Black Coffee and Creamy Buns

a story by outlaw

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The city was changing fast... super fast! Huge shopping malls, multiplexes, bowling alleys, swanky pubs and lounges, salad bars, specialty restaurants... and above all, coffee pubs were mushrooming everywhere. And each new place was teeming with people - youthful and boisterous - rambunctious in their adolescent celebration of vernal life. But then, who was I to complain, huh? Besides, it only meant that I had more places to visit... places providing for more eye-candy!

And then, in the summer of 2000 another new department store opened shop a short ten minutes from my home - lavish and snazzy - with acres and acres of tempting displays; a bookshop, food-court, music-bay et al. But the thing I liked best about the place was "Qwiky's" - the `coffee island' they had on the second level - large, spacious, and beautifully done up. Well, with a name like that, I had to try it out... and try I did, one lazy autumn's afternoon about a month later, sitting and sipping my espresso at the long bar, watching the rambling crowd with keen interest.

It was on my third visit that I saw Ali.

It was a bit early - 11.30 in the morning - and the place had just opened, with no customers in yet. I took the escalator up, and walked over to Qwiky's - the 'coffee island' - noting a single individual behind the service counter, bent over, seemingly busy in preparation of the expected clientele; going over and sitting down at the bar.

He looked up... saw me and walked over, "Sir?" he asked standing across the counter, dazzling me with a smile.

I blinked... and blinked again, nearly falling off my high stool. The guy was new, I hadn't seen him on my earlier visits - about 5'6", lithe and supple; large, dark eyes and sharp, chiselled features... with an amazingly glowing complexion. All delicately wrapped up in a green cotton apron over regular clothes... and a baseball cap worn front to back, pulled right down. Cute, smart and absolutely gorgeous... he was agonisingly beautiful, torturously enticing!

The name-tag read `ALI' in bold letters.

"Um," I swallowed, "one ex... uh, espresso ame... americano..." I stuttered, my voice barely audible, jarringly hoarse.

He nodded with another dazzling smile, the dark, long-lashed eyes twinkling, before smartly turning away... and I gulped! God, could this be real? The slim waist, which I had already noted despite the apron, seemed to blossom out into the most awesome set of butt - full bodied and firm, filling the seat of his CK jeans like it had been painted over. Magnificently delicious... Irresistibly overpowering!

Suddenly keen, I sat up, watching him work - measure out the brew and pick up a cup - my eyes glued as I drank in the sight before me. He added the steaming water and stirred before turning around and placing the cup before me, "Your coffee..." he smiled, "sir."

I nodded dumbly, noticing those long, slender fingers with neatly trimmed nails... the wrist surprisingly broad... completely forgetting to say my 'thank-you' in that befuddled state of mind.

He paused for a while, and then walked away to the cash counter... my eyes following, my heart racing... an awesome warmth radiating from between my legs... sending an exciting frisson up my spine.

A few more patrons entered and suddenly he got busy. And as he took their orders and went about preparing it, I sat there watching. I watched his every move, noting the slender, yet delicately muscular arms flex under the pale blue tee sleeves; the slight twitch at the corner of his mouth as he concentrated on his work... but every few moments my eyes went back to that awesome boy butt... admiring those perfectly callipygous mounds... Totally becharmed!

Delicately set atop a solid pair of strong and muscular thighs (obvious even under the denim), his ass was what the wettest dreams are made of. And the way it moved and flexed each time he moved or shifted weight, sent a shiver down my spine... my fevered mind lustily trying to register all the visual inputs, desperately trying to store away the minutest details for later salacious reminiscence...

And suddenly I had this absolutely maddening desire, an overpowering urge, to strip away all that clothing and feast my eyes on him, au naturel. Touch, and fondle those perfect globes... knead and nuzzle, and kiss them... part them...

It was too much to bear, and getting up I hurried over to the counter, placing the money and rushing out, heading home se polir le Chinois.


