Picking up a teen
by HenryI –

This is a fictional gay porn story and purely meant to arouse the reader. I you are offended by this, or not of legal age to read such stories, close this file right now. The story does not reflect a true experience and any similarities with persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. In the spirit of a fantasy the story describes non-safe sex, but in real life I really think you should always have safe sex.

The poor kid didn't stand a chance when I got my sights on him at my favorite gay disco. I saw him dancing on the dance floor and I instantly was in love with his sexy body. Wow, that V-figure topping that smoking hot ass. He was going to be mine.

I danced closer to him and put in my fancy dance routine and sure enough I got his attention. I saw him wet his lips when looking at me, so it was clear I had bate. When I took my shirt off, his eyes almost popped out when he saw my ripped muscle body.

I moved very close to him and started to dirty dance with him. He was more than willing to follow me in my moves. I pressed my ass against his groin and could feel his boner. Time to wheel him in.

I offered him a drink and as we headed to the bar, I was walking behind him. I just had to pinch those smoking buns... they were so fine!

It didn't take me very long to get this boy over at my place and as soon as we entered the room I ripped my shirt off in a very dramatic style. He was totally in awe, just the way I liked it. Was almost drooling on my big bodybuilder torso, but when I dropped my pants and let my snake pop out, he couldn't help but say a big loud


"Wow, indeed. But this big boner needs a hot body to make it shoot itīs precious cream."

Without saying anything, he immediately took his clothes off. I dropped him on the floor and put my cock against his mouth.

"But first you have to make it really slippery so I can fuck you harder!"

He took my pole down like a pro, without gagging on the 8.5 inch shaft. He squeezed my nuts, really turning me on massively. Soon he had me blasting off some precum and it was time to fuck that firm teen ass.

I lifted his left leg up and let my snake slide in his tight hole. It went in like a glove. I started to pump his ass and the kid loved it.

"Faster, harder and deeper!" he yelled. I grabbed his broad shoulders and did pump him faster, harder and deeper.

He moaned loud and was squirming his sexy body around my pole. He was a super fuck!

I lifted both legs, to fuck him deeper and he roared in lust, as his teen cock started to shoot some precum. He snarled:

"OH F-F-FUCK... I'm gonna cum... keep fucking me hard... KEEP FUCKING... I CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!"

He roared and yelled out loud, as thick globs of teen cream were shooting over his sexy sixpack and chest. I kept on ramming my boner in his ass, making his orgasm even more intense. As I saw him blasting off on my ramming shaft, I passed the point of no return. I pulled my cock out and jerked it furiously, to increase my blast. Then I threw my head back and roared, while I started to unload my hunk nectar on the boy's body, mixing it with his own cream.

As the happy moment subsided, I lay on the floor next to him.

"Wow man, you're one hot fucker!"

"You're not too shabby yourself!" I grinned.

We hit the shower, where I fucked him again, hard against the tiled wall. When we were drying off, I couldn't hold my tongue off of his hot pink ass hole, so I rimmed him, making him shoot again. Then I grabbed my hard shaft and jerked it until I unloaded a big batch of hunk cream in his cum hungry mouth.

After that we took another shower, separately this time. Then I made him dress up and kicked him out before he could get any ideas, you never know with these young kids.

After that my cock still hadn't had enough, so I jacked off once more with that hot kid in mind. It was an evening well spent.

--- the end ---