The late afternoon sun slanted throught the leafy trees along the creekside and the warm spring air full of promise seemed to be calling my name as it lured me into the park along the creek. I drove slowly along the creekside road, keeping an eye out for potential action. As my mind began to wander to thoughts of hot mansex I spot my favorite haunt and pull the car into the parking lot.

With a semi-hard cock in my pants, I enter the familiar restroom and seek out my usual spot.. The stone walls and concrete floor keep the room cool even on the warmest days. Several times a week I settle into my favorite stall for an enjoyable session of cocksucking. In the dim light, I image that I am nestled in a cave or rock niche waiting for wild and hot cock. Cock on the prowl, seeking release and I’m the hot mouth to pump their seed into.

I hear the familiar crush of gravel under wheels, the thud of a car door, followed by crunching steps and the echo of work boots on the concrete floor. My heart beat increases and my cock hardens in anticipation. In a few moments the stall door beside me creaks open and slams shut, followed by the sound of a zipper being drawn. I peer through the gloryhole and take in the sight of a nice 7” cock topped with a beautiful mushroom shaped head oozing with precum.

The stud owner of this cock smiles at my winking eye, strokes his hard cock and says. “I’ll bet you can’t want to get this cock in your mouth”.

And with that said, he feeds his cock through the gloryhole and into my eager mouth. I savor the taste of his precum as it smears across my tongue. I swipe my tongue around his cockhead and pump the shaft to milk more juice onto my tongue. I inhale the scent of his crotch, taste his sweet and salty juice and become intoxicated. Passion courses through my veins as I suck his cock with wild abandon. I repeatedly pull his cock into my throat, swirling my tongue along the underside as I fuck his cock with my mouth.

He presses heavily against the partition as his breathing becomes ragged and he moans, “God, I’m gonna fucking cum”!

I feel his cock pulsate in mouth and as his cock slides from my throat, I taste his thick cum spill into my eager mouth. He pumps a heavy load into my mouth as I lustfully savor every drop of his sweet man juice.

As he withdraws his cock he whispers, “I’ll save it for you until next week”. He zips up and leaves the stall followed by the echo of his foot steps.

I reach to stroke my hard cock. As I stroke down to my balls, I feel the steel cock ring tight around the base of my cock and balls. I tug on my balls and twist the sack as jolts of erotic energy race up my cock. Precum is oozing from my cockhead and I dap it up with my finger and place it in my mouth. I like taste of my own cum best and I’m tempted to jerk off into my hand but I’m startled from my self indulgence by the sight a two large boots beneath the partition and a huge 10” cock snaking through the gloryhole.

Without hesitation, I drop to my knees to service my latest visitor. The cock is thick and familiar for I have serviced this magnificent piece of meat many times before. I taste his precum, it is more pungent than my own yet the taste of it drives me wild nevertheless. I stretch my mouth and relax my throat to accommodate his horse-sized cock. His balls slap against my chin as he pushes his cock down my throat. My eyes water with each down stroke and I fight the urge to gage. The face fucking continues for what seems like an eternity until his cock begins to swell and on the up stroke, as his huge cockhead flattens my tongue, he explodes into my mouth. His load is massive and earthy tasting. I savor the smooth creamy texture of his load, but I don’t swallow as there is more to come.

He pulls his horsecock from my lips and rubs it across my face. As his cock disappears through the hole it is replaced with a pair of succulent lips, which I meet with my own. Our mouths open, our tongues entwine and I pass his cum back into his mouth. As we snowball, he becomes so hot I feel his tongue probing and licking every inch of my mouth searching for every last drop of his own cum. We break our kiss and he motions for my hard cock, which by now is hard as steel and ready to burst at the first touch of his tongue. His soft lips kiss the head of my cock and his tongue licks the precum from the slit in end of my cockhead and continues down the shaft of my cock to envelope first one ball, then the other. then both balls with his hot mouth. My knees become weak as he works my balls, gently sucking and twisting as I writhe in ecstasy. Just as I feel I can’t take anymore of his intense ballwork, he releases my balls and goes to work on my drooling cockhead.

“Oh yeah, I love the taste of cockjuice” he growls as he pumps my cock for more. “I want you to blow your hot load in my mouth, come on, fuck my mouth”!

With an increasing rhythm I pump into his mouth until I feel my balls begin to churn and I know he will be satisfied.

“uhh, fuck”! I groan as my body convulses and my balls erupt spilling my boiling cum into his mouth. He groans with superheated erotic pleasure as I fill his mouth with my cum, holding my cock in his mouth and massaging it with gentle licks as my orgasm subsides. I pull my cock from his mouth and meet his lips with my own and as we snowball I taste my cum on his tongue and I suck and lick it like a cock. The taste of my own cum sends me into a delirious state and I suck on his tongue and probe his mouth until I can no longer taste my cum. We kiss again and he is gone until next week.