Soon I was a regular - dropping in every single day for my cuppa, and sometimes even three times a day! And each time he greeted me with a nod and a smile as I took my 'reserved' seat at the bar. I didn't even need to order anymore - no matter what he was doing, he'd soon be standing before me with my espresso americano, courteous, those luscious lips curled, the dark-lashed eyes twinkling...

And no matter how empty, or crowded the place was, he always found something to do close to the bar end where I sat... bubbly with enthusiasm, and a subtle hint of wide-eyed mischief - working at the sink, or the coffee espresso... or the granita dispenser... fussing over cups and glasses, or simply rearranging the various odd items that lay cluttered around the work deck, as if making a deliberate attempt at offering me unhindered opportunity to admire his lithe, youthful charm; drool over those bewitching buttocks... making my heart flutter with a sottish craving!

I even caught him on numerous occasion looking over his shoulder as I sat sipping multiple cups of the strong brew, admiring that incredible specimen of post-adolescent manhood, our eyes locking before he turned away with a silent laugh. It seemed as if he knew... had read the lust in my eyes... and was playing on... And that made him enticingly enigmatic, maddeningly desirable!

Within a month we were on first name basis, chatting whenever he was not occupied serving patrons - small, innocent talk as he leaned across the bar; curious to know why I never ordered their special (and famed) Friazzo... or, the Biscayyo... or even, their popular Hazelnut Latte, Cafe Mocha, Frappe or the Granitas, always sticking to my standard 'espresso' instead?! And then was telling me about himself - freshly out of college (making me fifteen years his senior!), still undecided, earning a bit of pocket money while he waited for 'inspiration'. Inquiring about me... wide-eyed with excitement to know that I was a writer; suddenly eager to know more... having innumerable questions, and giggling uncontrollably when I confided that I also wrote 'erotic' tales.

And then getting progressively playful with each passing day, the dark eyes hooded as he joshed with me, laughing mischievously. Seductively flirtatious!


Then, a couple months later...

It was on a balmy Sunday afternoon, and as I walked in I groaned with horror - the place was teeming with people, overflowing... and worse - my place at the counter already taken, occupied by a gaggle of boisterous teens! Cursing them silently I looked around and spotted an empty table at the far corner, near the kids' playpen. I hurried forward and as I sat down facing the counter I saw him look at me, his eyebrows slightly raised, eyes questioning, lips curled in his usual welcome smile. I smiled back and nodded and he soon got busy preparing my espresso.

I was on my second cup, leaning back with eyes closed, frustrated and utterly disappointed, when suddenly I opened them and looked around - there was not a soul in sight, the coffee shop was totally empty, completely silent... Ali worked alone behind the counter, bent over something, the apron off.

'Hey,' I wondered, `where did all the crowd go?'

How long had I been sitting there alone, my eyes closed? Even the playpen behind me was empty, silent. 'Well...' I shrugged as I looked up at the object of my desire and felt my heart skip a beat. A thought had just entered my mind and it was making my pulse race faster... my dick hardening rapidly.

I wanted him desperately... Wanted to take him in my arms and make passionate love to him... make him writhe in mindless ecstasy... beg me to take him!

I smiled, and sitting up raised my hand, snapping the fingers... The sharp sound seemed to reverberate in the empty space, making Ali looked up questioningly.

With my index finger I motioned him to come over and watched as he walked around the counter and approached me...

"Sir?" he asked, all gracious... Delicious!

Hooking my fingers in the thick belt I pulled him forward and ground my face in his packed crotch, inhaling the thick musk of his young pubes...

He tensed for a moment, and then quickly relaxed as my mouth began to work against the healthy, fabric draped bulge, letting out a low moan, his hands coming to rest on my hunched shoulders.

"S... s... sir..." he stuttered, the voice hoarse.

I rubbed my pursed lips along the quickly thickening cord of flesh, feeling it pulse and throb under them. Opening my mouth wide I gnawed at the now distinct phallic column... letting my teeth grate over the denim covered tumescence, moving my mouth along the length. And he responded most magnificently, letting out short, lusty groans as he grabbed me tighter, rocking his slim hips and pushing in for a closer contact.

