One Night

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead unless otherwise indicated is a coincidence. This story contains sexual situations between consenting adult males. If such offends you feel free to leave now. This story is the property of the author Kewl Dad and should not be reproduced or reposted without his permission.

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One Night
By: Kewl Dad

I couldn't believe I had let my best friend Rodney talk me into coming to one of his parties. I mean they were legendary for debauchery and craziness and I was just not into that scene. I knew he always had a lot of young (but legal) guys around and drugs and alcohol flowed freely. 

The only reason I agreed to come at all was because I was feeling down and thought maybe watching a bunch of horny gay guys have fun might pick up my spirits. I should have known better, but as it turned out it was one night mixed with great joy and great sadness.

A bit about me, I'm Rob and I just turned 60. Like most gay men my age I had come to realize that the world was all about youth. Once you reached a certain age you became undesirable if not a joke. I remembered now when I was a young man and how I had hated the old guys at the bars and the t-rooms, but now I was one of them. Though I wasn't a bad looking guy and I took good care of myself I still felt on the outside.

Rodney's house was set on a hill overlooking Lake Keystone and besides a private beach and boat dock he also had his own moto cross track, a tennis court and a sports field suitable for almost any outdoor sport. Yeah, Rodney was loaded and gay as Ceaser and he liked em young.

Rodney was 50 but unlike me he had no qualms about growing older. He had his good looks and his 8" cock and his money and he was sure that he would always have a stable of hotties to choose from. I guess he felt sorry for me and that's why he invited me that night and well....sort of set up what happened next.

I arrived about 8, which was early, but there were already a few guys there though I suspected that they might have been left over from the previous night's party. It was the weekend and Rodney's parties tended to run together, starting on Friday and ending sometime late Sunday. Then it was back to the corporate world for Rodney and God only knew where for his guests.

Rodney's  house boy Samuel met me at the door and showed me to the the party room and there I found Rodney stretched out on a leather sofa with his head in some shirtless twink's lap.

"Rob, come in. I'm glad you made it. Oh this is Donnie. Say hi to Rob Donnie."

"Hi," the kid said grinning like an idiot. 

I wondered if he was high or just coming down from last night's high.

"Hi Donnie. I see Rodney has made himself at home in your lap," I teased.

"And his ass," Rodney laughed, "and it's a nice ass I must say."

Donnie slapped at him playfully and giggled, "You should know as many times as you were in it last night."

"O...kaaay," I said finding a seat in an expensive looking chair that was as uncomfortable as it looked.

"Sammy," he yelled, "bring Rob a glass of champagne.

"Yes boss," Sammy laughed.

Sammy had been Rodney's houseboy for a long time and though it had started out as a sexual relationship, these days it was more like a friendship, except Sammy got paid. Sammy was Asian and cute as could be, but I'd never really thought of him in a sexual way. Still there was something intriguing about him. Having been with a few Asian guys over the years I had found most to be very passionate and verbal, especially when they orgasmed. Sometimes they'd laugh or cry and it was always a big turn on to know I was having that effect on them.

The champagne was expensive and very good and I began to relax under it's effect. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. I watched as Rodney reached up and began massaging Donnie's cock and I began to get a little aroused, but I hoped he wouldn't go much further. After all sex was a private matter.

"So...when does the party really start?"

" know. There are about six guys here already and more to come later. I don't really set any time limits on my parties. I know Doug and Alex are upstairs fucking and I think Bryan is out in the kitchen. Why you lonely for company or just anxious for it to be over?" He laughed.

"I...well, I'm not sure how long I'll hang around, but it is sort of nice to get out of the house."

"Wanna play with Donnie? I don't mind and I'm sure he doesn't...right Donnie?"

"Sure, that would be fun," Donnie said with a bit too much enthusiasm. I assumed Donnie would do anything to be allowed to hang around and get high and have sex all night.

"As lovely and sexy as you are Donnie, I have to decline. I don't play often  and it's usually with someone closer to my age. No offense intended."

"'s cool, but I'm older than you think...I'm 25."

I looked him over, he could possibly be that age, but it was hard to tell until you saw the whole package. Was I actually considering it?

"Still young enough to be my son," I chuckled.

"I like dad, son play daddy," he said taking on a childish demeanor and lowering his voice.

I laughed, "Well, I'll keep that in mind. Maybe after a few more of these...." I said holding up my champagne glass. From somewhere Sammy swooped in with a refill and I touched his arm gently and thanked him. He was such a sweetheart and sometimes I wondered why he put up with Rodney's bullshit, but I had the feeling that Sammy could hold his own.

"Sammy likes you...a lot," Rodney said when he was out of sight, "he'd trip the light fantastic with you if you ask him. In fact he'd jump at the chance."

"What? No, really? I never really thought of him that way...."

"Well, he thinks of you that way. He has a major daddy complex. I think it has something to do with where he's from. Apparently it's the big thing there."

Interesting information, but I thought of Sammy more as a buddy and to think of him naked and sweaty beneath me was...well, okay a little bit arousing. Still it was best to leave things as they were.

An hour passed and two more glasses of champagne ran down my gullet and I had begun to feel very mellow. Rodney and Donnie were snuggled up kissing now and their hands were roaming all over the place but at least they hadn't gotten naked yet.

The doorbell rang and pretty soon Sammy came in with three more guys in tow. One was an older guy, maybe 45 or so but the other two were very young looking. I knew Rodney never allowed anyone under 21 at his parties so I didn't worry, still they looked young. I guess when you get to my age though, everyone looks young.

"Leo and Sean meet Rob and you know Bart right Rob?"

Suddenly I remembered who the older guy was. His name was Bart Miller and we'd met at one of Rodney's parties about a year ago. Well, actually we'd had sex. In a moment of alcohol induced lust I had gone to bed with Bart and fucked for hours. I'm not saying the sex wasn't good, but there was no chemistry between us and when it was was over.

"Oh hi Bart, how have you been?" I said standing and giving him a bro lower body parts touching.

