RED LIGHT WORKING - The businessman - part one

This is a sexual fantasy. If you feel you should not be reading this, or if it's illegal for you to read this, then I suggest you look elsewhere for material that you deem, or others deem for you, suitable to read. It is now your decision to continue and read the story.

I put down the phone and prepared myself for the appointment. As I undressed, I folded open an old newspaper and put it on the floor. From the nightstand I took a small pair of scissors and started to trim my pubic hair. I put on a g-string and cut the hairs that popped up from under the pouch of the g-string. I looked into the mirror to see the result, and I quite liked what I saw.

I put the scissors back on the nightstand as I walked to the bathroom. I took off the g-string and put it in the hamper. I turned on the shower, took a clean towel, shaving cream and put a new razor on. I stepped into the shower and enjoyed the hot water running over my body. I soaped my dick and balls, softly caressing them. I soaped my crack and slid one soaped finger into m y butthole, gently turning it, cleaning the entrance of my chute. I rinsed of the soap and put some shaving foam on my dick, balls and perineum. I waited a while before I started shaving.

I really like the feeling of the razorblades as I let them slide over my balls and dick, slowly removing all the hairs. I firmly took my balls at the base and squeezed, tightening the skin around them. As I was stroking the now smooth and soft skin of my dick and balls, I was getting hard. Cautiously I removed the last hairs from my stiff pole. I spread my legs slightly and started shaving the sensitive area behind my balls. I rinsed away the foam, now fully exposing my shaved private parts. In the mirror I inspected my erect shaved dick and my shaved hanging balls. I took the soft balls in my hand and gently squeezed them, whilst my other hand stroked my dick. My god, how I loved the feeling of the smoothness of the shaved skin. I felt some precum starting to drip from my piss slit, wetting my gland.

But now was no time for play. I wiped my gland with my fingers and licked the precum from them, savouring the exquisite salty taste. I attached the anal shower head, tested the temperature and slowly pushed it into my hole. I felt how the lukewarm water filled my bowels. After I took the anal shower out, I squeezed the muscles around my hole, keeping all the lukewarm water inside, and I removed the showerhead and put it in a little bowl to soak. After five minutes I relaxed my muscles and let the water run free.

The enema, as usual, did not have a softening effect on my dick. As I slowly walked towards the big mirror, I looked at my dick, that slowly swung from left to right with each step. I took the shaving foam, put some on my fingers and rubbed it onto my butt and into my crack. I spread my legs and bent over. Through my legs I had a good view of the areas to be shaved in the mirror behind me. When I was done shaving, I stepped into the shower and rinsed off the remaining foam.

I took the towel and dried myself, checking the shaved areas thoroughly. No hairs were left, so I applied some baby oil to the shaved areas. I put on a pair of tight black silk boxers and went into the dressing closet to prepare my outfit for the night.

I checked at the list of items that I was asked to wear for the appointment: an old white jockstrap, a leather cockring with metal studs, and old pair of tight faded and strategically torn jeans, a black leather belt, nipple clamps on a chain, black cowboy boots, a tight white tank top and a leather jacket. As I rummaged through my closet, I picked the required items and put them on a chair. I still had some time left, so before changing into my outfit I went to the livingroom.

I switched on my computer and lit a cigarette. I added a new card in my database and typed the shaving requirements and the items I had just prepared for future reference. I saved the file and switched off the computer. As I walked over to the couch, I enjoyed how the soft fabric of the silk boxers gently caressed all the shaved skin under it. Through the thin fabric of the boxers the outline of my still hard dick was clearly visible and I had a hell of a time not touching it, but the thought of a release later on withheld me from doing so. I extinguished my cigarette, and walked into the kitchen, prepared some food for my cat and poured myself a glass of wine.

