Rest Stop

Copyright © 2006
By Lee Mariner

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I had spent eighteen years of my life in the small town of Greenfield, Kentucky.  Visiting the towns around us for high school basketball games was as far away from Greenfield as I had been.  The lack of anything constructive for a growing teenager to do along with the boredom of small town life was overpowering but, to be gay and living in a small town was smothering especially when living with the fear of discovery.

My parents were not poor in the true sense of the word but going to college was something that was rarely mentioned. It was assumed that after graduating from school, I would work at the same paper mill that my dad worked in.  That was pretty much the case with most of the boys in Greenfield unless they enlisted in one of the military services.  I joined the Navy, and my education broadened, professionally and gay. 


  My first enlistment ended on the day before my twenty-first birthday.  I could have taken a discharge and returned to Greenfield but, I elected to re-enlist.  I enjoyed the travel, and the meeting of different people some of which enriched the knowledge of what being homosexual meant.  In retrospect, being gay is not that much different than being straight.  The only real difference was the partners we selected.  Gay men searched for attractive well-built young men while straight men searched for attractive well-built young ladies.  

As part of my re-enlistment, I went on a ten day leave, and returned home to visit my family.  I didn't like the lack of independence that resulted from needing to depend on public transportation or on my shipmates for rides when we were on liberty.  I intended to buy a car while I was home.

Taking a leave and going home is great; but, after the first impact of back slapping, hugging and kissing it didn't take very long before seeing the relatives and old buddies and friend started to become boring.  I always thought it was pretty much a mutual feeling since an unplanned extra person in the house and at the table upset the normal routine. After I found the car I wanted, a two year old Ford Galaxy, the conversation turned to when I was going to be going back, and I sensed that my welcome was waning. 


While I was loading my new, old car, Mom packed me what she called a picnic lunch.  In truth there was enough food to feed five men.  Dad asked me how I was going to go back, and I explained that I was going to drive north and pickup up route sixty in Mount Sterling. According to the road map, it was a main east-west highway, and I shouldn't have any trouble finding gas stations or help if I needed it.  His only comment was "don't pickup any hitchhikers."   Mom did a lot of sniffling, and told me to take care of myself.   Both of them stood waving until I was out of sight.

I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling they probably felt the same way.  After opening my fly and rearranging my constricted equipment, I found a decent country music station on the radio, and settled back letting the warm September breeze blow through my dark brown hair. 

I stopped for gas just a few miles west of the West Virginia - Kentucky state line.  The attendant was blond, cute and probably in his mid to late teens. He was wearing a pair of gray work pants and a pull over that did not hide a nicely muscled chest  When he leaned over to look through the window, he lowered his eyes when he saw me lift my hips slightly, and zip my fly shut.  Pulling my belt tight and fixing the buckle,  I leaned my head toward the window and said, "Fill it up, regular."
"Yes, Sir; do you want me to check under the hood," he asked as he moved back from the car door, his hand brushing over his crotch.

"It should be all right but, I've still got a way to go," I said, groping my crotch and rearranging my balls. "Right now I need to use the head."

"Head!" he said, quickly moving his eyes from my crotch, and giving me a blank stare as he lifted the cars hood. He hesitated with both well muscled arms holding the hood aloft, his pull over tightening and revealing the outline of his nicely sculpted chest muscles and protruding teats. I felt the familiar tingling in my groin, and I was enjoying the view when, suddenly as if a light had been lit, he grinned, his blue eyes gleaming as he exclaimed. "You mean the men's room, it's in back but you gotta get the key inside at the counter."

"Thanks," I replied nonchalantly, gazing directly into his eyes for a moment before turning toward the station building.

I heard, "no problem" behind me as I moved away.

There was an older woman sitting on a stool behind the counter.  She looked at me not moving until I said, "The attendant said I had to get the key to the men's room in here."

"Like as not it's open but, you better take it in case it isn't," she mumbled through tobacco rotted teeth.

By the time I walked around the building and found the door, my bladder was about to burst.  Unfortunately the door was locked and that didn't help the numbing feeling spreading over my groin.  Without locking the door, I barely managed to undo the top button and pull my zipper down. Tightening my asshole, I pushed my pants and briefs down freeing my cock just as the golden rain poured forth.  My piss hard had subsided somewhat but not completely, and I was milking a few remaining drops from the aperture in the head of my cock when the door opened off to my right and the cute attendant entered.

 Locking the  door, he moved toward the trough and halfway facing me he unzipped his fly, and as he turned toward the trough, he pulled his cock and said,  "Your car is ready."

