Matt's Blackout Story
By John Yager from a reader's notes

Since posting the story titled Blackout (Gay Encounters, September 14, 2003) I've received a lot of messages from readers commenting on it.  A few have written to tell me about their own experiences.

One reader in New York  sent me this hot tale. I asked him if I could rewrite it, get it in better shape for posting and make some changes to protect his anonymity, and then share it with all of you.  With his permission, here is Matt's story.  I can't help but think there must be thousands of stories like that floating around NYC.

Thanks to Andrew, who as usual, proofed and offered a few editorial suggestions.

This story is copyright © by John Yager, 2003.

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I read "Blackout" and thought it was really hot. I guess, having been there for the big event, I can say  it was hot in more ways than one.

What happened to me that night was not nearly as involved as what Sandy and Bill got up to, but it was still wild, at least by my standards.  I guess I lead a rather dull life.

I'm an attorney, a junior partner in a big Manhattan law firm, and, hopefully, on my way up.  I'm thirty-one and single.  I've been dating the same woman for the last three years and I guess at some point we'll get married.  She wants to and I'm okay with the idea. It's just the pressure of a lot of work that makes me uneasy, that and the fact that I know, in addition to liking women, one in particular, I also really get off on hot man to man sex.

I'm five feet, eleven inches tall and weigh 155 pounds.  I get to the gym two or three times a week.  I'm not a gym rat but I'm in decent shape and I'm usually told I'm above average in the looks department.  I have light brown hair, straight and cut short, and a moderately hairy chest. In other words, I guess I'm more or less average.  I should also add that I'm average in the cock department with about six and a half trimmed inches.

When I've looked for sex with other guys I've always found it, but I've never had a real relationship with another guy, other than a college roommate with whom I played around a little.

With my straight friends, my business associates and my family, I've always kept my interest in guys strictly to myself and, of course it's not something I've told my girlfriend about.

Well, enough about me.  I want to tell you what happened to me on August 14, 2003.

I'd been working on a long contract and was just about finished with it when the lights went out.  I had all the draft copies and notes from the work I'd been doing and needed to get rid of them.

I always shred such stuff.  It's not totally secret or anything, but it's not good business practice to leave it around.

With the power off, however, I couldn't shred it, of course, so I just tore it up and put the scraps in a separate trash bag.  I didn't want to leave it in the trash basket in my office were anyone on the cleaning staff could pick it up, but figured I'd throw it away later.

As the afternoon ended and the power didn't come back on, I decided I just as well spend the night in my office.  It was getting warm there but I had no better option.  I live in Queens and there as no sense in trying to get home.  I live alone, no pets, so nobody would be looking for me.

It's usual practice in our firm to dress fairly casually unless we have meetings with clients or appearances in court.  That day I'd worn dress slacks and a nice sport shirt but I always kept a clean dress shirt, tie and blazer in a little closet in my office in case something more formal came up unrepentantly.  In the closet I also had my gym bag, expecting I'd go to the gym after work.  In it I had a towel, shaving stuff, etc., so I was at least in good shape for the next day.  I figured I could wash up and shave in the office men's room the next morning and look neat enough for work.  Fridays are usually more causal around the office anyway.

I had work I could do, it just meant writing out notes on a legal pad for my secretary to type up later, but with the power off and the computers down, there wasn't much for her to do, so I sent her home.

By about eight o'clock I was the only person left in the office and the light was getting too dim to work.  I found a flashlight and extra batteries in my desk and a big scented candle my secretary had on her desk, along with some matches in her top desk drawer.

I was getting hungry and decided I'd walk down to the street and see if I could find someplace open were I could get some food, then come back up to the office for the night.  As I left I grabbed the bag containing the torn up documents and notes and took them along.

When I got down to the street I decided to take the trash to the dumpsters down the alley beside the building.  There was a little light so I turned off the flashlight an put down on the ground by my feet.
I opened the trash bag and tossed the loose scraps into a big dumpster, spreading them around so there'd be less chance of anyone putting anything together.

I'd just turned to leave when a guy stepped out of the shadows and walked over to me.  He scared the shit out of  me!

The alley was getting darker by the second and I couldn't see well at all but I could tell the guy was young, dressed in jeans or dark blue work pants and a T-shirt.

The fucker just walked right up to me and whispered, "want a blow job?"

Then, of course, I assumed the kid was probably a hustler.

I was scared to death.  I've only rarely gotten involved in such anonymous sex, but I was horny as hell and completely turned on by the situation.

I just whispered back, "how much," assuming the guy wanted to be paid.  Nothing more said, the guy just knelt down, opened my fly and pulled out my dick.  I was already getting hard but he stroked me a little and brought me to a full erection, then started licking the head of my cock.

The kid knew what he was doing.  He took me full length and started working fast and hard.  It didn't last long but it was truly hot.  When I came he held on and took my load, looking up at me with his big eyes wide open.

When I'd sucked me dry and licked me clean, he just stood up, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

I hadn't realized that as he rose he'd picked up my flashlight.  He handed it to me and I thought he sort of grinned but it was really too dark by then to tell.  I was tempted to turn on the flashlight and get a better look at him but thought that might not be too cool.  Instead I just stood there trying to juggle the flashlight while I zipped myself up.

But I did get a brief look at him after all.  As he walked away from me, down the alley toward the street, he was illuminated for a second is a pool of dim light.  It was at that moment that he turned and looked back over his shoulder at me and I realized I knew him.  I didn't know his name, but he was a kid who worked in office building were our firm's offices were located.  I remembered that he was some sort of maintenance man.

Needless to say, I'll be watching for him.

Matt P.