My Landscaping Stud

August 5, 1997
It involves an 18yo male and a 22yo male.

Mom knocked on my bedroom door and opened it up without waiting for an answer. "Will, you need to wake up. You need to hang around the house today in case the workmen want anything," she said.

My Mom was having the backyard landscaped and the work was beginning this morning.

"Aw Mom, I was up late last night surfing the net," I answered.

"I don't care. I need to leave, so get up and get dressed. They will be here soon. I have a meeting all day and won't be back home until about six."

Grumbling, I rolled out of bed and staggered to the bathroom. I was just wearing a pair of boxers as usual, and I needed to go real bad. Standing there in front of the toilet with my dick in my hand, I was wondering if any of these yard men would be young and hot looking. I felt my cock start to grow as my mind wandered. I shook my dick off, tucked him back in my boxers, and rummaged around my room until I found some shorts and a t-shirt.

Not long after Mom left, the doorbell rang. Two very nice looking guys said they were here to begin working, and introduced themselves as Art and Craig. I showed them around to the side of the house and into the backyard. Craig looked to be about my age; Art was a few years older.

I sat down in the den and started running the remote control through all the cable channels, to see if anything was on I wanted to watch. My hand reached down to scratch my leg, and I felt the muscles in my calf. I flexed my leg muscles as my hand ran up and down my leg, feeling how rock hard I could make my leg feel. I love the feel of a hard body, whether it is mine or another guys. I had worked very hard on my body, and it showed. I had been lifting weights for four years in our school's football program.

Hard muscles always get a reaction from my dick, and it started to stir. I felt the blood moving into my cock, and suddenly my shorts felt much tighter. My mind was wandering again, thinking about a hot pic I had downloaded off the web the night before.

Suddenly, a knock on the back door. It was Art, one of the workmen. He was glowing from the light coating of sweat covering his entire body. He was wearing cut-off jeans and a white tank top that was also wet with his sweat. The tank top was so plastered to his body that it looked like it was a second skin.

"Sorry to bother you, man," Art said, "but could I get a drink of cold water?"

"Sure, no problem," I answered. "How about a Coke?"

"That would be great. It is so hot out here today."

"I can tell!" I said as my eyes ran up and down his body. This man was very well put together. He looked like he could have been a senior in college, and he had dark blonde hair in a buzz cut. He face was beautiful, and I could see that he had a patch of hair between his pecs as his wet shirt clung to his body. He was maybe an inch taller than me and we looked to be have about the same muscular build.

As he stood there in the kitchen drinking his Coke, I took a better look at his legs. They were huge! (Later I found out that he was a Rugby player, and that's why he had those gorgeous Rugby thighs.)

He turned around to return to the backyard, and I noticed that his shorts were also damp with his sweat. As he walked ahead of me, I studied his ass. I was so turned on as I watched his fantastic bubble butt move under that wet denim fabric.

He took another Coke outside to Craig, and I watched as he pitched it to him. They both sat down under a tree to take a break, as Art finished his drink.

Hmmmm . . . I had an idea! I went back to my bedroom because it was not far from the tree they were sitting under. I didn't turn the light on when I entered my room, and I shut the door behind me. The room was dark. I went over to the window and opened the mini-blinds ever so slightly. What a view! I was maybe 10 feet away from these gorgeous guys.

I started rubbing my cock through my shorts, and it wasn't long before my cock was sticking out of the bottom of my shorts. I stuck my hand down through the elastic band, and hauled my big hardening dick out of the top of my shorts. I pulled my t-shirt off and slid my shorts down as my dick got harder and harder. I was standing at that window in the dark, stroking my cock, watching these hot sweaty guys.

Just then, Art started to take off his shirt. I couldn't believe my eyes! His huge arm muscles flexed as he pulled that wet tank top up over his head, revealing a beautiful chest with a great set of pecs. The hair that I had noticed earlier between his pecs was matted down against his skin with sweat. I could see drops of sweat running down his beautifully-tanned skin, rolling across his hard, cut, six-pack abs.

"Wow, I would love to be able to lick those droplets off his hard body," I thought to myself, as I continued to stroke myself. I now had precum all over the end of my shaft, and I was rubbing the precum up and down my dick. I put my finger up to the tip of my tongue and tasted. "So slick and smooth," I thought, as I rolled my precum around against the roof of my mouth.

As I continued to stroke, I thought how I would love to run my hands all over Art's hot hard body. And that's when I saw it. He was sitting with his back against a tree and his legs raised slightly so his elbows could rest on his knees. Art must have really been hot, because hanging out of the left leg of his cut-offs was one of his balls. It was so huge and was so smooth. I imagined taking that monster in my mouth and rolling it around, caressing it with my tongue. And then I felt it. I knew what was about to happen.

It hit the wall beside the window as I let out a low moan. My first spurt of cum was dripping down the wall, and I was cupping my hand under my dick to catch more of it. Art and Craig had turned to look toward my bedroom. I stepped back and away from the window, and I lay down on my bed. I continued pumping my hot cock as the cum sprayed all over my abs and chest. I put my hand up to my mouth and slurped down the jism I had caught in it when I was standing.

I couldn't believe how much cum I had blown. It was everywhere. "That guy Art really turns me on," I thought.

I lay there a few minutes, catching my breath as I milked the last drops of cum out of my cock. Then I got up, cleaned up a little, put my t-shirt and shorts back on, and went back to the den.

I sat there a few minutes, thinking about the two hot men in my backyard. I went over to the back door and watched as they were digging holes to place some shrubs into. Their muscles glistened under the sun with each scoop of dirt that was removed from the ground. Craig had a nice body, but it was nothing compared to Art. His arm and back muscles rippled as I watched, and my dick started getting hard again.

