"Lumbering Jacks"

This is an adult love story of a young man and his sexual adventures in man-to-man relationships. If you are offended or not of legal age then please leave now. Otherwise enjoy the story of Lance and his many male sexual contacts from his early age of puberty. He is surrounded by nothing but hot masculine men all of his young life and learns to enjoy life to the fullest.

Author: Richard Dick Richards

Copyright 01/2003


Another Ranger

Chapter 8

   We were awakened the next morning by the sound of the prison guards and the men in the barracks. It must have been about 5 am because the sun had still not shown its face. I heard some mumbling coming from Roy as he sat up in bed. He still looked very handsome even this early in the morning. His blond hair was messed up but for all the fucking that he received the night before he still looked okay to me. He slept nude and was looking down at his hard cock sticking up in the air. I was tempted to go sit on it. He looked up at me and scratched his balls then shook his hard cock at me.

   "You want some of this?" he said in a joking sort of way. He smiled at me then started to get out of bed. All of a sudden he must have realized he was a bit sore in places as he slowly walked over to the head and tried to take a piss. He still had a big hard-on. He stood there yawning and scratching his buttocks as he was still trying to piss.

   "Damn, I can't piss with this hard-on," he said as he went to the sink to brush his teeth.

   I was trying to get my things and myself together because I was going to leave this morning to go back to my job at Lumber Camp #1. I had already taken my morning piss and brushed my teeth. Roy came out of the head still toting his hard-on. He tried to pour himself some coffee and then turned to me as he sipped it.

   "You know I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed I was back in high school and the football team was using my body for their pleasure again. But you know what, this time I was enjoying every one of their cocks," Roy said.

   I walked over to Roy as he stood looking out the window towards the guardhouse. I placed my hand on his firm ass as he put his arm on my shoulder. I looked down at his still hard cock and bent over to lick the head of his beautiful, big cock. He turned to face me as I dropped to my knees and started going down on his cock. He continued to sip his coffee and enjoying my cocksucking. A sigh and a whimper of pleasure Roy released as I sucked up and down his big, hard, heavy, veined cock. His balls hung tightly underneath firm legs. I placed one hand under his buttocks and placed one finger to his moist asshole. It didn't take long for him to put his cup down and run his hands through my hair.

   He started to slowly pump his body into my warm and eager mouth. My finger was now just inside his sensitive asshole. He was too sensitive for my finger to go any further because of last night's gang bang. I could still smell the manly scent of other men's cum now dried on his dark pubic hairs and his taut stomach. He lifted one foot and rested it on my leg before him. My hand searched the fuzzy trail of hair up his pectoral muscles and over to one nipple. As I pinched his nipple he let out a sigh, grabbed my head and started pumping his cock in my mouth faster until he let out a sigh of pleasure. He released his large load of sperm into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could but his cock slipped out once and he shot cum on my cheek. His cum continued to shoot in my mouth and down my throat. He finally paused as I licked his cock clean of the remaining juices. He reached for his coffee cup on the nearby table and said, "Now perhaps I can take that piss. My cock is getting soft. Maybe all I needed is your expert cocksucking."

   He walked to the head once again and leaned over the toilet to release a full load of golden piss. "Ah. Now I feel better."

   Roy shook his semi-hard cock a few times then put on his pants and pushed his cock and balls into position. He was showing a beautiful and tempting bulge in his tight forest ranger uniform. He started making up his bed then he pulled out something from under his pillow.

   "Hey, what the hell is this used jockstrap and these shorts doing under my pillow? There are not mine. What?" Then he looked at me as I was trying to hide my grin.

   He threw them at me. I caught them and threw them back as he headed towards me. I dodged him at first but he caught me and threw me on my bed and jumped on top of me. I started to laugh and try to push him off me but he was too strong for me. He pulled my face towards his and looked deeply into my eyes. I could barely keep from laughing but I tried to stop laughing and said to him, "I don't know what you're getting at. I don't know anything except you do moan a lot in your sleep. Perhaps your high school fantasy was being full filled once again," I said as he held me down.

   "You s.o.b. Then it wasn't a dream."

   I looked up at him and smiled again. "What are friends for if they can't help you fulfill your dream?"

   Roy started to tickle my ribs and lightly punch me as he got off me. I notice he was getting aroused again during our horseplay. I knew I was. I was hot for this hunk.

   "No wonder my ass is sore this morning." Then a long pause as Roy looked at me and started to grin.

   "Thanks, buddy. It was wild wasn't it? How am I going to face my students this morning? Oh, boy. They won't have any respect for me now." Roy looked concerned but I figured he would get through it somehow.