"Rob, you look great. You should call me sometime...."

We both knew that wasn't going to happen but we pretended anyway. Fortunately Rodney had moved on.

"These two are dancers at my club. They're as talented as they are sexy and I had a pole installed just for the occasion. Later they will delight us with their dancing, but for now SAMMY...get these guys something to drink."

Rodney's party room was especially designed for just that purpose. In addition to a full bar and a dance floor it had couches and chairs and loungers to accommodate at least thirty people. An expensive sound system could pump out loud techno or soft mood music and later there would be a deejay to keep the party jumping.

Of course there were more private spaces as well. Rodney loved glory holes and in the huge bathroom next to the party room he actually had stalls with holes drilled in the wall for anonymous cock sucking and fucking. There were also small bundle rooms along the hall leading to the upstairs where there were at least six bedrooms for serious sex. Yes, it was a dream come true for these young gay partiers where the alcohol and drugs flowed freely and there was an endless supply of food and sex.

If I had been half my age I would have been just as enthusiastic as they were, but at my age I felt out of place and ancient. Still it was nice to watch the others and the alcohol was lowering some of my inhibitions and truthfully I was feeling sort of good about things.

Others began to arrive shortly after that and by ten there were at least 20 young hot guys and a few older guys who hovered over them like hawks. I felt a little bad for the young guys being stalked, but most of them seemed to be okay with it and in fact a few seemed to be enjoying the attention.

I had just grabbed a plate of finger food and gotten a refill of my champagne when he showed up. He being the most gorgeous young man I had ever laid eyes upon.

Okay, so maybe he was only that in my eyes alone. We all have a certain type that pushes all our buttons and he had hit all of them hard. He was slender, but not skinny. Shaggy brownish hair crowning his face and oh what a face. Hazel eyes that sparkled, a cute button nose and soft full lips that begged to be kissed and a smile that would make the Mona Lisa sit up and take notice. 

His body was amazing too and quite a bit of it was showing since he immediately removed his shirt and tied it around his slender waist. I guessed he was about 5'6" ( I like short guys) and maybe 110. His waist couldn't have been more than 28 and below that the bulge said that he was packing a decent piece of meat that I guessed would be as lovely and perfect as he was.

I wasn't aware I was staring until a hand suddenly touched my shoulder and Rodney whispered, "Isn't he cute? That's Jaxx..two x's. He just turned 21 yesterday and he's here to celebrate."

"What?  OH, yeah...nice looking kid," I said trying to play it off.

"And just your type....right? Let me introduce  you two."

"Huh...he's a kid," I grumbled, "besides I'm sure he has more important things on his mind then meeting an old man like me."

Ignoring my protests Rodney yelled out to the kid, "Hey, over here."

The kid smiled widely and practically trotted over to where we stood and when he screeched to a halt in front of us he touched my arm to steady himself sending electric shocks all through my body. The way he was teetering I wondered if he'd already starting partying.

"Jaxx this is Rob, my oldest and dearest friend. Rob this is Jaxx, God's gift to men."

"Aww..shut up Rodney,"  Jaxx giggled. His voice was soft and sweet and a little slurred. He was definitely under some kind of influence, "Hi Rob" he said offering his fist to bump, "nice to meet you."

I bumped back and even the momentary warmth of his fist caused shivers to run down my body. I felt like a fool standing there, my heart all a flutter and my palms sweating like a school boy with his first crush.

"Happy Birthday," I managed to say next, "Congratulations on entering the world of legal drinking," I joked.

"Yeah, but it's no fun now. I used to have to sneak around, now it's legal."

"Well, at least you still look young, so I'm sure  you'll get carded a lot."

"Yah...I guess," he said as his attention waned and he began to look around.

"Sammy get Jaxx a drink. Later we'll have a toast to celebrate and I'll give you your gift," Rodney said grinning, "Meanwhile have fun sweetie."

"Okay Rod..see you Rob," he said jetting off. 

Instinctively I turned to watch him leave and sighed when I caught a glimpse of his lovely back side.

"I could hook you up. That kid will do anything for me," Rodney offered.

"No thanks," I said feeling angry, "I don't need a mercy fuck," I said as I walked away.

I found a place to sit on a small loveseat far away from everyone and sat eating my finger food and sipping my wine. Fortunately Rodney knew me well enough to leave me alone till I settled down. I was watching some young shirtless black stud dancing when I was aware of someone standing beside me. Looking up I came face to face with Jaxx.

"Hi, that's Mike...he's a really, really good dancer."

"Yes, he is," I mumbled. If Rodney sent him I'd kill him later.

"Hey, are you mad at me or something?" the kid said misreading my reaction.

"No, of course not," I said smiling, "I doubt anyone could ever be mad at you or at least not stay mad for long."

He smiled and pushed a lock of hair from his cute face, "Thanks, but I'm not that popular you know."

I gave him a "wtf" look, "I doubt that."

He shrugged, "I'm not all that confident when it comes to guys. I have a few good friends, but I don't get out much. Coming here is like a big deal for me. If it wasn't for one of my friends I wouldn't be here at all. I've known Rodney for about a month now, but he wouldn't let me come till I was 21."

"Yeah, Rodney may be a leach, but he does have some morals. He won't get with anyone under 18 and no one under 21 can come to his parties."

"He's okay...nice really. I like him."

"I love him like a brother, but sometimes I just want to stick his head in a toilet and flush it a few times," I laughed.

The kid laughed and it was magical, "Why?"

"Well, in case you haven't noticed I'm his "oldest" (air quotes) friend and he has taken it upon himself to hook me up as often as he can."

He shrugged, " that so bad? I mean he doesn't hook you up with losers or anything does  he?"

I eyed the kid critically, "He tried to hook me up with you."

"Oh, sorry," he said looking crushed. What the hell was going on here?

"It's not your fault. You see he just knows me better than I know myself and he knows what...well...what kind of guys I'm attracted to...."

"OH!" He said perking up and grinning, " like me?"

I smiled, "Just being in the same room with you makes my life richer," I said from the heart.

