"The Private Glory Hole"
by Chad

"Tell me a hot story. A little kinky," said he. We had been chatting on Yahoo for about 45 minutes, and in that time, he had turned on his webcam, removed his clothing one piece at a time and presented me with a fine view of his long thick (but still flaccid) uncut cock. The foreskin was long enough to cover the head, and even hung over about an inch, but the skin was snug enough so I could make out the shape of his cock underneath; like a snake's swallowed prey. I knew he wanted me to tell a story so he would have something to jack off to. And I was going to get to watch....

"Let me tell you about the time I went to a guy's house and discovered he had a private glory hole." The naked guy on cam didn't react one way or the other, so I proceeded to tell him this tale:

I'd been chatting with him for awhile. Even though we'd exchanged nude pics, we hadn't really discussed hooking up, or even what the other was into sexually. The night he asked if I wanted to stop over to his place, I figured we'd end up talking or maybe having a drink. Honestly, sex wasn't even on my mind when I got out of the car and walked up the front steps.

The house was pitch black, and at first I figured I had the wrong place. I had written the address down on a piece of paper, which I pulled out of my back pocket. There was a faint glimmer of light coming from one of the frosted window panes next to the front door (light from a TV?), so I held my paper against the glass and compared the address I had written down to the one on the mailbox. They matched, but the total darkness was freaking me out. I was only 19 at the time, so I worried that maybe the person I was meeting wasn't who he claimed to be, or maybe I was being set up for something. I can still remember how hard my heart was pounding at the thought, and turning to head back to my car. It was then I noticed the Post-It note, stuck at an angle to one of the recessed panels on the front door. It read: COME ON IN!

My heart started pounding even harder as I turned the knob and swung the door open. Inside, the house was almost as dark as it was outside. No TV, no sounds. It felt like anyone there would have been sleeping, and my better judgement told me to close the door and get out of there, before an alarm sounded or an attack dog jumped out at me. I was about to call out to someone ("anyone?") when my eyes adjusted. I realized then, that less than a few feet inside the two-story foyer, I was standing inside what appeared to be a large enclosed area. What the hell? As my eyesight grew stronger, I could definitely make out three distinct walls: the one straight ahead, which ran the width of the entryway, and two shorter walls on either side, which reached back to meet the front wall of the house. I had quietly closed the door behind me, and was reaching back to try and find the knob. It was then something flickered behind the wall.

I heard the snap of a lighter and saw the flame dance. In the soft orange glow, I saw the silhouette of a male, cigarette in his mouth, leaning into the flame. The cigarette lighted, and the stranger took a deep pull. I held my breath. I hadn't ever heard of glory holes before, but somehow I instinctively knew what was going to happen. My suspicions were confirmed seconds later when the guy behind the wall leaned toward the hole and let his tongue out of him mouth, beckoning me.

I don't know how long I stood there, but sooner or later my dick started to send suggestions to my brain, like "Why don't you just unzip your pants? That's it, now pull out your cock. You're doing okay. Now take a step forward. And another. And another. Now slide your cock through that hole." So that's what I did.

The man's mouth was warm - no, hot (from the cigarette) - and I felt myself sinking into it, his throat muscles pulling me as deep as he could take me. Once my balls were pressed against his lips, his tongue started working slowly, massaging every inch of my shaft, while his throat stimulated my cockhead. I felt myself growing close fast, and eased out of his mouth, not wanting the experience to be over that quickly. While I rested my dick, the cocksucker finished his cigarette. I knew his mouth was going to be wet and warm and wonderful, so I slid myself back through the hole. Gripping a set of handles that had been bolted to the makeshift wall (God, whoever put it together thought of everything!), I began to slowly fuck his mouth, thrusting deep into him as his tongue spun slowly on the underside of my shaft. Once again, I came close rather fast, so I pulled back through the hole. This time, I fed him my nuts, which fit perfectly through the large glory hole.

While the guy was tonguing my balls, I glanced down and saw the shape of another cock. What the hell! I reached down, expecting to discover that my mind was playing tricks on me in the dark, but the cock was real: stiff, long, thick... and harder than mine. I wanted to bend over and suck on that beautiful dick, but there was no way to contort my body to do it, since my nuts were stuffed in the cocksucker's mouth. Instead, I licked my left hand and reached over and began to stroke that second cock, loving the way it felt in my hand. I was still relatively inexperienced at this point, so this was probably the biggest cock I had seen up until this point, and the size and weight of it fascinated me. Unable to resist any longer, I gently popped my balls out of the cocksucker's mouth, and went down on my own knees to suck (or try to) the cock that stuck through from the other side.

Even though I wasn't that good at it (it was a couple more years before my first boyfriend taught me how to deepthroat a large rod), the second guy moaned appreciatively, pumping my mouth with the top half of his big dick the same way I'd done with his cocksucking partner just minutes ago. I could taste something in my mouth, and I knew he was precumming, and the thought made my own cock get super hard. Once I had his dick nice and wet, I pulled off and stood back up, sliding my own dick back through the hole, where the first guy was waiting to take me to the balls again. While I got sucked, I used my fist to masturbate the second guy; my own saliva made a decent lube, and very quickly the guy was pumping his rod in and out of my hand. I could tell he was close to popping, because after a few minutes of that, he pulled back through the hole and left me empty-handed.

I was getting close again, and pulled out of the hot mouth that was sucking me. But before I could bring my cock back through the hole, the second guy (I could tell it was him, since his mouth wasn't quite as warm as the first) swallowed it down. Before long, both guys were back there fighting over my cock, taking turns sucking me and trying to be the winner of the prize: my load. The second guy was sucking me when I felt myself start to cum, but I fought it like hell, since I wanted to enjoy that first mouth one last time... and, frankly, I wanted the hotter mouth to get the load.

Thankfully, the first cocksucker managed to get his lips around my cock head, and just as he was sliding down my shaft, I let my load blast out of me, filling his mouth with a ton of cum. He went nuts as I shot, eagerly gulping down every spurt, while the second guy massaged and licked my nuts. If the two of them shot a load, I couldn't tell from my side of the wall, and once I pulled back through, I kind of felt like the encounter had run its course. I quickly yanked up my pants and bolted. As freaky as the whole thing was, I can still remember the big goofy grin on my face as I ran to my car. And as I pulled away, I noticed a neighbor across the street watching out of his front window, wondering if slightly bowlegged guys running from that house were a common thing for him to see. My guess is yes.