Just then, Art turned around and accidentally stepped into the hole Craig was digging. I could tell from the expression on his face that something had happened, so I went outside.

"I think I twisted my ankle," he said.

"Craig, help me get Art in the house," I answered, and we both helped him hobble into the den and sit in my dad's recliner.

"I think I will be fine if I just sit here a few minutes," Art said. "Craig, why don't you go on back outside and continue with the work."

Art pulled the handle beside the recliner, and the built-in footrest came up.

"Can I take a look at your ankle?" I asked. "I have seen a lot of sprained ankles in football practice."

"Thanks, Will, I would appreciate that," he answered.

My mind was racing. I put my hand out and touched this stud's ankle. It was so warm to the touch. My hand was trembling. His skin felt so good, and I loved the feel of all the hair on his legs under my hand.

"Does that hurt?" I asked as I massaged his ankle.

"A little bit. But it will fine in a few minutes."

"Let me check a little more," I answered as I put both hands on his ankle. I felt of his foot, and ran my hand slightly up his calf. His calf was more muscular than mine, and I would swear he was flexing it for me a little bit. It was so hard to my touch.

I looked at his face, and I could tell he was in a little pain, but he also had a devilish twinkle in his eyes.

"Do you get into muscles, too?" he asked.

"Yep, why do you ask?"

"Because I was standing at the back door earlier before I knocked and I saw you feeling of your leg muscles. It looked like you were getting turned on," he grinned.

I blushed. "Yep, I do get turned on by muscles, I guess."

"Cool. Me, too," Art said. "And I noticed you have a great body there Will."

I realized that all this time while we had been talking, I had still been massaging Art's leg muscles. I looked down at his shorts, and could see down the leg. That big, huge, smooth ball was still there, but now I could see that he had a friend -- Art's huge cock! And it looked like it was moving!

About that time, Art shifted in his seat. I knew what was happening, because it was starting to happen to me too. Art's pants were getting a little tight!

"Maybe you need to lay down a few minutes," I suggested with my own devilish grin. "Let me help you back to my bedroom."

We lowered the recliner, and Art started to stand. I put my arm around his torso to help him to his feet. Wow, this was one solid man. My arm reached around this hot musclestud. His skin felt so good to me, and I couldn't believe I was taking him back to my bedroom! My imagination was going wild.

I helped Art onto my bed and added, "My Mom won't be home until late."

That's all he needed. He grabbed me and pulled me to him and our lips met. I loved the taste of his lips, slightly salty from all of the sweat. My tongue explored his mouth as our lips pressed harder and harder. I ran my tongue along the edge of his chin, feeling the roughness of his beard stubble and tasting the saltiness of his flesh.

I sat up, pulled off my t-shirt, and lay back down beside Art. Our hands roamed all over each other's chest. He flexed his biceps and pecs for me as my hand came near each of them. I wrapped my hand around his arm, and cried out with joy. I could not believe how hard his bicep felt in my hand. I got an instant hard-on.

"I gotta get out of these shorts," I said. I slid them down to reveal my big hard dick sticking through the slit of my boxers. Art unbuttoned his cut-offs, revealing a pair of sexy white briefs, no longer able to contain his huge balls and his giant cock. His cock head was sticking out of the top of his briefs, the elastic holding it tight against his body. And it was climbing up his pecs as it grew longer and thicker.

"Damn, Art, you have a great body and a huge cock," I exclaimed.

"You too, Will," he said, as he pulled me back down on the bed, running his tongue on my chest, sucking slightly at my nipples. "If you let me suck that big cock of yours, it would sure take my mind off the pain in my ankle."

"It's all yours, my landscaping stud!"

I turned around on the bed so that each of us faced the other guy's cock. Art grabbed the base of my shaft with his hand, as his tongue swirled around the top of my dick.

"What do I taste on here Will?" he asked. "Have you already cum today?"

"Well," I answered, slightly embarrassed, "I already shot one load watching you through the window."

"No shit, man. That is so cool. When I first saw you this morning, I thought how hot you looked Will."

"I saw you sitting under the tree with Craig, and I stood in here in the dark thinking about you Art. I shot a gigantic load!"

With that, Art slid my big teen prick all the way down his throat. I could tell he had done this a few times before. He was so wonderful. I was in heaven. And then I felt it, again. I knew what was about to happen for a second time this morning.

It started gushing into his mouth, and we were both moaning in pleasure. My cum was running down his throat, with a little dripping out of the corner of his mouth. Four, five, six, seven big spurts. This guy had a tremendous effect on me. I could not believe how much cum I was spewing.

I pounced on his big cock with my mouth. I was in a frenzy, and loved the salty sweaty taste of his giant dick. I started playing with those big smooth balls, and then I felt them pull up close to his body. I knew what was about to happen to me.

The flood gates opened up. My mouth was instantly filled with his warm wonderful cum, everywhere. I was trying to swallow as best as I could, but there was too much. I pulled my mouth off Art's dick, and the next spurt hit my chin, running down onto my chest. But that wasn't the end. We had struck a gusher here! Art's cock squirted at least three or four more huge ropes of cum all over my chest.

"Man oh man Art, you cum like a spaceship blasting off!"

"Yeppers, my twin cum factories have been working overtime lately, and they haven't had a chance to deposit any of their product in the last few days," he laughed. Art had a wonderful laugh. I could tell he would be a great guy to spend some time with.

"How's that ankle now?" I asked, with a great big smile on my face.

"Much better. Can't feel a thing," he chuckled. "Come here Will and kiss me. I want us to taste each other's cum in our mouths."

That evening, I told my Mom that we needed to think about changing the landscaping of the front yard next!