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Nacht Gallerie

I drifted in and out of sleep, not able to realize why I was suddenly on the edge of consciousness.  Something was not right, something was wrong.  My eyes flew open and I was greeted to the horrific sight of my friend HB menacing down at me inches from my face as I lay in bed.

"WAKE UP!!!!" he blared at me, sticking out his tongue and pronouning "up" like the famous "wazzup" budweiser commercial we all know and love.

"Asshole," I mumbled, sitting up and rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes.  Jake was sitting on his bed reading the guide book and trying to figure out a couple of good places to go that night.  I shook my head and yawned and was about to get up when HB pounced on me  and pinned me to the bed.  With his left arm he pinned my arms under my body and with his right arm he started to lightly rapping on my chest, just above the sternum.  This didn't hurt at first, but I knew well enough from experience that in a few minutes my chest was going to be red and aching from the constant pressure.

"Get off, asshole," I yelled annoyed.  He just grinned back mischieviously, and continued to rap on my chest increasing the pressure.  "Dick," I shouted, as I struggled to get out from under him.  He easily outweighed me by 50 pounds.  He was built as solidly as a guy could be, head to toe, and at 6'1" and blacker than the night, he was very intimidating.  Of course, he was one of the nicest guys I knew and I considered him to be among my best college friends.  Needless, to say it was good to have him on my side, and he always had my back.

"All right, we should go to this Augustinerskellar place first and get some food and then head back to the Hofbräuhaus.  From there, we can stay there and then maybe find a club after it closes," Jake called out oblivious, to my physical torture.  Jake was a serious guy and he was a little on the quiet side.  But once he loosened up, he could do some pretty crazy things.

"Jake, get this negro off of me," I called out to Jake as he continued reading.  He looked up from the guidebook and a smile broke his serious expression briefly as he assessed the ridiculous situation.  But then he regained his concentration and glanced back down at the book and returned to his reading.

"Oh, there you go with your racial slurs again.  I'm gonna pound yo' white ass until it turns red!" he joked back at me.

"That might arouse me you know," I said seductively, and pushed my crotch up against his.

"Ah, you queerbag!" he yelped jumping off of me.  My plan had worked.  The beating stopped and I sat up and gingerly rubbed the red marks on my chest.

"One day, I'm gonna grow and I'm gonna be bigger than you, and then you'll be in trouble," I said to HB.

"Yeah, sureWill, my ass!  Get up and get ready.  Do you need to shower?"

"Yeah," I responded.  I got up, grabbed a towel and a clean pair of boxers and made my way to the shared shower on our floor.  I quickly cleansed my body and willed the jetlag out of my system.  Tonight was our last night in Germany already, and soon this trip would be ending.  I needed to wake up!

I got back to our room and got into a clean pair of jeans and a sweater.  I gelled up my hair and stared out of our hotel window down onto the busy streets of Munich.  I watched the traffic go by as I gelled up my curly blond hair in a desperate attempt to tame it.  I learned long ago that my hair had a mind of its own, but I couldn't stand it when it was cut real short so I usually let it grow out thick and curly.  I turned around and stared back in the mirror, satisfied with how my hair looked and then proceeded to brush my teeth.  I vainly checked myself out in the mirror.  I'm 5'10" and nice and slim.  I have an all right body, not really defined, but nicely filled out.  I have a smooth young face, with piercing green eyes and a chiseled jaw.  My hair is a dirty blond mix, and as I said, is usually pretty wild.  Rest assured, I'm good looking!

Jake broke my self-admiration and asked, "You gonna stare at yourself all night there?"

"I probably could," I said, running my fingers through my hair.

Jake laughed and pushed me aside.  "Some of us have to get ready too."

We left our hotel and I glanced down at my watch.  It was 6:15 pm.  I had napped for a good two hours and I felt confident I'd be ready to hit the nightlife of Munich invigorated.  This was our third day in Germany and I was the only one who hadn't gotten any ass yet.  HB had gone home with a girl the first night, and Jake had spent the better part of last night smacking face with a girl at the club we were at last night.  Of course not that I was jealous of them.  I had no use for German girls any more than I had a use for American ones.  It was just kind of hard to meet people when you travelled around with two straight guys.

We had just graduated from Penn State in December, and our goal was to go to Europe for a last fling before we all had to start working.  We all had been before, but this time we were going farther east than any of us had been.  After a brief stint in Munich, we planned on going to the Czech Republic, then Poland, and then Hungary.  And of course, we had made a pact that we wouldn't step foot inside a museum unless it was a musuem that involved beer or other alcohol.  We had gotten enough of the ABC's our first time in Europe (Another Bloody Church, Another Bloody Cathedral, Another Bloody Castle).

So tonight was our last night in Munich.  The next morning we were hopping on a train to Prague for their New Year's Eve celebration.  I was feeling pretty damned horny and was definitely looking to score that night.  I wanted to hook up with a German.  They intrigued me.  I loved listening to them talk.  German is such a cool language.  Its so harsh and authoritative sounding.  My last two semesters at school I had taken two German classes.  My grammar was shit and I could hardly get my point across sometimes, but it came in handy.  I was able to order food and beer, and ask for directions, and even make some conversation.  None of the other guys knew German either.

We arrived at the Augustinerskellar after a short ride on the U-Bahn.  We had a great dinner and a couple beers and by the end of the meal our spirtis were up.  The waitress came the with check and barked out to us "Zweiundvierzig Mark."

"Funfzig Mark," I replied, rounding up a couple of Deutschmarks and I handed her a fifty.

"Danke," she replied and cleared away our last round of beers.  We got up from the table and I grabbed my leather jacket.

"Let's go get some pussy," HB said, then looked at me and said, "and well, some dick for you."

My face turned red as I noticed a table of young Germans staring at HB.  "You know, HB, just cause we're in another country doesn't mean they don't understand the word 'pussy'," I said to him.

"Sheeiittt," he said.  "So what."

"Eloquently put, HB," Jake said dryly.  As we left the place and stepped outside we were greeted by a gentle snowfall.  It must have been snowing for a while and the ground had a nice dusting.  I turned around and looked at the outside beer garden covered in snow and it was beautiful.

"Oh this is sweet," I said taking in the winter scene.

"Kodak moment," HB said taking out his camera.  There were two guys talking just outside the front door of the Augustinerskellar and I strode over to them.

"Can you take a picture of us?" I asked in my broken German.

One of the men smiled and broadly and nodded his head.  I handed over mine and HB's cameras and we all posed together in the snow in front of the Augustinerskellar.

After thanking the man, we headed back towards the U-Bahn.  HB started a snowball fight and in the end Jake and I ganged up on him and completely pelted him from head to toe.  As we helped him up off the ground he looked off in the distance and said, "What do you think that place is?"

We turned around and saw an old warehouse about two hundred yards away and below us.  We were standing on a bridge that straddled the U-Bahn tracks.  We watched as several young Germans went up to the door and were stopped by doormen.

"Looks like a club," Jake said.

"It's in the middle of nowhere," I said.  It was surrounded by abandoned and run-down buildings and all this served to give the whole wintry scene a gloomy effect.  "I'd say its probably a rave,"

"Let's check it out," HB said, and bounded down the stairs.  As we approached the building we saw two large bouncers standing by the door behind which a sign said, "Nacht Gallerie".

I paused halfway up the steps and hesitated, and said over my shoulder to my friends, "I don't think we can get in.  It might be private."

One of the bouncers looked over at us and seeming to understand, he waved us up.

"Can I see your ID's, please," he asked with a thick German accent.  This struck me as odd because you don't usually get carded for anything in Germany.

"How old do you have to be?" I asked as I handed him my passport.

"18," he replied.  He then waved me through and handed back my passport.  The other guys were carded as well and followed me in the door.  We went through the entranceway and saw a girl standing next to a cash register.

"Shit," I mumbled to myself.  "Wieviel kostet das?"

"Zwei Mark," the girl responded.

"It's two marks," I said over my shoulder.  HB was peering into the place.  It was huge.  There were only a few people on the dance floor, and lots of people were just standing around talking.

"You guys want to come back later?" HB asked.  "There doesn't seem to be much going on here, yet."

We agreed that maybe we'd come back later and we turned around and went back outside.  We headed back to the U-Bahn.

"That place might be really cool to check out later," Jake said.  "Probably only locals go there."  We had tried to avoid the more touristy places so far (well except the Hofbräuhaus, I mean you can't go to Munich and not go there!!), and tried to talk to only Germans and other Europeans.  There were few tourists over here anyway at this time of year, but anytime we did see Americans we sat far away from them.  We came here to hoist beers with Europeans.  I could talk to any old dumb American back home anytime.  I glanced down at my watch.  It was 7:30.  Maybe around 11pm this place would be more lively.

15 minutes later we walked into the stein swinging, oompa thumping, beer guzzling Hofbräuhaus.  It was packed!  The oompa band was thumping out their marquee hit, "In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus, eins, zwei, g'suffa!" and everyone was swinging their steins in rythm.  My eyes scanned the room for an empty seat and found none.

"Let's head towards the back," I said and we made our way through the giant hall and into the other rooms of the enormous beer hall.  It was packed with vibrant Germans, young and old, some in animated arguments and some sitting back their beers and enjoying the atmosphere of it all.  We walked around for five minutes without finding a table.

"We're going to have to sit with other people," I finally said.

"That's cool," HB said.

"It's the only way to meet some Germans," Jake agreed.  HB jumped out in front and we started searching for a table.  I could hear them chatting about finding a table with some ladies.  I moaned to myself.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a table with two extremely cute guys and a lot of empty room.

I grabbed Jake by his jacket and said, "How about this one.  There's room."

They both agreed and I walked over to the guys and said, "Ist hier noch frei," and motioning towards the empty places along the bench.

The one guy looked at me queerly and then finally said in a British accent, "Sorry chap, I don't speak any German."

I laughed and said in English, "Do you mind if we sit here?"