   We both dressed and headed for the breakfast being served outdoors by the lecture area. The men spoke to us very politely as we continued to eat. Roy was quiet and hardly looked up once at the men or me. Then after we ate the men gathered at the lecture area and set quietly on the benches. Roy walked up to the platform and looked at the men.

   Tony stood up and said, "I have a question, sir."

   Roy nodded as the other men sat there quietly.

   "Can we get to bed earlier tonight cause if I have to go through all that again I won't be worth a damn at this job. . . but you're the best man, you're the best."

   Someone started a chant. "You're the man, you're the man." At that the whole group laughed and applauded. Even the guards, Andy and Gary smiled at that one.

   "Now what have we in store for today, sir?"

   That broke the ice. Roy lowered his head as he turned a deep shade of red, grinning. "Thank you. Now today we will put on our latest firefighting uniforms and do some real men's work in the field. Open these boxes and suit up." Roy was back in the swing of things and everything was back to normal. He still had respect, perhaps even more than before.

   I waved at Roy and headed back to the dorm to pick up my things to go back to the lumber camp. One of the other rangers was here to pick me up to take me back to the ranger tower where I was to pick up my jeep. Andy saw me heading for the barracks and walked with me.

   "I would like to come over the camp and see you once in a while if that is alright," Andy said.

   "Sure. I will find someplace we can get together there. I would like that. I really like your brothers Steve and Adam. That Adam is a wild fucker and Steve is a sweetheart," I assured him.

   Andy followed me to the room and talked to me as I put things into my small overnight bag. I knew Andy had something else on his mind and I knew I was about to find out. I kept putting my personal things in the duffel bag as Andy stood nervously by the bed.

   Then he bluntly spoke out to me. "You don't think I can get a quick piece of ass from you right now, do you?" Andy said as he rubbed his crotch. I was too busy last night to really enjoy your sweet ass the way I would like."

   "Wow! That's so nice of you Andy. I was hoping you would like a repeat of last night. I would love to have your cock in my ass again. You are a hot fucker. I hope we have the time for it," I said. "Let's get undressed."

   I pulled down my jeans as Andy walked over to me unzipping his tailored uniform. He let his pants drop, then his boxers. He didn't wait for me to get out of my jeans or boots but started to hold me against him and placed his cock between my buttocks. I bent over the nearby cot as he took my ass cheeks and parted them to make entry for his cock. It went right in with one shove. He was hot and ready to fuck me.

   I liked the animalistic way he took me I didn't want him to get off too quickly. I let him do his thing and pleasure himself any way he wanted. My ass was his. He was breathing heavily as he shoved into me and pumped my ass as though it was the first time he had fucked me. His pants were still down around his ankles and I could hear his gun belt buckle hitting against the floor. His hands roughly rubbed my back and buttocks. I could see in the mirror on the wall his masculine body pounding against my white round butt. It was exciting to watch him enjoy himself. He knew how to make my ass tingle for his cock as he shoved it in and out of my asshole. I was just getting into the full enjoyment of this man fuck but he was already getting ready to cum, and cum he did. He shook and plowed my ass hard as he shot his hot load into me. I jacked on my cock and started to shoot my cum on the bed. This tightened my hole and he moaned out like an athlete just crossing the finish line. He was enjoying my warm hole. He gasped several more times then leaned over my body and squeezed me tightly as my last drops of cum dripped on the bed. He stood slowly and, placing both hands on my buttocks, started to pull his spent cock from my ass. I could feel the warm remaining juices trickling down my thighs and the sound of a moist cock pulling out of me.

   "I am sorry I came so quickly, but you make me so hot I could not hold back. I love fucking you better than I ever did my old lady. You are so hot. I really want more of you. I will come over to the lumber camp soon. Man, Lance, I love fucking you. I heard Adam tell one of the other guards what good man pussy you were and now I know."

   I pulled up my jeans while Andy was redressing himself. Then he hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. He winked and left for the yard.

   I went by the instruction area where Roy was teaching the men. They had all put on their yellow uniforms and headgear. I thought this would be a good time to take a picture with my camera. I waved at Roy and motioned to him that I wanted to take their picture. They all looked around at me and formed a line for picture taking. Just as I thought I had them all in focus and was ready to take the shot, they all opened their coats and flashed me with their hard cocks protruding from underneath their coats. I was shocked but amused and took their picture anyway. Then I motioned for one more and they all turned around in unison, bent over and mooned me with their bare butts. Roy was in hysterics as I took their pictures and I was laughing so hard I thought I would drop the camera. What a bunch of crazy nuts. I loved them. They were all so hot and such good sports. I was hoping I would see them again real soon, especially Tony the Dragon.

