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Port Washington, Ohio copyright 2011 all rights reserved

This story is 95% true.

The summer of 1983 I was twenty one years and six months old. My girlfriend had left me several months before do to her family's problems.

I wasn't from this area so I didn't know a lot of people. I knew enough about this small town of less then 1000 people that gay men would hang out at a local roadside rest stop looking for gay sex. Having been bisexual since I was ten I thought I would stop in one Friday night to see what this place was all about. I was really horny and I was drunk.

When I pulled my car into the parking lot there was only one car there. There was a guy about my age leaning against the split-rail fence. He was about my size. Five feet, six inches tall or so and about one hundred thirty pounds I guessed. Rather good looking and fit. He wore a tight, white tank-top under shirt. I saw dark, pit hairs poking out from his pits. I could see his six pack abs easily as well as his small nipples poking out from under the thin cotton fabric.

As I walked past him toward the old wooden outhouse he kind of swung his leg back and forth as I walked past. I looked over at him and he winked at me. I thought... Hey, since I haven`t had any sex in a few months, maybe I could get nasty with this guy. He's good-looking enough. I smiled back at him.

I walked on to the outhouse. I really had to piss bad. I had already drank about 8 beers and had only pissed twice. As I stood at the pot for quite awhile relieving myself the young man I had seen standing at the fence opened the door and asked, "Are you all right man? You've been in here a long time."

I told him that I had to piss real bad. My dick was still boned from my piss-hard. I thought... If you want a peek at my dick buddy, I'll show it to ya. I shook the last of my piss drops off my dick and turned around to face my intruder. He was standing there holding the door open of the one-stall shit-house. When I turned around I shook my dick at him.

"Hey... nice dick man!"

I said, "Thanks. Want a bite?"

With excitement in his voice he said, "Sure!"

"Let's go outside and I'll give you a taste." I told him.

This little rest-stop was actuality like a small park. There was a small creek that ran through it. There were several old shade-trees and the grass there was well kept.

We walked over to the split-rail fence that separated the park from the parking-lot. We were the only two people there. It was near dusk and there were no security lights. There wasn't any traffic driving along the state-route that ran past this little rest area and the closest house was a quarter of a mile away.

I undid my belt-buckle and the button of my blue-jeans then unzipped my zipper. I pulled my half hard cock out from the V of my jeans.

He knelt down to his knees and sucked my dick right into his mouth. I thought... Oh My God this is so great! He sucked my dick expertly for a couple of minutes. I didn't want to cum right away so I told him to stop.

He stood back up and I reached out and felt his dick through the cloth of his jeans. He was rock hard. He undid his belt, button and worked his zipper down. His dick pop out. To my surprise he wasn't wearing underwear either. He had a smooth shaved cock and balls. The pubic hair above his dick was trimmed very close.

His hard cock was about the same size as mine. Five and a half inches and cut. I leaned down and sucked his silky, warm dick into my mouth. He leaned back against the split-rail fence and moaned. I sucked him for about a minute and stopped. I told him, "We need to take this down the road. I know a place about four miles from here where we can get off the road and do some real sucking." He liked that idea.

Port Washington was down the road about two miles. There were two bars, a small grocery store and a post office in town as well as some small homes.

I told my new queer, lover-boy, "Follow me to town. We can leave your car parked at the post office and take my station wagon." he nodded his head in agreement.

We both drove to Port Washington and pulled up to the post office. He got out of his car and got into my blue 1976 Plymouth station wagon. The passenger side floor-board was full of empty beer bottles. He kicked them out of his way as he sat down and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"There's a place across the river I know. It's off the road and no one will see my car from there."

He reached over and felt my cock through my jeans and gave it a little squeeze.

"Sounds good... let's go." he said.

I twisted and reached over the back of the bench-seat to my cooler and opened the lid. "Want a beer?" I asked.

"Hell yea!" he replied. I took a beer from the cooler and handed it to him. "Thanks man!"

I told him, "You're Welcome." as I reached back and got myself another beer. I opened my beer and took a long pull from the bottle. I thought to myself... Man this is going to be so cool! I hadn't sucked a dick in about three years. I had been caught up in the pussy trap.

I put the car in gear and we headed down the road. He reached over and started feeling me up again. "You must want it bad." I said.

"Hell yea. You're the hottest guy I've found back there. Most of the queers that hang out back there are in their forties and fifties."

I told him, "Thanks." Though I must admit, I was in pretty good shape myself. I worked on a oil drilling rig and I was very lean and fit. "You're pretty hot too. What kind of work do you do?"