He smiled, "Can I sit with you?"

I scooted over and he sat down next to me so close I could feel the heat emanating of his body. I could smell him too and the aroma was almost overpowering. His leg was pressing against mine from the hip to the knee and I was sweating bullets. I hadn't been this affected my a guy in a long time and I didn't know quite what to do.

"Do you smoke pot?" Jaxx suddenly asked.

I shook my head, "I'm afraid alcohol is my only vise, but feel free...."

"Maybe later, but I have something else," he said digging in his jeans and pulling out a plastic bag of pills. He chose two and popped them in his mouth and washed them down with whatever it was he was drinking. I really didn't like drugs or the effect they had on people, but I guess I wasn't strong enough to do or say anything about it.

I picked up a little sandwich and offered one to Jaxx who gobbled it down quickly and took another drink. He licked his fingers clean and even that was erotic. My cock was slowly springing to life and that was a rare thing these days.

"'re 21. That's so cool. I remember when I turned 21. I hit the gay bars and partied all night. I woke up the next day in a strange guy's apartment and he was still passed out. I got dressed and slipped out and I never saw the guy again. Some fun huh?" I chuckled.

"Did you fuck him or did he fuck you? I like to do both."

My cock throbbed a little. "Back then I was a dedicated top. Nowadays I'm versatile."

"Cool, I like getting fucked...a lot. I like to feel a guy cum inside me and sometimes I cum just from getting fucked. You ever do that?"

"Uh, I've made a few come, but I've never had anyone make me come that way."

"I bet you could make me come that way," he said reaching over and squeezing my semi hard cock.

"Whoa," I said pushing his hand away, "I'm almost three times your age."

He shrugged, "So, you're Rodney's friend so...."

"Oh, I see," I said standing up suddenly, "Well, as I told Rodney...I don't need a mercy fuck but I appreciate the effort. I'll see ya." I added stomping off.

My first impulse was to leave, but I didn't want Rodney to know how upset I really was. Instead I headed to the bathroom. I went to the back stall and took a piss and suddenly a dick came sticking through the wall from next door.

From the looks of it it was one of the older guys and that was okay. It was a nice dick and I hadn't had one in a while so I thought, "why not" and I grabbed it and gave it a little tug causing it's owner to grunt his approval. I sat down on the toilet and leaned in and sniffed it's heady aroma. A single drop of pre cum rested at the opening and I licked it off eliciting another moan.

I loved making a man moan so without further fanfare I leaned in and engulfed his cock in my hot wet mouth. He tasted wonderful and his cock was just the right size for sucking. I was able to swallow all of it and not gag and it was evident he approved from the way he was thrusting into my mouth. I only wished I could have got to his nuts but the hole was too small so I made due with what I had. 

It didn't take long to get him off and when he came he came buckets. I let his thick tasty cum gather in my mouth then swished it around and swallowed it down. I licked my lips and tongue buffed his head then gave it a wet noisy kiss before letting it go.

"Thanks dude," someone panted on the other side, "Nice beejay."

"Thank you," I said grinning, "great cock and you taste really good."


"Uh, yeah," I said completely taken off guard.

Laughter, "It's me Bart. I should've known. Best cocksucker in Tulsa."

"Oklahoma," I corrected  as I chuckled to myself.

I exited the stall and he joined me giving me a little hug then leaning in and kissing me wetly as if trying to taste his jizz on my tongue.

"Mmmm...good kisser too. We really should get together again sometime."

Maybe he was right, I thought. "Okay, sure...why not."

We talked for a while before Bart excused himself. I washed my face and hands and was about to leave when Jaxx came in looking sheepish.

"Hey. Sorry about that....out there you know. I swear Rodney didn't tell me to do that."

"It's cool dude, no problem. I should be flattered, but I guess I still think I can get guys on my own."

"I bet you do okay. A lot of guys like older guys. They know how to do stuff and they aren't in such a big hurry."

I chuckled, "Yeah, that's me all right. I got the experience and I got the time."

"So, we're good. You're not mad at me?"

"No, no way. I swear. Thanks for caring though."

"Welcome, well...gotta pee. See you later."

I took that as my cue to go, so I grabbed some paper towels and wiped my hands. As much as I wanted to stay and see what was between his legs, my pride won out and I left rather abruptly.

Rodney tracked me down and asked me if I was having fun and I assured him I was though I still wasn't sure if I was. He had shaken loose of Donnie and was moving among his guests and being a good host now and I knew the real party was about to begin.

Soon the music would ramp up, the dancers would start, and his guests would get drunker and higher and then the sex would begin. I wasn't sure I'd hand around for the last part, but I did like to dance and this was one of my rare opportunities to do just that.

I grabbed another glass of champagne and found a place near the dance floor and pretty soon the dancing began. The poles were set up in the very center on round pedestals and I had a good view of them from where I sat. The boys were as talented as they were lovely and I found my cock climbing again as I watched them shimmy up and down the poles and flex their muscles and shake their asses.

They wore skimpy bikinis that left little to the imagination and it was obvious both were well endowed. I sighed as I thought about what was beneath that narrow piece of fabric and my cock grew even harder. I was so enthralled by them that I was wasn't aware I had company until he spoke.

"Wanna dance?"

I looked up and there stood this young God of a man. He was shirtless and his muscled chest gleamed with sweat. My eyes traveled down to his washboard stomach and then to the little trail leading down into his skinny jeans. 

"Uh,  yeah...thanks,"

I allowed him to pull me up, his hand was firm and warm and it felt wonderful in mine. Holding hands was one of my favorite things and I would have willingly held his all night.

He was a good dancer too, but then so was I. In fact I could see that he was surprised at how good I could dance. What he didn't know was that dancing was what kept me healthy and fit. I owned my own dance studio for a number of years and taught others to dance and even now that I was retired I kept up with the latest dances and practiced them in my home dance studio.

"You're good," he said leaning in, "Are you a professional?"

I laughed, "I used to teach dance, now I just dance for the fun of it."

