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By Lee Mariner

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The men's room in our local supermarket is located, ironically, next to the fresh meat department.

The pressure in my bowels said it was dump time so; I parked my still empty cart outside the Men's Room door.

The pungent odor of antiseptic smacked me in the face the minute I pushed the door open. `Whew!' I mused as I entered, 'someone sure over did it.' As public restrooms go, this one was clean.

Two commode stalls were located at the rear of the narrow room. Three urinals' were installed on the wall to the left of the entrance two at adult height and one a little lower for kids. Two paper hand towel dispensers with hand basins and metal mirrors were on the wall opposite the urinals.

The walls of the stalls were covered with the usual erotic graffiti and there was a large, about three inches in diameter, hole in the partition. 'Jesus,' I mused while cleaning the seat with toilet paper,' a guy would need a pretty big cock to fill that hole."

The first dump hit the minute the cheeks of my ass hit the seat, followed by a heavy stream of piss. A feeling of relief flowed over my body and my dick felt like I was having a climax. I slowly relaxed letting Mother Nature take its course.

While I was reading some of the poetic graffiti and scrawled, almost, unintelligible phone number to call for hot sex and other variations of male on male sex, my cock slowly stiffened and I was slowly stroking it when, I heard the bathroom's door open.

Looking through the crack between the stalls door and the frame, a boy wearing tight cutoff denim shorts and a "Mets" tee shirt came in and headed for one of the adult urinals. He was thin but not skinny, had brown hair and looked to be maybe fourteen or fifteen years old. At first, he stood close to the urinal preventing his cock from being seen. While I really would have liked to see how much he had, it did not bother me since I was not into boys. Nevertheless, while I was watching him through the crack, he turned his head and looked in my direction. Hesitating for a moment, he looked toward the entrance door and then stepped back giving me a full view of his hard cock.

I do not go for boys but this boy was a stud, and I was horny. Pushing my pants and briefs down to the floor, I unlocked the door to the stall and cracked it while looking through the crack. Just when it looked like he would come my way, the bathroom door opened and a man with a small boy entered. I quickly closed the stall door and the boy stepped up to the urinal and acted as if he was taking a piss. Glancing in my direction, he zipped his fly shut and, flushing the urinal; he went to the hand basin and started washing his hands.

The man was helping the young boy take a piss. After fixing the youngsters pants, he glanced at the boy washing his hands and then he moved to one of the adult urinals and pissed while the boy was drying his hands.

The man with the kid finished pissing and without washing his or the kids hands they left. The boy waited for a moment, looking at the door, before coming into the empty stall. Quickly dropping his shorts as he sat down, I saw he was not wearing any underwear. Pulling his shirt up, he showed his flat stomach and a developing chest as he leaned back against the flushometer and started slowly stroking his thick at least seven-inch circumcised cock. An ample patch of dark brown hair surrounded the base and his walnut sized nuts hung feely. We were sneaking looks at each other as we jerked of until the boy leaned closer to the hole and whispered, "Do you want to suck my cock?

Inhaling deeply, I said, "Stick it through the hole."

"You ain't going to hurt me are you?" he asked softly.

"Jesus Christ, no, "I replied nervously.

I glanced through the crack to see if everything was all right before turning back to the cock hole. One of the most beautiful cocks was sliding through the hole, its girth almost filling the hole. When I took it in my mouth, I heard the boy gasp and then he said, "Oh shit, man that feels good."

Spitting in the palm of my hand, I stroked his cock while I turned sidewise on the commode seat to be more comfortable. The boy was fucking my hand and when I put his cock back into my mouth, he groaned and increased the piston movement of his thrusting cock ramming it into my mouth and touching the entrance to my throat. There was probably another three inches that I could not take all of the way because of the angle but he was sure trying.

I was jerking off at the same time I was sucking him. We were really getting into it when I felt his cock swelling just before a hot river of boy cum filled my mouth. He was gasping aloud, "suck it, suck it, man, Jesus Christ suck it."

My mouth was filled with cock and cum and, I was trying to swallow as much of it as I could when my cock exploded and white hot cum splashed against the partition. The boy's cock was starting to soften but he kept on pushing it between my lips as I tried to drain all of the sweet boy elixir that I could from his slowly wilting cock.

In the moment of passion, we both had forgotten the door. However, just as he was pulling his still half-hard cock back through the hole, we heard t he squeak of the door. Turning quickly on the seat, I glanced through the hole and saw the boy pulling his shorts over his feet and up around his knees. I had not paid any attention when I first saw him, he was wearing flip-flops. I could not help but think that some else had sucked his cock the same way I had and the kid had come ready for a blowjob.

I visited the men's room a few times afterward on the off chance he might be there again. No luck but, I did not have any trouble remembering what a beautiful cock he had, and I envied whoever was sitting in the booth the next time the kid visited the supermarket men's room.