My Aching Muscles


Hi my name is Anthony and I've been hitting the gym pretty hard the last few months and really seeing improvement in my body. I've got a nice, lean, muscular body with little body fat. I'm weighing in now at 175 and I'm 6' 0" tall. I've been called lean before, but when I strip my clothes off at the gym, people notice and sometimes stare. My tosseled, medium brown hair frames my face, which I think is pretty rugged. I'd like to think I'm a pretty good looking guy at 29 years old. I get hit on by women and men all the time but I rarely tell the girls I love getting fucked by a real man. My quads are nicely developed right down to that tear drop muscle that frames my upper thigh. My ass muscles really rock too. The slight curve in my lower back really makes my ass pop out. Sometimes it's hard finding jeans to fit my 29/30" waist with a huge ass like I have and when I walk and I have to say I think my ass looks fucking hot in some fitted jeans. I love wearing low-waisted jeans to show off my shredded abs and show off my lower abdominal muscle that just dive into the waist of my shorts or pants.

Anyway, I've been so achy and sore over the last couple of weeks of hitting the weights and I'm in need of a good, deep-tissue massage. So I contacted one of my buddies who has been training at the local massage therapy school and he put me in contact with one of his friends Cedric. My friend gave me Cedric's number and address, so I gave him a call to set up an appointment for a good, relaxing massage. Cedric seemed pretty cool on the phone and I was really surprised that he answered his own office number. He had a deep, masculine voice and seemed very knowledgeable about what I was looking for and set up an appointment with me the next day. I had the address and Cedric confirmed that it was correct over the phone. I was really ready to get the knots out of my aching physique. I got a good night's rest, went to work and anticipated the deep massage from Cedric the entire day while at work.

When quitting time rolled around, I headed out of my office and headed over to Cedric's place of business. When I arrived at the address on my g.p.s., I suddenly realized Cedric worked out of his home. I parked my car and walked up to the front door after verifying the address and knocked on the front door. When the door opened, this tall, muscular guy opened the door and said, "Anthony?" I looked back at this stud of a man and I replied, "YES! Cedric?" He confirmed I was at the right place and welcomed me inside. Cedric opened the door and allowed me passage into his home and as I shook his hand, I noticed the massage table in the living room right behind him.

Cedric is about 6' 2" or 6' 3", taller than I am and light brown skin. He must be part Spanish/white or black/white; I honestly wasn't sure or didn't care. Cedric was a beautiful man around 36 years old. Even though he was a little older than I am, he was stunning and exuded a confidence in his demeanor. His body displayed a power I knew could work out the tension in my body. His upper body was very thick with amazing traps that had a huge wing span across his back. His upper shoulders were nice and thick capped off with nice, round deltoids at the top of his arms. His upper body appeared that he could really work out the knots in any man's body without a doubt. His shirt and pants were white, and had a very professional look about him. His shirt was fitted and snug around his bulging biceps. His arms must have been at least 18 or 20 inches and his forearms were littered with veins. The vascularity in his arms was so fucking sexy. His shirt was tapered down and fitted along his abdomen which revealed a very flat stomach with the slightest hint of a 4 or 6 pack washboard abs. His pants were not too loose or too fitted, but you could definitely see that he had very strong, powerful legs and the hottest set of glutes that were snug inside them. I was standing there just forgetting about the massage and aching now for him to fucking plow my hole...a massage from the inside out so to speak.

After some idle chit chat and investigation by Cedric, he found out that I was looking for a full-body massage and that I wanted something firm to really dig into my aching body and get the blood flowing inside me. The room was filled with woodsy incense and some relaxing instrumental music playing in the background. There were candles lit around the room to set the mood for a relaxing environment and dim lighting. Cedric asked me to go into the bathroom and remove my clothing and use the towel he had set aside for the massage and to come out when I was ready. He led the way to the bathroom and opened the door. Very casually, I grazed against his body. He did not move away and allowed it to linger. I felt a stirring in my groin.

On that cue, I went into the bathroom and proceeded to disrobe almost nervously. Once I was completely nude, I reached back and grabbed the towel, looked into the mirror to check my body and headed back out to the living room to meet Cedric. There he was standing near the massage table and he smiled a brilliant white smile and asked me to relax and lay face down on the table and insert my face into the hole at the front of it. Shyly, I go up on top the table, brought the towel back around and laid the nude front part of my body against the leather-padded table. Cedric complemented me on my physique. He said, "No wonder you're aching Anthony...Looks like you've been working really hard in the gym." I confirmed his assumptions, rested my forehead in the padded hole and took a nice deep breath and exhaled.

