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Typical summers in Oregon can be short-lived. Unlike the desert southwest where summers are essentially nine months or more long, availability of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest for nudity outdoors can be unpredictable. When I headed to my favorite nude beach, it was often planned only the day before based on the weather forecast and at sunrise to, hopefully, take advantage of a long day in the sun. I often arrived at the beach before anyone else but occasionally I would be surprised, such as the time I was walking up the beach near the water and was treated to the sight of a hetero couple fucking on a blanket up on the bank above. The dude was on his back and his partner, with her back to me, was bouncing up and down on his long, thick cock. Sometimes I would catch another dude enjoying a morning stroke off, unknowing that I was watching him. Or sometimes I would get settled in with my blanket spread, cooler and weed at hand, and I'd spot another lone male a comfortable distance away.

When this happened, my usual procedure was to stand up stretching my arms towards the sun while showing a full mast hardon. If the other dude was interested he typically responded by standing up showing his hard cock or fondling his cock while looking at you to signify his interest. That usually meant strolling out into the bushes behind the beach for some privacy and man to man fun. But one morning to my pleasant surprise, a young man in his late 20s, looking very hippyish with long hair in a pony tail and a beautiful tan, came strolling down the beach. Carrying a cooler in one hand, with a day pack on his back and a beautiful piece of manhood swinging between his legs, he was a wonderful sight.

As he approached we made eye contact, simultaneously smiling at each other. That prompted my usual casual greeting of "Howdy, how's it going". Without saying a word, he smiled, put down his cooler, took his beach blanket from his pack and spread it next to mine. "It's going great now" was his uninhibited reply along with a wide grin. Having a closer view of him it was evident this young man spent time staying in shape but probably not from gym workouts. He had the muscle structure and tan of someone who worked outdoors doing physical labor. He was lean with only a hint of a six pac and adonis body lines, with a rugged looking layer of brown hair from his balls to his peeks. The sun lighting up his ample pubes and a very manly cut cock, made him a sight to behold.

We launched into small talk chat as if we had known each other for years. The immediate comfort level between us was one of those rare things that happens when the chemistry between two individuals is near-perfect. As we chatted both of our cocks plumped up a bit and in no time we both were semi-hard, without either of us physically touching our cocks. We both knew what we wanted. I suggested we take a stroll into the bushes and my new friend unhesitatingly agreed. I grabbed my bottle of lube (no condoms back in the 'safe' early 80s) and we headed to one of my favorite secluded spots in the bushes.

Because this was Sunday morning, and still quite early, no one else was around. The privacy and chemistry between us was incredible. Without any prompting, my new soon to be fuck bud leaned over against a tree, elevating his beautiful muscular butt cheeks. Quickly, I lubed his hairy crack and hole. The ease with which my fingers entered him and how easily I could spread his hole, told me that he was more than ready for my thick six incher. I should mention that while my cut cock is only six inches long it is six around at the head, nearly seven at midshaft and at the base of my shaft, nearly eight around. And I can't remember it ever receiving a complaint from any bottom that has received it.

I put my hard cock up against my bud's hole and as I suspected, I pushed the head in with ease, just far enough for his ass lips to clamp tight around the back of my cock head. After waiting a few seconds, he told me to go for it, and with one continuous push I buried it balls deep in his beautiful tight butt. But my thickness did elicit a whimper as my bush met his butt cheeks. I ask him if he was ok. He turned his head towards me, smiled and nodded his head. With that I began a slow, paced fuck, my arms holding onto his beautiful ass, accompanied by sighs of enjoyment coming from him as I thrust my cock in and out.

Some men lose their hardons when being fucked but not my friend. He packed a fat seven incher that bounced up and down as I fucked him. After a few minutes he asked if we could switch because he wanted to fuck me. As I love being fucked as much as fucking, I pulled out and switched positions. Lubing me copiously, my young friend quickly had several fingers prepping my hole for his entry. Although his cock shaft was the same thickness from head to base, it was well above average in girth. I knew I was going to enjoy being on the receiving end. I felt his slick, wet cock head at my backdoor, followed by pressure and entry. My hole has such a tactile response that I could literally imagine the shape of his cock head as it entered and withdrew for re-enter. On the re-entry he pushed all the way in, just as I had entered him with my cock. That is the moment of a fuck when you feel as if you and your partner are as one and one to savor.

The apparent privacy of the situation and our chemistry, created perhaps one of the best fucks I've ever experienced. We switched several times over a half hour or longer, wrapping our arms around his other's upper body as we fucked like rabbits, sometimes just holding onto each other and just using our ass muscles to drive our manhood in and out. As our coupling moved towards climax, the sounds of groin and balls slapping butt became louder. Anyone within 100' or so could easily tell what was going on.

As I approached my orgasm, my bud began jacking his cock as he knew I was not going to last another round and we both wanted to unload together. There is something wonderful about being with another man and cuming together simultaneously. There is something very hot about climaxing together and knowing your bud is feeling the same way inside his body as you are at that moment. It becomes a very personal moment that you share with another person to the exclusion of almost everything going on around you. This time was no different, we were both in bliss as we built towards towards the inevitable, sharing our bodies with each other and the ultimate in male bonding.

I knew I was no more than a minute away from emptying my balls. I could feel them drawing up tight against the bottom of my shaft. Just then I spotted a movement out of the corner of my eyes. Turning my head ever so slightly I could see another young man, maybe 20 years old, wearing nothing but a baseball cap, standing over in the bushes, jacking his cock as he watched me fuck my bud. In spite of my sexual level of excitement, the thought of being watched while I fucked, elevated my excitement to a new and never before experienced level. I looked directly at our young voyeur and nodded for him to come closer. Without missing a stroke he walked over and right up to us. I managed a weak smile as I pumped my bud's hole. Meanwhile my bud continued jacking his cock unabated. I knew he was reaching the point of no return and I wanted to be sure that I bred him at the same time. Stepping up the pace a bit I could feel it starting to happen and then that rush. I could feel my bulb contract like an electrical charge, sending my seed exiting. As my cum exploded towards my bud's anal cavity, I could feel the entire length of my shaft expand, like high pressure water out of fire hose. I slammed my cock in as far as I possibly could and held my bud tight as I drained my balls, giving out loud grunts and groans as i planted multiple burst of my seed. At almost the same time that I bred him, he shot a large stream of cum that must have easily landed three or four feet from him, followed by successive smaller squirts. The result no doubt, of my cock head relentlessly massaging his bulb. The visual stimulation was too much for our visitor. Almost as on cue, he unloaded his seed on the ground and on my legs.

After his orgasm, our visitor quickly shook the cum off his cock, gave us a thumbs up, smiled and went on his way. I returned the thumbs up and a smile, without saying a word or pulling out of my bud. Our young visitor was still of that cum and go age but no matter. As our cocks returned to a more flaccid state and we came down from our orgasmic highs, I pulled my cock out of my friend and we headed back to our blankets and a dip in the river to wash and cool off. Later that day we went back deeper into the bushes and enjoyed a near-replay but without a visitor. Somehow it didn't match the excitement of earlier in the day. Now, over thirty years later, that fuck remains one of the best sexual experiences of my life, indelibly burned into my memory till the day I die.