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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter One

Traveling salesmen spend much of their time on the road going from one location to another, I was one of those salesmen. The big difference between those that I had heard complain about being away from home more than they liked, I enjoyed being on the road, and for the most part left to my own devices. No boss except for a telephone to report to, and being able to schedule my own time and what motel I would stay in.  The most appealing part of the job, since I was gay, was the variety of men that I met.  

I usually stayed in the same motel when I was on my trips. In this one city, I stayed at The El Camino because of its location right off of one of the main highways that gave me greater access to the vendors that I visited.

On previous trips, I drove by a small state park that was located about four or five miles from the motel and only two miles from my first stop. This is the first of my several encounters at a thickly wooded Roadside Park located on a heavily traveled highway.

The park was ideally located on a slow moving river, and on warm and sunny days in the past when, I drove by the park, it seemed to be very popular with families picnicking or other individuals who seemed to be simply resting.  At the time, I wasn't aware that some of the loungers were in the market for a fast blow job or perhaps a quick trip to either a closeby motel, home or apartment.  Without previous knowledge of its popularity, I had a pleasant surprise when I needed to make legitimate use of the public facilities.

The state had provided a small but adequate public rest room for both genders.  The building was located within maybe thirty or so feet of one of the two public parking areas. Fortunately, one of parking areas had been built close to the river to provide parking for two open pavilions that were closer to the river.  In addition to the pavilions, there were several sturdy picnic tables with attending barbecue grills along with strategically located water fountains. It goes without saying that the park was popular with passerby's and the local population.  The usual signs dictating park regulations were strategically placed at both of the parking areas.  

I had seen the park several times when I was making my bi-monthly visits to the local vendors of my companies products but with the number of people that were picnicking in the pavilions and several of the surrounding tables, I didn't give the rest rooms much of a chance of being suitable for personal gratification other than that which would normally be required when traveling.  On one particularly gloomy day, I learned how wrong I was.

It was a cool, overcast and, to make matters worse, raining.  I was on my second trip in March, and before going to my first stop, I had had a substantial breakfast and, very foolishly, two large coffees. I had hardly left the motel restaurant before my bladder made its need to be emptied known.  It was only a couple of miles to the roadside park and, I felt like I could hold out until I reached it.  I miscalculated by a mile or so and by the time I pulled onto the parks graveled parking area, the need to piss had become urgent.  As I switched the car's engine off and automatically checked the door locks, I noticed there was an absence of cars in either parking area. The only indication that I could see that there might be someone around was an adult size bicycle chained to the lower portion of a steel I-beam that had been set in concrete for the installation of a public telephone.  

The rain had subsided to a fine drizzle while I was sitting in the car, and even though there were no cars visible, I still took the caution of waiting for a few minutes to be sure it was safe.  Public rest rooms have a notorious reputation for being staked out by police awaiting the unsuspecting user of the facilities for reasons other than those that it had been built for. After several minutes, and not seeing any suspicious activity, I decided to see who the owner of the bicycle might be.

Instead of concrete walkways, the approaches were gravel, and it crunched noisily under my feet as I walked toward the door marked "Men".  The door creaked as, I pushed it open and, I hesitated for a brief moment as I thought to myself, "A built in warning for anyone inside".  To my right there were two steel basins for hand washing. Duplicate soap dispensers with mirrors were mounted on the concrete block walls.  The was a divider between the wash basins and the first of two wall mounted urinals, and another separator between the two urinals.  The most unusual part of the rest rooms equipment was a low divider instead of the usual much taller divider that provided privacy for a commode. The lighting consisted of two single ceiling mounted florescent tubes.  They had been staggered to give sufficient light to the wash basins and the urinal/commode portion of the rest room.

There was a young man sitting on the commode, and my interest increased as I moved to the urinal next to where he was sitting. From his overall size and the breadth of his shoulders, he appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years old.  He was wearing a with T-shirt under a tan raincoat, and its folds were hanging down to the floor on either side of the commode. His Levi jeans very obviously lacking underwear were down below his knees, and he was leaning forward slightly with his forearms resting over his dark brown pubic hairs giving an unobstructed view of a very impressive uncircumcised cock resting between his thighs.  

I didn't need to stroke my cock to give impetus to urinating, my bladder was so full it felt like the dam that held the water back was about to burst.  When the stream hit the back of the urinal with an audible splash, a sigh of relief escaped my lips as the pressure decreased. Turning my head slightly as the strong flow of urine drained my bladder, I could look out the corner of my eye to see if there was any reaction from him. He sat quietly, his thick, beautiful cock filling the space between his thighs, and although he appeared to be sitting in the same position as when I came in, it was obvious to the trained eye that he had turned his head enough to allow for a covert glance or two.  I felt a slight but noticeable shiver of excitement course through me.