They shook their heads and we took our places along the bench.  Soon a waiter came by and we ordered three beers (of course!).  Beers there come in these huge steins.  One stein equaled about two and a half beers in an American bar.  These things were so big that I had to hold them with both hands.  I felt like a little kid!

I kept glancing over at the two British guys who were having a quiet conversation.  I could just tell they were gay.  So I decided to start up a conversation.  My libido was definitely itching.

I talked with these two guys for a couple of minutes.  They were pretty nice and we talked about where everyone was from and what we were doing here and so on.  But they were a little bit uptight and after a while they bored me.  I noticed that HB and Jake were talking to a table of guys and girls next to us, and were having a pretty good time.  One guy, who was obviously German, was teaching HB a German toast.  I thought to myself that I would probably enjoy myself more if I joined in this conversation.

The guys and girls sitting at the table were all German, except they were from Northern Germany, and a little town of which I can't remember the name.  A couple of the guys were lookers as were some of the girls.  Probably my biggest mistake had been to teach HB how to say "You're beautiful," in German.  Because he had a nice buzz going on and he decided to try and hit on this one blond girl.

"Du bist schön," he said.  "Du bist himmlisch."

One of the German guys, Markos, looked at HB and said, "That's my girlfriend,"

"Oh shit, I'm sorry man!"

The German started to laugh and said, "No, no it's okay.  I think it was funny!"

We spent most of the night talking to these guys who were all very cool.  They were all 18 except for Markos' girlfriend, who was only 16.  But European teenagers are a lot more mature than American teens.  This girl, Annetta was really cool and really mature.  She could have passed for 21 in the states.

I ended up talking most of the time with a guy called Alexander.  He was HOT!  He was tall, about 6 feet, with soft blue eyes and a smooth round face.  His hair was dirty blond like mine, but it was more brownish and was short.  We talked about all sorts of stuff.  Politics, movies, beer, sports, just about anything that came up.  He spoke English really well so we had a pretty good conversation and I was feeling pretty happy.  This guy was definiteliy a possibility.  When you talk to a guy for an hour and he doesn't mention girls or ask if you have a girlfriend, its pretty clear that he's probably gay.  Maybe this wasn't going to be such a bad night after all, I thought.

As 11 pm and the Hofbräihaus's closing approached, I wanted desperately to make a move with Alexander.  I turned to Jake to suggest we invite our new German friends out with us to that nightclub we had been to.

Just as I was about to get Jake's attention, HB said to Markos, "This place is closing soon.  You guys wanna come with us to this night club we saw earlier?"

"The Nacht Gallerie you mentioned before?" Markos asked.  Obviously they had already mentioned it.  Cool, I thought.  This night just might be picking up.  We all shuffled out of the door of the Hofbrauhaus and into the snowy night.  By this time, the snow had stopped and there were several inches of snow on the ground.

"Kodak moment!" HB shouted and we all posed for each other's cameras outside of the beer hall.  The Germans started talking and they seemed to be discussing Nacht Gallerie.  Shit guys, I hope you can come, I thought to myself.  Especially you, Alexander.

Markos walked back over to us and said, "They have to get back.  They have curfew."

"At the hotel," I asked.

"No, no, they are staying with Alexander's grandmother, and uhh, she made it clear that they must return, umm, early."

Shit, I thought!  I argued with Alexander to come with us to the club and how he was a big boy and didn't need to worry about curfews.

He kept on shaking his head and said, "No, you don't understand my grandmother.  She is, uh, she is, how do you say it, she is pertistent!"

I laughed and shook my head.  "Persitent," I corrected him.  I sighed.  "All right then, but I think we could have had a good time at the club."

"Yes, probably," he said.  "But I need to obey her."

"Ahh he just wants to go back and call his girlfriend," one of the other Germans said to Alexander, clapping him on the back.

"That too," Alexander said.

Cripes.  I could never get it right with European guys.  My gaydar was all thrown off by them.  I was sure that Alexander was gay and now I had just found he had a girlfriend all along.  My hopes of a good night were dashed once again.  But at least Markos was coming with us.  He and his girlfriend were really cool and it would be neat to have a German translator with us in any case.

We went down into the U-Bahn station and said our goodbyes to the rest of the group.  They were heading in a different direction than us and they all piled onto the next train.  We got on our train and were soon on our way back towards the club.  At this time of night, after a few of those huge beers, we were all pretty much soaked to the gills and we loudly sang the Hofbräuhaus song, probably to the delight of the other sober people on the metro.

We got off on the wrong stop and had to go back one station but finally found the right one.  If I could remember where this place was I'd tell you, but I can't.  Sorry.  By this time their was a long line out the door.  HB stopped where he was and we all turned around to look at him.

"Shit," he said.  "Your girlfriend is only 16!  You got to be 18 to get in here!"

Markos and  Annetta looked at each other.  They spoke in German and then Markos turned to me and said, "Here's the plan.  Uhh, take her with you, and uhh say she is your girlfriend, and she'll pretend she's silly American and she just, uhh, forgot her passport.  Okay?"

"Sure, I hope it works."  We got in line and waited for about 10 minutes.  It was almost 12 and the place was definitely starting to pick up.

"I'm glad we waited to get in," HB said.  "This place was dead before."

I nodded my agreement.  We got up to the doors and I hoped the bouncers would recognize us from before.  They just waved us on through and I thought triumphantly that we had gotten in without a hitch.  As we entered the entranceway however, a mean looking bouncer stopped us and asked us for our ID's in German.  Well, I thought to myself as I got ready to play the part of a dumb American (well, I guess its not that big a stretch for me), here goes nothing.

"I'm sorry man, what'd you say?"

He scowled at me annoyingly and repeated in English, "Identification."

"Oh sure," I said.  I grabbed my passport and then looked at Annetta.  "Oh shit, you didn't bring your passport did you."

She shook her head and said in her best American accent, "Shit."  I bit my lip to keep from laughing because her intonation was all wrong.  I hoped the bouncer didn't ask her anything because her accent was horrible.

I turned back to the bouncer.  "Dude, she left her passport back at the hotel.  I didn't think we needed it anyways.  There's no drinking age here is there?" I talked way too fast for the bouncer to understand.  My hope was that he'd get frustrated and just wave us in anyways.

The bouncer shook his head in confusion.  "I need your ID," he said to Annetta.

Desperately I distracted him, "Look, she's my girlfriend, she's my age.  She doesn't have an ID with her.  I mean you saw  my passport.  How old do you need to be.  She's 22."

Another bouncer had heard this engagement and came walking over.  "You two are American?" he asked.  I nodded.  "Where are you from?" he asked motioning for my passport.

"New Jersey," I blurted out without thinking.  Oh shit, why had I said that? I wondered.  I wasn't from New Jersey.  The address on my passport was in Connecticut.  I hoped he wouldn't bother looking at it too closely.  He closed the passport and gave it back to me.

"Can I see your passport?" he asked Annetta.

"She doesn't have one.  She left it in the hotel.  Is there a drinking age here?" I asked naively.

"We have to see some ID to be sure she's 18," he said to me.

"No ID, no entrance," the first bouncer said to me menacingly.

I was starting to despair before the other bouncer said to me, "It's all right.  Go in and have a good time."

We walked in past the bouncers and I breathed a sigh of relief.  "I thought we were in trouble there for a second," I leaned in and whispered to Annetta.  She smiled back and nodded.

"Did I make good American accent?"

I laughed and nodded.  "Sure babe, you could pass for a Yank anyday."

By this time HB, Jake, and Markos had caught up to us.  "Wow, I can't believe that worked," Markos said to me.

"I had to talk my through it," I bragged, "but I played it pretty smooth."

"Bullshit," HB said.  "New Jersey?  What the fuck were you talking about?"

"Eat me," I said and turned towards Annetta.  "Since you're my girlfriend now, allow me to pay your cover," I said to her.

"Oh don't worry, I'll pay her for her Will."  I loved the way none of them could pronounce my name.  They all stressed the 'i' and made it sound like an e.  "Weel" it sounded like.

"No, no my treat," I said handing the girl at the register four marks.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  "Zwei," I said, indicating that I wanted to pay for both of us.

She handed me the money back  "Zwanzig Mark, bitte."

"Zwanzig?  Nicht zwei?"

She shook her head and again said "Zwanzig, bitte."

I turned around to my friends.  "She's charging us twenty marks now," I said exasperated.

"They must have bumped up the price since its later," Jake added.

Markos called my name, "Don't worry, I will pay for her."

"Thanks," I said sheepishly.  I handed the girl a twenty mark note and realized I only had forty marks left with me for the rest of the night and tomorrow until we left for Prague.

We walked in and the place was packed.  We soon realized that what we had seen before had just scratched the surface.  In addition to the large dance floor in front of us, there was a whole other room off towards our left and to our right the club stretched endlessly out, and was teeming with hot and sweaty Germans, bumping and grinding to the house music.  Lights were flashing and the place was hopping.  It was pretty cool.  We walked off to our right to find a place to dance.  The floor was packed so HB suggested we go and try out the other room to the left.

That room was packed as well and we stood around and sweated.  I had kept my jacket with me and not checked at the door because I wanted to save as much money as I could.  The main room was playing house music but this one was playing Gangsta rap.  It all seemed way out of place and we quickly left and went over to the bar near the first dancing stage.  It was then that I noticed there were actually two levels and that the people were packing along the catwalks above us.

"This place is fucking huge," I shouted to Markos above the roar of the music and the crowd.  He nodded back at me.

"Real fucking big, Weel," he said.  I laughed.  "What are you laughing at?" he asked.

"None of you Europeans can say my name right.  Its Will, not Weel.  I just think its funny, that's all."

"Sorry," he said.

"Don't be," I responded, clapping him on the shoulder.  "Let's get some beer."  I walked up to the bar and yelled to the bartender, "Fünf bier, bitte!"

She handed me 7 bottles and then asked for 35 marks.  Great, I thought to myself as I handed over the last of my money, I'm broke.

