Places: North Plainfield
By John Yager

This is one more in the series of short vignettes collectively titled Places.
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I was standing on the balcony when Frank drove up. I'd beaten him to the motel by fifteen minutes and already had the bed turned back and the drapes closed.

"Come on up," I called to him as he got out of his car. "I'll meet you at the outside door." It took a key card to get in and I had the only one.

Ninety seconds later we were back in the room and clothes were flying. One thing about Frank and me getting together is that we don't waste time. Three minutes and we were naked and on the bed.

"Yeah," he moaned as our bodies pressed together and our tongues explored. I was sucking his while mine was doing a close inspection of his dental work.

We were good friends but when we got together it was about sex, not romance. There was no buildup and not a lot of foreplay. I don't mean we didn't care for each other because we did. I knew he was someone I could depend on and he knew the same about me. But we both had other commitments and we knew the rules. When we got together it was for one reason only and that reason was one hot fuck. There might be a little conversation, maybe a meal together, but all that had to wait until the real business was dealt with, and the business of the day was sex, hot, urgent, man to man sex.

There's another thing you need to know about Frank. He has an amazing cock. It's big, really big. I have seen bigger but Frank's is right up there in the top ten. His cock is thick and long, but more important than its size is the man behind it. Frank is to dick driving what Ward Burton was to the Dayton 500. If there's a hole, he can slide into it and you can be damn sure he'll fill it to capacity.

You don't give a go to a top NASCAR racer unless you intend to race and you don't get Frank going unless you intend to fuck.

We messed around a little, our naked bodies pressing together while our tongues wrestled and our cocks drooled. We rolled around a lot, him on me, me on him, loving the weight of one on the other, loving the growing assurance of what was just round the next wrinkle in an increasingly rumpled bed.

We were both panting, out of breath, when he rolled me over on my back and snapped, "feet in the air."

I locked my ankles over his shoulders and he moved into place.

Yeah, I knew the drill and I loved it.

The lube was cold on my ass but it warmed up quickly as Frank pressed a finger into me and began to twist.

"Like that?"

"Yeah," I moaned, wanting more.

One finger pulled out and was quickly replaced by two. The same routine again, twisting, stretching, me moaning like a bitch.

Then two fingers became three and in no time I was begging for cock.

"Come on, man, fuck me," I whimpered.

"Yeah, you're ready. You sure you want it?"

"Stop kidding around and fuck!"

He did, getting up nice and close, pressing the big head of his tool against my pulsing ass, and slowly, oh, so slowly, sliding in.

Once in position, he stayed very still. He knew it took me about two minutes to come to terms with having his monster in my ass.

When I nodded, he nodded back. Without a word, he pulled back, almost out, then drove into me again.

"Yeah, fuck my ass!" I begged.

He pulled back and drove in again. I moaned and began to jack my own cock.

Lying on my back, my ankles locked around his rear, I was pulling as he was thrusting into me. I wanted all he had and he was very happy to deliver.

"Yeah," Frank moaned, "you love it when I drive the bone home."

"Fuck yes!"

"Okay, bitch, see if you can take this."

He pulled back again and the true assault began. His cock was driving into me like a pile driver, again and again, pounding my prostate, ravaging my ass, sending me onto some other plane of existence.

My god, I thought, if there's anybody in the next room they'll think we're a couple of sex starved animals in here. Then, of course, I realized that was exactly what we were. The world apart from that room, that bed, that locking of bodies in searing man to man sex, was gone.

The two of us and the merging of our bodies was everything there was. For those few moments at least the world disappeared and the sheer brute force of our joining was the sum-total of existence.

The room was filled with the rank, musky odor of man to man sex, the stench of sweat and ass. I would have wondered what the chamber maid might make of it when she came in after we'd gone, but my brain was not exactly worrying about chamber maids at that moment.

Frank's magnificent cock was reaming my ass and all I wanted was more.

"Oh, shit," he groaned and I knew he was getting close.

We had this thing about making it last. It always sounded like a great idea, but when the fucking started, the notion of such subtleties was completely forgotten in the building tidal wave of our lust.

I felt my own balls boiling and Frank's cock was getting even thicker in my ass.

"Yeah, oh yeah," I moaned as my climax hit. My ass was so packed with Frank's cock that for a moment the passages were pinched, not allowing my cum to escape. My ass contracted again and again and that was all it took for Frank to shoot his load deep into by gut.

It was only when he slumped forward onto me and his big tool slipped out of my ass that my own load finally escaped my cock and jolted out onto my belly to be pressed between us.
"Fucking amazing," I moaned.

"Yeah," Frank grinned, looking down into my eyes, "one of our better fucks."

Well, the truth is, any fuck with Frank is amazing. As he likes to say, he can drive the bone home!

The end