PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS - Public Transport: I love it!

This is a story about a sexual encounter I had. If you feel you should not be reading this, or if it's illegal for you to read this, then I suggest you look elsewhere for material that you deem, or others deem for you, suitable to read. It is your decision now to continue and read the story.

Being a professional escort, I get my fair amount of hot sex. From time to time I get so horny, I just need to have sex and I turn into a "bitch in heat" as a friend of mine put it once. In general, there will be clients to meet my needs, but sometimes there are no appointments in my book and I have to find some sort of way to get me some hot mansex. This episode is dedicated to one of those times when I was "in heat" but short of a client.

It was one of those hot city summer days, the sun burning all day, the air getting hotter and hotter by the hour. Under these circumstances, business is usually low, men preferring to cool down rather than to engage in some hot sex. So I used this opportunity to work on my tan (naked, of course, to avoid annoying tanlines) and to indulge in some body care. This involves trimming my bush, shaving balls and crack, giving myself an enema, doing some exercises, including some dildo work to keep my arse and throat muscles in shape.

I prefer doing my exercises on my balcony. The thought that the neighbours might overhear or spot me during this activity adds to the excitement. I first suck the largest dildo I have, practising to swallow it all to the base without gagging. While sucking and wetting the dildo, I finger myself to loosen up my hole. I can take the dildo with ease now, but I keep it my mouth for a while, practising my tonguework and lubing it with my saliva. I then take it out and push it my hole I have prepared with my fingers. I resist at first, training my muscles to keep my arse tight – clients really like that. I then push it in completely.

Letting myself adjust for a while to the dildo inside me, I rub my now sweaty body with my hands and squeeze my nipples. I then start to fuck myself with the dildo, shoving it up and down. I really would love it to take it out and ram it in again, but for that I need a second person, so it's just moving it up and down my hole. Doing this, I can feel the heat starting to build up in me, the sun, the sweat, the dildo, it is really driving me wild. I forget that I am on the balcony, and I start to moan and sigh audibly as my other hand jerks my dick. And then, all of a sudden, I explode, shooting my load. I try to catch some of it to taste, but it is difficult to control my movements at that point. When done, I lay back on my chair, leaving the dildo in, trying to make the sensation of having my arse filled last as long as possible.

I must have dozed off for a while. When I woke up, I still felt the dildo inside me and I felt my dick growing again. I then decided it was about time to take some action. I got up, took the dildo out slowly. God, I hate that moment when the dildo pops out, leaving me empty. Well, never mind, time to take some action.

As I walked inside, I remembered a chat I had with a guy, not long ago, in one of my favourite chatrooms. He told me about an encounter he had in an overcrowded metrotrain, during rush hour. Rush hour was about to start, and I knew that I just had to try my luck on the train. I decided to take the train that runs through the business district, lots of men going home, so I must be bound to find me a hot guy.

I decided to wear an old pair of blue faded jeans, torn and worn in all the right places, and out if which I had cut the pocket pouches. No underwear under this pair of jeans, of course. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw, my bubble butt nicely showing, the seam running through my crack, parting my cheeks, and up front, my erection clearly showing under the faded fabric. Already I noticed a little wet spot, forming at the tip of my head. I put on a pair of black cowboy boots and a tight short sleeved shirt, closing only the two buttons in the middle, so anyone can see that the top button of my fly is open. Took some money for the ride, and off I went.

Had to change a few times before I got on the right line, and drew quite some attention. I like showing off in public, the thought of people watching me turns me on. This helped very well in keeping my erection. The heat was enormous, could feel some sweat running on my back. I was tempted to take of my shirt, but they can kick you out of the train for that, a risk I did not want to take at this point. Finally I got on the right train, servicing the business district.

After only two stations, the train was jammed with people returning home. Lots of hot men, lots of them wearing business suits. I was standing in the train, holding the bar above my head, as I felt one guy pressing against me, his crotch right in my crack. The advantage of a business suit is that the fabric is so thin, u can feel anything underneath, and indeed, I felt his dick harden in my crack. He also kept himself in place by holding the bar, his hand touching mine and I heard him heavily breathing in my ear. He had put his case between his feet, I felt his other hand touching me, playing with the waistband of my jeans and the open top of my fly.