I watched my cat as she ate her food, sipping my wine. I finished my wine in one gulp and went into the dressing cabinet to get dressed for the appointment. I watched my self in the mirror as I slowly slid down the silk boxers, slowly exposing my round asscheeks before I let them drop to the ground. I started with putting on the cockring on my now semi hard dick. I put it on as tight as possible, because I know this will preserve the semi-hard state of my dick, providing a nice bulge in my jeans. Before applying the nipple clamps, I took my hairdryer and with the cold stream of air I stiffened my nipples until they were fully erect. I quickly put on the clamps, holding the chains that connected the clamps until the initial pain subsided. I gently released the chain from my hands and felt how the weight gently pulled my nipples. From the chain that connected both clamps another chain hung down, waiting to be attached to the cockring. I attached it to the cockring and adjusted the chains slightly.

I took the jockstrap from the chair and put it on. I gently positioned my dick in the soft stretch fabric. Next I stepped into my jeans. Due to my semi hard cock, I had had some tro uble buttoning the fly. It seemed my dick was putting on a fight against its narrow confinement. Finally I managed to enclose my cock in my tight jeans and closed the fly. I pulled the elastic band of the jockstrap slightly over the edge of my jeans so it was visible that I was wearing a jockstrap. I personally really like this, I think it provides a very erotic suggestion. My jeans were so tight that a belt was not necessary, but being on the requirement list, I put it on and pulled it tightly.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I was satisfied with the results so far. The tight fit of my jeans really showed off my legs and bubble butt and showed a very nice bulging crotch. Through the pockets of my jeans I adjusted my pole, so the head of my dick was visible through the thin fabric of the faded jeans. I slid into my white tanktop. It was skin tight and a bit too short: through it the clamps and the chains were visible and, being too short, showed off the lower part of my abdomen.

I put on a pair of socks and slid into the cowboy boots. Last thing I put on was my black leather jacket. One more time I checked out my image in the mirror. I was sure it would guarantee me a fulfilling evening. I squeezed my hand into the right pocket of my jeans for som e last minute adjustments. I had removed the fabric in my pockets, giving me, and for that matter, anyone else, access to my shaved skin, my throbbing dick and soft balls that were filling themselves with my nectar. My reverie was broken by the bell that rang. This was the taxi that would bring me to my appointment. I grabbed my sack, turned off the lights and opened the door. Much to my surprise, it was not a cabdriver, but a leather clad biker.

"I came to get you" was all he said and gave me a helmet.

I followed the biker to his bike in silence. I had a good view of the biker, his leather uniform fitted tightly around his firm body. With each step, I noticed how his firm round butt moved in its leather confinement. The biker mounted his bike, and gestured that I should mount it as well. I put on my helmet and stepped onto the back seat. Once seated, the biker pushed his leather butt into my crotch and said I should wrap his arms around his waist for my own safety. As the biker pulled away, I took a firm grip of the biker's body.

The ride took about twenty minutes, right to the centre of town. When we were waiting for a traffic light to turn green, the biker directed both my hands to his crotch. I gracefully obliged and put my hands on his crotch. I felt his huge dick through the leather and noticed that both my hands could not cover his tool. As the biker pulled away at full throttle, I had to hold on to his tool in order not to fall off the bike. Consequently, my grip on his dick became firmer and I felt his cock stiffen and become even more huge. The feeling of the biker's stiffening rod made me hard instantly, and I pushed my own crotch against the biker's butt. This lasted only a few minutes, as we reached my destination, a downtown apartment building. I tore myself from the biker, returned the helmet to him and he told me he would pick him up later. The biker drove off at full speed.

As agreed on the phone, I went into the building's lobby, where I was to take a seat opposite the reception desk. As I walked into the light of the lobby, I noticed a wet spot on my jeans. I touched it with my fingers and licked them clean. The man at the reception desk noticed and winked his eye. I went over to a chair opposite the reception desk, sat down, spreading my legs, so the receptionist had a nice view of my bulging and slightly moist crotch. I put one hand on my crotch and slowly caressed the bulge. The receptionist made a short call, not taking his eyes from the scene I displayed before him.

A few minutes after the receptionist made the call, the businessman emerged from the elevator. He was dressed in a well tailored suit, showing off his athletic body, and started to walk in my direction. I figured this to be the man I am supposed to meet, so I got up, visibly adjusting my dick as I approached him. We shook hands, leaving some of my stickiness on his hands and he showed me into the elevator.