"Did it need anything under the hood?" I asked still milking my swelling cock and glancing at the respectable tool that was enlarging under the steady stroking of his fingers.

"The dipstick read only a quart low," he said as he turned facing me, his blood-engorged cock waving from side to side, his eyes twinkling as he moved closer.

"Was that all," I said.

"Not really, at least not for me," he said in a low guttural tone as he wrapped his fingers around my burgeoning cock.

Using my aching cock like a pump handle, he pulled us closer together and then slid his arms around my waist.  His eyes were gleaming and I could see the fires of lust in their depths as he leaned his head forward pressing his lips to mine.  His tongue was a battering ram demanding entry, and when I parted my lips I felt one hand gripping the back of my neck holding my head in place while his tongue dueled with mine.  He was slowly, salaciously rotating his hips rolling our cock together, and felt the heat of his breath as he exhaled through his nose as our tongues searched for hidden cavities.  I felt the pressure building in my balls, demanding release, and I groaned softly.

When our lips parted he held me tightly, or drooling cocks pressed together.  Sucking air between clinched teeth and grinding our groins together, he exhaled slowly as he removed his arms from around me.  I hadn't expected such a surreal encounter and, I wasn't really sure what he wanted until he said, "I'd hell of a lot rather be in bed with you but this will have to do."

The commode on the far side of us had for the most part gone unnoticed until he suddenly swiveled us around, and sat down. In one smooth movement, his mouth engulfed my cock and quickly grabbing his head, I gasped, "Jesus Christ."

His tongue felt like velvet stroking the underside of my throbbing cock as he slowly gorged himself on as much of my turgid cock as he could.  When he started to slowly withdraw, my hips reacted automatically thrusting my cock back into his mouth.  Nature took it's course, and holding his golden head tightly but gently between my hands, I fucked his greedy mouth.  His moans of pleasure and his fingers teasing and playing with my anus increased the passionate desire to fill his throat with my aching cock but the angle prevented it's full length being completely encased in the velvety softness of his throat.  The intensity of his suckling my cock with the force of a calf suckling at his mother's teat increased, and a wave of warmth swept over me as I felt the sperm rising from my tightening balls.  Moaning softly, I leaned over my young cocksucker and whispered, "suck it baby, drain my nuts." 

Wave after wave of fire swept over me as my cock hardened and then exploded with the titanic force of pent up magma escaping from the depths of my groin.  I felt him puliing back as streams of sperm pumped steadily, filling his mouth and throat.  I lost control as the combined forces of lust and passion melded, and I attempted to force my gushing cock deeper into his throat.  The pain of my cock bending when it couldn't go any deeper brought me back to reality and I relinquished my grip on his head and pulled my cock from his mouth/  "Jesus, I'm sorry," I said.

Gulping and swallowing he looked up at me and grinned, "Hey, that's okay," he said.  "We both blew our loads at the same time, and I knew what you were trying to do," he craoked,  hesitating for a moment." I wanted to suck all of that monster, and if we had been in bed, I would have."

"That makes two of us," I replied, milking the remnants of sperm into the piss trough. "I would have rather been in bed making love than here with you sitting on a commode."

"It's the first time that I ever did it this way," he replied, looking up at me, his blue eyes twinkling impishly.  "But when I saw you zipping your pants up and then groping your balls, I thought I'd take a chance." 

"We both had the same idea," I said, hesitating and then saying, "I know it's kind of late for introductions but, what is you name?"

"Arnold," he replied, a sheepish look coming over his face.  "What's yours?"

"Henry or Hank whichever you want to use," I said as I washed the last remnants of sperm from the head of my still half hard cock. Sucking my gut in, I tucked my cock inside of my pants and pulled the zipper up.

A wave of intense pleasure swept over me as I tightened my belt and adusted the obvious bulge in my crotch. I was about to speak when he surprised me by asking, "Does it ever get soft?"

He had stood up and, I could see that he had done a pretty good job of cleaning the sperm from his clothes.  He was showing a bulge where none had been before, and I chuckled as I answered, "Sometimes but not when there is  a horny, good looking stud around who enjoys sex as much as I do."

"To bad you don't have more time," he sighed softly.  "We could go to my place."

"How far is that?" I asked.

"Two miles," he answered. "But, I don't get off for another hour."

"I've got the time, and I'm betting seconds will be better," I said  softly.

Moving closer and slipping an arm around my waist, he pulled me tightly to him.  His gorgeous blue eyes glistened with passion as he brushed my lips with his qnd whispered seductively, "Count on it."