Man, I could not believe my luck. I was hoping he would slide his hand into a pocket and touch my dick which was now fully erect and quite dripping. At that same time, I looked down, and I noticed my crotch was at the same level of a man sitting, looking at my bulge. At that point, the train made a turn, I fell slightly forward, pushing my crotch into that man's face. In a split second he opened his mouth and placed his lips around my cock, giving it a gentle bite. It was over before I knew it, but it did happen and the man winked his eye as he licked his lips. I pressed my leg against his, and I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh, slowly going up.

As if the man behind me could read my mind, I felt his hand working its way into my pocket, his fingers looking for my dick. The sitting man saw my bulge growing from the hand sliding in. His hand had now reached the top of my leg, pressing against my perineum and my balls. As the standing man found my dick, the sitting man ran a finger through my crack, found a torn and slid a finger in, touching my arsehole.

I was leaking like mad now. The standing man started to wank me slowly, rubbing my cockhead against the denim, soaking it with my precum. The sitting man moved his head closer to my crotch as his finger worked its way into my hole. I saw him sniffing my crotch, licking his lips. He rubbed the back of his free hand over the wet spot and licked it. The standing man was skilfully wanking my dick and rubbing his hard cock through my crack.

This was such a hot sensation, being fingered and wanked in a crowded train. I knew I could not hold it for much longer. All of a sudden, the finger in my arse was touching my prostate and I shot a load in my jeans. I had to bite my tongue not to scream of pleasure and I started to breathe heavily. The man behind me whispered something in my ear, but I did not hear, totally absorbed by the sensation. He slowly kept on stroking my cock, pumping all the juices out of it. My jeans were soaked now with cum, and the wet spot on the fabric was expanding. The sitting man kept his finger inside me, looking at the expanding wet spot. Then the train made another turn, and his face was once again pressed against my crotch. In that split second, he managed to get his lips around my head and suck the soaked fabric.

Both men kept their hands in place as the train drove on. The train was still crowded, and the man behind me was reluctantly removing his hand, cleaning it on my jeans, because his station was coming up soon. The sitting man needed to leave the train at the same station, apparently, because he pulled his finger out and got on his feet. Still holding myself by the bar over my head, I found myself sandwiched between these two men.

As they started to make their way to the exit, the man in front of me eyed me and nodded, pointing at the door. He wanted me to get off the train as well. I was still feeling very horny, so I thought "what the hell" and moved with them to the door. I could feel that both were very hard and very well endowed, by the way. We reached the door just as the train entered the station. We left the train and slowly headed towards the exit, giving our fellow passengers plenty of opportunity to throw themselves onto the escalator.

When we reached the escalator, the platform was empty and quiet. I was about to step onto the escalator, as both men grabbed me by the waistband of my jeans. They ushered me to the side, one grabbed my bulge and the other slid a hand in my back pocket. The pushed and pulled me to a shady corner behind the escalator. I was a bit taken by surprise, but horny enough not give it any second thoughts. In this state of arousal, I let myself be taken into that shady corner.

Once in the corner, they dropped their briefcases, and squeezed me in-between them. My bulge was rubbing against the bulge of the man in front of me, I felt the other one's erection in my crack. Their hands were all over my body, lifting my shirt, sliding into my jeans, feeling my flesh. When they were not kissing each other, I could feel their soft lips and wet tongues on my body. My hands were looking for their bulges, wanted to feel their hard cocks in my hands as I licked and kissed any piece of bare flesh I could reach in that position.

The man behind me was now exploring the seam of my jeans in my crack, looking for the entry. He found it, and slid his finger in, touching the ring of my hole. I felt the pressure increase and his finger slide in. I wanted to moan loudly, but the man in front placed his lips on my mouth, muffling any sound I wanted to make. I kept on rubbing their hard bulges, my god, some nice pieces of hot man meat I held in my hand, as the man in front of me kept kissing me and the man behind me fingering my ass.