"I work on a road crew for the state." he told me.

"Nice body!" I said.

He smiled and told me, "Thanks."


A short time later we pulled onto the old abandoned driveway. It was all grown up with weeds. There used to be a house just over the hill that had burned down some years back. I drove to where the house used to be and killed the engine.

Queer-boy said, "Hell... I never knew this place was here... nice place." I agreed. It was very private and peaceful, without a house in sight, overlooking the Tuscarawas river.

He reached over again to play with my dick so I reached over to play with his. He started to try to get my zipper down. I told him, "Wait... I'll do it." I undid my belt and button then unzipped my jeans. I wasn't wearing any underwear either. My cock was right there for him. He took hold of my meat and slowly started to jack me. My dick got even harder. "Un-do your pants too." I told him.

He un-did his belt, button and pulled his zipper down. He lifted his ass up off of the seat and pulled his jeans down past his knees. He had a nice cock and it was hard. I leaned over and sucked the end of his dick into my mouth. He tasted good! He smelt like he had just taken a shower. I sucked his dick and played with his balls for a couple of minuets.

He said, "My turn." I had a little drop of pre-cum on the end of my dick. He leaned over and licked it off as he tongued at my piss slit. I thought... Damn this boy knows what he's doing. He started sucking my dick and rubbed my scrotum and inner thighs with his finger tips. I thought... Oh man... this will be a night to remember! He was really working on my cock and I told him, "Slow down! Let's take our time."

He sat back up and looked straight into my eyes and said, "I have all night."

I told him, "I don't have anywhere I have to be tonight either. Want ta burn some weed?"

"Hell yea!" he replied.

I said, "Cool. Let's get out and I'll roll us a joint." We both re-dressed ourselves and stuffed our cocks back into our pants.

I reached under my seat and pulled out my stash. We both got out of the car then I opened the driver's backdoor and reached into my cooler to get another ice-cold beer from it. "Want another beer?" I asked.

"No... not yet. But, I'll hit that joint when you get it rolled." he said, as he smiled at me. I thought to myself... What a nice smile, and cute too. I'm lucky to have found such a cute boy to play with. He was such a handsome young man, with short brown hair and long brown eye lashes. He had a stocky build as I did. And a killer body!

He walked around the front of the car over to me. The weeds were tall and he stomped them down to the ground near where we were standing beside the car as I rolled one up on the hood.

It was now getting dark out. Every once in a while we would see a car's headlights go down the road. It was a beautiful evening, about 78 degrees with a full moon coming overhead. There was very little traffic on the township road that was below us. We leaned against the car and shared the joint and I drank, yet... another beer.

He started talking dirty to me. "Man... I want your cum down my throat!"

I thought... You nasty motherfucker! I'll give you my cum.

I undid my belt and pants again pulling them down below my knees. Queer-boy saw my flaccid cock, and I thought he would cry.

He was quite the handsome, hard-bodied young man but he seemed to be a bit of a sissy-boy.

With a frown on his face he asked, "You're not too drunk are you?"

"Fuck no! I want your cum too. We have all night don't we?" I asked him. "Suck my dick and make me cum."

He got down on his knees and took my meat into his mouth. He sucked my cock and played with my balls. In no-time I was hard as a rock. Plus, with all the beer I had drank was giving me another piss hard. I thought to myself... Boy. You're going to have to work to get my cum tonight. His sucking was really good, but I wanted his dick in my mouth too. I said, "Let's get in the back and suck 69."

He stopped sucking my cock, licked his lips and stood back up. I reached over and opened the driver's backdoor. I took the cooler out and sat it down beside the car in the weeds. Then, I lowered the backrest of the backseat down. Now we had the whole back of the wagon to play in.

With the door open and the seat down, I sat and took my boots and socks off then took my pants all the way off followed by my T-shirt. He got the clue and took all of his clothes off too.

I crawled into the back of the wagon and laid down on my back. He followed me and laid down beside me. He reached out and took hold of my still-hard prick. I reached over and felt his hard cock as well.

It was dark out now with only the moonlight and stars to shine.

I had a pretty good buzz goin-on and I think he did too. He leaned toward me and kissed me as he pushed his dick against mine. We kissed and ground our cocks against each other for a good while. It was really hot, grinding and kissing with this young-stud of a boy.

I reached down and took my boner and rubbed it against his butt-hole and his nut sack. He liked that! He said, "I want you to put it in me."