I chewed on, masticating and chomping away... my hands slipping around him, roving over that beautiful boy butt... groping and fondling; kneading and caressing...

The denim was soon sopping wet, dripping with my saliva, and he stood teetering on his toes, a continuous gurgle emanating from his open mouth... his fingers digging fiercely into my shoulder blades, desperately holding on... Aroused!

Oh, he was ready...

Pulling away I looked up at him, pleased with what I saw - Ali had his eyes closed, the head tilted back and mouth open... furiously licking those luscious lips, nostrils flared... whimpering piteously... Angelic!

With a start he opened his eyes - confused, and a wee bit disappointed... looking down at me with that silent pleading look... pleading for the return of my mouth over his raging crotch, pleading for my erotic oral caress along his young cock.

I grinned with satisfaction...

Releasing his buttocks I reached for his belt, slowly undoing the buckle... and suddenly he became aware of the import of my act, letting out a timid, self-conscious moan of reluctance, but doing nothing to stop me... just staring on with those glazed eyes, dark with passion... jaws slack, lips glistening... the grip on my shoulders still tight.

Undoing the buckle, and the single button, I lowered the zip... parting the jeans... fascinated by the gradual exposure... exhilarating in the revelation; before sliding the denim off his slim waist and pushing them down past his knees... letting them drop... and reverting my gaze back to his intumesced crotch...

The tiny, form-fitting brief was stretched to the limit over his aroused manhood; the fabric tented high by the turgid flesh trapped within... the large cock-head clearly marked out under the precum soaked cotton... I grinned, thoroughly pleased. Gratified and delighted!

Reaching out I covered it with my palm and gave a slight squeeze, and heard him suck in air, the slender body wracked by an involuntary shudder. Ah, Ali, my own sweet Ali, desperate to experience the joys of youth... How perfectly ready to be introduced to the pleasures of life!

Petting and fondling the pulsating package I slowly stood up, and gathering his t-shirt pulled it off in one swift motion, exposing his delicately toned, lean torso... all pink and smooth... totally hairless... Silky soft, unblemished and glowing... The two tiny nubs, a dark pink and engorged... waiting to be touched... licked, nibbled and sucked. Magnificently yummy!

Lowering my face I took the left one between my pursed lips, kissing it... before flicking my moist tongue over it and then sucking it in... and heard him groan with unbridled lust, his body trembling as he wrapped his slender fingers in my hair.

Leaving a wet trail I dragged my tongue to the other nipple, taking it between my teeth and giving it a light nip. A jolt ran up his frame, and he let out a gasp as his body arched back, stuffing his boy tit further into my slobbering mouth... his finger tighter in my hair, gripping me harder as I chewed on... making loud, obscene slurping sounds.

He tasted so clean... so fresh... so boyish... Intoxicating with that indescribable, almost subliminal scent of pubescence.

Dizzy with lust, my inebriated mind fogged, I ran my tongue back and forth... from one nipple to the next and back again, unable to get enough of him... till his whole chest was throbbing with a pink hue, glistening with my saliva. Till the boy was a quivering mass of jelly, swaying and shuddering... susurrating in joyous abandon!

My hands meanwhile roamed his tingling boy flesh, ceaselessly stroking, fondling and tweaking - up and down - caressing and arousing, feeling the silky smooth skin goose-bump under my touch, the fine dusting of hair-lets bristling. And then I reached lower... between his legs, covering that throbbing bulge with my palm and giving it a loving squeeze... Ali responded with a grunt, thrusting his hips forward as I petted his amazingly rigid manhood... grazing my fingers along the twitching length, raking the covered glans with my nails... He groaned in response, and began rotating his hips, furiously rubbing against my palm. God, the kid was absolutely starved... hot and horny... Ready for the ride!