I passed the beers around to each of us and then tried to twist of the cap.  Now I know that European beers aren't twist off but she hadn't given me a bottle opener or anything so I figured they had to be.  I was wrong.  Markos laughed at me.  "What are you doing?" he asked.

"How do you open these?" I asked.

"Use the openers she gave you," he responded.

"She didn't give me any."

"Let me see your change."  I reached into my pocket and procured the change she had handed me over, among a five mark coin, there were five little plastic pieces that said "Nacht Gallerie" on them.  They resembled guitar picks.  Markos grabbed one and easily cracked it open.

"Oh," I said.  I gripped the plastic piece and tried to crack my beer open with it.  All I succeeded in doing was cracking open the top of my thumb.  "Shit," I yelled, and stuck my thumb in my mouth to suck the blood off of it.  "That hurt,"

Markos and Annetta were laughing at us as HB and Jake also tried unsuccessfully to open their beers.  Markos grabbed my beer and easily flipped off the top.  "Here you are, Ami."

"Thanks," I said, still nursing my thumb.  I raised my beer bottle and toasted our new German friends.  "To happiness, love, and beer," I said.

"To happiness, love, and beer," we all repeated clinking bottles.  "Pröst!"

Markos and Annetta started swinging to the music and HB immediately started cutting up the dance floor.  Jake was an all right dancer and I was left to stand there with a beer in my hand, afraid to go out there and dance.  For you see, I am pitiful.  I am really bad and usually I will do the populations of dance clubs and bars a favor by not going out there and dancing, and saving them the horror of watching me dance.

Jake came over to me after a while and talked to me and we both complained about the ease that HB could pick up women.  Already he was grinding with a girl and she had his hands all over him.  But, when you look like HB, and you have the kind of body he has, its not that hard.  Jake was all right looking, he was white like me except he had short brown hair and a handsome face, that had a bit of a reddish appearance to it.  I guessed he might have been Irish.

I sucked on my beer and scanned the dance floor for "maybe" gays.  I'm sure there had to be some here I might be able to pick up.  I mean, this was Europe.  They know the meaning of the words "sexual freedom."  And for the most part, they're all really tolerant.

Eventually Markos and Annetta came back over with HB.  I was suprised to see HB no longer had his dance partner with him.  "We have to getting back, Will," Markos said to me, stressing his pronunciation of my name.

"To Alexander's grandmothers?"

"No, no," he said.  "We have a hotel."

We said our goodbyes and took a couple of last photographs.  HB had a digital camera and he took down their email addresses so that he could email them the pictures.  And then they were gone, and we were stuck there, probably the only tourists in the whole place.

"We're pilgrims in an unholy land," HB said, doing a fair impression of Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  "Come on, let's go dance," he said pulling on my sweater.

"No I'm fine right here," I said.  I had finished nursing my beer a while ago and was hoping one of them would volunteer to buy me another beer.

"Come and dance."

"I can't dance," I said.

"Of course you can't dance.  You're white.  But you're also gay, so that might even things out.  Come on.  I'll let you dance with me," he said raising an eyebrow.

All of a sudden the last song ended and I couldn't believe what I heard next.  Runaround Sue.  You know, that oldie but goodie.  We had just gone from house Eurotrash techno, to good old American Rock 'N Roll!

Oh man I shoulda known it from the very start
This girl would leave with a broken heart
I tell some people what I'm telling you
I keep away from Run Around Sue!
I couldn't resist this classic and I let HB and Jake drag me out to the dance floor.  Back in 8th grade, some friends and I entered a high school lip syncing contest and performed to this song.  Of course we didn't win, but it was fun as hell and everyone was impressed that we weren't too timid to go compete with a bunch of high schoolers.

So I danced, and I guess I did a fair job at it because I didn't receive any death threats.  After Run Around Sue came She Loves You and then after that, they played the Grease medley.  We couldn't believe what we were hearing.  It all just seemed so surreal.  I was starting to have a better time while dancing, and I had also been checking out a guy out of the corner of my eye.  He was too well dressed not to play for the pink team.  So I started positioning myself so I could be dancing back to back with him on the crowded dance floor.  That's when his girlfriend came out of nowhere and started grinding with him.

Shit! I thought to myself.  I can't friggin' win over here.

HB seemed to know what I was thinking.  "I thought he was too, Will."

"I told you guys, these Europeans throw me off," I said to both of them.  "It's like my gaydar can't cross the Atlantic ocean without getting mucked up!"

They must have played seven or eight classics before they returned to the Eurotrash with a couple of hip-hop songs mixed in.  Once again, my dance moves faltered.  I glanced at my watch and noticed it was 2:30.  The U-Bahn would have stopped running by now.  I saw Jake yawning and HB was pretty tired as well.

"Well you think should be getting home by now?" HB asked us.

I nodded my head so did Jake.  We made our way through the crowds of German youths, swinging and mashing like the night was still young.  And then it hit me.  The night was still young.  This might be the last night I was ever in Munich for the rest of my life.  This would be the last time to travel around with two of my best friends, and just live it up in Europe.  Who knows when we would have two weeks of no responsibilities again in our lifetimes.  When we could wake up and still have a hangover even though it was four in the afternoon.  When the only thing we had to worry about was catching a train to our next destination in Eastern Europe.  When our financial concerns amounted to trying to figure out how many marks to the dollar, koruna to the dollar, zlotny to the dolllar, or forints to the dollar.  When the only things we had to think about was how to ask where the bathrooms were and order beers in a foreign language.  This was our time to celebrate four hard years of work at the university and toast our friendship and our new life as we took those first anxious steps out into the real world of work and worry.  I would be damned if was going to peacefully to bed at 2:30 in the morning!

"Hold up," I shouted.  HB and Jake turned around.  "What are we doing?  When are we ever going to be here again?  HB, in two weeks you're going to be sitting behind the desk in your cubicle at GE, typing code, and wondering what the hell is wrong with the world to force a human being to sit in front of a computer and type for ten hours straight.  Let's fucking live this shit up.  We're in Europe.  We're in Germany for godsakes!  In an abandoned warehouse turned discothèque.  Right now its," I paused looking at my watch, "its 8:30 back in the states.  Our pathetic friends are sitting around the house with their thumbs up their asses wondering what the hell to do.  Maybe they're even getting ready to go bowling right now at the Last Cowboy because there's nothing else to do!  Because they aren't over here, in a nightclub, in Munich, in a throng of crazy people having the time of their goddamned lives!"  When I wanted to be, I could be quite the motivational speaker.

I put my hand out and said, "We're all going to split up, and go out and find a date, and then return here in twenty minutes, and then go home and bang like jackrabbits.  Capiche?"

HB emphatically said, "Hell yeah, I'm down with that!"

"Fuck yeah," Jake said.  They put their hands on top of mine and we sealed the deal and broke our little huddle.  I watched as they walked away.

I will not let myself go home tonight lonely again.  I will go out there and find a guy who is hot as hell and I will bring him home with me and we will fool around.  I tried to pump myself up and started pushing through the throng of people around me, even jostling the guy I originally thought was gay.  That'll teach you dress like us, I snickered to myself.  Somewhere, in the back of my head, I heard a voice that said, Yeah, good luck.  We both know you're just gonna become a little more acquainted with your hand tonight. There was always that self-doubt I carried around with me.

I pushed through the throng of people furiously looking around me.  This felt almost like a contest between myself and I.  Was I really a stud or had I just hooked up so easily in college because it was college.  I felt determined to prove my worth to my own self and I had twenty minutes to do it.

That guy, no!  That guy, probably is but he ain't cute.  That guy, mmm, I wish he was.  Wait maybe he is, no I don't have time for this.  I've only got fifteen minutes left!

After another five minutes of trying to make eye contact and dancing with guys I realized what my problem was.  I was still stone drunk from the Hofbräuhaus and I was walking around and stumbling into people like some fratguy idiot at a sorority function.  I need a beer.

I walked over to the bar and reached for my wallet.  I only had five marks left and I needed seven.  I looked at the five mark coin in my hand and cursed it for not equalling seven.  I looked over at the guy sitting next to me.  He was staring at me.  I smiled.

"Haben Sie zwei Mark, bitte?" I asked him.

"Entschuldigung!  Ein bier, bitte," he called out to the bartender.  I looked at him a little more closely.  He was sitting awkwardly on his stool, as if his body refused to believe that it would support his frail and fragile body.  He had thinning brownish-whitish hair that hung about his head as if it were a toupée.  His features were all too large for his face and his nose was hooked at the end giving him a rather homely complexion.  He was by no means "hot", nor was he "ugly", but he bordered on the brink of respectable.

-Respectable?  Is that what qualifies a guy for you now?  I remember back in high school when you wouldn't let that older kid go down on you because you didn't like the way he treated your friends.  You had standards back then!  Now all a guy has to do is have a pulse and be able to fuck!

-Fuck you!  It ain't like that!

-Your last three hookups say it is!

-That was college!  It's not like that with this guy.  He's a decent looking guy whom I'm sure is really nice and has a neat personality.

-Personality?  You've hardly said five words to him!  Face it, go home, jack off, and save yourself the trouble of paying this guy's taxi fare home!

"Du willst?" the guy said offering the beer to me.

I looked at it and then looked at him.  "I'm sorry," I said.  "No.  Nein danke"  I turned away and walked away from the bar.  Shit.  What was wrong with me?  Maybe it had just been college.  Its easier to get laid there then in a whorehouse that takes Visa.  I pushed my way through the crowd and made my way to the door.  I was staring down at my feet and then looked up at the young people gyrating around me.

Everyone here is happy except for you.  Everyone is dancing with someone except for you.  HB and Jake are talking to girls right now and probably putting in the finsihing touches that will seal the deal with them to spend the night together in an unforgetable dance of passion and ecstacy with the ladies of their choice.  And here you are walking with your hands in your coat looking for the exit door that will allow you to leave this surreal atmosphere and face what you really are; another fag without a fuck, too ashamed to even look someone straight in the eye and let yourself be exposed for the disgrace that you are.