"Nice," he said taking my hands and swinging me. I followed easily and soon we had a routine going. Some of the others stopped dancing to watch us and eventually Rodney wandered over and began watching as well. When the song ended we went back to dancing apart and the others went back to dancing as well. Rodney came over and cut in and my partner found a young hunk to take my place.

"Sorry, but he's not for you anyway," Rodney said softly.

"We were just dancing."

"I know, but his boyfriend is very jealous. He's not here yet but I'd prefer you weren't with him when he arrives."

"Spoil sport," I teased, "I can hold my own."

"So...what happened with Jaxx. He's moping around like he lost  his best friend. Were you mean to him?"

"Rodney, how long have you known me? Have you ever known me to be mean to anyone, especially not the most beautiful boy on earth."

"Yeah, sorry, but something happened...right?"

"He tried to seduce me, I refused..that's all. I thought you sent him."

"Damn, I swear I didn't. He's just so lonely and so vulnerable. I worry about him. He's way too much into drugs and I feel a little guilty about him being here, but hey..better here where I can watch after him than somewhere where no one gives a damn."

"What's his story?"

"Typical, he was abused as a kid, ran away, lived on the streets, then found someone and fell in love, got dumped and having a hard time getting over it."

"Thanks for telling me. I'll be nicer to him now, but I am not going to sleep with matter how much I'd like to."

Rodney laughed, "You should've become a monk or a Catlick priest. No scratch Priest...they like little boys."

"I'm not a monk. I blew someone in your glory hole bathroom earlier....but I'm not desperate either. When I go to bed with someone I want it to be because we both want and need it."

"Who says Jaxx doesn't want it and need it?"

"Because for one thing his brain is so fogged up with drugs and alcohol he can't make good choices and for another, he's just a kid."

"He's a man...21 years old and able to make his own decisions. Besides I know you'd never  hurt him so...all I'm saying is...think about it."

I shrugged, "I did. Trust me...I did."

Rodney wandered off after the next dance but I had no problem finding another partner now that everyone knew I could dance despite my age. Next was a cute black boy that must've been close to seven  feet tall. Skinny as a bean pole and so full of energy it was contagious. He was an excellent dancer as well and you could tell he really enjoyed dancing. If I had still been teaching he would have been my star pupil and I envisioned a bright future for him.

"I'm Rolo," he said leaning in, "you're a good dancer dude."

"I'm Rob and you're amazing. I used to teach dance and I're very very good."

He was beaming now. "I love to dance. I'd rather dance than eat."

"Is that why you're so skinny?" I teased.

"OH, always been this way. My daddy is just the's my brothers."

"Well, it looks good on you."

The song ended and I was getting a little tired so I begged off. Rolo found a little Asian dude to dance with and I sat and watched for a while. I felt much better than I had earlier, but I felt bad about Jaxx. If I had known his story I might have been a bit nicer to him, but it wasn't like I was mean or anything so I quit worrying about it after a while.

Speaking of Jaxx, I noticed he was bouncing around from guy to floor on the dance floor and he seemed to be getting higher by the moment. Such a shame, I thought, he's so perfect and so beautiful and he could have anyone he wants but instead he is trolling around this crowd dulling his senses with drugs and offering himself to old guys like me.

I felt disgusted with life in general and for a moment I considered leaving Rodney's party and going back home to hide from it. Unfortunately I was too drunk to drive so it looked like I'd be spending the night, hopefully away from all the sexing that I knew would be going on later.

Food might help, I decided, so I headed off to the buffet set up in the dining room and there I ran into Bart. He had some cute little thing cornered and had his hand down his pants and when he saw me come in  he just winked and continued.

"Carry on," I laughed, "just came to forage for food. Looks like you two have something else in mind."

"He's trying to eat my cock," the cutie giggled, "but I'm saving it for fucking...later."

"You can come twice...I know you can," Bart pleaded.

"Well...I guess...but let's go somewhere...uh, more private."

Bart led him off to one of the small bundling rooms and I grabbed a plate and loaded it up with food. I was just about to leave when Jaxx staggered in looking ready to collapse. At first he didn't seem to see me or know it was me, but then suddenly his smile lit up and  he stumbled my way and grabbed my arm.

"Hey, I know you....hi...whatcha doin?"

"Just getting a little something to eat. You look like you could use something to eat yourself."

"Yeah, I am sort of hungry," he said looking over the selection of food. As usual Rodney had spared no expense , but the food was simple as well as delicious.

Jaxx reached down and grabbed a handful of chicken nuggets and crammed one in his mouth and chewed slowly for a while as he continued to steady himself on me. His hand felt warm and soft on my arm and I was content for the moment to just stand there and be used as an anchor. 

All too soon though he finished his impromptu snack and staggered away muttering his goodbyes. I smiled as I watched him depart then returned to my plate. Sammy wandered in after that refilling things and cleaning up a little and we exchanged pleasantries.

"Good party...huh?"

"Nice, not my usual thing, but nice."

"Nice scenery....right?"

I shrugged, "You know me Sammy, I'm not one to stare, but yeah there are a few worth looking at."

"Like Jaxx. You been drooling over him all night you know?"

"I have....not...well, okay..he's cute and sweet and I feel sort of sorry for him."

"Don't, he's a user. He uses guys to get what he wants and then he moves on. Only reason he's here is because Rodney is soft hearted."

"Huh, soft hearted? Rodney is as big a user as anyone, but I still love him."

"Yeah, me too...only he doesn't love me...." he sighed.

I looked at Sammy curiously, "You got a thing for Rodney I don't know about."

"I know whatever I tell you is between you and me...right?"


"Well, if Rodney said the word he'd have me exclusively, but (sighs) I know that would never happen. He likes to fuck new boys all the time and he'll never change."

"You know it could just be that he's never met the one that could change all that. Maybe you're the one. You should talk to him about it."

"Naw, I'm happy just to be around him and if I told him how I feel he might feel weird about it and kick me out."

"No, he would never do that. He'd be lost without you."