Sliding my fingers lower I brushed them over the swollen balls still encased within the cotton pouch - amazed by the bigness of the twin globules, admiring the sheer size of them; feeling each tender testicle heavy with his unshed seed... suddenly tempted to take them out that instant and check them... heft them, and adore them... and oh, yes, so many other things too!

Reaching lower still, I slipped my hand under him, between the parted legs and traced my middle finger along the covered ass cleft... and he lifted up on his toes, gripping my shoulders fiercely, the voice now louder as he hissed in the mindless agony of arousal.

Back and forth my finger ran along the deep crack of his plump cheeks, each time adding more pressure, pushing the thin fabric deeper into the valley of his butt... and then back to the pulsating cock, and under again, to the crevice.

Leaving his boy tits I straightening up, brushing my lips across his parted mouth, and he let out another groan in response, wrapping his arms around my neck as an involuntary tremble coursed through him, his mouth opening wide in invitation. Licking those luscious lips I slipped my tongue into the warm recess of his mouth, tickling his palate... And his arms wound tighter as he pushed in closer, moaning into my mouth.

My other hand now snaked around his slim waist and joined the first, slipping into the waistband, touching and feeling the warm flesh... grabbing the cheek and kneading it. It felt absolutely marvellous... amazingly soft and pliant... yet so firm and solidly packed... flexing and quivering under my caress as he rotated his pelvis, while furiously grinding his erection against my groping hand.

I wanted it to go on and on... but there was something else that needed urgent attention - the painful boner in my own brief, protesting vehemently as it struggled for space in its confined prison...

Pulling my reluctant mouth away, and releasing his magnificent ass, I swept my left arm across the table, sending the coffee cup, the saucer, the tissue holder, and the salt and pepper shakers clattering to the floor, scattering all over the place. And then grabbing that slim waist with both hands I lifted him up and lay him down on the table... hooking my fingers in the waistband, tugging off his skimpy white briefs and baring him completely... setting his raring cock free as it swung up in a wild arc, slapping audibly against his belly before lifting off at an odd angle, pulsing with a regular beat...

I stood back and looked down at him... feasting my ravenous eyes on the treasures of his young manhood... weak with passion, nearly swooning.

Ali's naked body glowed in the subdued haze of the light filtering in through the large bay windows - the boy was absolutely gorgeous... spectacularly beautiful. Almost like he had straight walked off a dream; and yet, wasn't an illusion, but rather, a breathing, moaning reality... offering himself up for my carnal pleasure... titillating my senses, and tempting me beyond redemption!

Thighs spread wide, with the centre on blatant display, his cock was extraordinarily large, pearly pink and silky smooth... crisscrossed by a network of delicate blue-green veins... rigid with excitement as it flexed and throbbed... the circumcised glans sheeny with the luculent tears of passion that was constantly oozing out of the tiny 'eye'...

And below it lay the largest, most humongous pair of low hanging testicles I'd ever set eyes upon... packaged in an equally silky smooth scrotal sac... The service trois pièces framed by a perfect, neatly trimmed triangle of dark, curly hair that stood out in sharp contrast to the soft glow of the bare, smooth skin of his lower abdomen...

Sitting down back on the chair, between those parted creamy thighs, I reached out and took him in my eager, warm hand... caressing his turgid length... stroking the shaft... thrilling as his whimpers got louder... Watching his legs part even wider, and his pelvis strut up, off the table, with each stroke.

Lunging forward I buried my face in his groin, lapping away at his magnificent male appendage... licking along the rigid length, from thick base to tingling tip... lavishing it with love and attention that was its legitimate due... And he responded in equal measure... calling out my name and grabbing my head... swaying and rotating his hips in libidinous abandon.

Trailing my tongue over the pubic arch I moved lower, between the splayed thighs, going to those loosely hanging globes, kissing each of the loaded nut before slowly drawing one within my adoring mouth, sucking on it... warm and pulsating... so tender. And his thighs closed in reflex... gripping my head in a vice as I literally chewed on it, the sound of his desperate wail sheer music to my buzzing ears.