Cedric was standing on the side of me and asked me where some of the major problem areas of soreness on my body were. I proceeded to explain and as I would explain the areas I wanted him to focus on, Cedric would lightly touch those areas on my body. My body broke out in goose bumps with each gentle touch of his strong fingers. He touched my gently, yet firmly and immediately detected the knots in my muscles and said he'd work those out for me really well.

Cedric pulled his hands away and reached over and put some warming gel on his hands and started to apply it to my upper shoulders and back. With each firm stroke of his warm hands, I felt the tension slowly leaving my body. He consistently worked on my upper traps and shoulders and would start at the center of my upper back and continuously massage the tension out and down towards the extremities of my hands. I literally could feel the tension leaving my body through my finger tips. I must admit I did drool a little from the fantastic sensations of Cedric's strong hands.

Cedric started digging in deeper into my pressure points in my upper back and I could literally feel his weight lean into my body through his hands. When he would find knots in particular areas of my upper back, he would concentrate the pressure and dig deeper to work them out of me. When he felt he had worked over that area of my shoulders properly, he started working his hands lower down my back, always pushing the tension out and towards my arms and hands. When he got to my lower back, I could feel my body tense up slightly. My lower back was firm and muscular and with each touch Cedric applied, my lower back would tighten up as well as my upper glutes on my ass. Cedric gripped my small waist with each hand and squeezed firmly. His hands were like magic and that magic was working my body over in ways I didn't even imagine. Cedric pulled the towel down slightly to start working on my upper glutes and his large, muscular hands gripped each side of my ass and he pushed up. I could feel the gentle, cool air on my exposed ass crack. He focused some attention to that area and while I was daydreaming and enjoying the sensation of this beautiful man rubbing my muscular ass, I was jarred to reality when I heard Cedric murmur a slight whisper of appreciation for my ass... I heard Cedric exhale, "DAMN."

While my face was buried in the padded hole of the table, I smiled to myself knowing this was going places I wasn't expecting, but anticipating nevertheless. Cedric pulled the bottom of the towel up higher on my thighs, exposing my lower ass cheeks to the dim light. Immediately, I felt Cedric's hands dig deep in the back of my upper thigh and his thumbs on each of his hand dug deep into the shadows of my closed thighs. With the pressure he was putting on my upper and inner thighs, I casually arched my back, lifted my ass to adjust the growing hardon and spread my legs for him to get deeper between my thighs. As I spread my thighs, Cedric leaned back and removed his hands. He asked me if I were comfortable. My senses were going wild and my sense of hearing was focused on what Cedric was doing. I heard him reach over and lather up more oil in the palms of his hands. Before I knew it, his hands were right back between my thighs, firmly massaging my inner legs, up and down. He would rub his hands from my bulging calve muscles to my strong inner thighs.

With the last stroke of his hands, I suddenly felt Cedric's fingers graze against my smoothly shaved ball sac and it was my time to moan softly. A concerned voice in Cedric's tone asked, "Is everything okay Anthony?" I exhaled and replied, "This is FANTASTIC!" Cedric continued his firm assault on my relaxing body and he seemed to know exactly where to touch me. He worked his way down to massage the inner soles of my feet and my dick was so fucking hard beneath me. I was relaxed, but also was getting very horny. While he massaged my feet, I was fantasizing about Cedric climbing up on the massage table to shove his dick in my asshole and massage me from the inside as well. I tried to block the dirty visions in my head because my hardon was getting uncomfortable beneath me.

Cedric brought me back to reality and asked me to turn over so he could work on my upper chest and thighs. I moved really slow trying to turn around. When I did turn around, I started turning around so that I could flip over and face this god-like man the entire way around. When I was flipping over, my face was eye-level with what looked like a thick 9" Creole cock straining in the fitted white pants of my new masseuse. I tried not to stare too long, but obviously I did. Cedric looked down at my raging hardon and said, "Looks like you and I have the same problem." We both laughed, but there was a lust in my eyes that he could see.