"Well...gotta go see if the bar needs restocking. See ya later Rob."

I wandered back out to the party and the mood had changed substantially. Couples were bumping and grinding on the floor while others made out on the carpeted floor or the opulent furniture. I found a spot in a dark corner and sipped my champagne and watched, but I felt more like a voyeur than a participant.

Pretty soon Rodney came out and the misuic stopped and he yelled for everyone's attention. "Today is a very specials day for someone here...Jaxx come on over here."

Jaxx bounced over and stood grinning like a little kid as Rodney led us all in singing Happy Birthday and then Sammy brought in a huge birthday cake and Jaxx made a wish and blew out the candles. I saw Rodney hand him an envelope and I wondered if it was drugs or cash, but I didn't ask. 

A few of the guests took some cake, but most just wandered off and continued with what they'd been doing and the when the music started again a few of them started dancing. From my spot I watched as Jaxx devoured a piece of cake and then joined the others.

Pretty soon Jaxx was humping a hot looking blond boy who had his hands down the back of his pants cupping his butt and I could see where that was headed. I hated that blond boy at that moment, but I envied him as well. Why couldn't I be 21 again and dancing with Jaxx? I'd love him, not use him, and we'd be a couple. Yeah, right.

I couldn't watch, but I couldn't turn away either and when  the blond kid took Jaxx's hand and lead him off the floor I felt as if my heart had been ripped out. They didn't go far though. In fact they chose a couch just across from me and as much as I wanted to get up and put as much distance between them and me as I could, I was frozen to my seat.

I tried not to watch as they kissed and fondled each other but my eyes were drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Once or twice Jaxx caught my eye and smiled lewdly as if flaunting his sexuality. I was burning up inside but a bit turned on as well. How far would they go before they sought out one of the bedrooms to do the deed?

I got my answer soon as blondie began to undress them both until at last they wore only their underwear. Blondie's were bright green with black stripes but it was Jaxx's that caught my eye. White with navy trim they fit his slim body as if they were made for him. 

His hardness tented his briefs and I felt my own cock jump at the sight of it in anticipation of what was surely to come next. I didn't have to wait long.

First blondie stood and shoved his crotch in Jaxx's face and he buried his nose there as his hands roamed up and down the blond hunk's cute ass. That alone was enough to cause my cock to grow even harder but when those same hands began to slide down those bright green skin tight briefs I felt my cock jump in my lap.

As those briefs slid down his body and his butt came into view I held my breath waiting for the moment he would be completely naked. His ass was a work of art and even from a distance I could see it was hairless and smooth as a new born baby's.

Suddenly as if he felt my eyes upon him he spun around and looked directly at me. Nodding his head he reached down and squeezed his cock and my eyes were drawn there immediately. I gasped as I saw the length and girth of it. It had to be a good 8" long and fat as a coke can. No way could Jaxx take a cock that big. I prayed that blondie was a bottom, but I knew better. Guys with big dicks were tops, that was how it worked in the gay world.

Blondie wasted no time getting Jaxx naked and I was faced with sensory overload as I finally got to see all of the most beautiful boy I had ever met. Unlike blondie, Jaxx's cock was not monstrous, but it was as lovely as any I had ever seen. It appeared to be a little over six inches and perfectly shaped with a lovely mushroom head. His balls were adequate but not huge and he was clean shaven down there.

I didn't get to see Jaxx's stuff for long before blondie pushed him down on the couch and started sucking his cock. Jaxx threw his head back and moaned softly then looked over to see if I was still looking and we locked eyes for a moment that seemed to go on forever. 

I wanted to jump up and drag blondie off of him and take his place, but all I could do was sit and watch and it only got worse. Once blondie was tired of sucking he stood and pushed his huge cock against Jaxx's mouth and Jaxx opened it willingly.

Blondie looked back at me as if to say "Look old man, this is how it's done" then grabbed Jaxx's head and began violently face fucking him. I heard Jaxx gag a couple of times and I wanted so badly to jump up and push blondie away, but I knew that would only make things worse.

After a few minutes of this blondie pulled his cock out of Jaxx mouth and lifted him from the couch and coaxed him onto his hands and knees. I knew what was coming next but still I was unable to look away. Leaning over blondie began to rim Jaxx sweet ass and at that moment I envied him more than any man I had ever met. I wanted to be the one to taste him, to smell him, to feel his supple body respond to my love making, but alas I was merely a spectator doomed to witness but never participate.

When at last the coupling began I was not prepared for how quickly it occurred. Pressing in and giving no quarters blondie planted all 8" of his cock in Jaxx as the boy cried out desperately. I was tempted to scream "stop", but this was none of my business. Jaxx had undoubtable been fucked before and he knew where this was leading so who was I to interfere?

"Ahhhh gawd you are tight baby," blondie whispered, "do you like my cock in you?"

"Yesssss," Jaxx hissed then he looked back with half lidded eyes and moaned softly. For one brief moment our eyes met again and I saw something there that caused my heart to break. 

Unable to watch another moment  I stood and walked away as Jaxx's eyes followed me. Was that sadness I saw in his eyes or pain from the brutal fucking he was receiving? I quickly made my way to the bathroom and splashed water on my face. I was thankful I was alone. I wasn't sure if I could have been pleasant if someone had spoken to me at that moment.

I peed and washed my hands again and would have stayed a bit longer but pretty soon a couple of guys came in and headed to one of the back stalls and I got out of there before the groaning started.

The lights were dimmer now and couples were everywhere making out but fortunately none were engaged in sex. I noticed a few were missing and I assumed they were in the bundling rooms or bedrooms upstairs doing the nasty away from prying eyes. Jaxx and blondie were nowhere to be seen and I was thankful for that.

The two poles dancers had taken a break and were lounging near Rodney and they seemed to be carrying on an animated conversation. When I got near them Rodney flagged me down and I reluctantly joined them.

"There you are. I thought you'd slipped off to one of the bedrooms for some hanky panky," Rodney laughed.