I looked up furiously and rubbed my hands in my eyes.  "Ugggh," I said out loud.  I looked around me.  Another twenty yards and I could be out the door.  I shook my head.  I turned around and surveyed the crowd around me.  Nothing but hot and steamy bodies grinding together, indifferent to my frustrations.  I turned to my right.  I scanned and saw no one of interest.  I turned to my left.  I saw one hot guy who was dancing with another girl and another mediocre guy.  I turned back to my right and saw nothing again.  I turned to my left and saw the hot guy again, rubbing up against her and laughing while the other guy bumped up against her chest.

I zipped up my coat and made my way towards the door.  I walked by the hot guy hoping to at least make eye contact and see what made him tick, what made him happy.  As I walked towards him, not five feet away he looked up at me and met my stare.  I stared him down determined not to look away.  I'd rather him squirm from the uncomfortable feeling I so desperately wished for him to share.  He stared me down.  I stared back at him.  He stared back at me, a blank expression and a cold stare meeting my penetrating gaze.  As I walked closer my eyes traced his, they matched his every movement and he returned my stare.   I was right in front of him by now and was about to walk by.  How could we continue our staring match?  Should I turn around and continue to stare as I walked by?  I was desperately seeking to win this match.

As I walked by him and my eyes continued to move to the right tracing the path of his eyes, I realized with despair that he would win because while my eyes would be straining at their ends, to try an look past the side of my face as I passed him, he was positioned so that his eyes could follow me as I passed him and continue to stare at my back as I walked out of the door, defeated.  I broke my stare and trudged past him, stuffing my hands deeper into my pockets.  I walked another few feet and stopped.

I turned around.  He was still making eye contact with me.  His girlfriend and his other friend were dancing to another song, oblivious to the power struggle that was going on between us.  I felt my fists clench inside my jacket pockets as I continued to stare into his cold yet beautiful eyes.  His thin, youthful face seemed aglow, and seemed to mock me as to who would win our contest.  My feet, totally disconnected from the rest of my body started to walk towards him.  He turned to me and continued staring.  I walked right up to him.  And stopped inches from his face, never breaking my gaze.

The song that was playing ended and another song with which I was familiar started up.  My mind tried to place it, but the majority of its resources were concentrated on the match of which me and my opponent were at war over.

I parted my lips and exposed a white and toothy smile, the smile you give your opponent in a fight right before you deck him in the face.  He parted his lips, and revealed his teeth and smile.

I extended my hand.  "Ich heisse Will."  I expected him to swing at any moment.

"Antonious," he said extending his hand and gripping mine with a warm and powerful embrace.  His eyes never left mine.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his girlfriend and the other guy, or maybe his friend and his friend's girlfriend had stopped dancing and were looking at the two of us.

"Antonious.  Was magst du mit blah blah blah blah sprechen?" the girl called out.  I understood part of it.  Antonious.  What are you doing talking with blah blah blah blah?

He responded to them turning away from my gaze with some harsh words in German of which I didn't understand a word.  He turned back to me and said something to me in German.  I didn't understand a word of it either.

I responded, "Verzeihung, ich verstehe nicht."  I'm sorry I don't understand you. "Ich bin Amerikaner."

He looked at me and then opened his mouth in a warm smile and laughed out loud.  Then he put his hands above his head and started swaying to the song that I knew, but could not place at the moment.

He sang along with the song:

Hip Hop hooray!
Of course!  It was Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty by Nature!  I started dancing to the music and waving my hands above my head as I had seen demonstrated in the video on MTV so very long ago.  Antonious moved in closer to me and I realized that I was grinding with him.  My body moved with the rythym rather well, and I swayed in tune with his gyrations and movements.  As the song went on I put my hands around his waist and he returned, moving in even closer to me as we continued to sway and to dance to the music.  I'm not sure how long I danced with him, or even if I was sure this was really happening to me.  Eventually the song ended abruptly and the beats of another song came ripping out of the speakers.

Within minutes, my body was lost to the new rythyms and swings of this new song and I found myself awkwardly bumping into Antonious' perfectly executed dancing.  "I'm sorry," I started in English.  "I can't dance well."

He looked back at me stupified.  "Was?"

"I said, I do not dance well," perfectly annunciating every word so that he could understand me English.

"Ich spreche keine Englisch," was his response.  I couldn't believe him.  Every European knew at least some English.  This kid had to have  had some English since he was 11.  That was the way most German schools ran.

"Ich kanne nicht tanzen," I said.

He laughed and grabbed my hand, forcing my body into the rythym that he was dancing.  It didn't work too well.  We awkwardly swayed to the rythym for a bit.

Out of nowhere the other guy came in between us and started talking to Antonious in a harsh tone.  I couldn't figure out what was going on.  I didn't understand anything he said, except for "tanzen" to dance and "Ami" slang for American.  Antonious just smiled his cool smile and continued to dance and sway to the music.  I watched his body as it peaked and curved at all the right parts of the song, and swayed smoothly to the beat.  He might have been the best dancer I had ever seen.  He moved so effortlessly!

The other guy, looked at Antonious and shot me a sharp glance.  He moved himself again and positioned himself so that I couldn't even see Antonious.

I turned around and walked away.  This was ridiculous.  I wasn't going to get into a scrap over this!

-You seemed ready enough to punch Antonious in the face for staring back at you!

-That was different!


I didn't know how.  I turned back around.  The other guy was talking to the girl again and Antonious was moving to the music and swaying, oblivious to everything around him.  I suddenly remembered the pact I had made with HB and Jake.  Twenty minutes had to have been up by now.  I made my way back to the center of the floor.  I finally found HB standing by himself and looking around impatiently.

"What's up?" I said to him.


"How'd you make it out?" I asked.

"Sheeesh," he let out a frustrated blast of air from his mouth.  "Let's go home, where's Jake?"

"I actually met someone."  I thought of Antonious dancing back there alone.  Did that count?

"No way.  Why aren't you there right now?"

"I said I'd come back here in twenty minutes, right?"

HB glanced at his watch.  "You're late anyway," he said.

"All right," I admitted.  "I got this incredibly cute guy who digs me.  He is the most incredible dancer I've ever seen.  But I can't dance!  How am I supposed to seal the deal!"

HB laughed heartedly.  "Go and dance," he said.  "The only person that says you can't dance is you.  Just have a good time and don't let your inhibtions get you all right?"

"All right," I said.

He clapped me on the shoulder.  "All right, I'll wait here five more minutes and if you're not back I'm grabbing a taxi home alone."

I turned around and headed back in the direction of Antonious.  I was suddenly in a very jovial mood.  Sure I can dance.  Just have a good time!

- Try not to make an ass of yourself!

- Shutup!

I made my way through the throng of people and quickly spotted Antonious talking and laughing with the girl and the guy.  I walked confidently over to him.  All three looked over at me as I approached and looked right at him.  "Willst du tanzen mit mich?"

"Ja!" he responded emphatically.  He separated himself from his two friends and we started to move together to the music once more.  I couldn't help but notice the look the girl and his friend were giving him.

I asked him if the girl was his girlfriend in my broken German.

"Ist sie deine Freundin?" I said, pointing to the girl.

"Nein," he responded.  And then added something else I didn't catch.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend.  "Hast du eine Freundin?"

"Nein, und du?"

"Nein," I responded, smiling widly.  Of course I didn't have one either.  Why else would I be dancing with him?  "Warum hast du keine Freundin?" I asked him, a devilish smile on my lips..  Why didn't he have a girlfriend?  I almost laughed to myself as I positioned my hands around his waist and pulled him closer to me.

He laughed again, the same laugh as before, and he opened his mouth and tilted his head back as if it was the absolute most funny thing he had ever heard.  It was so adorable.

"You are so cute when you laugh," I said to him in English.  I didn't know how to say it in German.

He shook his head and scrunched up his eyes, trying to understand what I had said.  "Was?"

I repeated what I said in English slowly, hoping that he could understand it.  The blank expression on his face answered my next question.  He really didn't speak any English.  "Du sprechst keine Englisch?" I asked.

"Nein," he said shaking his head.

"Keine!?" I asked desperately.

He opened his mouth, tilted his head back and laughed again.  Goddamned if that wasn't the cutest thing I had ever witnessed a guy do.  "Keine Englisch!" he repeated.  A somewhat slow song came on next, and I realized that he and I were dancing with each other pretty close togther.

"Du bist sehr schön," I told him.  You're really attractive.

"Und du auch," he responded, laughing a bit.  You too.

I noticed the girl staring at me.  "Deine freundin ist eifrig," Your girlfriend is jealous, I teased him.

Antonious turned around and met his sister's glaring eyes.  He turned back and scrunched up his face in disgust.  "Sie ist nicht meine Freundin!  Das ist meine Schwester!"

"Oh you're sister," I blurted out.  "And the guy dancing with her.  Is he your boyfriend?"

He only returned my look, clueless as to what I had said.  I repeated it in German.

"Und der Mann.  Dein Freund?"

Antonious smiled widely and was about to answer when all of a sudden Madonna became the next tune on the DJ's hit list.

Hey Mister DJ put a record on
I wanna dance with my baby
"I love this song!" Antonious exclaimed in German and started to wildly dance and sing along with the tune.  He started singing all the words and to keep pace with him I soon found myself dancing once again.

Except I couldn't keep up.  He seemed to swing to a different beat, and my humble feet and my awkward body couldn't keep up.  Soon I realized that Antonious was starting to drift away from me as he swayed and sung at the top of his lungs the words to the song.

Hey Mister DJ put a record on
I wanna dance with my baby
The other guy started dancing with Antonious and at the same time seemed to be scolding him at the same time.  I kept dancing and soon realized that I was drifting out to the outer fringe of this weird triangle.  Antonious was now dancing excitedly and exclaiming the words at the top of his lungs and dancing with his sister and with this guy.  I found myself dancing alone and started to fall back into that same spiral of self-pity which I had visited before.

I told you, go home, jack off and save yourself the trouble of paying the guy's taxi fare home!

