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The usual legal and moral disclaimers apply. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read a previous story of mine “Dinner Date” (Gay/Encounters June 14, 2004), It will give you an introduction to Liam, Sean and Greg, and may make this story a little more clear. I hope you enjoy it.


Liam called. He had a job for me. A corporate job, The client had invited him and Sean to a party on the coast and asked him to find someone to provide some “entertainment”, someone who would be unknown to the members of the club which was hosting the party, and they had asked me. Hank and I had worked together before. And we worked well together. We had developed a routine/plot which usually got a good reception. I suggested it to Liam, and he spoke to the client. The result was that we were on the corporate jet - Liam, Sean, Hank and me , and the client.

A weekend in the sin city of the west. staying in suites at a five star hotel, and doing our party piece at an exclusive party for an equally exclusive club.

The party was in a private mansion of a well known money guy in the film industry. The room was full of well dressed men - a black tie affair. Hank and I mingled. We were used to working with influential people, but the group in this room was mind boggling. The cream of the industry, producers, directors, a number of celebrities and an equal number of familiar faces - familiar in that we’d seen them in porn videos. We guessed that they were also working, and we were right.

The client let us know that we were to be first on, so about an hour into the party the host told the client, who whispered to Liam who gave me the nod. I went into my “slightly drunk bitchy queen” act.

“Fuck you Hank. I’m sick to death of you perving on all those guys.”

“Shhh. Greg.”

“I won’t fuckin’ shhh. You’ve been eyeing everyone since we got here. I’ve had enough of it.”

“You’re making a scene, Greg. Keep it down. And I’m not eyeing everyone. You’re getting paranoid.”

I raised my voice.

“Me? Fuckin’ paranoid? How dare you.”

“Greg. You’ve had too much to drink. I think we’d better go.”

“Don’t you tell me what we’re gonna do. You just wanna get rid of me so you can fuck all these guys.”

By this time I was yelling. The guys around us were looking and moving away. Hank reached out and grabbed my arm.

“Don’t you touch me, you cunt!”

I pulled away and the sleeve of my tuxedo and shirt came away in his hand.

“Fuck you, you bastard!”

Hank threw the sleeves away and reached out to grab me again. Instead I grabbed at his jacked and pulled. The whole front of it came away in my hands. He was standing there with just the back of his jacket and sleeves on, his hairy chest exposed to the assembled crowd. From there on things got hotter. We were grabbing at each other, me screaming like a two dollar whore, and Hank fighting me off. In a short time we were down to the basics, me in my white jockstrap and Hank in his black leather one.

He had me on my stomach on the floor, sitting on my back,

“Get off me, you cunt!”

“Not until you calm down and apologize to these gentlemen. You’ve fuckin’ disgraced us, humiliated our friends, and embarrassed the whole group.”

“I don’t give a fuck! If you hadn’t been making it so obvious that you’d rather fuck them than me. . .”

“I’ve fuckin’ had enough boy.”

He started swatting my butt, I started yelling.

“You ready to behave now Greg?”

“Fuck you!”

“That’s it!” Liam, Sean, come here please, and hold this bastard down.”

They came over and each one took an arm and held me. Hank reached into Sean’s jacket pocket and took out a small bottle. He got behind me and shoved the nozzle of the bottle up my ass and squeezed the contents into me. Then I felt his fingers at my hole. Three, then four, then the thumb, I relaxed my hole and his hand slipped in.

Liam and Sean let go of my arms and I got into a doggie position, backing back onto Hank’s hand. It slid deeper and till he was half way to his elbow. I let out a sigh. Our pantomime was over and from now on it was just great sex between us. There was a collective sigh from the audience, as they realised we had just put on our act, and they gathered closer to watch Hank and me doing what we do best.

Liam worked his wonders on my hole, twisting and turning. pumping gently in and out, and his knuckles were hitting my prostate, causing me to leak and my slime was creating a wet patch on my jock. Hanked ripped the pouch from his leather jock, and his thick uncut cock sprang out, hard and throbbing. A few guys in the crowd gasped. Hank is a short guy - about five feet eight, but his dick would be in proportion to a guy who was six feet four. Ten inches of prime natural cock! and he knows how to use it.

