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This story is based on a previous story to understand the sequence. Starting with chapter III will make you missed up. So go and read chapter I & II then read this chapter and the rest chapters afterwards.

Mido the Egyptian gay

Chapter III

I met Tiger the next day as we had agreed. Work was not finished. I stood waiting for Tiger to come to me as he saw me from the second floor. I was looking at the workers when I noticed this dark man. He was far away from my place but I was able to see him. He was wearing a black t-shirt with no slaves. He had muscular arms. He was also wearing black tight jeans.

"Hi. How are you?" Tiger said suddenly. I didn't recognize he came.

"Oh! Hi, I am fine." I said while my eyes were still looking at this black man.

"Who are you interested in? The black man or the one wearing blue or the short one?" he asked

"No I am just looking. I don't... I am not ..." I said

"It is easy. No problem. I think you like the short one" he said

"He is nice. But I was looking at the black man" I said

"You wanna do it with him? I won't be able to meet you today, I have a lot of work" he said quietly

"No. no." I replied quickly

"There is no problem. It won't be his first time. I will go and ask him" he said and started to walk away.

I think it was a dumb thing to go and tell a man if he is interested in getting sucked. Some men will find it an insult and may start a fight for that. So I will never ask a man something like that. But I think Tiger knew that the guy may agree. Tiger took the guy to talk in private then he looked in my direction. I felt very humiliated. It was my first time with another man than Tiger. I thought of going away but something made me relax and wait. Tiger left the guy and walked towards me while the black man completed his work.

"He agreed. Meet him here after an hour" said Tiger

"Oh my god! Tiger. Are you sure?" I asked

"Mido. Don't fear any thing. It will be ok. Just be cool" he said" I have to go back to work. Don't be late, he won't wait"

"Ok" I said

I was there before the time by 5 minutes.  I was able to see him; he was talking to some other guy. He was still wearing the same clothes. He saw me so he finished his talk and walked towards me. I saw his face close, he was not so black. He had black hair, black mustache, and thick black eyebrows. His eyes were black too but the white of his eyes was very clear especially with his black skin. He had a strict, hard face. He was not smiling at all, completely harsh. Hair was coming out from under his t-shirt as it was loose and a big part of his chest was clear. He looked sexier than I thought.

"Hi. There is an empty room in a building at the end of the street. Let's go." He said without even shaking hands and started to walk away.

He didn't say a word while we were walking. He just walk infront of me and nothing more. He entered a building and took the stairs. We went up the stairs for a long time until we were on the roof of the building. There were some rooms and he went to one of them, opened the door, and went in. I followed him in and he closed the door behind me. It was an empty room, completely empty. It had nothing at all. It was very dirty and smelly. It had only one closed window.

"Let's start, I want to go back to work" he said while getting off his jeans. He was wearing a checkered boxer underneath.

"Come on. Get off your clothes." He said

I started taking of my clothes. I started with my shirt and then my trousers. I was there in my underwear and he was looking at my body. He put his right hand on his cock and moved it upwards lifting up his t-shirt and showing me his stomach.

He had a completely straight hairy sexy stomach. I couldn't stop myself from getting down on my knees in front of him and putting my hand on it. I was sure he didn't have a shower for days maybe weeks. He was very sweaty and smelly. His navel was really dirty but that me so hot so I started kissing and licking his stomach. It was disgusting but I liked it. I wanted to move to his chest but he said "my navel" I understood he wanted me to lick his navel but it was very dirty and I felt disgusted to put my tongue in there. However, I wanted to please him so I started licking his navel and making it clean.

He pushed my head downwards until my face was in front of his boxer. I was able to see he was hard and he had a big one under his boxer. I licked the boundaries of his cock for sometime. Then he pushed my head away and pushed down his boxers getting his monster out for me. It was my second real cock to see, I only saw Tiger's before. I thought Tiger's cock was very good but after I saw that one, I was sure it was not at all. That cock was great; it was large ant not completely hard yet. It was about 8cms when he got it out. It was black and shiny with a lot of hair all around. The top of his dick was red and pointy. He had nice big hairy balls too, which made me so hot.

I liked his balls very much so I started with them. I licked his balls enjoying the touch of the hair. I took each one in my mouth and moved it in my mouth. It was great having his balls I my mouth and my nose on his cock. He put his hand on my head and moved my hair enjoying what I was doing. I licked with my tongue his balls again, it was really exciting, and then I moved my tongue up his cock licking it until I reached the top. I took the top of his cock in my mouth and sucked. His cock was very big; I was only able to take half of his dick in my mouth. I moved his cock in and out of my mouth.

I looked at him; he was enjoying what I was doing, and that me happy and excited. So I sucked his cock more and tried to take more of it in my mouth. I wanted to have all of his cock in my mouth but it was very big. I held his cock in one hand and the other hand was on my cock. I moved his cock in and out taking it in as much as I can. I took hid cock out of my mouth; it was large like a huge can and longer. I was astonished how I was able to take it in my mouth. I licked his cock again. Then I moved my lips on his dick from all around it, giving it a kiss every now and then.

I moved my hand on his stomach from under his t-shirt as he was still wearing it, trying to reach his chest. He knew I wanted to touch his chest so he took off his t-shirt.

"Lick my body now" he said. I didn't wait long. I started licking his body from the hair around his cock and moving upwards. I played with his navel again then I moved to his chest. He had a muscular hairy chest. His nipples were buried under the hair. I searched for his nipples under the hair with my tongue until I found his left nipple. I licked and sucked it for a while then I moved for his right one. He was moaning of pleasure.

I moved back down to his cock. I took it in my mouth back and moved it in and out. He put his hands on my shoulders and moved me back and forth as he moved oppositely. After a while, I was able to take all of his cock in my mouth. It went in to my throat each time he pushed it in. I was enjoying his cock so much that my cock was too hard. I put my hand on it and just after two strokes, I gave out my cum spraying on the floor.

My cum made him more excited, so he fastened his motion and after a short time, he pushed his cock in until my nose was stuck to him, and gave out his cum. He was shooting his cum in my throat directly. I had to swallow every drop. He stayed shooting out his cum for along time that seemed forever. His cum tasted strange after a while, it was hot and it was not cum. He was pissing. I took his cock out of my mouth and took all the liquid in my mouth out.

"What is the matter? You took my cum why not my piss?" he asked

"I don't know. It is disgusting" I said

"Ok. As you want. Wear your clothes now and let's go" he said

I thought he wanted to do more but he was angry. But I will never drink his piss, what will be next then eating shit. I wear my clothes as he did too. We got out off the room.

"Will I see you again?" I asked

"Maybe. I will tell Tiger. Bye." He said and walked away.

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