I turned around and walked away from Antonious and his sister, and whoever the hell this other guy was.  I walked back to the center of the dance floor to search for HB and Jake.  They were nowhere to be found and I walked around for several minutes before the dread of the situation hit me.  I didn't know where I was.  I was shitfaced when I got off the U-Bahn.  I couldn't even remember the exact address of our hotel either.  I had a horrible vision of me sleeping in a snowfilled dumpster trying to keep warm with an old worn-out scarf.  I had to find HB and Jake.  There was no way I wanted to be lost in the middle of Munich!  I tore through the crowd and made my way to the bathroom, marked "WC".

Neither of them were in line for it, and despite the hostile cries from those in line, I made my way to the interior only to find that they were not there either.  I walked away from the bathroom and made my way to the front door, pausing to zip up my coat.  I then realized that it had been zipped up to my neck this whole time, since before me and Antonious had had our intense stare-off.  Shit, I thought, I must be going out of my mind that I didn't notice this was zipped up the whole time we were dancing.  That brought me back to the question of Antonious.  I had made a pledge earlier to go and get some ass.  But that pledge and the person who made that pledge seemed so pathetic at this time.

The question that nagged me was where would I be sleeping tonight?  In a dumpster or in my nice and warm hotel room with my two friends?  I bolted for the exit oblivious to Antonious and all my pent up passions.  I didn't want to be left behind.

As soon as I left Nacht Gallerie I saw Jake and HB standing off to the side of the door.  They had just stepped out to get some fresh air.   Of course they wouldn't leave me behind.  They were too good friends to do that.  I turned around and walked back towards them.

"Shit, I thought you guys had left me!"

"What?!" HB exclaimed.  "We've been waiting to hear what the hell happened to you."

I nodded and smiled.  HB reiterated.  "So, what the hell happened to you?  Between you and this guy?"

I thought about Antonious dancing in there, oblivious to me, just enjoying the atmostphere and the song.  "Ahh, I told you HB.  I can't dance."

"You let that get to you," he responded.  I didn't say anything.  He shook his head, "Come on let's go," he said.  "A cab home can't be that expensive if three of us are sharing it."  We walked down the steps of Gallerie Nacht and I took in all that had happened tonight.  Starting with the Augustinerskellar and then the Hofbräuhaus, and then finally, Gallerie Nacht.  We started to trudge home through the swirling snow and the bitter Bavarian breeze.  I thought about my night.

-Is this how you want your last night in Munich to end?

-Sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

-Bullshit!  Show some backbone!

I stopped dead in my tracks as Jake and HB continued to walk towards the road to hail a cab.

"Wait up!" I responded.  They both turned around and looked at me apprehensively.

"I've still got a chance," I said.  HB looked at Jake.  Jake said something to him.  I couldn't read their lips.  What were they saying?

-Get in there, see what you got man!

HB looked back at me.  After a while he said impatiently, "We're waiting!"

I tore around and ran back up the stairs of Nacht Gallerie.  The bouncer stopped me in my tracks.  The mean one, the one who spoke no English.

"Listen, I've already paid my cover, you already carded me and put me through all your shit!  Can you just let me pass?" I asked him, pleadingly.

He waved me through.

I walked right past the lady at the cash register.  She didn't say a word to me.  Perhaps she knew the intensity of my mission.  I walked to where I had last left Antonious, and his sister, and whoever that guy had been.  They were nowhere to be found.  I walked around and around looking for him, but I couldn't find him.  I walked to the bathroom.  They weren't there.  I walked to the other room, the room that was playing gangsta rap before, they weren't there.  I walked back to where I had first seen him near the exit.  Still, they weren't there.  I walked around and around the room until I could stand it no more.  He was gone.

I walked past the bar and I saw him.  He was standing there with his sister and that guy, each with a red drink in a in highball glass in their hands, chatting away in German, oblivious to anything around them.  I figured I had nothing to lose.

"I'm going home," I blurted out in English.  "You wanna come?"

The other guy stood up from his barstool and started to approach me.

"Was?!" Antonious exclaimed, tilting back his head and opening his mouth to the laughter that made him so unforgettably cute.

"Ich gehe nach mein Hôtel.  Du willst mit mir kommen?"

Antonious dropped his mouth open and stared at me perplexed, intrigued at the audacity with which I had asked the question.  His friend stopped in his tracks and stood staring at me, his mouth wide open.  His sister's eyes were wider than saucers.  I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Antonious finally broke the silence.  "Ja.  Jawohl.  Ich komme mit."  He got up and straightened out his clothes.  I suddenly noticed that he had his jacket with him.  He gingerly put it on and regarded his sister's and his friend's accusing faces.  He said something in German to the guy and put his fingers to his mouth and then put his fingers against the side of the guys cheek.  The guy turned his cheek away from Antonious's attempted affection.  Antonious then said something to his sister and German and quickly hugged her.  His hug was not answered.  Meeting only coldness from his two friends he turned to me and said, Okay, are we going? "Gut, wir gehen?"

The situation really didn't hit me fully until we were out into the cold air again.  I was about to go home with this beautiful boy. OK, good.  My game is still good, I had gotten upset over nothing at all.  Right, good.  I hardly spoke any German and this guy spoke no English.  We wouldn't be able to communicate at all! Relax, you'll manage.  All right, I said to myself.  I can manage this.

I looked over at Antonious and really took him in now that we were outside in the parking lot lights, away from the dark and unnatural club lighting.  He was about my weight, and slender, except he seemed to be better built especially in the chest and shoulders.  He wasn't jacked by any means, but through his clothes I could vaguely picture a lean and well proportioned young man.  As my eyes moved up past his shoulders I noticed the fine curves and muscles of his neck which perfectly accented the gentle yet broad slope of his shoulders.  His adam's apple was distinctly pronounced and gave his face a mature and manly look.  He had a nice light complexion and I noticed that his face was smooth and glowing, unaffected by the acne and pimples of most youths his age.  He was clean shaven and I could not detect any sign of whiskers, which led me to believe he had a naturally smooth face.  His face was not rounded nor was it square.  It had a fair figure to it that came down at a gentle angle from his ears which then curved abruptly to form a semi-broad jaw.  His chin was smooth and struck out at the perfect angle to his neck.  His mouth was thin and his lips were a passionate red.  The top row of his perfect white teeth were exposed everytime he smiled.  His nose was thin and fell perfectly in line with his pleasant face.  His eyes were a sharp aqua-blue that contrasted beautifully with his thin and semi-curving dark brown eyebrows.  He wore his hair without too much fanfare.  It was dark brown and of medium length, and it was parted down the middle and fell neatly to both sides of his head.

HB and Jake were huddled close to a van, both their hands shoved deep into their pockets, trying to protect themselves from the wind.  They were talking loudly and rambunctiously from the mixture of the alcohol pulsing through their veins and the cold and gnawing wind.  When they noticed Antonious and I approaching they stopped talking and stared at me in disbelief.  Jake's mouth dropped open and a wry smile started to spread across HB's lips.

"Damn, dude I thought you were joking?  When did you get game?" HB teased me.

"Hey guys, this is Antonious."

"What's up man, what the hell are you doing with this guy?" Jake said, extending his hand.

Antonious grabbed his hand, and that perfect, adorbable, unforgettable smile flashed once again to enjoyment.  He looked over at me and said something to me in German, too quick for me to any of it.

"Was?" I asked him, shaking my head.

Antonious looked back at Jake, still laughing to himself.  He shook his head emphatically and waved his hands in front of him and said "English!  No, no."

"He doesn't speak any English?" Jake asked me.

"Surprisingly, none at all.  Less than I speak German."

"Well shit, you guys'll have a lot to talk about," HB said.

I looked at HB with a broad smile on my lips.  "I knew enough, don't you think?" I asked him.  Then I added, "Where's your ladyfriend?"

"Fuck you," HB said.  We made our way over to the main road to try to catch a taxi.  Jake and HB walked in front, and Antonious and I walking a little bit behind.  On the way over Antonious tried to make small talk with me, saying everything quickly to me in German.  Then I'd tell him I didn't understand and would he repeat it more slowly.  Then he'd repeat it and I'd catch a few words and sometimes I'd be able to answer him, but most of the time I just shook my head.  Eventually I just started nodding at everything he was saying.

We walked for a bit down the main road looking in vain for a taxi.  We saw several, but they all flew by.  "Steve, ask that Jerry how to hail a taxi!" HB said.

"I don't think I know how to ask that," I said.

"Well try," HB continued.  "He sees what we're doing, the guy can't be that clueless.  Hey, Antonious.  Get us a friggin taxi!"

Antonious shook his head, not understanding HB.  "Taxi," HB repeated, slowly and deliberately.

"Oh," Antonious said, and then spouted off something in German I didn't understand.  He whipped a cell phone out of his pocket and ordered us a taxi.  After a minute, he hung up and put the phone back into his jacket's inner pocket.  He informed us that a taxi was on its way.  Then he tried to communicate something else to me which I didn't get.  Eventually it became clear he wanted to know what hotel we were staying in.  After telling him the name and the address, he nodded his head, and said "Okay," in the cutest German accent you could ever imagine.

HB and Jake were talking among themselves and Antonious and I migrated a little bit away from them.  I figured I had to try to talk a little bit more to him.  I started with the simple stuff I knew how to say, like "Where are you from, How old are you, What do you study, Where do you live, What are your hobbies?" and so on.  He was 18 and from a small suburb just north of the city.  The only hobbies he could come up with were dancing and music.  I figured he was one of those die hard clubbers whose only source of enjoyment came from the beats and rythyms of a club.  I told him where I was from, how old I was, what I liked to do, and so on.  Then, when I ran out of things to say an awkward pause came over us.  He asked some more questions in German but I couldn't understand him.  It was coming to my realization that this was going to strictly be a physical hookup, no use for idle chit-chat in between!  Our inability to speak the other's language sealed that fate!

