Our First Three-way

Most of this story is true, comments could be sent to paemt@hotmail.com

It was a Friday night and my lover and I wanted to go out to a gay club in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. We went to a club called roumours first and had something to eat and looked around and it was almost all women. So we ate and left there and went to Selections that is in downtown Wilkes Barre. A very nice club, very friendly and outgoing people.

We were there talking to Robert one of the owners of the club and looking around. Selections is know as a Disco club and mostly gay but some mixed. We talked to a few friends nothing approached our eyes. We really were not out looking for anything special but we both loved to look. All the young guys appeared to keep to themselves or were bunched up in their clicks. We danced a few songs and got bored really fast. I said to Danny (my lover) that we were not over at the Vaude in along time. He said ok, no problem so off we went.

I should tell you alittle about us first; this happened a few years back. Cause right now the Vaude is not there anymore. I was 35 and my lover was 29. We have been together for 2 years. So you know we're still together today. I am 42 and he is 36 now. And together for going on 9 years. I was 5'10, 180, brn/brn, nice built. Danny is 5'10, 155, long blond/blue, Mmmmmm,MMMmmmm, Good. LOL.

So we get to the Vaude and we talk to a few friends there and see a new Bartender on, find out his name is Billy. He was in his 20's about 6', thin built, black hair, and very friendly. We get talking at the bar and joking around. I find my lover is watching Billy's every move. Not that I wasn't. Well, we find out Billy likes to drink also while he is tending and invite him to have a shot with us. So he comes from behind the bar between Danny and I and we chat and have a few shots together. We joke around and Billy stated he was single and also find out he is suppose to be hung big. Billy goes back to work and starts giving us shots and beers. Damm, I told Danny our money is not going down at all. I see Billy is taking out for one drink and giving us 2. Please don't get mad Scotty, LOL (that was the owner of the Vaude, just incase you read this). Well we all were feeling pretty good and Danny and I were talking a lot about Billy and would bring him from behind the bar and give him a few more shots. We got talking more and I asked Danny if we should take him home with us. I saw the smile in Danny but, How would I go about this.

We lived in Hazleton, which is about 30 some miles south of Wilkes Barre. Billy was having his shots with us and I asked him what he was up to for the weekend. He said nothing that he was off and nothing to do. I explained where we lived and that there was a big splash in our city that weekend with a big parade and would love to have him come spend the weekend with us. He said he didn't have a vechile and would love to come down if we could wait till he gets off work at 2:30 AM.. Well, it was already 12:30 AM. And we were feeling no pain so we decided to stay.

At 2:30 after drinking all evening and drinking shots we were the last ones in the club. We waited for Billy to clean up. Well all three of us loaded up in the car and off to Hazleton we go.

We arrive at our apartment around 3:30 AM and we sit in the living room chatting and having another drink. Danny stated he was tired and off to bed he goes. It wasn't 5 min. I heard him snoring from the bedroom. Billy and I pour another drink for ourselves. We chat some more and finish our drinks. I ask Billy if he would like to join the both of us in our bed or if he would like to sleep in the spare bedroom. He said I didn't come down here to be alone. I stated we sleep in the nude. He said fine with him and started to get undressed. Damm. He was HOT. Well, I got undressed and we go to the bedroom, Danny is fast asleep. I tell Billy to crawl in and I will get in then and we'll have Billy in the middle. I kiss Billy and start feeling his body. Billy feels me and then reaches to the other side to feel Danny. Danny stirs and wakes up. We form a daisy and we are sucking eachother and it was very HOT. I was sucking Danny and Danny was on Billy, and Billy on me. Time for a switch. I go to Billy and find this big monster between his legs. He is over 8" and thick. I thought to myself damm, I would love to feel that buried in me. Well we sucked eachother till we all came and Billy took both our loads and I took Billy's, Sorry Danny.

We all fell asleep. I awoke about 11:30 to find something hard in my hole. I find that during the night Billy had placed his cock deep inside me. I start pushing back and forth. He awakes and starts fucking me. I didn't know that Danny was behind Billy and he was fucking him at the same time Billy was fucking me. Billy shot his load deep inside me the sametime Danny was unloading inside Billy. Danny got up and said he was going to make breakfast for us all. I laid in bed with Billy and he took my cock and started to suck me off, I said let's 69. We got in a 69 position and sucked eachother till we swallowed eachothers loads.

We did have the rest of the weekend to spend together and we did have a lot more sex with the three of us. Oh, almost forgot. We did get to see the parade in our town too. We sat on a rooftop and drank and looked at all the hot guys, Damm love them in their Firemen uniforms, Love the, out of those too.

Hope you enjoyed our story. Any comments please email me at paemt@hotmail.com

We took Billy back to Wilkes Barre on Sunday evening and only met up with him one other time. If anyone knows Billy who reads this please tell him our email address and would love to hear from him. Or see that big hard cock between us again. Love all you guys here, ED