This story is based on true experiences at a nude beach with sex between consenting adults. Names have been changed for reasons of privacy. If you are underage or not allowed by law to read this material, please leave now.

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Chapter One


I've always been aware that I have had a curiosity about cocks and what other men have in their pants. And I've always had an infinity for nudity. My mother once told me she could not keep clothes on me till I was nearly six years old. I lived on a farm when I was a very young child. When my mother wanted to find me she would go down to my dad's watermelon patch and she would usually find me naked next to a melon, waiting for her to come get me and the melon.

Fast forward twenty plus years. I've had a few male to male experiences with buds in high school but nothing more. After getting out of college and finding a job I didn't see another cock in the flesh for nearly ten years. That all changed when a friend at work invited me to go with him to a local nude beach. I should point out that in Oregon, where I lived, nude beaches were and are still completely legal. In fact, the state of Oregon operates one, Rooster Rock, as an official state park. But my favorite nude beach was on Sauvies Island, at the far north end of the island, near where the Willamette River met the Columbia River.

My love affair with the beach started when Jed took me to the beach for the first time. I agreed to go because I felt attracted to Jed and wondered if he might have any feelings for men. As it turned out Jed was completely straight but no matter. After going to the beach with Jed a few times along with a cooler of beer and some smoke, I became at home with the beach and quickly discovered a gay section along the north shore. After that 'discovery', my trips to the beach were usually by myself with the hope of finding some anonymous fun.

I should tell you about myself. I'm 6'1, 188 lbs, muscular, dishwater blonde with almost no hair on my ass or legs but a massive bush and hair up my belly and chest to my shoulders. Some Native American blood in my veins from three or four generations back lets me tan as well as any southern California surfer boy. I'm packing an average 6" cut cock that's a very untypical 7+" inches around and a pair of very big hairy balls.

My first few visits to Sauvies were ones of discovery and voyeurism. I would wander around wearing nothing but flip-flops, along the grassy area where the beach would transition to trees and shrubbery, perfect for secluded male to male activities. I quickly learned that some participants didn't mind being watched while others were very private. One hetero couple took pleasure in fucking out in the open, usually drawing a crowd of 10 to 15 gay males, standing around them in a circle jacking off while they watched. It usually ended with multiple streams of cum hitting them from all directions as the dude vocally with loud grunts and groans, unloaded his balls inside his girlfriend's pussy. The circle of jackers would then disperse as the couple came down from their orgasmic high, the dude would dismount, his cock dripping cum, and he and girlfriend would run down into the water to wash off multiple loads of cum from their bodies.

The shrubbery on the backside of the beach area was perfect for circle jerks and group sex. My first sex at the beach was memorable. It was the end of a long day and I was virtually the last one on the beach. I was laying on my blanket, leaning against a rock and by that time I had killed several beers and some weed. I had pumped off a load earlier in the afternoon but I wanted to unload just one more before heading home. I had lubed up my cock with baby oil and was edging a load when over in the shadows I spotted a lean young man, likely a late teenager, partially hidden by bushes, watching me stroke my cock. When he realized I had spotted him, instead of hiding or running, he walked out into the open slowly stroking his dick. I nodded with my head for him to join me and sure enough, he looked around in all directions to make sure no one else was around and then came over. I smiled, motioned with my arm for him to sit and join me. He smiled back and crossed his legs as he squatted next to me.

I offered him a hit and a beer and ask him what he was looking for. He looked down at my hard cock and said "that, in my ass". I could hardly believe my luck, a hot young teenager wanting me to fuck him and no one else around. This, all well before HIV, was more than I could have hoped for. My cock was harder than ever, my cock head a bright purple it was so engorged with blood, with drops of pre leaking out my piss slit. I smiled and said " No problem bud" and he automatically assumed the position on all fours. Lubing his tight hole and my cock with baby oil, I quickly worked one, two and then three fingers in his hole, spreading it repeatedly while he moaned. Within a couple of minutes he was begging me to please fuck him. I knew this kid was no beginner and had taken plenty of man meat. I kneeled behind him, massaged his rosebud with my big purple cock head and pushed, and pushed. Without warning his ring opened and I slid all the way in to the hilt, my bush up tight against his young tight butt cheeks.

"Oh fuck yes, shit, fuck me"...and I did. This was my first outdoor fuck and the beers, weed, and hot young butt, were all too much. Sadly, too quickly I drained my balls into his rectum within a couple of minutes and physically spent, collapsed on his back. As I went soft, I slowly pulled out, told the young kid he was great. He smiled, stood up, with a stream of my man seed running down the crack of his ass. I told him I was a regular on the beach if he wanted a replay. Sadly, I never saw him on the beach ever again but I still remember how fantastic it felt to breed a young butt outdoors for the first time.