As I was standing trying to think of something to say, Antonious started swaying and humming to himself.  Then he grabbed me and it was like we were in the club all over again.  He started singing, in a pretty bad voice I might add, the Madonna song we had heard earlier.  As my choices were either stand there and shiver in the cold, or dance with a totally fine dude, I chose to dance, as best I could.  He moved his hands down my back and took hold of my ass.  My wide and approving smile gave him the confidence to grasp my ass more firmly and he pulled me in closer to him as we continued to dance in the streets oblivious to the rest of the world.  We looked into each other's eyes and continued to dance to the beat of an unheard song.  I hooked my arms around his waist and started to gently massage his back.  I was staring deeply into his aqua-blue eyes.

As I stared into his beautiful eyes and wondered whether or not to kiss him on the lips or to open my mouth and go for it all, I heard the sounds of my friends calling me back to reality.  A taxi had pulled up and was idling by the side of the road.  We all piled in, Antonious in the front seat, and me, HB, and Jake in the back.  Antonious barked out the name of the hotel and the taxi sped off into the swirling snow.

HB and Jake were in fine moods helped along by the drunkeness of the night.  All three of us were excited that we would be in Prague by the next night.  We all chatted away about what we would do, where we would go, and how much fun new year's eve was going to be.  In the midst of our conversation I would steal a glance into the front seat at Antonious.  He couldn't understand a word we were saying and now and then he would exchange a couple of words with the taxi driver.  Sometimes he would catch my eye and stare back and smile that perfect smile of his at me.  I couldn't hope for the ride to end any quicker.  To my enjoyment, we pulled in front of our hotel ten minutes later.

We piled out of the car and back onto the cold and snowy Munich streets.  We paid for the cab and stumbled up the steps to our hotel, glad for the warmth of the building.  HB and Jake trodded up the stairs exhausted and looking forward to bed, Antonious and I followed close behind trembling with anticipation.  At least I was!

I vaguely wondered what arrangements we could make while since all four of us would be sharing one room.  I had the key to the hotel room and when we reached the fourth floor I went ahead of my two friends and over to the door.  I unlocked and swung it open to our glamorous, $10-a-night room.

HB and Jake went and immediately flopped down on their beds and kicked off their shoes.  Antonious came shyly and inspected the room.  I sat down on my bed and began to undo my shoes.  The other beds were positioned together and away from mine by the window.  My bed was by the door so we would have some privacy.  Antonious looked around the room and at HB and Jake who were slowly stirring their bodies to remove their clothes and toss them by their bags on the floor.  He shook his head, and said something to me in German.  I didn't understand and after a few minutes he laughed and tilted his head back again.  Then he got his cell phone out and dialed a number and walked out into the hallway.

I got up off the bed, closed our bedroom door and followed him out.  He was leaning against the wall waiting for the other person to answer the phone.  I leaned up against him put my arms around his waist.  He looked up at me and smiled a big and wide grin.  I leaned in and rubbed noses with him, gently nudging him with my waist.  Then I stole quick kiss from his lips.  Just as I leaned back from the kiss the other person must have picked up the phone because he started talking to him.  After a minute of questioning the other guy, Antonious seemed excited and handed me the phone.

What could possibly be going on I wondered to myself as I picked up the phone.  I heard a pleasant female voice and for an instant I feared it would be his sister.  "Hello, Steve?" she asked me.

"Yes," I replied, a little perplexed.

"I'm Katrina, Ant's friend.  Sounds like you're a hottie," she told me.  I blushed a bit.  "Ant wants to invite you to a party with us.  There will be a little more privacy here than your hotel room if things go well between you two."

"Ummm," I said contemplating this new development.  "Well..."  I was hesitant about going somewhere with a stranger.  But then, Antonious had come here with me hadn't he?

"It is not far from where you are, Ant will order a taxi for you two.  So I will see you soon, okay?" she said and quickly hung up, before giving me a chance to respond.  I handed the phone back to Antonious.  He pulled me in closer and kissed me on the lips softly.  I threw my arms around him and pulled him in tight.

He broke the kiss and said, "Party."

"Yes," I replied.  "Party."  He took out his cell phone and ordered us another taxi.  I glanced at my watch. It was almost 3:15.  What time did this city go to bed?!

Antonious snapped the phone shut and took me into his arms again.  We stood in the hallway and kissed for several exciting minutes.  As we were beginning to get a little more passionate he broke the kiss and indicated with his watch that we needed to catch the taxi.  I held up my finger and turned back to our door.  I opened it up and peeked into the now darkened room.  "You guys still awake?"  I whispered out.

"Mmm?" I heard Jake grunt half asleep.

"We're going to a party.  I'll catch you guys tomorrow before the train."  I closed the door and went back outside with Antonious.  Luckily, the taxi pulled up just as we walked out the front door.

The taxi ride took ten minutes and brought us to the edge of the city.  The whole time Antonious and I held hands in the back of the taxi and tried to communicate in soft tones.  We stepped out of the cab and Antonious paid (luckily).  We entered an old and run-down building and went up four flights of steps.  Then Antonious led me to a door down the hall on the left.  I could hear the muffled sounds of young people talking and the smell of cigarettes wafted through the crack under the door.  He opened up the door and motioned for me to enter first.  I entered the dark room and rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the dim surroundings.

The first thing I saw was a guy and a girl having sex on a couch in the corner of the small apartment.  She was straddling him with pants and panties pulled down to her kness, and riding his cock which came out from his unbuttoned black pants.  I can't say the atmosphere disappointed me!

As we entered an attactive girl with long blond hair walked over and grabbed Antonious into a bear hug.  They exchanged some words and then he introduced me to her.  "I'm Katrina, but call me Kat," she assured me.  "Antonious was right.  You are a hottie!  Maybe we could have a threesome sometime," she said laughing.  I couldn't tell if she was joking or not and my face turned red from embarrassment.  Antonious took my by the hand and led me over to an empty couch, one without anyone having sex.  There were fifteen or so people in the place.  Most of them were standing near the kitchen table and playing a game which looked an awfully lot like quarters.  They would take a coin and bounce it off the table and try to get it to land in a glass filled with beer.  I sat down on the couch and Antonious walked off somewhere assuring me he'd be right back.  I sat down.  And watched as the couple fucked in front of me, withouth the least bit of self-restraint.

Antonious returned with two frothy beers and sat down on the couch next to me.  "Pröst!" he toasted.  I clinked glasses with him and we sat there and sipped on our beers, and tried to chat.  More and more people kept coming into the apartment and it was starting to get pretty packed.  Everyone was dressed up like they had just come back from the clubs and I was probably the only one wearing jeans.  Shoddy Americans!  Another couple was sitting together in a chair next to our couch and were making out like mad.  I guess this is where people came to get laid after the clubs!  Antonious got up and grabbed my empty glass and was about to get us a refill.

"Wo gehst du?" I asked and grabbed him and pulled him back on top of me.  He fell across my lap and looked up at me and smiled his huge perfect smile.

"Noch ein Bier?" he asked me.

"Nein.  I have what I want here," I said in English.  Antonious sat up and began kissing me passionately.  No one else at the party seemed to mind that two guys were making out so I just went with the flow.  Antonious wouldn't have brought me here if it wasn't kosher.

Antonious got up and positioned himself so that he was facing me and straddling my lap.  He continued to kiss me and our tongues went deep and desperately into each other's mouths.  He started moving his ass back and forth on my lap, swaying gently against my raging hard on.  My hands moved across his chest and started to unbutton his black shirt.  I started at the top and moved down all the way to the bottom.  When I got to the bottom I reached slightly down the front of his pants and pulled out the tucked in shirt.  He was wearing a tight white tee-shirt underneath and his body was absolutely fantastic.  I could see the well-outlined muscles perfectly throught the tight shirt and I massaged them greedily through the fabric.

I was feeling my oats and I was wondering how far I could take this hook up.  I undid the button on his pants and started to slide my hand down the front.  Antonious put up no resistance and I reached in further and started to slip it beneath the boxers that he was wearing.  His only reaction was to break away from the kiss and nibble on my ear.  He moved his body closer to mine to hide what was transpiring.  Confidently I continued the journey down his underwear, enjoying every inch of his flat and toned abdomen.

My hand moved through his pubic hair and finally seized his eager cock.  I wrapped my hand around and started to massage it to get a better idea of how it felt.  I could tell he was big, probably around 6 or 7 inches.  I moved my hand around inside him and felt his tight nut sack and moved my hand all over his cock.  The tip of it was wet from pre-cum.  Antonious continued to nibble on my ears and then started moving down my neck to where it joined my shoulders.  I started to jerk him off slowly, not wanting to attract to much attention.and he moved to my rhthym quite well.  I could do this much better than I could dance!

After a few minutes we had a nice pace going and he was starting to grope at my package.  He didn't try to take it out but he felt and rubbed me up with his hand.  Both of us were oblivious to what was going on around us.  More and more pre-cum was oozing off of his head and I used it to lubricate his dick even more.  He was enjoying every moment of the hookup and he whispered something in my ear which I of course couldn't get.  We started to kiss again and our lips and our tongues smacked against each other loudly.  He tasted so sweet and his soft and smooth face felt wonderful as it moved across mine.

We were interrupted as someone sat next to us on the couch and jounced the cushions.  We both looked over and saw Kat watching us with a gigantic smile on her face.  She said something to Antonious and he laughed a bit nervously.  I positioned the hard on in his pants so that it wouldn't make too much of a bulge and he got off my lap and sat next to Kat.  He didn't notice his unbuttoned pants but Kat did, and looked up at me and met eyes and went into another peal of laughter.  I looked away, a little bit embarrassed.

We started to talk, with Kat to translate for us.  Eventually she convinced us to join the game of "quarters" and we grudgingly agreed.  After ten minutes I finally understood the rules well enough and realized it was similar to our game but not identical.  We both played and since I wasn't used to the weight of the coins we were using I sucked a lot and had to chug quite a bit.  Antonious finally ended my abuse and dragged me away from the game with Kat.  We went and stood in a corner as our couch had been grabbed up by another couple who eagerly took the chance to sit down in the increasingly crowded apartment.  I noticed with amusement that the couple was two guysas well.  I guess we were on the 'gay' couch.