My hands too joined in, caressing and fondling... grabbing, stroking and squeezing, working in tandem with my tongue and mouth... making him buck and wiggle... moan with lust... calling out in a husky whisper.

Releasing the balls and pushing his thighs apart I licked up along the turgid length once more, right up to the tip... and then opening my mouth wide, wrapped my lips around the twitching head, sucking him in!

Ali let out a howl and his hips went berserk... twisting and turning as he jerked in mindless frenzy... his fingers tight in my hair, tugging mercilessly as he fed me more and more of his threshing hardness; his breathing wild, as he whimpered in the agonising ecstasy of ultimate arousal... his cock pulsing and flexing against my tongue, filling my mouth with the salty ooze of his passion as he tried to fuck my mouth... strutting his pelvis furiously as he attempted deeper penetration, striving for that ultimate pulse that would send him hurtling over the precipice, launch him into orbit!

He was on the verge... I could sense it - the uncontrolled twitching of his thighs, the wild flexing of his stomach muscles... the heaving and the bucking, the rapid breathing, and the desperate groans...

But each time he got too persistent, my hold on his hips became firmer, while I pulled back, slowing down as he regained some semblance of control, before diving in once more, hollowing my cheeks as I sucked him in... and then back to his balls... and down his hairless perineum... the tongue flicking perilously closer to that still unseen spot each time.

And now, for that final revelation...

Placing my palms under his thighs, I lifted his legs high, spreading them apart as my tongue darted down the perineum, along the raised ridge that led seductively into the deep furrow of his divine buttocks, and slipped in... searching... searching blindly for that tiny slit, the portal to his soul... and as my tongue tip stabbed at it, he hissed in response, lifting his ass right off the table.

I had found it! Found his most private, his most intimate opening; the most precious little spot of his glorious anatomy. I was now master over it - I would be the first to possess it, to breach it... I thrilled!

Pushing his legs higher still, I pried his cheeks apart... and there it was... the most bewitching sight of all, the magnificent sight of his vestal opening... his cherished anus - a tiny, raised doughnut... a wrinkled toroid, all tender and pink... glossy with a slight hint of my saliva from the earlier, fleeting visit... clenched shut... quivering uncertainly - in anticipation? - as if inviting me to probe further, to enter, and explore its depth... An offer I could hardly resist!

Taking quick licks along the deep crevice - my breath coming in ragged gasps, and my heart thumping wildly - I pursed my lips and dove in, crushing my mouth against his virgin hole... kissing it in joyous celebration, and triumphal gratitude. And he went wild, his ass grinding back against my face... smothering me between those firm cheeks... thrilling me!

Lashing out with my tongue I licked over and around the tightly clenched slit, lapping away to my heart's content... getting it wet, and feeling the tight ring slowly relax... seeing it pout... suddenly alive, twitching wildly! Encouraged, I glued my mouth closer and sucked at the puckered ring, nudging the centre with my tongue... and got my reward in his heavy grunts... before it finally parted open, tugging at my tongue tip...

For a moment I desperately wanted us to be back at my place... not that doing it on a table in a public place was something I was averse to, but it was my utmost wish that I could make his first time as good for him as possible; ease the breaching of his virgin passage, and save him that initial, excruciating agony of defloration... and I had a variety of lubes back home. But we were too far gone to pull back now - I just couldn't suddenly stop and ask him to get dressed... it would devastate him! So, instead, I vowed that I'd make sure that he was absolutely ready for it before I entered him... popped his cherry.

Swirling my tongue, I licked at the pulsating mouth, and I could perceive the slow changes in the traction of his anal muscle... the gentle relaxation, the gradual yielding... Wetting a finger I carefully slipped it in and heard him gasp, his whole body convulsing as the tender inner linings grabbed at it, pulsing hotly around the probing digit. It was torrid inside - fiercely hot, moist, and silky smooth - the sensitive tissues violently turbulent at the encroachment - so new, so alien - palpitating around my finger in rebellious mutiny...

