly fitted and his large belt and buckle bounced against my forehead as I reached for his big balls, caressing them gently in my other hand. He leaned into me as I went down on his big manly cock. His gun was still in his holster adding to the excitement of sucking this police guard's cock. He didn't seem to mind that anytime someone could walk into the room. He knew what he wanted and I was going to give it to him. I continued to suck, lick, and enjoy the ecstasy of his manhood as he pumped and moved into my face.

   I heard someone coming into the toilet and he moved away slowly and stood by the other opening of the next booth. He looked around at the other guard now taking a piss. "Hey, Anderson. Are you going to stay here much longer? I should be heading back to the main gate," he called out to the guard I had been sucking. I was wondering if he had seen us together but I really didn't care if the other man didn't.

   "Oh, its only you. I was getting some good head here by Jack's son. Man he is a good cocksucker. Let me finish getting my nuts off then you can fuck his mouth."

   He proceeded to move back to me and give me his cock to finish off. The other man stood there pissing as Anderson let me continue sucking his cock. He stood there just looking at the two of us as if it was a regular thing between them. I continued sucking his cock until I could tell he was about to release a big load in my mouth. He let me have complete control of his cock and body as I drained his sperm from his love shaft. He stood there jerking in spasms until he released the last drop, then he slowly pulled away and went to the other booth to wipe off his cock.

   The other guard walked over to me immediately with his already hard uncircumcised cock. He too placed both hands on the railing to offer me his love juice. I could see his nametag as he headed towards me. It said "Gary Grayson".

   I took his long uncut cock and placed my hands inside his pants to pull out his balls. He unbuttoned his belt and opened his pants. He wore white boxer shorts making it easier to release his balls from their prison. I liked this man because he smelled so good and his balls were soft and hairy. I licked on his balls as I pulled on his cock. I went back to his cock and placed my tongue underneath his foreskin licking away at the pre-cum juices he had developed while waiting for me to suck his cock.

   Meanwhile Anderson had walked back to the urinal to take another short piss. I continued licking and sucking on Gary's cock as he leaned into me. I knew he loved to get his cock sucked as much as most men. I was going to try to take my time with this sweet cock but knew we might be interrupted at any time. I did my best with his cock and gave him a good suck job until I knew he was about to release his warm hot load into my welcome mouth. He shot load after load as he humped my face and pulled my head all the way down on his cumming cock. I took a deep breath and let him enjoy the feel of his cock shooting his load down my warm throat. Then he released my head as I pulled away to catch my breath, then I went back to his cock to get every drop of his sweet cum. I milked it all the way until he slowly pulled away from my mouth.

   He stepped back and took a deep breath and said, "Wow. That was great. I could go for that again sometime soon." He walked away as Anderson came over to me and touched my head in a loving kind way.

    He leaned over to me and said, "Thanks, buddy. My brother Adam told me about you. I want to fuck your hot ass sometime." Then we smiled and the two guards walked out of the rest room.

   So that was Adam and Steve's older brother? He was as hot as Steve said he was. He sure likes to get his cock sucked as well. Small world.

   I was surprised to have that nice session but figured I should make an appearance so Roy could see I was still around and okay. I washed up and went back outside to listen and watch Roy demonstrate fire and safety equipment for the volunteer firemen.

   The two new guards that had replaced Andy and Gary were there. They were good-looking hot men also but I didn't think I would be so lucky to suck their cocks too.

   I thought I would wander around the camp and check things out. I had free access to the grounds but could not leave without Roy. I noticed another building next to the cinder block outhouse and showers. It was probably the kitchen or bunkhouse. I noticed a couple men working in the kitchen as I went by. I assumed they were from the prison camp also. One seemed about the same age as I was and was really cute. I saw him look up at me as I went by. I found the other building and saw it was a bunkhouse as I had suspected. I went inside and saw about 12 bunks on each side of the room. Most were unused so I thought this might be an opportunity for me to take a quick nap while I waited for Roy.

   I uncurled one of the mattresses on the end cot and flopped down. I kicked off my boots and unbuttoned my tight jeans so I could relax while I slept. I dozed off quickly but was awakened later by the sound of men talking and laughing. I realized I had slept for a while because the class was over for the day and the men were coming back to their bunks. Some of the men were practically undressed and were toting towels either around their waist or over their shoulders.

   One darkly tanned man covered with tattoos was clad only in his boots and a ball cap. His towel was over his shoulders and he was completely nude. His big dark cock was flopping against first one leg then the other as he walked towards the door and out to the showers. It was a hot thing to see. He was not shy and was scratching his balls occasionally as he stopped to talk to a man at the end of my cot. I had a full eye view of his cock and butt. His tattoos were beautifully placed and very artistically done. He had gone to great effort to show off his tattoos very well. Even his cock had some artwork done on it. That must have been a very sensitive place to put a tattoo. I would like a closer look at that one.

