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Mido the Egyptian gay

Chapter II

After sucking Tiger's dick, I went home to my room. I felt so bad; I had the worst feeling I ever had. I stayed in my room the rest of the night, and when everyone was asleep and no one could hear me, I cried. I don't know why I cried, I really enjoyed what I did, but because I knew that if anyone knew, I will not be able to deny it and. . . . I cried and cried and cried until the next morning.

I didn't want my family to be suspicious, so I tried to act as normal as I could and it worked. For the next couple of days I tried not to pass by the building Tiger was working at. I took very long ways to go to college for not seeing him. I didn't know if I want to repeat what happened or no. I was also afraid that he could have told his friends about me and if he saw me, he would say that I am the one that sucked him.

After about 10 days, I finished college late and I thought it was safe to pas by the building because everyone would have gone by that time. However, after passing the building by a couple of meters, I heard someone calling my name. I thought it was a colleague of mine wants to tell me something. When I turned around it was Tiger running in my direction. I didn't know what to do, I just did nothing but waiting for him to come to me.

He put his hands on my shoulder and smiled this great smile he has and said "Where are you? I was worried about you?"

"I am busy these days" I said

"You had strange feelings about last time. Right?" he asked

"Yes. I did a lot" I answered while looking downwards

"Wanna talk? You can tell me everything" He said

I found that I have no one to talk to about my feelings except him so I agreed "Yes I think I can talk to you" I said

"OK, then come with me" He said

We went to the dark place we were last time. He asked me if I wanted tea and I agreed. He started the conversation as usual

"Are you afraid of me, Mido?" he asked

I didn't know what to say. I was afraid that he tells someone about me.

"No I am not afraid of you" I said

"Then why are you afraid of what happened?" He said

"I am afraid that any one knows about it. It would be a very great problem and . . . "I said while tears gathered in my eyes

He moved and sat beside me. He put a hand on my back and the other on my leg. He moved me closer to him and said

"Don't fear that. What is between us will remain between us. OK?" he said

"Yes, I think so" I said

He moved closer and put his lips on mine the same like last time. This time I kissed him back. Actually I was the one kissing; he was just enjoying the kiss. I moved a little that my body was completely in front of his. I put my hands on his hand. He was wearing the same like last time. I moved my hand on his muscles really enjoying it.

I moved my mouth to his cheeks kissing them and liking them with my tongue. I then moved downwards to his chin then I kissed his neck. I stayed kissing for some time then I realized what I was doing and stopped.

"What's the problem now?" He asked in a hard way

"I thought you didn't like what I was doing" I answered in fear of his way of asking

"I liked it very much. Just do what you want to do" He said

I put my hands on his hands again staring from his fingers and moving upwards. I touched the hair on his hands then I reached his elbows. After, I touched his muscles, really liked to touch the strong muscles he had. I moved my hands to his chest; he was still wearing his T-shirt although, I was able to feel his nipples. I liked the feeling so much that I looked at him and smiled.

"Take the T-shirt off me" He ordered

I did as I was told. He was completely topless now. I put my hands on his nipples again.

His nipples were neither large nor too small. Hair was around it from all sides. His nipples became hard after some time. I moved my head near his chest; he had this awful great smell that I like. I licked his entire chest with my tongue more that 10 times then I concentrated on his nipples. I was able to take his nipple between my teeth and when I squeezed on it, he gave out a loud moan.

"This was great, do it again on the other one" he said

I did as I was told and he ordered me to do it again and again. He really enjoyed it. After a while, he put his hand on my head and played with my hair. "You are so nice, did you want to prevent us from all this?" he said.

He held my head with both hands and moved it to his face and kissed me. The kiss was so hard; he moved his tongue in my mouth and was moving it in my mouth all around. He stayed kissing me for a minute or two that I was going to choke because I was not able to breathe properly.

When the kiss was finished, he moved my head away a little then he kissed me again. He kissed my cheeks and moved towards my ears. When he reached my ears, he whispered saying "Get naked, now"

I was shocked of what he said at first so I pushed him a little away from me.

"What is it?" he asked

"Why do you want me naked?" I said

"What are you afraid of?" He asked

I remained silent for a while thinking of what to do. I wondered if he wanted to fuck me. I wasn't ready to get fucked yet.

"I have to leave" I said while moving away from him

He caught me quickly and held my head again.

"I will never make you do something you don't wanna do. If you don't want to get naked, it is OK. I just wanted both of us to be naked" he said

I was still afraid but I didn't want to leave actually so I took off my clothes as he wanted except for my underwear. And he didn't complain.

"Come and take off my trousers now" he said.

I moved towards him, got down on my knees. I moved my hands on his trousers from his knees upwards towards his dick. I was able to feel his dick so well. I started taking off his trousers. He was wearing blue underwear which was dirty and smelly. I took off his trousers completely. I felt his dick again; it was easier to feel it now. I kissed all over the underwear enjoying the smell.

I took off his underwear and touched his dick. It was hard so I took it in my mouth directly and started sucking it. I was moving it in and out of my mouth. He put his hands on my shoulder and moved it on my back until he reached my ass. He put his hands on my underwear and moved his hands in round motion. This made me so hot so I got out my dick and I jacked it off. He knew that I liked it so he moved my underwear until my ass was in the air. He put his hands on my bare ass and squeezed it a little. That made me so hot. The feeling of his hands on my ass made me so hot.

He was bending over me now, feeling my ass with his hands. I had his dick in my mouth and I was sucking it. My dick was hard now; the feeling of his hand on my ass made my dick gets hard so fast. He pushed my cheeks apart and his fingers were touching my ass hole. I knew that he will put a finger in my ass. I wanted to try something up my ass but that will make him think that he can fuck me. That made me so frightened, so I took his dick out of my mouth and pushed him away a little bit and stood up.

"Sorry, I am not ready for this. I can't have it." I said

"OK. That is OK." He said while moving towards me. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug saying "this is OK. I will never do anything you don't wanna do"

After that, he lay down on the floor and pointed to me to lie down. I lay down beside him and I put my hand on his chest touching it. Then I took his dick in my hand and started moving my hand up and down. He was getting so hard and he was going to cum any time. I was so hard and was going to cum. I kissed his chest while my hand playing with his dick. My other hand was on my dick playing with it.

"Oh, Oh" he said and cum came out of his dick shot after shot. That me shot out my cum too. Cum was on our bodies and the floor now. I wanted to try and taste cum before but I was hesitating about it. However, I gathered my braveness and started licking the cum on his chest. It felt great to lick it from his hairy chest. I was moving upwards till I reached his neck.

"I never had sex this way before" he said

I sat down beside him my hands paying with the hair on his chest

"I liked it so much" I said,

I looked at my watch and it was so late so I wear my clothes and was leaving.

"Hey, can I have a kiss before you leave" he said

He was still naked. I moved towards him, put my hands on his chest, and put my lips on his lips. We kissed for some time. Then, I moved away to leave.

"When will I see you again?" he asked

"I don't know" I said

"What about tomorrow? He said

"OK when?" I said

"At 5, fine?" he said

"I will be here. Bye" I said

"Bye" he said

We met the next day but this was another story. Read it. It has a lot of surprises and fun.

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