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Unlike west coast nude beaches, where liberalism and public nudity are accepted within predetermined boundaries, Utah nude beaches are illicit, hidden away, illegal and not spoken of, as a result of the guilt ridden hypocrisy created by the state's dominant religion. Alcoholic drinks must be mixed behind barriers to prevent underage minors from seeing alcohol being dispensed in restaurants. Only God knows what catastrophic event might happen if a child or adult might accidentally see a penis, vagina or pair of tits in public. Thus, the concept of legal public nude beaches in Utah is simply not on the radar of the 70% of the population who belong to the dominant religion in the state.

Nude gathering places in Utah are either indoors or within privately owned locations or they are tucked away in secluded spots at lakes, rivers, red rock canyons not frequented by the public at large. When I moved to Utah I started having immediate withdrawal symptoms, desperately missing the legal public nude beaches of Oregon. But I discovered through word of mouth that a non-sanctioned nude beach existed at the Great Salt Lake. A trip of discovery revealed that indeed it did exist, with an area for hetero couples and one for gay/lesbian visitors. Unlike the Oregon beaches, the Great Salt Lake beach covered a vast area, allowing vehicles for travel to the remotest (most private) areas.

All was well again but occasionally, the local police would stage a raid, write a few tickets for indecent exposure and things would then return to normal. Eventually that all came to an end. It was well known among the locals that hung out at the beach that some closeted male staff members of the church headquarters in Salt Lake would frequently come out to the beach on their lunch hours for some quick sexual satisfaction. Whether or not this potential embarrassment was a factor in the closing of the beach and turning it into a wetlands area for local bird life, remains an unknown. Regardless, close it did and local gay and straight sunbathers were forced to move on.

The 'unofficial' beach area did move about 30 miles farther out, thinning the crowd both in numbers as well as casual sunbathers or gawkers. The result was a more hard core crowd of sunbathers in more ways than one. As with the old location, vehicles allowed driving around at will. One could slowly cruise the area watching sex between consenting adults both on land and in the back of pickup trucks.

Group sex became more common at the 'new' location. One of my more memorable experiences involved a group fuck with five other men who were members at the gym I attended. We had gotten to know each other in the steam room and sauna at my gym, learning who was straight and who wasn't. And we all hung out at the beach when time and schedules allowed.

On this particular day, we all met by coincidence rather than by design. As one person would drive by and recognize another, he would stop for a chat and more, and the number grew. Ultimately, we were all naked, standing around talking and fondling each other. One of the group members was Jose, a young, good looking Latino man with a trim, smooth body and tight bubble butt. Jose also loved being fucked and most of had fucked him before in the steam room at our gym.

After a few beers, some grab assing and bullshit, someone suggested we all take turns fucking Jose while the others watched. Jose was all for being gang banged and the lube, condoms and cock rings came out. I've never been one to be able to keep a hardon with my cock wrapped in latex, so my topping opportunities have become more limited in recent years. But Jose and I were friends, he knew I was healthy, so it was agreed I would be the last one of the group to fuck him. Jose also agreed that I could cum in his butt. By the time my turn came his hole would be wide, red and raw, and because my cock was the thickest of the group, it made sense to save my fuck for the last.

I've always been intrigued by different styles of fucking. Every man develops his style of thrusting, pelvic motions and how he works his cock inside a butt. On that day there was a mix of average long, average thick, longer than average and much thicker than average. Just as Jose and the group agreed my thick cock would be the last to work over Jose's hole, the first one in was average in length and girth and was hanging between the legs of Carl, a mid 30s guy at our gym. Carl was into biking and had the very lean build of a serious road biker. His butt and thigh muscles rippled as he pounded Jose with seemingly endless stamina. I was becoming concerned that Jose might rethink having his butt brutalized by five cocks if the fuck session lasted too long.

Standing in a semi-circle around Jose and Carl, we all casually edged our cocks, saving our loads of course, for Jose's butt. Carl really did know how to fuck and Carl, while average in cock size, was blessed with a set of the largest balls I've ever seen on a man. I squatted behind Carl at a low angle so I could watch his balls slap Jose's butt as his cock with piston-like precision slid in and out. Finally, after about 15 minutes of power fucking Carl started arching and stretching out on tiptoes, I knew he was getting ready to shoot. With a grunt and deep thrusts, he finally came. After a couple of minutes, he came down from his high, pulling out with the condom hanging on the end of his cock, with one of the largest loads of man seed inside that I've seen.

Ryan A 40s something guy with a bit of a belly, a slightly longer than average uncut cock and little body hair, mostly arm pits and a smallish bush, was second in the fuck line. Ryan varied his pace ranging from slow and gentle to jackhammer, lasting about five minutes before he slowed and delivered three or four deep thrusts, signaling he had just delivered the goods. Meanwhile, Pete who was to be next in line, lost it while watching and edging, wasting his cum on the ground. This left just Jason and me to fuck Jose.

Jason was a tall, muscular, mid 20s kid with a 8+ inch cock but not as thick as my very fat 6 incher. By this time Jose's hole was loose and Jason had little problem sliding in balls deep but his length did get Jose's attention. Jose is a small guy, about 5'6", 130 pounds or so. Jason's big one was running out of butt and each full penetration brought a grunt of both pleasure and pain. Fortunately, Jose didn't have to endure Jason's meat for too long. Jason's fuck was a quickie, lasting no more than a couple of minutes before his body stiffened and he unloaded with little noise or fanfare.

By this time Jose was getting a bit tired from the leaning position and wanted to rest. I brought out a camp chair and suggested he simply ride my cock and I would do the work. And that is just what we did. I was eager to cum by this time as my 2" diameter cock ring was feeling extremely tight and my balls and cock were deep purple in color. Being the oldest in the group, I was wearing the cock ring to keep my cock teenage hard and pump up my thick cock even more, knowing that Jose's hole was quite loose by this time.

Getting myself situated in the camp chair, with my cock sticking straight up, Jose lowered himself, sliding right down onto my bush. With that I started thrusting up and down, starting a slow, steady fuck. By this time having watched all the cock and butt action from my gym buds, I knew I wouldn't last too long. After four or five minutes I was close but I wanted to pound out a big finish. I told Jose I wanted to finish doggy. He stood up off my cock and assumed his prior position leaning against the hood of his car and I was right behind him. I slammed my cock back in his butt, hugging him tightly around his chest. We were like two animals in heat as I hammered him. In less than a minute I felt that feeling we men all know and love. I slammed my cock in as deep as possible a few last times, held him tight while I drained my balls accompanied by my loud groans. After a couple of minutes I withdrew my cock, revealing for all a view of Jose's wide open hole, my seed leaking out.

We all agreed, it had been a great day at the beach.