The businessman licked my sticky juice off his hand as he pushed a button. As soon as the doors of the elevator closed, the businessman grabbed me from behind. Leaning against his broad chest, I felt how his fingers ran over my body, checking everything out. Doing this, he nibbled on my ear. He felt the clamps and the chains and the tores in my jeans. He slipped both his hands under my tank top, pulled the chains, caressed my abdomen and slid his finger under the elastic band of my jockstrap. He then put his full hand on my crotch, touching the outline of my dick. He brushed the palm of his hand over the wet spot, and offered it to me to have a taste of my own precum. I licked his hand, savouring the combination of his scent and my tasty juice. He still hold my tightly, one hand on my crotch, the other slipped into one of the pockets, I felt his fingers checking the jockstrap and the cockring. As he finished checking me out, the elevator had reached its destination. We left the elevator and walked to his apartment.

As soon as we were inside, the man pushed me against the wall. I felt how he unbuckled my belt and pulled down my jeans. He started to caress my ass cheeks and then he squatted behind me and started licking my crack. I felt how his wet and warm tongue was approaching my fuckhole. I spread my legs apart as far as possible, facilitating him in the best possible way I could in this position, pushing my butt in his face. With his hands he spread my cheeks and I felt how his tongue was concentrating on my pucker. His hot tongue was wetting my hole with his warm saliva, preparing it for it to enter my hole. I enjoyed how his tongue was slightly massaging the muscle around my fuckhole, relaxing it more and more with every warm and moist stroke. Finally, I felt his tongue slide in. I wished this could continue for ever, but he detached himself as he rose f rom his squatted position. He replaced his tongue with a finger, slowly pushing it inside me.

I then heard him unzip his fly. He took his finger out of my hole and I felt the head of his dick pushing against my pucker. I was now prepared to receive him and with one brisk movement he pushed his cock inside me. At first, he only pushed the head of his dick in, waiting a while to give me the opportunity to adjust. Then with one firm movement he pushed his dick completely inside me. He slowly started fucking me, with long strokes. I hadn't seen his rod yet, but judging from the feeling of it, he was pretty well endowed. Each time his rod was fully inside me, the dick head stroked my prostrate, causing my own dick to get rock hard. In the meantime, I was massaging his dick with my muscle. The man started to moan and the pace of his movements increased and then he exploded inside me. I felt how my bowels were filled with his manjuice. With my ring muscle I squeezed his dick in order to extract all the precious juice from his balls. He started licking my neck and ears and waited until he was fully emptied before retracting his cock. The man squatted again behind me and started licking my crack and fuckhole, cleaning it from his spunk. I even felt how he pressed his tongue inside me, licking and sucking his manjuice from my love chute.

After cleaning me, the man got up and gestured me to go to the table. I bent down to pull up my jeans, but he said that was not necessary. I went over to the table and saw a buttplug standing on it. The man took it and before I knew it, he quickly shoved it up my ass. With the buttplug inside me, he made me sit down on the table. He looked at me gently, as I sat on the table, with my clothes on, my jeans on my ankles and pinned to a buttplug. The man squatted before me, pushed my legs aside and started licking the inside of thighs, slowly working his way up to my crotch. I felt really nice as his warm tongue licked my legs, and moaning from pleasure I told him to continue working his magic tongue on my body. He reached my crotch and started licking the shaft of my dick through the cloth of my jockstrap. I was leaking precum like mad, and a wet spot had formed around the head of my dick. His tongue slowly worked its way up to the wet spot. I felt how he took the wet spot in his mouth and started to suck all of my spoiled juice out of the fabric.

He then took my dick and balls out of the confinement of the jockstrap. He started to suck on my balls, taking them finally both in his hot mouth. His hand took hold of my pole and he gently squeezed it. He let go of my balls, grabbed them at the base and squeezed them tight. From the base of my pole he started to work his magic tongue on my shaft. Licking and sucking it, he worked his way up. He stopped teasingly as he reached the head of my dick. With the top of his tongue he tickled the sensitive spot just under my piss slit, driving me wild with pleasure.