He shuffled up closer to me, till his meat was nudging my hole, next to his arm. One quick shove and he had it in me. I gasped - as often as I have taken his arm and cock together, it was still a jolt. He let it sit in me for a minute, then started fucking. I knew his hand was wrapped around the head of his dick, and he was fucking his hand inside me. The feeling was exquisite!

He fucked his hand for about five minutes then pulled his cock out. We were going to get to the heart of the matter. Slowly he edged his arm into me, twisting and turning as he felt his way deep into my gut. I looked over at Sean and Liam. They were smiling. We’d played together often and they knew my capabilities. My hole was stretching wide - Hank is a solid guy with thick forearms - but finally he reached his destination, and my limit - his elbow.

He leaned back so that the guys could see his upper arm protruding from my well stretched hole, then he slowly drew it out till just his hand was in me, then equally slowly slid it back in to the elbow, giving me a slow deep fuck. I was in heaven! He is one of the best tops I’ve ever played with. If it wasn’t for our profession, I could easily fall in love with him.

We fucked for another fifteen minutes before he pulled out. By this time my jock was saturated with my precum, and his cock had drooled a great puddle on the floor. We stood up to a round of applause, and when we looked around there were a number of guys including all the guys we had recognized as porn stars on their knees, swallowing cock. The party was starting to rock.

Guys were coming over to us to congratulate us on our act. It looked like there wasn’t going to be any more entertainment. Everyone seemed too interested in playing to watch another show. Most of the guys who came over to us either wanted to check my ass to see how I did it, or to check Hank’s cock to see if it was real! The client came over to thank us for the show.

“I hope we didn’t embarrass you.”

“At first you did, until Sean told me it was part of the act. I was convinced till then that my position in this club was under threat. It was so convincing, especially when Hank tore the arms off your tux.”

We circled the room collecting the parts of our clothes, and the host took us to a guest bedroom where we could shower and re assemble them. He left us to go back to the party.

“Well babe, we did it again.”

“It was fun wasn’t it.”

“It always is.”

“Come here.”

I took him in my arms and we kissed. His hands went down to my hole and he started playing.

“You want it don’t you.”

“Yeah. I want it in me again.”

I turned round and bent over, resting my hands on the bed and spreading my legs. Hank slid his cock back in me and I worked my muscles on it.

“Your ass fuckin’ amazes me. After my arm and cock in you, you can still feel tighter than a lot of guys I fuck.”

“Practice, baby, practice.”

“Well don’t ever stop practising.”

“Wouldn’t dare. My livelihood depends on it.”

We were in mid fuck when the door opened and Liam and Sean came in.

“Just checking to see if you wanted anything. But it looks like you’re being well looked after.”

“Well I’ve got a mouth that’s empty.”

“And I’ve got a hole that could be filled.”

The stripped off and before long I was sucking Sean’s cock while Liam was balls deep in Hank’s ass. We set up a nice rhythm, and soon Liam yelled as he came in Hank. That put Hank over the edge and I got his load. I increased my suction on Sean and he emptied his balls in my mouth. I hadn’t cum, but I was satisfied.

We all showered together, and they helped us get our suits together and rejoin the party. When we got downstairs, the party had become and orgy. There were clothes all over the place, and naked, writhing bodies doing what comes naturally.

We found the host fucking one of the porn stars.

“I think our job is done here.”

“Thank you for your performance. It really started the ball rolling. I’ve never seen the members as turned on as they are tonight.”

“It’s been our pleasure, but we’re sorta exhausted.”

“I can understand that. Once again thanks.”

Sean’s client was busy too, with a cock up his ass and another down his throat. Pig heaven! Sean went over and told him we were going. He just waved us off, too busy to talk!

We got back to the hotel. I was tired, but too hyped to sleep. It had been a big day and a tiring one. We stripped and I climbed into bed. Hank made a couple of night caps and we turned the TV on. Just like an old married couple, we sat there and stared at the box, while we sipped our drinks. I finished mine and slid down in the bed. Hank turned off the TV and slid down behind me. I felt his hard cock pressed up against my hole.

“Yes please.”

“Fuck or sleep?”


“Good. That suits me fine.”

He slid into me, and, cock in ass we drifted off. Another job well done.