I didn't want to get my dick dirty, I wanted him to blow me! I told him, "Suck me off first." then I said, "Let's suck each other. Let`s do 69."

In no-time we were head to toe with hard dicks in our mouths. Working each other's cocks as best as we each knew. Ummm, he tasted good! He smelt good too!

I rolled over on top of him. We sucked each other 69 for about five minutes. I let his dick fall from my mouth and told him. "I'm ready to cum."

He spit my cock out of his mouth and said, "I'm ready too. Shoot it in my mouth."

I said, "Okay... I want your cum too."

I went back down on him and he took my cock back into his mouth. In about thirty seconds I started to drain my nuts into this young-man's hungry mouth. He made a ummm sound as I blew my semen crossed his tongue, blasting my seed to the back of his throat. He made a gulping noise and swallowed every time my nuts shot a load.

Then he started to blast away. His cum was warm and tasty in my mouth. I swallowed each time his cum filled my mouth. He shot seven or eight times. I thought... Damn! What had he been doing? Not jacking off? Saving it for someone special? Like me?

After we were both drained, I rolled off of him and we both laid on our backs panting. I looked over at him with the moonlight coming through the windows of the wagon. His dick, still twitching from his orgasm. I told him, "Man that was great!" he smiled and nodded his head with agreement.

I rolled over and kissed him. I said, "Thanks!"

He said, "Oh no... thank you!"

I bent down and sucked his dick-head back into my mouth and gave it a little tongue action.

"Oh... oh.." he whimpered, as he bent his legs up in effort to push my mouth away from his cock. "Let's wait a little while and we can do it again." I was just teasing him anyways!

"I have to piss again." I told him. I got out of the car and was standing there with my dick in my hand getting ready to piss when he got out of the car and cuddled up behind me. We were both buck naked. Our clothes were spread out on the ground and some were in the car. His dick was still hard. He poked his boner between my butt-cheeks.

I told him, "Not tonight... Baby-boy!" as I pushed him away. "I don't want a dirty dick. I want your clean cock in my mouth." I shook the piss off the end of my dick and turned around to face him.

Damn this was hot! Two young studs like us. Hidden by the darkness and our own surroundings. Our eyes had become adjusted to the dim light of the moon. I could actually see quite well. I walked to the back of the car and rolled down the back glass and let the tailgate down. I sat down on the tailgate and Queer-boy sat down beside me. I put my hand on his thigh and gave it a little squeeze. I rubbed my rough hand up and down the inside of his smooth leg, he was as smooth as a ten year old boy! I gave his leg a little love-slap and told him, "Get us another beer."

He got up and walked over to the cooler and brought back two bottles of beer. I told him, "Thanks. Now go get my cigarettes and my bag of weed too."

He said, "Okay."

He came back with the goods and set the weed and smokes down on the tailgate. He sat down beside me again then rubbed up against me like a cat. I thought I heard him purr. Again I told him, "Thanks."

He smiled and said, "You're welcome." He reached his left hand over and started to lightly rub my back and shoulders.

We opened our beers and I lit a cigarette. Then I rolled another joint as we started making small talk. Where I was from, where he was from, etc, etc. We smoked the weed and kind of started spacing, just sitting on the tailgate. I reached over and started playing with his limp prick.

"You're not too stoned are you?" Throwing his own rude remark back at him.

"Oh hell no!" he snapped back. He reached over and started playing with my limpy too. We just sat there playing with each other, getting boners again.

I asked him, "Where did you learn to suck dick so good?"

He said, "My Brother. I've been sucking him since I was ten."

I asked him, "Do you still blow him?"

He said, "Yea... but not much anymore though. He got married a few years ago. But we still get together sometimes."

I asked, "Does he suck you too?"

"Oh yea. He taught me! We sucked a lot when we were kids. Almost every day. Sometimes... two or three times a day... till he stared liking girls." He lowered his head as if he was sad.

He perked back up and said, "You suck pretty good too. Where did you learn?"

All the time we talked, we were rubbing, fingering and massaging each other's cocks.

I told him, "I learned with a neighbor kid my age when we were ten. We sucked each other until we were nineteen."

"Wow that's cool." he replied.

Now by this time, we're both pretty hard again.

Queer-boy rubbed another peril of my pre-cum over the head of my dick. It was slick and felt nice. He got up off the tailgate and knelt in front of me as I sat with my legs and feet dangling off of the edge, It was just the right height for him to suck my dick again. I scooted forward a little so my balls hung freely. My dick was standing almost straight up. He took hold of me and bent my hard cock at the angle that he could suck.

