This is a 100% true story of my first gay relationship and is in woes. It is happening presently, but I will catch you up to date as is continues. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I was out of a serious hetero relationship, and trying my hand at my gay tendencies, and met a guy off of myspace. I originally contacted him because his profile said he was wanting to form a band, and as a drummer, thought I would apply. We started chatting and he asked me if I was really bi which he saw on my profile. I told him I was, and thought he was going to start gay bashing--as he likes country. However, it was my jaw that dropped when he confessed he was gay.

Little background about myself. I am 22, 6' tall, 200 pounds, blondish brown hair, fairly muscular from farming--my job, and have a 7" cut fairly thick cock. He is also 22, about 5'9", brown hair, average build, about same cock, but not as thick.

We kept chatting back and forth over the course of several weeks, when I noticed he was a karaoke kj here in the city. I asked him if I could come to one of his shows, and off I went. When I first saw him in person, I knew I was in love. Funny sense of humor, cute smile, nice ass, and an absolute sweet heart. After his show, I went up and introduced myself to him, and had that awkward moment where you think "is he going to freak out, like me, hate me, or just run away?" We just hit it off and talked all the way to out cars.

I kept going to his shows weekly, because that was the only time I could see him due to my schedule and his. After the shows, we would chat, walk together, flirting up a storm, I falling more and more for him.

It was after one of these nights on the way home, that he text messaged me on my phone, and said "you suck" . I was scared not knowing what I could have done. But, about the same time, he texted me again, and said "the more I see you, the more I like you". I was feeling good.

Here is some more background that now comes into play. He has been planning on moving to Nashville to pursue his singing career--he is very good, and didn't want to get into a relationship. I understood, but at the same time didn't care. Love is something that just doesn't come by every day, and I wanted him to myself.

So, after those text messages, I was feeling better and better. I had finally found someone I really LOVED, girl or guy. The next week, on our way to our cars, I asked if he wanted to come to my truck, and just chat in the heat--cold outside. He said great and off we went. We chatted about three or four minutes, when we just kind of moved into each other, and kissed. We both pulled back, looked at each other, and then just had the most passionate, erotic make out session I have ever been involved in--in the harrahs casino parking lot! We must have made out for 30 minutes, just kissing, feeling each others hard bodies, and playing with each others hair, ears, necks, etc. It was hot.

He eventually had to go, as did I, but a few days later, he came over to the house. That is where we will pick up next time. : )

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