He then took only the head of my dick in his mouth, closing his soft lips tightly around it. I felt how he let his tongue slide over the head of my dick, teasing the sensitive piss slit in the process. He then swallowed my dick in one swift movement, taking it all the way into his mouth. I felt how my dick pressed against the back of his mouth, and I could feel the pulse of his heart against my dickhead. He started bobbing my cock, and I shifted my position slightly, so the buttplug would press against my prostrate. As his wet mouth slided over my cock, I felt my juices trying to work their way out of my balls. The man's grip on my balls became firmer and he increased his pace and then I exploded. My balls emptied themselves gloriously, providing a huge load of my creamy juice for the man to swallow. He kept on sucking my dick until I was completely empty. Reluctantly he detached himself from my dick, got up and gave me a deep French kiss, sharing with me the taste of my cum.

We stopped kissing when we could not longer taste my juice. He lovingly put my dick and balls back in the jockstrap and helped me getting off from the table, making sure the buttplug was still inside me. He positioned himself behind me, pulled my jeans up, closed the fly and fastened my belt. He put his hands in my pockets and adjusted my package so I had a nice bulge in my jeans again. He then put his own dick back into his pants and zipped up.

The man welcomed me into his apartment, took my sack and my jacket and invited me to sit down on the couch. As I sat down, the man poured us a drink. He sat down beside me and we toasted. He put his arms around me, and we sat there chatting, drinking and enjoying the view over the city from the large windows in his room.

When we finished our drinks, the man took my glass and put it on the table. We started kissing passionately and I felt the man's hand on my crotch. I instantly got hard again as he gently massaged my pole. When my dick was fully erect, and clearly visible through the fabric of my jeans, he lifted my tanktop enough to expose my clamped nipples. He asked me to put my arms over my head , and I obliged. His hot tongue moved from my mouth to my nipples. He started to lick the clamped nipples, which by now had become hypersensitive. With his free hand he kept paying attention to my dick, squeezing it through the thin fabric of my jeans.

The feel of his hand massaging my cock and his tongue on my nipples made me moan loudly. The man muffled my moaning by giving me a deep kiss. With care he released my nipples from the grip of the clamps. As I felt the blood running trough my erect nipples, the man started licking them and nibbling on them. I could not stop moaning and again he muffled me with a passionate kiss. From the glass on the table he took an ice cube and rubbed it over my nipples, numbing them a bit before reapplying the clamps. He pulled my tank top down and said I could put my arms down as well.

The man got up and slowly started to strip for me. He took his jacket off, untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. My mouth started watering when I saw his hairless torso and I drewled when I saw he had both his nipples pierced. Still admiring his beautiful body, I lowered my eyes to his crotch. His fucktool that has just worked my fuckhole was clearly visible through the fabric of his pants. It was indeed a huge tool. The businessman pulled the fabric of his pants so the outline of his beautiful cock became even more clear. He was teasing me, allowing me only a fabric covered impression of the beauty of his fuckpole as he moved one finger along it. He opened his pants, slowly lowering the zipper and slowly revealing what was underneath the fabric. He did not wear any underwear. He paused a while, allowing me a glimpse of the base of his fat cock that was captured in a silver coloured metal cockring and crowned with a little triangular bush of pubic hair.

He lowered the zipper completely and let the pants fall down on his ankles. His stiff dick sprung to attention, as it was released from its confinement. Proudly it stood, pulsing and glistering with precum. I licked my lips, imagining the sweet taste of his juice and anticipating the feeling of this beautiful cockhead in my soft mouth. The man turned and bent over to unleash his shoes, showing off his firm round butt. His body was deeply tanned without any tanlines, indicating he took his sunbaths naked. I almost imagined his butthole in this smooth crack was inviting me to lick it. His big round balls gently dangled underneath. My god, how I wished to worship them and this perfect body with my tongue. He took off his shoes and sock, stepped out of his pants and turned back to me.