Kat and Antonious had just finished a whispered conversation that they were obviously trying to not let me overhear.  It wouldn't have mattered.  I couldn't understand a word.  Finally Kat leaned over and whispered, "He's convinced me to give up my room for the night.  So you guys are welcome to use it."

"No, I don't want to put you out," I argued.

"Don't worry.  I owe him for favors anyway," she smiled.  She then winked at us and went back over to the game to leave us alone.  Antonious grabbed her and asked her a question quietly.  She laughed and then winked at me.  She dug around in her pocket and handed him something which he quickly closed his hand over.  He then grabbed me by the hand and led me away towards the bedroom in the back of the apartment.

He opened the door and led me into the room.  It was small but pretty nice, with a couple of framed editions of art and a stereo in the far corner of the room.  There was desk with a lamp and some books and papers scattered around it.  The bed was low to the ground and there was a large trunk at the foot of it.  Besides that, there was little else.  I went over and sat down on the bed.  Antonious turned off the main lights and walked over to the lamp.  He turned on the lamp and switched it on.  Then he took of his unbuttoned black shirt and dropped it on the floor.  I watched with pleasure as he stripped off his undershirt.  His back was turned to me but even it was a sight to behold.  It was strong and muscular and his lines were in perfect proportion to the rest of his body.  He draped the teeshirt over the lamp and it served to dim the lights even more and provide a rather romantic glow.  He turned around and started to approach me, pausing to kick off his shoes.

He walked calmly over to the side of the bed.  He then suddenly leaped into the air and landed on top of me and the bed.  He grappled with me playfully and forced me down into a position so that I was on my back and he was propped up over me.  He looked down into my eyes and I returned his gaze.  I noticed his right hand was still clutching the thing that Kat had given him.  My curiousity got the better of me and I broke an arm free and tried to pry open his hand.  He clutched it even tighter and I laughed and struggled to pry it open.  Finally he eased up and I opened his hand to reveal two packaged condoms.

I laughed and looked up at him.  "Well you got some nerve buddy.  You think you're getting lucky tonight?"

Antonious' only reply was a chuckle and he placed the condoms onto the nightstand beside us, easing himself down on top of me.  He took my head into his hands and gently brushed my cheeks.  He tousled my hair and let it slide between his fingers as he delicately ran a hand through it.

He kissed me on the forehead and motioned towards the condoms on the nightstand.  "If you want," he said slowly and clearly in German.

"Maybe," I replied.  Then he raised himself off of me and started to take off my sweater and the tee-shirt underneath it.  He ran his hands up and down my naked chest, kissing it gently and fondling every muscle and crevasse my body had to offer.  His hand slipped down to my crotch and once again he massaged my aching boner.  I grabbed his face and tried to bring it up to mine so that we could kiss but he playfully resisted and moved down out of my reach to my lower body.  He unlaced my shoes and took them and my socks off.  Then he unbuttoned my pants and slowly undid my zipper.  He reached in through my open fly and pulled out my six inch cock.  He looked it up and down first and slowly moved his fingers over it.

I was aching and praying he'd take me into his mouth and my prayers were answered as he carefully slipped it in and engulfed it with his warm and moist mouth.  He ran his tongue over it and moved up and down on it slowly.  Then he took it out and licked his tongue up the back of my cock which sent shivers down my spine.  I leaned back and put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.  He started working me over.

Slowly at first, but then building pace he sucked me off.  He would sometimes pause at the head and work it over with his tongue while his hand worked the base, and sometimes he would suck long and hard, quickening the pace to mix things up.  Within the first couple of minutes I could have cummed but I concentrated and brought my member under control.  I thought of boring things, like baseball, and other stuff that would not excite me so that I could hold out as long as possible.  His warm mouth was sending chills down my spine as he continued to blow me.  Whenever he came off of me and would lick my head, the rest of my cock, wet from his saliva, would feel cold in the air.

Finally as I couldn't take the pace anymore I pulled him off of my cock and exclaimed, "Stop, I don't want to come yet!"  He seemed to understand me and let go of my quivering cock between his lips.  He got back up on the top half of me and we started to kiss again.  I worked my hands through the back of his pants and ran my hands nimbly over his smooth and tight ass.  I hooked my hands around the front of his pants and worked them down and started to push them down past his ass.  He stuck his body up in the air so that I could move his pants down further.  He completed the deal by pushing them down to his ankles and kicked them off so that he was completely naked except for his socks.  I strained my neck to try to check his package out but he was laying back down on top of me and we started to kiss passionately again.  A couple of time I could feel his hard cock brush up against mine.

He stopped kissing me and looked down into my eyes.  I was still lying on my back.  "Fuck me?" he asked.  His face was serious and his eyes were not pleading, but were filled with an intense desire.  I nodded my head.  He smiled and kissed me softly on the forehead.  He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom.  He opened the package and then leaned on his side so that he could put it on me for me.  I finally was able to see his cock.  It was wonderful.  It wasn't too fat, or too slim, or too long, but a nice size.  It probably measured about six and a half, maybe almost seven inches.  It was at least a half inch longer than mine.  I reached my hand down and grabbed his cock and softly worked it over in my hand as he got the condom out of the package.  He took the condom and squeezed the tip as he rolled it down over my dick, making sure there was air at the top.  After he rolled it down to the base I went to get up to get into a position to fuck him.  Instead he pushed me back down onto the bed.  Saying something in German, he sat up on my chest.

Then he slowly started to sit down on my cock.  I grabbed his ass and helped to guide him as he slowly lowered himself onto my cock.  It went in without too much trouble and he scrunched his face just a bit out of pain as the head popped in.  He lowered himself down further and I was amazed as he sat all the way down.  His face was contorted but as my dick went in all the way he leaned his head back and moaned with pleasure as the pain faded away into bliss.

He put his hands onto my chest and grabbed my pec muscles.  He leaned back and then forward feeling the strain of my cock inside his body.  He moaned again and rubbed my chest.  I pushed up gently, straining to get inside him even more.  He moved up with my thrust and held his body up as my body came back down onto the bed.  Then he moved down and let my cock slide back up his ass.  We both moaned with pleasure this time.  He sat up and then back down and I picked up his pace and thrust my hips up when his body came down, and back when his body moved up.  We moved slowly at first and then Antonious opened his eyes and looked into mine.  "Oh fucky, ja!" he said.

He started to move up and down on my cock pushing it in and out at a furious pace.  He closed his eyes and I closed mine and sat back to let him ride me.  I didn't move my hips but kept my hands on his sides as he continued to ride me.  He was groaning and moaning with pleasure.  The feeling for me was unbelieveable.  My cock was safe and warm within his beautiful body.  Everytime he came back down on to me hard I could feel the soft and fuzzy hair of his nuts as it mingled with my pubes.  I reached out and took his cock into my hands.  I jerked a couple of times and then massaged the pre-cum that was leaking out of it onto my stomach.  I took some of his juice and sucked it off of my finger.  He tasted wonderful.  I licked my hand and got it all wet and started to massage his dick.

He was moving up and down on my cock furiously now.  I slipped my hand back and forth over his dick and he soon grabbed my hand and pulled off, he didn't want to come yet either.  He put my hand up to his face and kissed it softly.

"Oh, shit you're so hot, Antonious!" I said out loud.  He continued to fuck and we had been banging for at least five minutes by now.  Everytime I got too close to orgasm I would close my eyes and bite my lip hard and think of something that required concentration.  He would see what I was doing and would slow the pace just enough until I could get back under control.  My hands caressed whatever part of his body I could reach, although I avoided his dick because I wasn't sure I wanted him to come just yet either.  Finally as my hands were moving across his tight chest I couldn't take the fire and pressure that was built up in my cock  I moaned that I was going to come whether or not he was ready.  He thrust up and down hard once more, almost coming all the way off my cock before heading back down.  Then he moved off of me and ripped the condom off just as the first hot spurts of my cum came ripping out.

The first two spurts were tremendous.  One hit me in the face and the other landed halfway up my neck.  Maybe out of passion, maybe out of an attempt to not soil Kat's bed, Antonious quickly swallowed my cock and gulped down the rest of my load, not missing a single drop.  My body convulsed and twisted as he worked every drop out of my grateful and aching cock.  Finally, my loins had pushed all of my pent up anxiety and desires through a steady stream of juice and my cock went limp and dry.  I realized I was gasping for breath and I exhaled deeply the air I had been holding and then inhaled deeply..

My eyes were closed and my head was leaning back against the pillow trying to recover from one of the best orgasms I had ever had.  But I reached up blindly and found Antonious' panting and sweating body and pulled him back to me so that he was lieing on top of me once again.  "That was amazing.  You are so fine," I said.

He just snuggled his face into mine and gently took some of the soft skin of my neck into his mouth.  I pulled him in tight and bear hugged him close to my body.  We lay there for a few minutes as we both recovered our breath.  Despite the fact that he had been dancing and sweating and drinking all night he still smelled good.  His skin was salty from the sweat and he was warm to the touch, but he still smelled and tasted like a man, like a wonderful, beautiful man!

Finally I lifted his head off of my chest where it had been laying and once again kissed him deeply.  We went softly at first, as both of us were exhausted from our previous efforts.  But as we became more passionate I became aware of his swelling cock that had not yet come as we grinded against my own crotch and moaned softly through our kisses.

I didn't feel under any pressure and Antonious made no moves to suggest that he in fact wanted to fuck me.  But the ride that we'd had before was just about the hottest I'd ever had and as long as I had protection I wanted Antonious to have all the benefits and thrills I had enjoyed.  Antonious was nibbling on my neck again, which I assumed was one of his favorite things to do.  I reached and groped around on the nightstand for the condom and as I brought it back onto the bed Antonious looked at it and then at me.

He said something in German.  I didn't understand him and he tried to repeat it.  I shook my head so he just looked at the condom, then looked at me, and asked, "Ja?"