   The tattoo man caught me looking at his artwork and grabbed a near by towel and threw it to me.

   "Hey, join me in the showers, boy," he said as he walked out the door.

   I hesitated just a minute then pulled off my jeans and t-shirt and went through the door to the shower-building close by. I quickly slipped into my boots and wrapped the towel around my waist. I heard one of the men laugh as I hurried out the door, "Like the art work, sonny?"

   I went into the shower room where I found about 6 men showering. The steam from the water had almost obstructed the two guards standing by the door. One looked at me quickly, knowing I was not one of the prisoners then looked away at the other guard and nodded his okay. I went inside to see some hot looking stud men showering. In one corner was the tattoo'd man now adjusting the water tap. He saw me and motioned for me to join him. I looked into his eyes and figured I had better do as he commanded.

   My cock was already beginning to rise as I stood by him. He handed me the soap. I started to rub his body with the bar then with my hands. He placed his head under the warm water and let me massage his shoulders and trim waist. His tattoos and his fantastic body mesmerized me. He turned around in the water as I soaped his back, sides and his buttocks. He turned again while his big uncut cock was starting to grow right in front of me. I was almost unaware of the other men in the shower room. Some were now watching our water dance as I started to soap his cock and balls.

   The guards did not pay any attention to us as we started to play our game. I wanted this man's cock in any way I could get it. I looked down and saw the tattoo on his cock as it started to grow. It was forming a shape of a dragon with the tail going down his balls and under his thighs. I started to soap up my ass and my hole because I wanted that dragon in my den. I turned my back to him as he put his big strong arms around my body and placed one finger to my asshole. He then bent me over gently and with one hand on my hip guided his cock towards my ass. I spread my buttocks to receive his manhood as he guided the dragon into my cave. It stung for a minute because I was realizing he had a very large cock. It might have been the biggest one I had experienced but I wanted his cock in my ass. He was gentle but firm as he moved into me. I pushed back to take the giant dragon. I thought I would pass out from the size and the pleasure but he held onto me until it was all the way in. I looked up as several men were now jacking off their cocks as we were performing the act of love between two men. His body was dark and covered with muscles and tattoos and I was lightly tanned with fair skin and blond hair. Our two bodies looked good together.

   He was in charge as he started to pull his large cock out of my willing asshole, then shoved it all the way to his big hairy balls. You could hear a gasp from some of the other men as they watched our mating ritual. One of the guards walked into the shower room, as I was getting royally fucked by this hunk. He stood there watching but never once interrupted any of us in the showers. He was getting excited by our performance by the hard-on he was showing. Some of the other men in the showers were getting ready to shoot their loads but were trying to hold back. There was not a soft dick in the place.

   One of the younger men I had seen earlier working in the kitchen had entered the showers and was rather excited at this sight. He stood there as though in shock but still excited at what he saw. One of the older men walked behind him and placed his finger up his ass. He jumped at the sudden intrusion but did not resist the older man as he placed his arms around the young man's waist and held him against the wall. He continued his pursuit and started to place his cock into the young man's ass. He tried to resist but was overpowered by the enjoyment of his first fuck.

   The guard could not stand it any longer and had taken out his cock and was now jacking off with the other men. One man dropped to his knees in front of him ready to receive his load when he came.

   Tattoo Man was still performing with me in our ritual and skilfully moving around so others could watch his cock go in and out of my ass. He would go faster, then slow down so as not to cum too quickly. I was about to shoot my load as he continued to hit my prostrate with his long and penetrating fucking. I could feel his big cock getting even bigger as his plunges started to move faster, then with the cry of a wild animal he let out a yell. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ohhhhh, this is great. Take my cock. I'm cumming!" he continued to cry out.

   This sent everyone into wild ecstasy. Not only was my man cumming but also I was dumping my load all over the shower floor. I looked up as the guard was shooting his cum over the man kneeling in front of him. His mouth was open as he tried to catch the guard's cum as it shot in the air and on the face of his cum slave. Another man was fucking the young man held against the wall while someone was sucking his cock. Everyone was cumming in the room as well as the men in the shower.

   The steam billowed up around us making the men look like angels floating in the clouds, each cumming in heavenly orgasms of passion while steams of sperm shot through out the clouds in one heavenly moment of ecstasy.

   You could still hear a few sighs and moans of pleasure as everyone finished their moments of joy. The hunky guard let his cum slave clean off his cock then pulled away suddenly and headed back to his station at the door while zipping up his pants. The showers were being turned off one at a time as the men took their towels from the rack and started to dry off.