I now could admire his body in all its glory. He spread his arms, inviting me to come over. I got up from the couch and walked into his embrace. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. As his tongue explored the inside of my mouth, I took the opportunity of exploring his naked body with my hands. I felt his strong shoulders and lowered my hands, caressing his muscular back, until my hands reached his perfect butt. I gently caressed his firm ass and stopped a t the top of his crack. I lowered myself as far as possible, sucking on his tongue, allowing myself access to his soft and smooth crack. As I lowered myself, my nipple clamps almost got stuck on his piercings, causing a hint of pain which made us both shiver slightly. At the same time, I felt how his stiff rod slipped under my tank top.

I could now let my fingers explore his gorgeous crack. I found his fuckhole and applied some pressure on it. I felt the man pushing his hole against my finger, almost as if it wanted to swallow it. I applied some more pressure, and he opened up, letting my finger enter his hole.

He started to kiss me even more passionately, and slowly moved his hips back and forward over my finger. The warmth of his fuckhole surrounded my finger and his pulsing cock moved over my abdomen, fondling the chain that was attached to my cockring. He was now leaking precum and I felt how he made my abdomen moist with his precious liquid.

Suddenly he broke our kiss, and pushed me down. I almost lost balance and my finger popped out of his warm hole. He made me sit on my knees and told me to open my mouth as wide as possible. He took his cock and directed the head to my opened mouth. He let the cockhead rest on my tongue for a while, giving me a taste of his precum, before he slowly pushed it in. He slowly started to fuck my head until his entire piece of lovemeat was in my mouth and I could feel his cockring against my lips. His little bush stroked against my nose and I got a good sniff of his manly scent. I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth as I closed my lips around it and he started to fuck my head.

His sweet manmeat was filling my mouth as I looked up, let my eyes indulge in the sight of his beautifully sculpted body. I saw how he had closed is eyes, obviously enjoying the feeling of my wet tongue on his dick. I started stroking his thighs, moving my hands to his butt. Slowly my index fingers found what they were looking for: his warm and hot fuckhole. I let my fingers massage the ring of his manhole, filling it up alternatingly with one of my fingers. I finally pushed both my fingers in with ease. As I pushed my fingers into his hole, he grabbed my head and pulled it towards him, pushing my nose deep in his pubic hair. Taken by surprise, my fingers slipped out of the hot hole. As I regained my balance, I put two fingers of my left hand back into his hole, pushing them in as deep as possible. My fingertips searched for his prostrate, eager to stimulate it to bring this hot man to a climax. With my right hand I grabbed his balls and gently squeezed them. My finger inside him hit target and I felt the pressure in the balls building up. He started to tremble only seconds before shooting his hot load in my throat. As I slowly swallowed the juice he deposited in my mouth and throat, he slowly pulled back. He saved one last wad of his delicious cream, which he shot in my face. I felt his hand spreading it all over my face. He then offered my his hand and I licked it clean.

Still enjoying the taste of his cum, I reached down to grab my own throbbing cock and touch the wet spot that had formed there. Instead, the man asked me to lie down on my back, and to spread my legs apart. He knelt between my legs and started to lick the fabric that covered my dick. He was licking the wet spot that encircled my cockhead. Through the faded fabric of my jeans that surrounded my rock hard dick, I could feel his tongue caressing my cockhead, almost as intense as if no fabric was there. I almost could not hold my orgasm.

He undid my belt and fly, never leaving his tongue from my cockhead. He opened my fly and started licking the cum soaked fabric of my jockstrap. He pulled down the jockstrap, finally releasing my cock and pushed the elastic band under my balls, pushing my dick further up and adding additional pressure to the pressure already provided by my cockring. He grabbed my dick and swallowed it in one movement. He was drewling over my cock, making it all wet and shiny.