Without hesitation, Cedric asked the question, "So tell me Anthony...You like having sex with guys?" Without hesitation, I replied, "YES!" Cedric proceeded to say, "Well Anthony, I have to admit from the moment you walked out of my bathroom, I wanted to bend you over, eat your amazing ass out and shove my cock in you."

My mouth fell open and I was caught off guard by Cedric's candor. He looked puzzled and said, "I hope I didn't come off too crass?" I removed my eyes from that extraordinary dick print in his pants, smiled up at him and said, "Dude, I'd love to suck your cock, bring it to the edge, taste your precum, and then let you fuck your load into my ass." Cedric licked his lips and said, "Well FUCK...what are we waiting for Anthony? Let's fuck bro."

Cedric slowly removed the towel from my body, and pushed me back onto the table. He leaned over, and gently sucked on my nipples and tongue-bathed me down my abs to the top of my cock. Suddenly, he put his hands behind my knees and pushed my thighs back and into my chest and started to furiously tongue fuck my hole. NOW I WAS MOANING...that's a massage!

While Cedric was tongue fucking my hole, he was warming it up and making me soaking wet. My 8" cock was rock hard against my abs and leaking precum on my belly. He pulled his tongue out of my ass and squeezed the droplets of precum from the tip of my cock and shoved it in my hole. He used my own precum as lube for his fingers and started to finger fuck my hole and get me warmed up for what looked like a huge creamy chocolate cock.

When he was finished playing with my hole, I could feel the cool air brush against my ass. Cedric stepped back and pulled off his shirt to reveal an amazing body. He looked down at me as I stroked my cock watching him and started to unbutton his pants slowly revealing his fat, 9" cock. When his briefs were pulled down past his cock, his huge dick sprang to attention jutting straight out in front of him and it looked hungry for some hole.

Cedric helped me down from the massage table and when I was down, I got on my knees in front of him and sucked his huge dick into my mouth. I sucked and stroked his dick like a greedy pro. I could taste his sweet-salty precum as it coated my lips and tongue. Cedric leaned over and pulled me up to his lips and gave me a long, deep, passionate kiss to taste his own precum and led me to his bedroom.

Once we got to his bedroom, he asked me to get on my stomach. While I was on my stomach, I felt Cedric spread my thighs. He straddled the back of my thighs with his legs and he spread my ass apart with his strong hands. I could feel the tip of his fat cock brush against my smooth, shaved asshole. I tried to arch my back and push back against his dick head, but he was too heavy for me to move. I moaned softly and patiently waited. I have to say I didn't have to wait too long before I felt the pressure of his big cock rubbing firmly now against my hole.

Cedric leaned over putting more pressure on my hole with his cock and reached into the night stand to grab a bottle of lube. I could hear him greasing up his ram rod and he asked, "You ready for a good fucking Anthony?" I moaned "FUCK YEAH" and shook my ass back at him in assurance. Cedric slapped his greasy palms down on my ass cheeks and spread my muscular glutes apart. He spit on my hole and slapped his hard cock on my hole over and over again filling the room with the wet splatting sounds of his raw cock against my bare hole.

Cedric leaned over some putting the tip of his fat cock on my hole and started to push. I was squirming beneath him and nervous, but oh so fucking horny. Slowly, but firmly, Cedric flexed his hips forward and started to dig his Creole cock into my creamy white. I grunted and listened to Cedric say, "Relax bro. I'm going to go slow. Oh fuck yeah Anthony; there ya go, let that asshole open up dude...AHHHH."

He was sliding that big dick inside me inch by inch and my moans filled the bedroom. My ass muscles instinctively flexed tight and would relax. He reached up and held on to my shoulders for support and thrusted the final inch of his thick cock into my hole until his nuts were grinding against the roundness of my ass cheeks. He was buried balls-deep inside me. All 9" of his cock filled my hole up. He kept it inside me without moving for a few minutes until my hips started to move slightly. Cedric took this as a hint that my hole was ready for a good ass fucking that he knew he would give me.

"OH FUCK ANTHONY, YOUR HOLE IS NICE, TIGHT AND WARM" Cedric said. I smile and moaned at the same time and replied, "DUDE YOUR COCK IS FUCKING THICK! BE GENTLE."

I looked over my shoulders as I said this only to see a smirk on Cedric's face. He said, "Anthony, you're going to love the fucking I'm going to give you. Hang on tight dude."