"No, but it looks like you're missing a few bodies out here so someone must be."

"Yeah, knocking off the first piece I guess. Later they'll really be some fucking going on."

"Yeah, so is everyone here or are you expecting more guests?"

"Well...after the bar closes I suspect we'll get a dozen or so more including some of my staff, but most of them will already be drunk or stoned and ready to hit the sack and fuck or whatever."

"How late do you stay up during these little parties?"

"Oh, it depends. I just let people come and go as they please so they really don't need me."

"Aren't you afraid someone will steal your Van Gogh's or whatever it is that you have?"

"No, not at all. They all know I'd have them killed if they did and what's worse...they'd never be invited back. Everyone keeps an eye on everyone else. No one wants to ruin a good thing."

"I suppose." I was still standing, trying not to be too obvious as I looked around for Jaxx but he was nowhere to be seen.

As if he could read my mind Rodney said, "He's upstairs with Dennis and Trevor and God only knows who else. The boy likes to get fucked and I think he's trying to get everyone here to leave a load in his ass."

I felt sick at my stomach, but I tried to act as if I didn't care. "Well, he's young and stupid. Once he gets it out of his system he'll be okay."

"Not too late to add your load."

I gave Rodney a go to hell look and sat down, "I've never cared much for sloppy seconds or thirds or fourths."

We started talking about the club then and the two dancers Leo and Sean joined in and I discovered that they were as charming as they were sexy. In fact I was actually impressed by both of them. Sean wanted to study dance at that Performing Arts School in Dallas and Leo had his own hip hop troop that performed for various functions though they had yet to hit it big.

When they discovered I used to teach dance they really perked up and we had a very nice discussion and we exchanged numbers and I promised them they could come by and use my studio anytime they needed it. It was a big commitment, but I was only happy to help these two young dancers fulfill their dreams.

Eventually they went back to dancing and a few couples hit the dance floor as well and soon a few other guests trickled in and one by one Rodney introduced them, but none stood out and I forgot most of their names as soon as I heard

I was sitting near the dance floor watching the dancers when Jaxx stumbled onto the dance floor and began dancing solo. It was obvious from the way he was staggering and reeling that he was way too stoned to be out there on his own and eventually Rodney went out and spoke to him. I saw them exchange words and Jaxx seemed to be angry and throwing up his hands he finally staggered off the floor and just my luck he was headed my way.

When he saw me he came over and sat down heavily on the couch and sighed, "Damn Rodney...thinks he owns this damn place and that he can tell people when they can dance.....and stuff....." he muttered.

I laughed, "Uh, he does."

"Oh, yeah. But he don't have to be so mean."

"I think he's only concerned that you might hurt yourself. You're sort of out of it right now."

"I know...I know," he said surprising the shit out of me by leaning in and placing his head on my shoulder, "help me daddy." he added then he slumped down into my lap and passed out cold.

"Rodney!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He was there in a flash and he took one look at the kid and then knelt down and started talking to him as he gently patted his face. " up okay?"

"Huh..yeah," he said sounding far away, "So tired."

"Rob will you help me get him upstairs?"

Between the two of us we got him  into one of the nicer bedrooms upstairs and laid him out on the queen size bed. He seemed to be breathing normally, but he was barely conscious and I was concerned it was more than fatigue that was causing his condition. We pulled off his shoes and socks and even his feet were beautiful. Perfectly shaped, small, and his nails neatly trimmed. They were soft to the touch and warm and I felt my cock stir in my pants. I had to quit thinking like that.

Rodney wasn't satisfied till he had the kid's shirt and pants off, but at least he left his underwear on, those lovely white ones I'd seen earlier. Once we had him stripped down Rodney checked his breathing and heartbeat again. 

"Stay with him I'm going to go get Dr. Waldon." He said without further explanation. I assumed Dr. Walton was one of his guests, but we hadn't been introduced if he was. 

I sat with Jaxx stroking his hair and patting him gently but not for long. Shortly Rodney returned with a grey haired man that I vaguely remember seeing arrive late in the evening. I jumped up and stood nearby as the Doctor examined Jaxx and when he was finished he yawned as if bored.

"He's fine, just had too much to drink I'd guess. Let him sleep it off, he'll be fine. But...someone should probably stay with him or at least check on him periodically."

"I'll stay."

"Rob, are you sure?"

I nodded, "I'm done partying. I was ready to call it a night anyway. I can sleep here near him and keep an eye on him. I'm a light sleeper."

"Okay, there's a private bath and everything you need. I'll keep my cell with me in case you need me Rob."

"Well, I'll see you gentleman later. I have some pressing business downstairs I need to attend to," the Doctor said grinning.

When he was gone Rodney shook his head, "Great guy and he's saved my ass a few times, but he has a thing for young guys and before the night is over I suppose he'll be in more than one of my  guests' asses."

"I guess it's nice to have a Doctor on the payroll. Ever have one of your guests OD?"

"No, that's why the good Doctor is invited to all my parties."

"Well, I think I'll take a quick shower and lay down for a while."

"Okay, hey...thanks for watching out for the boy. He needs a break."

"Well, maybe this party wasn't the best thing for him."

"Maybe but at least I know he'll be taken care of here."

"I suppose. Well, goodnight Rodney and...uh, thanks...I guess," I laughed.

"Fuck you too Rob," he laughed, then he gave me a hug and a pat on the rear, "be good to him. I owe you big time."

"Get outa here," I said pulling away, "you know I will."

I showered quickly and brushed my teeth. I usually slept nude, but I didn't think it was appropriate since I'd be sharing a bed with Jaxx so I dug through the dresser drawers and found a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that fit me fairly well.

Jaxx was snoring softly when I laid down beside him and even that was cute. He was even more beautiful when he slept and I felt a tug at my heart. I couldn't let myself get carried away though. After tonight I'd probably never see him again and after all I was only baby sitting him, making sure he didn't croak while he slept.