"Ja," I repeated.  And I kissed him once on the lips.  He took the condom from my fingers and ripped open the package.  He straddled me again as he bent down to place it over his hard member.  I helped him trace it down his long shaft and felt with pleasure the soft skin and wonderful veins of his penis.

After it was safely and securely in place he straddled me with his knees on either side of my waist and took his cock in his right hand.  Then he licked his index and middle finger on his left hand.  He started probing me and opening up my hole.  He put both fingers up far into my hole and I grinned at the pleasure that jolted through my body and up my back.  He spread the fingers open inside my body and massaged the hole preparing me for what was to come.  When he felt I was loosened up enough he took his fingers out and with his right hand slowly aimed his dick into my hole.

As he worked to pop his head into my tight hole, he whispered to me in German.  I couldn't know what he was saying but I felt completely relaxed and at peace as his soft and soothing words caressed my ears.  Before I knew what had happened he had popped inside me and was working his way in as far as he could go.  It hurt of course, but I was enjoying every moment of it.  He pushed and pushed and he was as far in as it was possible, because I could feel the pubes at the base of his cock tickling my skin.

"Oh, Will," he said softly.  "Ich liebe dich."  He pulled himself out of me and then pushed back in softly.  I licked my lip and stared into his aqua-blue eyes that were as filled with passion as mine.  He paused to run his hands across my entire chest and stomach.  He concentrated on the feeling of his dick deep inside my body.  He moved his hand to the top of my shoulders and grabbed onto them tightly.  He looked at me and asked in English, "I fuck now?"

"Fuck me," I said slowly and cooly, nodding my approval.

He pulled back and plunged in hard.  "Ja," he said.  He pulled back and thrust in again and grunted once more "Ja."  He started to ride me, with each plunge groaning out his pleasure, as he fucked me long and hard.  The feelings on my inside were incredible.  His hard cock slid back and forth across the skin and muscles inside my ass and the sharp pain that continued to throb served to remind me of the wonderful boy who was inside me.  My hands clasped together around his ass so that I could hug him as he continued to hump me.

He rode me as he continued to strain and groan, and with each gasp his muscles tensed and flexed out from his body.  I especially noticed how the two long muscles that stretched from his neck to his shoulders would flex with each desperate groan that he would let out as he bit his lips, and to watch them gave me pleasure beyond words.  I could feel every inch of his body loving every inch of my body.

We had different interests.  We were from different parts of the world and had different languages and customs.  Neither of us could understand the other in conversation.  At least three times in history had our countries' armed forces clashed with each other in anger.  And yet it was simple - he and I were two human beings, two forms of art, locked in primal passion.

His gasps were becoming sharper and he seemed to be wheezing from the effort.  Each time he rode in and out of me it sent sparks of electricity shooting through my pelvis and radiating down my legs and up my torso.  I glanced down and watched with delight as he pulled back and I took in the sight of the base of his magnificent cock and bushy pubic hair below his sexy and toned stomach, before it all disappeared inside my body so that all I could see was his quivering abdomen gleaning from the release of energy he had just thrust into me.

I found myself moaning hard, almost shouting, with every thrust of his body and in a bid to quiet me down his right hand clasped around my mouth and stifled my testimony.  I licked his hand and started to suck seductively on his index finger vainly wishing I could both suck his cock and feel it inside me at the same time.

The sweat was pouring off of me and pouring off of him, and beads of it rolled of his forehead and fell onto my chest with each powerful thrust he made into my body.  I had never so enjoyed being fucked like this before.

I ran my hands through his hair and tugged at his head in a feeble attempt to let him know how much I was enjoying this and how awesome he was.  He started to sigh softly, and then seemed to whimper before he pulled out of me suddenly and grabbed his cock his hands.  I didn't know what else to do so I sprang up and sat up with my back against the headboard assuming he wanted to shoot on me.  I opened my mouth to let him know that I was willing to swallow him.  He squeezed hard on his dick and his nuts with both hands and almost seemed to be in pain.  But his face was too aglow to be feeling anything but extreme delight.

"Are you gonna cum?" I asked, almost out of breath.

He just held his eyes shut tight and continued to hold onto himself.  He finally ripped the condom off and opened his eyes.  He still had not yet cum.   I opened my mouth again and he understood what I wanted.  He edged up close to me and thrust his cock hard into my open mouth.  As I clamped down around it he grasped my face with both hands and proceeded to continue fucking me, having just wanted to change holes.  He didn't push in too hard, but kept up a steady rhythm and he was now almost shouting with delight and his beautiful and harsh native tongue was streaming out words and sentences beyond my comprehension.  My eyes were wide open yet the only thing I could see were his cock and stomach going in and out of my mouth.  His skin was so smooth and sexy from this closeup and I yearned to explore every part of his body.

His breathing became even more hoarse and labored and his German became high-pitched and he finally said to me, "I cum!"  He thrust once, and then twice more, and then pulled all the way out of my mouth and plunged back in a final time.  Both his hands tightened around my face and held me tight and he sucked in his stomach and I could see clearly every muscle straining from the pleasure and the relief as he climaxed.  The shots of his cum came hard and quick, so fast that I could not count them as they sprang out from his cock and in to the warm confines of my mouth.  Everytime I felt one hit one of the sides of my mouth my spine tingled and I realized again how awesome this guy was.  I greedily swallowed every drop and waited while his cock went limp inside my mouth.

Neither he nor I made any move to end the embrace we were in.  His was leaning with his hands against the wall, with his forehead drooped over slightly, his hips in front of my face and his dick locked away warm and safe inside my mouth.  I was leaning back against the headboard of the bed with his dick in my mouth and my hands wrapped around the backs of his thighs to keep him from falling over.  His whole body was limp and every bit of his strength had seemed to been depleted during his orgasm.

I massaged his thighs for a couple of minutes and kept his weight supported so that he would not fall over.  Finally he pushed himself off of the wall and I grudgingly released his dick from my mouth.  He sat back down on the bed in front of me and looked long and hard at me.  Then he smiled, nodded and stared hard at me through his aqua-blue eyes.  He was trying to express to me what he felt.  I understood perfectly.  If he had said it in words it would have eluded me, but his motions, and his gestures and his eyes had simply told me all there was to tell.  I smiled back and brushed the back of my hand across his smooth chin, then closed my eyes and opened them once more.  He nodded at me.  We had finally figured out how to communicate.  No matter what human beings tend to believe, we are one and the same, divided by languages and customs, but united by emotions.

We fell asleep together, wrapped up safely in each others arms, and dreamed the sweet dreams of which every human yearns.

I awoke refreshed and exuberated, and I was even feeling that before I noticed the wonderful boy still fast asleep in my arms.  He was lying on his side on the left of me.  His head was on my chest and would rise and fall with each breath I took.  His hands were clasped together in a ball that lay on the bed beside my body.  His right leg was in between my legs and his left leg lay on top to complete our sandwich.  His body was beautiful, and the morning sunlight fell gloriously across his perfect body.  His crotch was fully exposed and I took in the sight with awe.  I had experienced so much with this boy, yet I had never seen his penis in its natural state.  He was uncircumsized of course, as most Europeans were.  It was the first time I had ever seen one like that.  My hand carefully moved down and took a hold of his cock and played with his foreskin,  the one I had so long ago lost.

Just then Antonious, my dear Antonious, stirred and opened his eyes, blinking several times.  His sleepy face, confused and squinting from the morning sun was transformed into an angel's face as he fully awoke and realized his surroundings and the glorious events of the past night.  He lifted his head and kissed me on the forehead.

"Will..." he sighed.

"Du schlafst gut?"

"Ja!" he replied.  He hugged me tight almost squeezing the wind out of me for a moment.  I had a train to catch at 1pm and Antonious had matters to attend to as well.  We both got dressed and caressed each other, surprisingly, only mildly.  When we were fully dressed I stood before Antonious unsure of what to do.  I think he felt the same way.  Should I give him my address?  My email address?  We have almost nothing in common and we can't communicate in words.  What would be the point?  But I had never shared such passion with any other man as I shared with this boy.  I would be nuts not to try to communicate with him.  We had had an unbelieveable night that neither of us would ever forget.

My hand disconnected from my brain and the rest of my body and scribbled my email address and my mailing address on a piece of paper.  I handed it to him saying, "Du kannst mich auf Deutsch schreiben."  He nodded and returned the favor with his address and email.  We embraced and hugged each other, and then kissed one last time.  Katrina was sleeping on a couch and after she had been awoken was thanked profusely by both of us in two different languages.  We said our goodbyes and I soon found myself on the street trying to hail a cab.  At one o'clock a train would leave the Ostbahnhof of Munich and carry its passengers to the wonderful gem that is known as Prague.  And I needed to be on that train!

As I sat down in the back seat of the cab and it sped off to bring me to my hotel I exhaled deeply and longingly.  Munich now had a true place in my heart.  I numbly fingered the bottle opener in my pocket that I had received from Nacht Gallerie and thought of all the wonderful people I had met in the last 12 hours.  My hand came across the slip of paper and I grasped it and brought it out to have a closer look.

I believe god, or allah, or jehovah, or buddha, or whatever name or creature you call our creator smiles down upon us.  I believe our god makes each one of us unique and places on the earth a "soul mate", or someone whom we are perfectly suited for; whether or not destiny decides we should meet is of another question.  I looked at the paper and the address and email scrawled upon it, admiring every loop and curve that the writing made.  It was from him.  It was his gift to me from him.  With it came a responsibility of whether or not the information would ever be used again.  I could do whatever I wished with it and he could used the information I had given him in whatever way that he saw fit as well.  That was a mighty power if you really thought about it.

I haven't written him and I haven't heard from him since.

Hey!  This is my sophomore effort at writing a 'nifty' story.  This was long but I wrote a lot of other shit besides sex for a reason.  There were two human beings involved in this story, not just two cocks.  However, the story was fiction so don't bother writing me to ask if it really happened or not.  I really hope you enjoyed it.    Please email me with thoughts, comments, concerns, thanks, German corrections, praise, criticism, berations, stock tips, or suggestions on how to beat a speeding ticket at