   No one spoke. Occasional slaps on the butt or a flip of the towels were heard as everyone went either to the sinks to shave or to the toilets. I took a deep breath and tried to see if I could still walk after being staked out by that big cock. I leaned against the wall as the tattoo'd man pulled me to him again and kissed my neck. He gradually pulled his `dragon' out of my ass then turned me around and looking into my eyes he said, "Hey. They call me `Tony the Dragon'. Are you all right? I usually don't have that much fun. Most dudes resist my cock because they say it is too big. I never get to use it this well or this long in one session. It was fantastic!"

   I took a slow look around at Tony then down at his big cock now hanging between his legs. "I don't know how I took that beauty but I loved it. I may never walk again, but it was worth it," I said as I wrapped my hand around his semi-soft cock. It was as big around as my wrist and at least 10 to 11 inches long. What had I done and how did I do it? I felt around at my asshole to see if I had been injured but everything seemed to be okay. I was not even that sensitive, yet!

   Tony laughed at my humor and kissed me again on the forehead. Tony must have been 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighed about 250 pounds of solid man. He had dark curly hair, dark brown eyes and a beautiful and perfect smile. He could have been one of those extras in a `Steve Reeves' movie. I looked up at him again as he smiled down at me and waited for me to speak.

   "Yes, Tony, I think I am alright. Give me another 30 minutes and we could repeat our match."

   He let out a loud laugh and hugged me tightly as he walked out of the shower. I followed slowly taking my towel to dry my well-used body. Tony took his towel and started drying me while smiling at the same time. He was a gentle soul even though he was a giant in size.

   "I need to go lay down for a few minutes and I need to find Roy. Have you seen him lately?" I asked Tony as we headed back to the men's dorm.

   We opened the door and most of the men were sitting around talking or dressing. When we entered a round of applause started to fill the room and Tony raised his fist in recognition.

   "It seems the cheers are for you as well," Tony said to me as I headed for my cot. "I have never had such a good piece of ass that was as willing and talented as you. I think they are happy that I got my nuts off. Now they can sleep better tonight knowing I won't use one of them."

   I was amused at his comment and had to laugh along with the rest of the men. I then gave them a gesture with my fist only with my middle finger raised. They all laughed once again.

   Everyone went about their personal business while I started to put on my clothes. I looked up as saw Roy coming down the center aisle towards me. He had a grin on his face as if he knew I had been the center of attention once again.

   "Well, well, Lance. It seems you have been up to your old tricks again. I only heard parts of what you were doing but the men seem reluctant to get into details... something about a dragon?" Roy said as he was eyeing Tony and his dick.

   "Yes, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons, only Tony was the dragon and I had the dungeon." Tony was laughing his head off as Roy grinned as if he knew more than he was letting on.

   It seemed the men were still not too sure about Roy and his attitude towards him. I think they respected him but still didn't quite trust him with personal things. I understood that but thought once they got to know Roy they would enjoy him sexually as I had.

   "We are going to stay here tonight. We have a place at the other end of this building so get your things together and I will show you where we will be bunking. It is a bit more private, and besides, the guards insist we stay there," Roy instructed.

   I picked up my pants and followed Roy down the aisle. I glanced up at Tony and nodded to him letting him know I wanted to see him again. We only went to the end of the building where there was a private room with a locked door and a small head with shower. I threw my pants on one of the cots and looked out the window, which faced the front guardhouse gate. I sat on the bed and started to talk with Roy as I rested my ass, hoping I would be ready for more action before I went back to the Lumber Camp.

   Roy sat at the small desk provided for the room, looking over tomorrow's schedule of firefighting training. I lay on the bed trying to be quiet while he read. I dozed for about 30 minutes then I heard him turn on the small TV. He kept the sound low as not to disturb me but realized he woke me and turned it off quickly. It was still early in the night and I was really not that tired yet. I think he wanted to talk so I sat up and let him open up to me.

   He told me about his day and how the men were very attentive and polite. They seemed like good men and he enjoyed teaching them. Then he asked me what I had done that day. I only told him a little so as not to scare him from his new life of sexual experience with other men. I think he wanted to experience more but did not know how to go about it and he needed me to teach him more about life. I felt kind of flattered because he was probably about four years older than I was.

   As we talked Roy told me that he was raped one time by several of the football players at his high school. He was not as virgin as I thought but had not experienced male sex until Rodger and I had a three-way with him in the ranger tower. He said he fantasized about getting raped again even the thought of it frightened him.

   We chatted for about an hour then we decided it was time to sleep. He settled in but I lay there thinking about how great my shower sex was that day.

   Then I had an idea!

To Be Continued.

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