I pulled out and inserted it right in... going deeper, slowly wiggling it around... and he hissed and growled in answer, his head rolling from side to side... his hands gripping the table sides tightly, rotating his ass, and squirming as my mouth once more joined in, licking around the stretched orifice, around my embedded finger... gurgling out his approval.

Pulling out once more, I added a second finger... sliding in the pair cautiously... doing deep; and he yowled back, his ass sort of jerking away before grinding back into my hand... the ring suddenly truckling, and my fingers slipping right in... before it clammed shut, chewing on the buried digits!

I was in to the third knuckle, moving them about, seeking that magic gland hidden in the moist folds of his colon... suddenly nudging against it - a swollen lump - sliding my fingers over the bulge... making him cry out even louder as he pushed down on my hand, as if wanting more of it... desperate for a deeper penetration; the orifice twitching and pulsing furiously around my prying fingers, gaping wide with lust...

"Ooooh... nnnnnggh...." he groaned, babbling incoherently as he implored for release in strangled urgency... the words lost in his half moans and guttural screeches.

He was ready... and so was I!

Slowly pulling back, I looked at my handiwork - the tiny slit was yawning wide, sopping wet with the saliva I had deposited, glistening under the overhead fluorescent light; wildly flexing and flittering with unrestrained desire as it pouted out in shameless wantonness... the pink innards, moist and tempting, visible with each pulse as the un-ravished sphincter pushed out and fluttered open.

Nothing can match the beauty, nor be more pleasing to the senses, than the sight of a handsome young man in the mindless throes of ecstasy, seeped in arousal... And exulting in joyous exuberance I slowly stood up... smiling down at Ali as I swiftly unbuckled and unzipped, wiggling out of my jeans and briefs... setting my rabid cock free... and it sprang out with unrestrained glee, swaying and flexing like a demented semaphore... all stiff and drooling in anticipation.

Ali just lay there, still, staring up at me... the eyes dark with arousal, wide with hunger and expectancy; the nostrils flared, and the mouth open, gasping... the parted lips glistening as the tongue ceaselessly licked over them... His legs still up in the air, parted... his hands back on the table, fiercely holding onto the sides... The expression rapturous, totally entranced in complete surrender!

Taking myself in a firm grip I moved forward, between his widely spread thighs... eager to feel that savage twitch of that tiny mouth as I applied pressure... Anxious to feel it relent and part before my insistent onslaught, open wide and take me in... feel the tight sphincter stretch wide and then snap shut around my flared rim, trapping my cock head in his fierce grip... Impatient to experience that seething warmth of the snug passage, the silky undulations of his quivering innards... that vice-like clutch of his untouched bowel... Ah, I knew I'd relish each moment of my entry... and each second of the fuck that was to follow...

Closing my eyes I touched the twitching orifice with my drooling tip and felt his hands shoot up to grip my shoulders, digging in his slender fingers, painfully... hissing, "Sir... Sir..."

Shit, why did he have to go 'sir-sir' now, I wondered, and felt him jerk my shoulder vigorously, the voice louder, urgent...

Opening my eyes I looked down at him... nay, the table was empty...

I was still seated, and Ali stood by my side, his hand on my shoulder, looking curiously down at me.

The place was still as crowded, and as noisy, but a few curious eyes now turned my way...

"Sir, you haven't finished your coffee yet," Ali said in a strange voice, "It must have gone cold, can I get you another one?"

God, I was dreaming... I was dreaming the whole while!

"Um... uh, nothing," I mumbled, shaking my head, totally shamed, "ah, thank you."

He looked straight into my eyes and grinned, the hand on my shoulder giving me a slight squeeze... and then he walked away, back to his station.

Looking down at the unfinished coffee once more I quickly fished out my wallet and placing the money under the cup stood up, red-faced, hands deep in my pocket to conceal the shameful erection and hurried away, hearing his clear voice ring out above the cacophony - "Have a nice day, sir!"

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