While rubbing their cocks, I managed to unzip both flies, and my hands wandered in. They were wearing underwear, but they must have been leaking for a while, because I could feel they were very moist and very sticky. And I could feel both their raging hard ons throbbing under the fabric. I could not wait to lay my hands on these. Clumsily I fumbled my hands into their respective briefs and finally touched these hard fuckbeauties in the flesh. And oh boy, did I want a piece of both of them!

Both men moaned loudly as I touched their manhoods, squeezing me tighter between them. My own dick was now so hard in my tight and wet jeans, that it almost started to hurt. The man behind me must have sensed it, because he started to unbutton my fly and pushed my jeans down. My dick sprang up, and immediately I felt four hands on it, stroking it, thumbs rubbing over my leaking head, fingers fondling my balls. All this time I held a firm grip on their cocks, as both men softly moved their hips, making their poles slide through my hand.

The the man in front of me said: - "Our turn now. Are you ready?" - and without awaiting my answer kissed me full on the mouth. As I felt his tongue entering my mouth, he held my head, gently pushing it down, making me bend over. He broke the kiss and guided my head towards his cock, sticking out of the fly of his pants. The dim lights in the shady corner were reflected in the shiny and wet surface of the cockhead. I pulled his briefs under his balls, making his dick point to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took the cockhead in, as I held on to his hips.

The man behind me slided his wet cock through my crack until the oozing head found my pucker. He kept still for a second and started to push his head into my hole. My exercises earlier that day and the good fingerwork in the train had prepared my muscle for this entry. I now had a cockhead up my arse and a cockhead in my mouth.

I licked and sucked on the cockhead in my mouth, sucking and tasting the hot precum, allowing us all some time to adjust to the new situation. The man behind me put his hands on my bare hips and thrusted his hips forward, shoving his fat fuckpole up my arse. This was my clue, and let my lips slide down over the cock already in my mouth.

As I felt the balls slap against mine, and felt the cockhead rub my prostate, I relaxed my throat completely and let the cock slide in. Such bliss, filled with two pieces of hot meat. I squeezed my muscle around the hot dick in my arse and flexed my throat muscles around the oozing cockhead in my throat. I could stay like this forever, and as it turned out, luck was on my side, because at that same moment a train entered the station on our platform.

Both men did not move a muscle, and I was pinned down on two hard cocks and had no where to run, so I ceased the opportunity. I worked my arse muscle on the throbbing dick in my hole and I was licking the shaft of the dick in my mouth, giving the cockhead a massage with my throat muscles. The cockhead fed me sweet precum and I could almost feel the other cock leaking in my hole. I could hear both men start moaning, and that was exactly what I wanted them to do. But they obviously did not want to be discovered. I felt them bend over and I could hear their lips lock, muffling any sound the might possibly make with their kiss.

All this time, the noise of the people leaving the train was very audible. As they got up the escalator, they passed over us and I could clearly hear them talk. The thought of them discovering us, just by looking down, added to the already extreme pleasure of having two hot cocks filling me up.

As the crowd dissolved, and the platform became empty and quiet again, this state of masculine unity ended. The men broke their kiss, moaned loudly and, at the same time, started to move in and out of me. As they skilfully fucked me in the arse and mouth, I wanted to wank my own rockhard and dripping cock, as I felt the pressure building up in my balls. But the man I was sucking got a hold of my hands and kept them on his hips. With every thrust into my body, my hard dick swung under my body, threads of precum sticking to my belly and to my thighs.

By now, I was hot for their loads, and intensified milking their cocks with my arse and with my mouth. It paid off. Just as another train was pulling into the station, they started to feed me their juices. They screamed when they shot, but their sounds got lost in the sound of the train pulling in. I kept milking their dicks, I wanted to have every drop of their juices. I felt both dicks pumping their loads in me, my chute filling with hot cum and my mouth almost pouring over, such a big load I could not swallow it at once. Some went to waste because it dripped out, but I managed to swallow most of it.

As I was digesting these hot loads while their dicks were still in me, the men kissed again, re-establishing that masculine unity, as the people passed over our heads. I could feel their dicks pulsate in me, pumping all they've got in me.