He leaned forward and started licking my stiff boner. Then he took just my cock-head into his lips and tongued at the end of it. He was milking just the tip of my dick and every once in a while he would go down on me all the way. He started sucking me with more enthusiasm, going up and down on my cock then stopping to suck and nibble on my glan head.

I broke his rhythm and slid my body so that I could stand on the ground with my ass up against the edge of the tailgate. I started humping his face as he sucked me. I was ready to blow another load. I told him, "Here it comes!"

He mumbled something as I shot my sperm into his mouth again. He swallowed rapidly as my orgasm shot strong streams of cum into his mouth.

"Umm... You taste good!" he said.

He stood back up licking his lips. Our dicks were at the same height. He took his boner and started rubbing it against my dick. It felt good to feel the heat of his cock against mine. A little cum oozed from my dick and he rubbed it all around between our cocks.

I told him, "Okay... my turn." I stood up and told him to sit down. He did and I knelt to the ground between his open legs. His cock area was so smooth. He looked like a little boy with a big dick. It reminded me of when I was a little boy sucking my young friend's hairless boners.

I started licking the head of his dick then moved down and started licking at his balls. My tongue slid across the smooth skin of his sack so nicely. I loved sucking on the loose skin of his bag. I tongued under his balls and back up to his shaft. I licked the insides of his legs. They too were smooth like silk. I took his boner between my lips and gently sucked and tongued the end of his cock.

He moaned and put his hands on the back of my head. He pulled my face into his crouch so I would take more of him into my mouth. I went back and forth on his hard cock taking almost his whole length into my mouth as I sucked his dick in deeper.

After a few minutes he said, "Dude... I'm going to cum!"

I pulled back and just sucked his cock-head again as I swirled my tongue around the corona of his glan and toyed with the frenulum underneath. He moaned again as I felt his glan get bigger and harder in my mouth. I felt his cock start to twitch and his body started to jerk as I felt a warm stream of sperm run across my tongue and gathered at the back of my throat. I swallowed every time he ejaculated. About six or seven times. The last few times he shot wasn't all that much, but it was still a mouth full. I quite sucking and stood up and kissed him, snowballing his cum between us.

I thought... Damn... this boy is hot and nasty! Just as much as I am.

I pushed him down onto his back and laid on top of him, chest to chest, still kissing and I humped his cock with mine. I quite kissing him and stood back up. I rubbed my cock against his a few more times.

"How about a beer to wash that down with?" I asked.

He said, "Yea... sure."

I got us each a beer and I got a cigarette. I turned away from him and started pissing into the weeds in front me.

He stood up and walked over beside me and put his left arm around my naked waist. He took hold of my pissing dick with his right hand and squeezed it a couple of times making my piss stream stop and start. He looked at me and asked, "Would you pee in my mouth... please?"

I had never pissed in anyone's mouth before! But I thought... What the fuck? If he likes it... what the hell?

I said, "Yea... okay."

He bent over and squeezed my dick to stop my piss stream again and put his mouth over my dick. It took a few seconds before I could start to piss again. My pee filled his mouth and it ran out between his lips and down his chin onto the ground. When I was done he stood back up and told me, "I haven't tasted pee in a long time. Thanks! My brother and I used to shear pee sometimes when we were boys. I like the taste of it."

I thought to myself... This was an odd thing to do, but then... it's odd to want someone to cum in your mouth too.

He giggled like a little kid and said, "Now I have to pee." He stood beside me and took hold of his cock in his right hand and started pissing. For some reason this made my dick start to get hard again. I had sneaked peeks at boys and men pissing, but never actually watched a another guy piss.

I told him, "Let me taste your piss too."

He said, "Sure... if you want to."

I had never had anyone piss in my mouth before, but this excited me. It was so nasty and dirty! I knelt down and he stopped peeing long enough for me to put my lips around his flaccid prick. He started pissing again and quickly filled my mouth with his warm urine. I let it run out of my mouth and down my chin just as he had done. The taste wasn't all that bad. Kind of bitter-sweet. But I knew I liked the taste of cum better. My cock was hard again from the excitement of being so naughty.

He finished peeing and I let his dick fall from my mouth. I spit the last of his piss from my mouth and thought to myself... I'm glad we have beer to rinse our mouths out with.

He asked, "Did you like it?"

I told him, "Yea... it was okay, but I like cum better though."

He giggled like a little boy and said, "Yea... me too."