   I saw the ranger pull up to the main gatehouse as I waved once again at the prisoners. They all yelled a farewell to me as I headed out the gate to the jeep. This ranger was now working with Rodger while that Roy was over instructing these hunks. I bet Rodger missed Roy's ass or perhaps he had already broken in the new ranger. I walked over to the jeep, threw my bag in the back, and introduced myself to the new man.

   "Hi. I am Lance Woods from the lumber camp and a friend of Rodger."

   I held out my hand as this new young man introduced himself as Raymond. He looked about 22 years old. He had a trim solid body like most of Rodger's trainees from the college. We drove down the curved road at a good pace. We chatted and observed the nearby trees and lake down in the valley. A herd of horses were being driven by the water's edge by some men on horseback. Soon we could see the top of the hill where the ranger tower stood.

   We pulled into the side road to go up to the tower. It was only about a mile of dirt road before we would be there. The road split about half way up the grade and we took the right fork. We stopped suddenly because a small tree had fallen over the road. Raymond said we could back down to the fork or better still the two of us might be able to lift it out of the way. We hopped out of the jeep and headed for the downed tree. It was not too big so with a little effort we shoved it aside.

   Raymond said he had to take a piss and I told him I would join him. We stood there whipping out our dicks in the mountain air and played a game of "aim the piss to see who could piss the furthest." You know, it's a man thing. We both laughed but our game quickly fizzled out as we ran out of piss.

   "I think you won the pissing contest, Raymond, but I think I have the biggest cock," I said to him to see what response I might get.

   I did notice he had a nice cock but it was still soft. He looked at me with concern and said, "How can we prove that?"

   Oh boy, that was a good lead for me.

   "Well, let's get them hard and see," I said. He blushed and started to put away his cock. "Okay, then. I win. I have the biggest cock."

   Raymond whipped out his cock again and said, "We'll see about that."

   I loved this game. He immediately started to pull on his cock as I did mine. He was having a hard time getting it hard so I reached over to help him. He hesitated for a short time then pulled his hand away as I manipulated cock. His cock started to grow faster now and a hint of pre-cum was oozing from his piss slot. He began looking at my hard cock. This started to excite him now because he suddenly started to get hard. I reached into his shorts and pulled out his big hairy balls. He began to loosen his belt buckle and opened his pants. I was already hard as he reached for my cock to feel it. He was a curious youth feeling another man's shaft. I leaned over to his cock and touched it with my tongue taking a firm grip on him so as not to let him get away. He backed away at first but realized how good it felt, and remained while I licked the head of his uncut cock. My warm tongue searched the lacy covering of his sweet-tasting cock. I could still taste a hint of piss and now some sweet pre-cum. He was now hard and he said, "I don't know about this. I've never had a dude even touch my dick before more or less put their mouth on it. That's queer, isn't it?"

   "Perhaps, but it feels good, doesn't it?" I said as I got on my knees in front of this hot-looking young man.

   I guess he had never had a blowjob from a man and I was about to give him the greatest pleasure a man can give another man. He opened his boxer shorts and offered me his manly cock. It was larger than I had expected. The foreskin was starting to move away from his big tulip shaped cock head. His balls hung low beneath his large dick and the manly scent of his body was warm and sensuous. I sucked on his cock as he leaned back against a tree stump. He placed his hands on his hips and closed his eyes while I pleasured him. I manipulated my hands and mouth around his cock and licked his balls. He was in heaven. My hands slid up his tight youthful stomach, feeling his smooth hairless chest. I guided my fingertips from one nipple to the other, then back down his body and to his balls. I could feel he was about to give me his virgin load. He gasped and then he shot into my willing mouth. He seemed surprised that I did not pull away as he shot load after load into my mouth. Then he gasped one more time as I milked down the last drops of his semen. My tongue searched once again for the remaining love juices under his lacy foreskin and continued until his cock was semi-soft. I wiped the cum off my chin and hand then I stood in front of him and said, "Okay, you win. You have the biggest cock."