His hips started a gentle thrust up and down. I could feel his pelvis bump softly into the mound of my ass. With each thrust, he would long-stroke my hole from the tip of his cock to the base of it. Sometimes, he'd flex his ass muscle forward and firmly digging in that last half of inch, only to make me moan and squirm. When Cedric felt like my hole was warmed up enough, his thrusts became quicker and harder. I spread my thighs a little more and arched my back as best I could to take the delivery of this muscle man's cock. The bed started to squeak a little mixed with the sounds of his hips hitting against my ass and my moans.

The room was filled with the sounds of passionate, intense sex and I was in heaven enjoying the skilled precision and fucking talent of this top dude. UGH, UGH, UGH escaped my mouth and MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH escaped his. Cedric was on a mission to fuck my hole and massage the depths of my ass better than was he did with his hands on the outside of my body.

Cedric flipped me over and noticed the pool of precum from my hardon on his comforter. He smiled down at me and said, "You must be loving this dick in your hole huh with all that precum coming out of your dick Anthony." I confirmed with a simple nod of my head and smile. Cedric reached down and spread my thighs with his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs into my chest. Without touching his own cock, he aimed it directly at my hole and drove his hard cock back into my ass. With one stroke all 9" thick inches were buried in me and my cock throbbed and shot out a huge glob of precum on my stomach. Cedric grinned again knowing the skills he possessed as a top and started to fuck my ass again except with more passion and intensity this time. He leaned back on the haunches of his ass, spread my thighs wider and started to hammer my hole.

I reached down and gripped my dripping cock firmly and started to beat my cock off. I could feel the heat in my face and chest from the lust welling up inside me. Cedric started pounding my hole over and over again... "UGH, UGH, UGH, FUCK MY HOLE DUDE, I'M GETTING CLOSE." Cedric tagged my hole and suddenly pulled out. My gaping hole released its grip on Cedric cock and made a PLOPPING SOUND he pulled out. Cedric looked at me with a sex-crazed look in his eyes and said, "YOU WANT MY FAT, MUSCLE COCK BACK IN THAT HOLE ANTHONY? YOU WANT ME TO BREED THAT SMOOTH HOLE AND MAKE YOU NUT DUDE?"


That was all the encouragement Cedric needed. With his hands still holding my thighs apart, he jammed his fucking hard cock back home into my hole. His thrust got harder and harder. My cock was so close to shooting from the relentless ass fucking he was giving me. I reached around and held on to his hard, muscular ass and felt him pummel my hole so hard. Before I knew it, my dick was oozing cum from the hard fucking. I quickly reached back down and gripped my dick in my hand and beat my cock off while his cock continued to pound my ass. My pecs were bouncing on my chest because I was beating my hard dick furiously. I suddenly shot a huge load that hit my neck and exhaled. OOOOH FUCK I'M CUMMING CEDRIC. FUCK IT. YES, FUCK THAT ASS MAN!

The veins in Cedric's arms were bulging and his chest was red from the passion. His expression turned to lust instantly and he said, "YOU WANT MY LOAD ANTHONY? I'M FUCKING CUMMING DUDE...HERE IT COMES, AAAAAAAHHHH FUCK YEAH...UUUUUGGGGGHHH..."

And with those last muttered words, I felt his huge cock thicken even more and I felt it unleash a load like no other...His warm and almost hot load filled my ass up. I have never felt a sensation like this before...I swear his dick came a glass full of cum and it was buried in my ass. As Cedric continued to fuck the last drop of his load into my ass, the sounds of his fucking me sounded wetter and wetter with each thrust.

His body shook and shivered as the last drop of his cum blasted my insides. He exhaled, I exhaled and he collapsed on top of me. We laid there for a few minutes, both of us panting and catching our breath from such a great sexual workout.

When Cedric finally pulled his leaking cock out of my fucked hole, his dick was still rock hard...He just smiled at me and then jumped off the bed into the bathroom to get us a towel. When he walked back into the room with warm, wet towels, I laughed at his still hard dick. He humbly looked down at his dick and said, "I guess I'm kind of blessed." We both laughed...I said back to him, "You'll make someone a great husband someday..." When I got dressed, I thanked him for the massage, paid for his services and told him I'd definitely be in touch for my next appointment. I drove home with a relaxed feeling I hadn't had in a long time. Thanks Cedric! It was well worth it.

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