I turned off the light and managed to get the covers pulled up over both of us and stared at the ceiling in the dark. I could just barely make out the ceiling fan spinning slowly  reflecting the light from the yard lamp out back as it came through the window. After a few minutes my eyes adjusted and I rolled onto my side and watched the slow rise and fall of Jaxx's chest. 

He sighed in his sleep and his head rolled over facing me and I could feel his warm soft breath on my face. I reached up and caressed his cheek and traced a path to his lips. He was so beautiful. I let my hand wander down to his chest and I felt his heart beating there, strong and rhythmic and I relaxed. Soon I was sleeping.

I awoke feeling somewhat disoriented. It was still dark and as I roused from sleep the memories of the evening washed over me. I was on my side and something warm was pressing against my backside. Of course it was Jaxx and in addition to spooning me, he also had his arm thrown over me holding me tight.

As far as I could tell he was still asleep but even in sleep the little stud was hard and his cock was pressed into the crack of my ass. Fortunately neither of us were naked or I might have been skewered by it. My choice was to lay there and allow him to use me as a snuggle bunny or to disengage and roll him onto my back, I chose the former.

Nothing wrong with being a snuggle bunny, even if only for a while. Besides it felt good. I hadn't been held or cuddled in a while and I missed that feeling more than sex. To think it was this beautiful boy doing the cuddling was even more appealing.

I tried to go back to sleep but my heart was beating wildly in my chest as my body went into sensual overload from the feeling of Jaxx's warm soft body pressed against mine. My cock was rock hard and I tried my best to will it to wilt, but it was no use. How could I not be hard being in the presence of a living dream come true?

"Uhhh....oh...hi," Jaxx said softly brushing the back of my neck with his lips causing goose bumps to travel down my body, "What happened?"

"Nothing," I said too quickly, "I sort of passed out. Rodney and I brought you up here and the Doctor looked at you, but he said you were okay....that someone should stay with you so....well, I volunteered."

"Ahhh...thanks, that's nice," He said stretching his lithe muscular form and in the process pushing his hard cock deeper into the crack of my underwear clad ass.

I didn't know if he meant my staying was nice or the feel of my ass especially after what happened next. Reaching down with the hand that was draped over me he squeezed my hardness causing me to moan softly. If he wasn't careful I'd come right there and then and make a huge mess.

"Uh, what are you doing?" I asked stupidly.

"Just seein if you were as hard as I am," he said nuzzling my neck.

"I....I'm sorry. I guess I'm just an old pervert at heart," I said softly.

"No, you're hot daddy. Why won't you believe me? Why won't you love me daddy?" he said the last pleadingly.

I didn't know if he was trying to work out unresolved issues with his father or just playing me, but I knew I was close to giving in. All it would take was a few tears and those came next.

"Please daddy," he said as tears spilled down my neck tickling me, "Please love me...I want you so bad."

I managed to roll over facing him and took him into my arms, "'s okay. I'm here for you. You don't have to do anything. I love you just like this."

"I want you to love me all the way daddy," he said burying his face in my neck and blubbering, "Please."

I sighed, "I....I don't think that's really what you want...."

"I do, I really do. I want you daddy, pleaseeee...." he said sounding like a little kid.

What could I do? How could I resist? How many time does a man have an angel in his arms who is begging for you to love him? I'm a strong man, but not that strong.

Our lovemaking was sweet and slow and when I entered him it was if it were my first time. His heat engulfed me and I was in danger of burning up, but somehow I managed to survive. His body seemed to be in perfect sync with mine and as I gazed down into his eyes I felt as I'd be pulled into them. His soft small feet were inches from my face as he held his legs high for me and I couldn't resist kissing them. 

He moaned softly and pushed his foot at me and my mouth went around his big toe. Sucking furiously on his toe I began to unload into his hot tight insides as we both cried out in ecstasy.

I stayed inside him for a long time before I finally went soft and slipped out. Rolling onto my side I reached over and worked his perfect gorgeous cock before engulfing it in my hot wet mouth. As much as I wanted to taste him I wanted him inside me more. I wanted him to breed me, to plant his seed inside me and claim me if for only this magic moment.

I'm not as limber as Jaxx so I rolled onto my stomach and raised my ass and Jaxx got the message. Covering my body with his he entered me quickly, almost roughly, but I was too excited to care. He felt wonderful inside me, but the best feeling was his warm body pressed against mine. I could feel his feet spooning against mine as if to brace himself as he slowly fucked me. 

He sighed once or twice and placed little kisses on my neck and bit at my ear. In short he was the most romantic lover I had ever met. His thrusting became more  urgent after a while and he was moving much faster, his lips pressed against my neck as he hummed with excitement. I felt drool collect on my neck, but even that was sweet to me.

I knew he was close when he placed his arms under mine and began to pull himself in and out of my hole with feverish strokes. "Awwww....daddy," he gasped as he tensed up and began to unload inside me. 

They say you can't feel an ejaculation that deep, but I swear I could not only feel the hot thick ropes of his orgasm, but the contracting of his cock as he unloaded. It was less a sexual experience and more of a religious one as he continued to thrust and unload for several minutes before falling flat against me and sighing deeply.

We lay there like that for a long time. I could feel his young strong heart beating against me and his rhymthic breathing and soon I realized he had fallen asleep. I thought it was sweet that he was so rested and comfortable with me that he could sleep that way and I must've dozed off as well.

When I awoke he was laying beside me watching me with a curious look on his face, "Hi."

"Hi," I said stretching. Despite having spent at least an hour in the throes of vigorous sex, I felt rested and wonderful.

"Thank you daddy."

"You're welcome baby," I said reaching over and touching him gently. He swarmed into my arms and we kissed for the first time.

If I had know how wonderful kissing him was going to be I would have done it much sooner. In fact kissing him was better than sex I'd had with some guys. His tongue was like a hungry little animal roaming my mouth and dueling with my own and his soft lips pulled at mine causing ripples of excitement and anticipation to run through my body.

"Mmmm," I said coming up for air, "You're a really good kisser."

He smiled and my heart soared, "So are you. I never kissed anyone like that before now. It's like....we sort of were made to kiss each other."