He got up and squatted over me, positioning his fuckhole above my dick. He lowered himself and sat on my dick. As he engulfed my dick, I felt the warm velvety chute enclosing my dick, providing it with the perfect environment. He sat down on my lap, my dick fully inside him, staying in this position for a while. I felt he flexed the ring of his butthole, giving my dick a nice massage. He pushed my tanktop up, and took the chain that connected my nipples with my cock and gently pulled it. His cock was rock hard again, lying on my abdomen. He moved the chain over his dickhead, pulling my nipples and the cockring.

He finally started to ride my fuckpole. He did not let go of the chain as he did. The man's dick slapped my abdomen each time he came down on me. I could no longer resist the sensation in my nipples caused by him pulling the chain, and his warm chute sliding over my fuckmeat and the pressure on my prostrate from the buttplug and I discharged my load inside him, greasing his chute as he kept on riding my dick. I then felt his warm juice on my body, shooting his load against my chin and, my lips, and even in my hair. When he was done, he sat down one more time, watching me hornily as I licked my lips clean from his juice. He got up slowly and squatted over my face, offering me his butthole to clean. I saw my own juice oozing from his hole and started licking and sucking it clean. I savoured this special mix of my own delicious juice, spiced with the man's own flavours.

When I cleaned his hole, he got up and helped me on my feet. He started to undress me, taking his time to get me out of my clothes and my boots. When I was naked, he looked me over, admiring my cockringed tumescent dick and my clamped nipples. He pushed my arms over my head and cautiously removed the clamps. He let them fall down, and they were dangling between my legs, still attached to my cockring. He started to lick and kiss my tortured nipples, slowly reviving them under his warm touch. As he licked my nipples he removed my cockring and let it fall to the ground.

He stopped licking and made me bend over slightly, so he could remove the buttplug from my hole. He pulled me toward him and we both sniffed the damp scent of my chute. He slowly pushed me towards the bathroom as he licked the buttplug clean.

The bath was already filled with hot water, creating a warm mist in the bathroom. He sat down in the bath and invited me to sit between his legs. As I laid my back against his firm chest, he started to nibble on my ears and to stroke my nipples. They were still very sensitive and his gentle touch made me shiver, even in the warm water. I almost dozed off, but as I laid my head on his shoulder, I felt his mouth looking for mine. I offered him my mouth and we started to kiss passionately, letting our tongues intertwine.

We spent quite some time in the bath, kissing and caressing each other. We finally got out of the bath and we dried each other off with soft towels. We went back into his room and he started to dress me up again. He put the cockring back on my dick, but did not attach the titclamps. He to ok my jockstrap and pushed it to his nose, sniffing on it like mad.

"Finders keepers", he said and put it on the table.

He helped me step into my jeans. He pulled them up and knelt down before me to button the fly and buckle the belt. He then positioned him self behind me, put his fingers in my pockets and I felt his fingers on my dick as he adjusted it. As they stroked my dick, I felt his fingers looking for the chain that was still attached to my cockring. When he found it, he slowly pulled it up. The clamps brushed my legs with a ticklish feeling. He pulled the chain out through my pocket and attached the clamps to my belt. He put me my socks on and helped in boots. He took my cum stained tanktop and pushed it over my head. The top was still damp and it clung to my body almost as if it was soaked, showing my hard nipples. Finally he helped me into my leather jacket. The man was still naked as he checked me out one more time.

He went over to a cupboard and took out a white cotton short. Before he put it on, he grabbed the buttplug and shoved it up his ass without any problems. He put on the shorts. They tightly fit his body, exposing his beautiful butt and the outline of his magnificent rod.

I sat down on the couch as he went to get some glasses and a bottle of champagne. He reached into an other cupboard and took out a video tape which he put in the VCR. He poured us both a glass of champagne, and sat down next to me. As we toasted on this perfect evening, he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. We gently kissed and took a sip of the champagne. He took the remote and switched on the television and the VCR. To my surprise, he had taped our entire session. We watched ourselves having sex, enjoying it immensely. As his hand casually played with my nipple, I moved my hand that was on his thigh towards his crotch. As I let my finger gently slide along the outline of his fine cock, I felt it hardening in his tight white shorts.