Once the platform was silent again, the slowly pulled their dicks out my cumfilled mouth and hole. God, I hate this moment, but had no time to give this thought much attention. The man pulled me up and made me lean against the wall supporting the escalator. I felt the cum drip out of my ass, along my thighs, into my jeans. I squeezed my hole, wanting to retain that hot man juice inside of me.

I now felt two tongues licking my face clean from the precum that had oozed out of my mouth and working their way to my mouth. Both tongues worked their way into it, and we started to kiss deep and wet. In the meantime, their hand were running over my body, stroking my still hard and dripping dick, fondling my balls, squeezing my rockhard nipples. Their fingers unbuttoned my shirt. The tongues had by now cleaned my mouth and started to lick their way down to my tits.

As both men's tongues were working on my nips, I felt their hands rubbing my butt, their index fingers at my hole. I was still squeezing it tight to keep the juices in, but they applied so much pressure that both their index fingers simultaneously slid in. They started finger fucking my well greased hole, sliding them in as deep as possible, rubbing my prostate, in the meantime licking my body, working their way down.

I looked down to those two suited men working on my body, their dicks hanging out from their flies, still shiny from the cum and slightly dripping. As they were licking their way down, their not completely smooth chin bones rubbed my oozing dickhead, smearing my precum on their faces.

They both licked my dickhead with the tips of their tongues. Was trying to work my dick into one of those hot mouths, but they did not let me. Instead, their tongues went lower, exploring the insides of my thighs, licking the cum that had dripped out of my arse. Their fingers were still inside me, rubbing my prostrate. One of the men moved his tongue to my butt, licking the crack and the fingers that were sliding in and out of my hole, as the other started to suck on my balls, massaging them with his tongue.

And again, a train pulled into the station and the platform was flooded with commuters rushing home. I felt both fingers retract from my hole. As the man that was licking my butt moved his tongue to my dick, both fingers were stuck in my mouth to suck. Sucking them, tasting the juices from my hole, prevented my from making any sound that might attract attention from the people moving up over our heads.

Both men kissed again, my dickhead in the very centre of their hot and wet kiss. I could feel their tongues running over my head, mixing the warm saliva with my precum. They started to lick my shaft, massaging it with their wet lips and tongues, teasing every sensitive spot on my throbbing cock.

Their fingers found their way back into my hole, fucking it deep and stretching it. Their lips and tongue were frantically working my dick. From time to time they exchanged kisses, and I could feel their tongues sliding over my dickhead. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls, and I started to tremble on my legs. I was getting close. Both men noticed, of course, and also that my dick was expanding. They enclosed my dickhead in a kiss, licking the head and the slit, and I could not longer keep it in.

I started to shoot my load in both their mouths, holding their heads so I would not tumble over, shouting and crying almost. My cries reverberated in the empty station. Both men held their lips tightly closed around my shooting cockhead, sharing and swallowing my cum, as I kept on pumping like I did not shoot for several days.

And then my balls were empty, not a drop of my spunk left in them. They held my dick in their mouths, I could feel their suction, eager to get all of my juices, and their tongues, licking and cleaning my dickhead. They continued until my dick was soft again. They both got up, leaving their fingers in my hole, and we kissed. I could taste myself in their mouths.

And yet again, an other train pulled into the station. We continued kissing until the platform was empty again, and I could no longer taste myself in their mouths. We broke the kiss, and the men retracted their fingers from my ass. They gave each other their finger to suck.

I watched both men sucking on each other's fingers, in their suits, their dicks still hanging out of their flies. I pinched my nipples hard, and yes, I did not dream. Both men eventually finished sucking, and started to make themselves presentable again. I buttoned my shirt and pulled up my jeans. My arse was still dripping from and a wet spot must have formed.

When we were all dressed again, we kissed once more and went onto the platform. I waited until the men got on the train, and then crossed to the other platform to take a train home. On the train back, I did attract quite some attention. All the way I kept thinking of this encounter, and it made me hard again. My jeans, wet with cum, did not hide much. Got some eyes from some very hot men, but I was too engulfed in my memory of the hot sex I just had on that platform, to react to their glances.

This was a personal encouter I just wanted to share. If you want to read more, you can go to the Red Light Working stories in this section, where I like to share my more interesting professional encounters.

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