I smiled and pulled him down and kissed him deeply and for a long time. I was amazed that my cock was responding again so soon, but when he reached down and took it in his soft warm hand I was instantly hard. Returning the favor I found he was already hard and leaking. This time I was going to taste him.

I kissed my way down his neck to his rock hard nipples as he moaned his approval and when I reached his hard flat tummy he sighed contentedly. Tonguing out his belly button I reached down and squeezed his hard cock as he gasped.

I started with his balls, lapping and sucking at them as he wiggled around and thrust up to meet my hungry mouth. I reached behind him and felt his perfect ass as I finally took his cock into my mouth and began to suck it. His taste and smell filled my senses and I was drunk with him. I had sucked cock all my life, but it was as if all those other cocks had only been a warm up for this one.

I guess you could say I wasn't so much sucking his cock as I was making love to it and he responded appropriately. Running his long thin fingers through my hair and thrusting up to meet my hungry mouth but not forcing himself on me. He let me take control and work his cock slowly as I savored the moments.

I edged him over and over dividing my attention between  his cock and his lovely balls but I knew he needed release soon or he would go mad. As I turned my attention back to his perfect lovely cock I reached beneath him and snaked a finger into his still wet hole causing him to moan loudly.

"Oh yes daddy, play with my hole and suck me."

"This time when I started sucking I didn't let up and when I felt his cock begin to pulse and expand I buried it in my throat as he cried out loudly.

"Oh....daddddddy," he gasped as the first volley erupted from his swollen cock and ran down my throat.

I pulled up a little and caught the next three shots on my tongue and savored them as he fired once or twice more then began to ooze a little. I held him in my mouth unmoving as he continued to orgasm for what seemed like a long time but I knew was only a minute or so.

Then falling back on the bed panting I knew he was finished. I held his cock in my mouth a little longer as I gently squeezed his balls in an attempt to produce a few more tasty droplets of his boy cum then swished what I had collected around in my mouth and swallowed.

"Oh my god, you taste so good," I panted as I came up and leaned in to kiss him.

He pulled me down and greedily kissed my lips,  his tongue searching my mouth for his own taste and when he found it he grunted his approval. We kissed for a long time, cuddling and rubbing one another and then we slept. 

When I awoke it was morning and I was aware of two things, first that I had a raging pee boner and second that I was alone. Before I could do anything about the second thing I needed to take care of the first and rising I padded off to the bathroom.

I was still naked and I smiled as I remembered what had transpired the night before, but as I drained my aching bladder guilt and regret flooded over me. What was I thinking? Nothing could come of what we had, but on the other hand if I had passed it up I would have no doubt regretted it all the rest of my life.

Just as I finished up I heard the door to the bedroom open and I hurried out expecting to find Jaxx. Instead a surprised Rodney looked me up and down and whistled.

"For an old guy you're pretty hot," he teased.

"Fuck you," I growled in mock anger.

"Okay, how do you want me?" he teased.

"In a sling. Where's....ummm...the kid...Jaxx? Is he okay?"

Rodney smiled sadly, "He's gone. I'm sorry. He should have woke you up and told you goodbye, but that's how these kids today are. Here one minute, gone the next."

I tried not to look as devastated as I was, but Rodney knew me too well. Approaching slowly he put his arms around me and bumped his forehead against mine, "I'm sorry. I feel like this is all my fault, but at least you had last night."

"How do you know....uh, about last night."

"Well, you're naked and the room smells like man it doesn't take much to figure things out. I knew this would happen. How could it not? He was your perfect idea of  what a man should be and he wanted you as much as you wanted, needed...needed each other."

"I....feel stupid...."

"Shhh," he said kissing me gently, "don't. There is nothing wrong with what happened between you two, I just wish it could  have led somewhere."

"Where...where did he go?"

"Do you remember the blond boy....Dennis?"

"The one who fucked him? I never caught his name."

Rodney nodded, "They left together. Dennis is going to let Jaxx stay with him for a while...I think they might become lovers," he shrugged, "but who knows."

I nodded, "Well, at least he has somewhere to go. Speaking of which. I need to get home."

I skipped the shower I needed badly because I wanted to smell Jaxx's fragrant odor on me a bit longer. In the car it was almost overpowering and maybe that's what brought on the water works. I was still crying as I pulled into my garage and climbed out of my car.

I headed upstairs and fell across my bed and finished my cryfest then fell asleep. When I got up later that afternoon I was okay, or at least able to cope. I knew from the start that it was a hopeless situation, but I had chosen to accept a few hours of pleasure and make a few lasting memories and I guessed that was okay. I'd never forget him, but I'd get over him...some day.

Weeks passed, then months. I never attended one of Rodney's parties again, but I did see him often and we talked on the phone a lot. Through him I learned that Jaxx had been arrested for possession. As soon as we hung up I called my lawyer and he arranged for bail for him anonymously. 

When his case came to trial I paid for a lawyer again anonymously and he got probation on the condition of entering a drug treatment program. Again I paid for that and as far as I know he's sober and doing okay. He and Dennis didn't last long, but Rodney tells me that Jaxx hangs out in his bar a lot and usually manages to hook up with some young stud. I was glad he was doing okay and for some odd reason pleased that all his hookups were with young dudes. I guess I liked to think that I was special, his one and only "daddy" and that no older guy came close to satisfying him like I did. Maybe that was silly, but it helped me cope with things and soon I quit thinking about him and when Rodney would bring his name up I would change the subject and eventually Rodney took the hint.

These days I spend most of my time writing and traveling. I just got back from California and I'm writing a new book about the seventies and what it was like being gay. Things are a lot different these days and the kids have it a whole lot easier, but is a Genie came along and gave me one would be to be 21 again and to go back to 1975 and do it all over again.

The End

Not my usual happy ending story, but it was based on a character I saw at the Pride Parade last weekend. I rushed home and began the story and here it is. It's sad and it's sweet and now it's As always I value your input and thoughts.

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