I gave the man a long and wet kiss, just as I saw myself laying on the ground and him riding my cock, me almost fully dressed and him completely naked. I felt he squeezed my nipple harder as my grip on his cock became firmer. As I did, I felt his precum oozing from his slit, wetting the shorts. I quickly pulled down the short and swallowed his cockhead. I repositioned myself to all fours, so I could swallow his entire meat. With one hand I grabbed his balls, squeezing them gently as my mouth went up and down on his meat.

While I was bobbing this great cock, I felt his finger on my butt, applying pressure on my fuckhole through my jeans. As I pushed my fuckhole against his fingers, I felt the fabric of my jeans stretch. The faded fabric could not take this stretching, and tore along the seam that ran through my crack, exposing my fuckhole. The man ceased the opportunity and pushed his finger into my hole. As this happened, I felt his balls shiver and he shot his load in my mouth. I drank all his juice as he shot his load in me. When he was finished shooting, I used my tongue to clean his cockhead and put his dick and balls back into the shorts. I lifted my head and kissed him, giving him a share of his cum. I felt his finger popping out of my hole. He smelled his finger and gave me a sniff before he licked it clean.

We were interrupted by the phone that rang . The man got up and answered it. I quickly moved behind him, pressing my cock into his crack and I started to play with his pierced nipples. When the conversation was over, he reluctantly tore himself loose from me. He poured the last champagne into the glasses and rewinded the tape. We toasted and drank our champagne. He took his wallet and took some banknotes from it and put them in my back pocket. He also gave me a copy of the tape which I put in my sack.

He went over to the door, and I followed. As I passed by a mirror, I saw the state I was in: stains of cum on my tanktop -some still damp and sticky-, and my hair spiky from the sperm he deposited there. I also noticed the fresh tore in my jeans. It was larger than I had imagined and it quite clearly showed my thoroughly fucked butthole as I moved. I was radiating sex, and I really liked it. The banknotes in my back pocket indicated that he was satisfied as well, as it seemed quite more than we had agreed earlier. This also added to my feeling of utter satisfaction.

The man opened the door for me. I expected to kiss him goodbye in the door, but to my surprise he followed me to the elevator, dressed only in his white shorts. He got into the elevator as well an pressed the button for the ground floor. We embraced and kissed all the way down. We were still kissing as the elevator reached the ground floor and the doors slided open. As we walked into the lobby, we saw the receptionist and my leather clad biker who, as promised, came to collect me.

As we made our way through the lobby, the biker got up and approached us. His jacket was open, showing his bodybuilt chest. My eyes drifted to his crotch and I saw his big cock in his tight leather pants move from left to right with each step he took. He embraced the man and gave him a deep and wet kiss. I could hear them sucking on each others' tongue. The black gloves of the biker stroked the mans butt, the blackness of the gloves giving a nice contrast with the whiteness of the man's shorts. The biker broke loose from the kiss and put his hand on my shoulder. I gave the man a last kiss before the biker ushered me to the door. He let me wait at the door as he got his bike from the parking lot.

As I was waiting, I looked back into the lobby. I saw the man talking to the receptionist and giving him a kiss before went into the elevator. He raised his hand as a goodbye and disappeared.

The biker came driving up to the doors. I put on the helmet he handed me, and I took my seat behind him. I pressed myself against the biker, clamping myself to his hard body. As we drove off, I felt the cool evening air on my exposed butthole. The biker did not close his jacket, so my fingers started exploring his firm body. I felt his firm six pack and squeezed his hard and pierced nipples. I lowered both my hands. I squeezed my right hand into his pants and put my left hand on his hard tool. I massaged his cock through the leather. I kept on pushing my right hand into his pants until I felt the base of his dick. I noticed the skin above his dick was shaved and felt really smooth.

I pushed my right hand further into his pants. Since his pants were quite tight, it took some effort, but I finally managed to make a ring with my fingers around the base of his cock. I increased the intensity of the pressure I was applying on his tool with my left hand. The discharge came quite quickly, and on my right hand I felt the warm juice streaming down from his cockhead. With my left hand I squeezed some more to get it all out.