We both went back to sit on the tailgate again to drink our beers. I asked him, "Did you suck any other boys when you were a kid, besides your brother?"

He replied, "Yea. I had a friend from school. We sucked each other until we were seventeen. When I would go to play at his house after school or spend the night on the weekends. He had a fort in the woods. We would go there and suck each other. And at night we would both sleep naked together in his bed. After we thought everyone in the house was asleep, we would suck 69. What about you? Did you suck other boys besides your one friend?"

I told him, "Yea... I sucked with two cousins. One was my age... we were ten when we started. The other boy was four years younger. The one that was my age... we started butt fucking each other when we were thirteen."

He said, "Oh yea... me and my brother started doing that when I was twelve and he was fourteen."

We were both playing with each other's dicks and we were both hard again. We finished our beers and threw the bottles into the weeds.

I leaned over and kissed him. Our tongues met and went round and round. I broke our kiss and laid down on my back. He crawled over and got on top of me. He ground his hard cock against mine. He humped me for a couple of minutes as we kissed more. He got off of me and turned around so we were 69 again. This time we laid on our sides. He took my boner into his mouth and sucked on the head. He tongued my piss slit and all around my glan. I thought... Man, this boy knows how to suck a dick!

I grabbed his smooth scrotum and rolled his nuts around in their pouch and sucked his hard, stiff cock into my mouth. As I played with his nuts I went back and forth on his meat. I quite sucking and started licking his balls. I sucked one of them into my mouth and rolled it around, then I sucked on the other one. He mocked me and did the same to me. We licked and sucked each other for what seemed like an hour.

He started to lick my taint then my asshole. Man that felt so good! I had never had someone lick my asshole before. I returned the favor and licked his hole. He went back to blowing me and started to finger my hole. He spit on his fingertips and rubbed it onto my asshole. He massaged my hole with his fingers. He stopped sucking me and asked, "Want me to put my finger in your butt?"

I stopped sucking him and replied, "Yea... that would be cool!"

"Will you do it to me too?" he asked.

"Sure... if you want me too." I told him. I spit on my fingertips and smeared it on his asshole. We took our time getting past each other's rings. Once we got used to the feeling of each other's fingers in our butts we started sucking again.

We fingered nice and slow as we sucked each other. We found each other's prostates and rubbed there. His prostate was smooth and hard, about the size of the end of my pinky. I applied a little pressure against it as I worked my finger back and forth in his butt. He did the same to me. It felt awesome!

I sucked his dick and fingered his hole with one hand while I played with his balls with my other hand. He did the same to me. It didn't take much of this three-way-play and we were cumming in each other's mouths again. We both only shot a few times but our cocks jumped like eight or nine times as we continued rubbing each other's prostate.

Oh fuck! My gland was so sensitive I had to pull my cock out of his mouth.

I keep sucking him a few more seconds and he made a sound like... oomph... oomph... oomph, as he backed his hips away from me. His cock slipped from my mouth and I pulled my finger out of his butt. We both rolled over onto our backs panting with our dicks still throbbing. I reached over and gently petted his still hard, wet cock. He mocked me and did the same to me.

As I laid there the alcohol and weed started to make me sleepy. Not to mention all the effort I had used making love to this young stud! I slowly drifted off to sleep with him still playing with my now limp prick. I don't know how long I slept.

When I woke, my lover boy was laying beside me jacking his dick. I just laid there and watched him. I don't think he knew I had woke up. I started to get another boner as I watched him. My cock was so tender from all the sucking. I thought to myself... Man? This guy hasn't had enough yet?

I spoke and said, "Haven't you had enough yet?"

He said, "One more time."

I started to rub my own boner up and down as we watched each other jack off. It took a while. He started to hump the air as he pumped his cock through his fist. At the same time he cupped his balls with his other hand. It was making me want to cum again just watching him.

He moaned and mumbled, "Oh... oh... oh."

About that time I could fell my nuts start to draw up into my groin and we both dribbled our cum onto our bellies. Neither of us came very much, just enough to make a mess.

He laughed. "Not much cum left huh?"

I laughed and said, "Hell no... You done eat it all!"

We cuddled up to each other and hugged and kissed lightly. He said, "Thanks for picking me up tonight... I loved it!"

I told him, "Oh no... Thank you for being such a dirty little slut!" We both laughed and cuddled closer, then we both fell asleep.

In the morning we woke and got dressed and I drove him back to his car in Port Washington.

He got into his car and drove away.

I never saw him again and I never knew his name. I only have the memory of that one night I met a young man and had good queer sex with him all night.