   I headed back to the jeep. He stood there still weak from the pleasant draining I had given him. He carefully put his semi-hard cock back into his pants and followed me back to the jeep. He jumped back in the Jeep and I sat there as though nothing had happened between the two of us. He started the motor and, looking straight ahead, said, "That was pretty damn good. I've only had one blow job in my life and that was when I was a teenager. I mowed this neighbor lady's lawn each month and one day she asks me in for ice tea. Then she made a pass at me, and me being hot and horny, let her blow me right there in the kitchen. She wasn't that good so I never pursued it again. But what you did today was good. You even took my load." Ray started the motor. "You won't tell anyone about this, will you?"

   "I won't tell anyone if you let me suck your cock again." I looked at him and he smiled and looked back at me.

   "Okay." There was a long pause then he said, "When?" I laughed then he laughed.

   We drove further on up the hill until we came to the opening where the ranger tower was located. Just as Raymond pulled next to my jeep, Ranger Rodger was coming down the flight of stairs from the tower. He was dressed only in his workout shorts, ranger boots, and his hat. Over one shoulder was a bath towel. He yelled out to us as he headed to the showers.

   "Hey, men, I thought you might have gotten lost in some bushes." Then he laughed and motioned for me to come over to him. I thought to myself, "If he only knew."

   As Ray parked the jeep, Rodger instructed him to relieve him in the tower and keep a close watch out for anything suspicious. Raymond headed up the stairs to the tower, leaving Rodger and I alone. I went over to Rodger as he hung his hat on a nearby post then sat down to pull off his boots. I straddled his leg and gave a yank on his boots as he placed his other foot on my ass. He stood and pulled down his shorts leaving him completely nude. He opened the shower door and headed in. He scratched his balls and motioned for me to join him in the showers. I knew what he wanted and I didn't mind. Rodger was a hot-looking stud. I quickly stepped out of my boots and jeans while Rodger adjusted the shower.

   The shower was under a large tank that was heated by the sun. The top of the shower was open from the top and anyone inside could clearly be seen from the tower. I know Rodger arranged that for his personal viewing. It was a rather large area with redwood floors and walls. Against one wall was a ladder leading up to the connections on the tank. Rodger was already enjoying the water soaping his hair and upper body. I was admiring his muscular torso, his strong arms and back muscles.

   I took in the every movement of his body until Rodger called out to me again. "Well, you just going to stand there and drool, or are you going to come over here and pleasure me? Tell me what you and Roy did at the prisoners' firefighting camp. Did you get laid?"

   I laughed at his comments and then went into some detail about our two days, and especially the night, I had spent at the camp. Rodger was getting hard while I explained how a few of us arranged for Roy to have his fantasy fulfilled. He loved that story and was beginning to jack on his dick.

   "I met a friend of yours over there too. I think you know Andy Anderson, the prison guard? He is a hot man and just before I left he fucked the hell out of me and I still have his load in my ass," I told him.

   Rodger's dick perked up as I went into detail how he bent me over the cot and dropped his load into my ass.

   "I have been hot for that man since last year but we were never in the situation to get together. I wasn't even sure he would play around. Do you still have his cum in your ass? If so, I want to suck it out, man. Get up on this ladder just high enough that I can tongue your asshole."

   I did as he instructed, climbing up to about five feet, just high enough so my ass was level with Rodger's face. He had me lean back into his face and started eating my ass. He was really turned on by the thought of him sucking Andy's cum out of my asshole. He continued to frantically eat me out as he jacked himself off. I leaned back into his face and as I looked up at the tower I could see Raymond looking down on our wild session. I know Raymond was new at this man-to-man sex thing but he sure enjoyed the blowjob I gave him in the woods.

   Rodger wrapped one arm around my lower legs and then pulled me off the ladder. He immediately bent me over and shoved his cock into my ass. He was so hot that he only fucked me for about ten strokes, then he shook and pulled on my body, unloading his hot cum into my bowels. He was breathing heavily for a while then held me in his arms and kissed me on my neck.

   I looked up once and saw Raymond jacking off while he watched us in the shower. Rodger reached around and started to jack on my cock. I was so hot from his fucking me that on about the fourth or fifth pull I started to cum. He caught it in one hand and brought it up to his mouth. He licked it off his hand, tasting my cum. He held me a bit longer, then pulled out slowly and pulled me under the shower once again with him. I said nothing to him about me sucking off Ray or that he had been watching us as we fucked in the shower. I figured they would find out more about each other as the month went on. I hoped to be involved with their love-making when they did.

   The water started to get cooler, as we had used up all the sun-heated water, so we turned off the shower and dried off. Rodger liked me a lot and I liked Rodger. He was always good sex and an all-around nice person. We sat naked in the sun drying off and enjoying each other presence. It was nice to have such good close friends like Rodger.

To Be Continued.

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