I didn't remove my hands form their respective positions until we arrived at my apartment. I removed my right hand from his pants and wanted to get of the bike. The biker stopped me, took off his helmet, reached for my right hand that was still wet from his cum and started licking it. When he cleaned my hand, we got off the bike and helped me out of the helmet. The biker locked his bike and followed me to the door. He followed me up the stairs. I felt he grabbed my ass as we walked up, pressing his gloved thumb against my exposed butthole.

He kept his hand on my butt until we reached the door to my apartment. I opened the door and the biker pushed me in, closing the door behind him. The biker opened his pants. The inside of his pants was covered in cum. His huge pierced dick was stuck to the leather of his pants. He cautiously pulled it from the leather. I kneeled before him and started to lick the cum from his pants and from his body. I found the taste of leather and cum particularly arousing and my licking became more and more intense. I finally cleaned his magnificent dick, starting at the base and working my way up, paying special attention to the pierced cockhead. When I cleaned it from all the cum spent, I took the cock in my mouth. I had never had a pierced dick in my mouth, and the metal on my tongue was a very exciting sensation.

The biker pulled my head of his dick and pulled my by the shoulders, giving me a deep kiss. As his tongue explored my mouth, I felt the piercing in his tongue. It felt just as erotic as his pierced cockhead. He broke our kiss and turned me around. I felt his gloved hand on my crack, his fingers looking for the tore. His fingers found my exposed butthole and pushed his leather finger into it. It was not difficult to slide his thick gloved finger in after the fucksessions I had earlier that night. With his finger inside me, he pushed me towards the kitchen and made me bend over a chair. I folded myself over the back of the chair, letting my hands rest on the seat.

The back of the chair was a bit high, I had to stand on my toes to keep myself in balance. This position made my butt stuck out, widening the tore and offering my exposed fuckhole to the biker. The biker pushed my legs apart as far as possible as he squatted behind me. I felt his pierced tongue moistening my fuckhole, pressing at the gate to get in. It was not difficult to push his tongue in my fucked hole. I felt his hot pierced tongue slide in, twisting around and tickling my chute with the piercing. After a while he got up and shoved his fuckpole in. He let his hot meat slide in until his shaved pubic area touched my butt. With long and easy strokes he started to fuck me, with each movement stroking my prostrate. He held my by the hips and not long after I felt his grip on me became firmer, he shot his hot mancream in my chute. At the same time I shot my own load in my jeans.

After he emptied his balls, he let his fuckpole come to rest in my hole. He slowly retracted from my chute. I wanted to get back on my feet, but he pressed on my back, keeping me in this position. I heard him close his pants and I felt his tongue on my butt again, licking it. He put his mouth on my man cunt and started to suck his own cream out of it. He suddenly got up and pulled me on my feet. I felt his cream oozing out of my butt, dripping into my pants. He embraced me and deep kissed my once more before he left. I touched my fuckhole, scraping off the remainder of the divine juice. I put my fingers in my mouth, sucking the biker's cream off.

Still glowing from the whole experience, I went into my bedroom. I undressed, putting my stained tanktop in the hamper. As I bent over to get out of my boots, I noticed the tore in my seam was larger. I liked the view of the tight jeans on my round butt and the tore that exposed my fuckhole. I reached behind and touched it and let one finger slide in. It was not difficult. I retracted my finger and took the money the man put in my backpocket, depositing it on my nightstand. I decided not to wash the jeans. They had a distinct odour of sex on them now, and I thought it would serve me again on other occasions. I put it on a hanger and put in the closet where I kept my working clothes.

I got into the shower and washed myself thoroughly. When I was done, I put on my black silk shorts, adjusted my cock and went into the living room. I poured myself a glass of fine cognac, lit a cigarette and sat down on the couch. My cat jumped on the couch and cuddled up against my leg, contentedly purring. If I were a cat, I am sure I would purr in unison with her right now. After I finished my drink and my cigarette, I got up and went to bed. As my head hit the pillows, I fell asleep.

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