Pineapple boy


I was on holiday with my friend on a little island in Brazil. This little island was perfect to recover from work for a week or two. It had four beaches of which the first two were very lively with many girls and also bars to hang out at night. The third and forth beaches (they are really just called like this) are more remote, apparently the fourth was completely deserted.

Anyway I woke up after a heavy night out drinking hearing my friend snoring. Since it was already noon I woke up my friend suggesting to have breakfast. After a bit of moaning he agreed to have something to bite at nice little restaurant on the beach. We staggered to the beach still drunk from last night both of us analyzing why we were not successful with the girls but eventually agreed that we just were too pissed. At the restaurant we were both sitting silently and slowly eating our fruit salads, which we thought would be the only thing our stomachs could keep in. After we paid my friend told me is not feeling well at all and he would return to our posada to lie down again. Me, always horny after a night out drinking decided to explore the island, having in mind to arrive to the forth, deserted beach for a nude swim and a nice relaxing wank. Maybe I should describe myself now: I am 30 years old, 5'6", 140lbs, in fairly good (tough not muscular) and have got an eight inch cut dick.

I was walking along the first and second beaches peeing at the nice girls already arriving to the beach. This didn't help at all to relieve me from my horniness, the pressure started to build up and I increased my pace of walking by a notch hoping to arrive at a deserted place to release myself. From the end of the second beach I arrived through some bushes and little trees at the third one. What I saw discouraged me a little, it was at least 3 miles long and the first third was splattered with bars. However I was determined to reach my "goal" and I continued my walk. After I have passed the last bars and houses the urge for a wank was nearly unbearable. Suddenly I heard a voice from near the palm trees "You want pineapple", I looked over and saw a young boy, slim but defined with his nice brown skin glistening in the sun, just wearing red swimming briefs. I guessed him for 19 to 21. I waved over a "no -- thanks" he was already up on his feet and coming over to me. "Where are you from?" he asked -- "I'm from Germany" I replied. "Where are you going? He asked "I was now getting a little annoyed seeing my wank vanishing. We were already walking for some time when he asked again whether I want some pineapple, which a bundle was hanging of his shoulder. He didn't pay attention to my refusal and started to cut one pineapple from the trunk. As I looked over to watch him cutting off the pineapple I couldn't help to look at his crotch and I thought that the bulge in his briefs was little too large without an erection. I immediately looked away, scared the boy might have noticed. But I was mesmerised and wanted to check out whether my observation of an aroused dick was correct. Inconspicuously I tried another glance but this time he noticed my glare, he just gave me broad smile and continued to peel of the pineapple. I looked away ashamed, but my mind was raising "Was he hard, was it just imagination but why did he smile, ...?" These questions drove me crazy and I kept walking beside him, just looking to the sand of the beach but, I couldn't stop getting an erection. "Here take a piece" he said, offering a slice of pineapple. I took the slice smiled at him said thanks but then I couldn't stop myself of having another glance at his bulge -- and I was sure it even grew. I was mesmerised and couldn't take off my eyes from this huge bulge of this young slim boy. My own erection now was nearly unbearable, I just kept staring at his bulge, he of course noticed my stare but didn't say a word. I'm sure he enjoyed my admiration because his bulge kept growing. His straining dick now started to tent his brief, so that they even lifted off from his thighs. I swear that when he put his right leg forward I could sees between his thigh and his briefs the glistening head of his dick. We just kept walking beside each other not talking a word, I kept staring on his bulge, hoping that with every step I could catch a glance of this glistening head. I also caught him staring at the tent me swim trunks were sporting. I looked back, the last houses on the beach must have been already a mile away and we were completely alone. Now I took all my nerves together and slowly reached over to touch his dick through his red briefs. He didn't stop me and when I felt his hard meat under his briefs I though I'm already going to cum.

I was rubbing his hard dick through the fabric, then I slid one finger into the gap between his thigh and the brief to feel his swollen dickhead. It was already covered in leaking precum. I looked at him asking to free his dick from the painfully restraining brief, he just gave me broad smile. I took out his dick from the side of his brief and just kept watching it swaying from left to right with every step he made. It was about eight inches, completely straight but sticking slightly upward. His big, purple head, from precum glistening head seemed to burst at any time. Soon we will have reached the forth beach I kept constantly reminding myself to stop me to fall on my knees to suck this amazing beautiful dick. Now the boy grabbed over to pull down the waist band of my swimming trunks. As he pulled them down, my also already slick dick sprung out and landed with a hear able flap on my stomach and was also bouncing from left to right with every step I made. The light breeze I felt on my dick and the view of this nice dick next too me dripping precum made my mind racing with full of lust. We still had a few hundred yard to walk until we arrived the fourth, so longed after, beach. There I saw a huge beach, at least 10 miles long without a single soul around. Probably 400 yards there was a little batch of trees reaching into the water -- I thought this was the perfect place. We kept walking both holding on to each others dicks. We straight entered the shallow water hidden behind these trees. After a couple of yards I couldn't resist no longer and fell to my knees into the foot deep water and ripped his briefs of -- his rock hard member slapped to his stomach and bounced back just stick out infront of my face. I started to lick his low hanging black balls for a little but was too excited to take his nice dick into my mouth. I licked up his shaft and engulfed his slick purple head. I was swirling with my tongue around his head and my tip of my tongue in his piss slit. I started to suck on his dick as if there was no tomorrow at the same time the slight waves touching my balls. The boy was really enjoying himself -- he was moaning in pleasure but, I was taken by surprise when he shoot a spurt into my mouth. I immediately released from his dick and watched him spurting four more streams of hot cum onto my face. Even though this was an extremely hot experience for me I felt immediate regret that this seem ed to over know. I thought at least I would entirely clean his now still throbbing dick from all the cum. I put his drooling dick into my mouth again licking all the cum off. I could feel it waning but I kept sucking, I want every last drop of this delicious cum. It didn't take long for it to get hard again. It felt so good to have this rock hard dick sliding in and out of my mouth. This time I thought I want to know it all, I really felt of having this powerful dick inside me.

I turned around at all fours exposing my ready arse for him. He didn't require any persuasion, he immediately kneeled behind me and positioned his stiff member against my hole. He rubbed his dick up and down my crack to lubricate my entrance. I was shivering from anticipation, I could not wait to feel this huge head inside me. He applied and his dick stretched my entrance to the almost unbearable pain. However my horniness surmounted the pain and I pushed backwards. I could feel him completely sinking his dick into ma arse, I could feel his low hanging heavy balls touching mine when he hit the hilt. He slowly withdrew nearly complete but just to slam it back into ma arse. After a few slow strokes my pain was completely gone and was replaced by pure pleasure. He picked up pace and started to fuck me crazily. His strong thrusts, his balls slumming against amine and the waves touching my dick threw me over the edge. Without touching my self I spurted squirt after squirt into the sea, I have never ever come so strongly. After five or so strokes the horny boy unloaded his semen deep into my arse and he collapsed on top of me breathing heavily . We remained in this position for a couple of minutes then he withdrew his now softening dick. He smiled at me put back his brief and walked back to his village.

I was completely exhausted having a strange feeling about what just had happened -- never being able to imagine I would be interested in Male sex.

Now after a couple of months, still raving about this thrilling experience, I'm prepared to go for male sex again again.


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