The thickness of my piss hardon lessened as the urine flowed to a trickle, and I stroked and squeezed my semi-flacid cock to void the few remaining drops, and cock started to swell to its full seven inch length. Clearing my throat as if to spit in the urinal, I moved back a step and turned slightly to give him to give him a better view. I was rewarded when he turned his head toward me, pulling his T-shirt up revealing the smooth chiseled muscles of his chest.  I could see the rigid muscles of his six-pack, and a thick, dark brown treasure trail leading to a mass of dark brown hair covering most of his pelvis, and surrounding the thick base of his cock. He had clear blue eyes, soft succulent lips, and I could see the outline of the nipples on his broad chest pressing against the cotton cloth of his T-shirt.

When I didn't look away, the shadow of a grin played at the corners of his mouth while he held his T-shirt up with his left hand, and slipped the fingers of his free hand under the hard magnificent schlong the protruded from the dark forest around its thick base.  Licking my lips, I watched spell-bound as he lifted his cock upward while spreading his legs to give me a better view.

For a few moments we were motionless except for the slow movement of our hands caressing our soft, steel hard rods. My mind was filled with lecherous thoughts as I turned and moved closer to where was sitting.  My cock was aching, and stroking it only exacerbated the feelings churning deep in my gut.  I was so excited that, I felt my legs trembling and it felt like I had been struck dumb.  I was at a loss for words until I finally managed to utter the most inane words my mind could conjure at that given moment, "Hi, it looks like you've got a hard problem."   

He answered my asinine comment by looking into my eyes as he stood and turned toward me, the low partition still separating us.  His jeans had fallen around his ankles but, shuffling his feet he moved enough to lean against the partition and with his cock over the edge of the partition he placed his hands on his hips and said,  "It's nothing that, I can't handle unless you'd like to give it a try."

His fully elongated cock seemed to have grown larger, as without a word said, I leaned down and placed my lips on its blood engorged head. My tongue touched a drop of pre-seminal fluid and the sudden urge to swallow all of his gorgeous shaft swept over me.  As I drove my mouth downward, he thrust his hips forward, and moaned softly.  I felt his hands on the back of my head holding me in place as he began to slowly fucking my mouth and moaning, "Suck it, man, suck my cock."

A feeling of ecstasy filled me as I increased the tempo of my mouth to meet his thrusting hips. His hands roamed over my back while his hips drove his cock against the back of my mouth.  I was close to cumming and, I was slowly squeezing my cock.  My unknown assailants thrusts were steady and he moaned as if he were in a state of total bliss with my mouth around his cock.

"Oh yeah, Mister, suck my nuts dry, I'm almost there." It was at that moment that the crush of rubber tires on gravel penetrated the rest room.  Quickly withdrawing my mouth from his burgeoning cock, I stuffed my suddenly soft member back inside of my trousers and quickly to one of the wash basins.  My young friend had turned toward the wall and was zipping his jeans shut when the squeaking door opened while I was rubbing my hands under the cold water.

A middle aged man and a maybe seven or eight year old boy entered and then stopped just inside the doorway and, in the mirror, I saw them look first at me, and then at the young man who I had almost finished sucking off.  Turning the water off, I snatched a few towels from the dispenser as I non-chalantly turned toward where he was adjusting his clothes.  I could see by the bulge in his groin that his cock had not completely deflated. He saw me looking at him, and as he kicked at the toilet to flush it, he drew his raincoat closer around him and said, "I'm finished."

As he left the stall, and moved to where I was standing and drying my hands, the older man ushered the youngster into the modified stall.  With the youngsters head pressing against his groin, he struggled to unzip the boys fly.  He was having a hard time or at least it appeared that he was trying to extract the boys penis where it was hiding.

When I threw my used paper towels in the receptacle, my friend who was leaning over a washbasin, nudged my arm. When I glanced at him, he nodded his head toward the door and shifted his eyes in a directional movement.


I was standing just outside of the door in the small alcove that had been built for protection from the weather when he came out.  Pushing one hand into the pocket of his raincoat, he withdrew an old-fashioned stocking cap from his pocket, and looked at me as he put it on.

"That was a pretty close call," I said in almost a whisper.

"Yeah, Man, and I was so fucking hot that my cock is still hard," he said in a disappointed tone.

"It would have only taken another second or two and I would have blown my wad," I said softly.

Moving a little closer, he leaned his head toward me and asked, "Is your cock still hard?"

"Hard enough," I answered, looking around before saying, "The blue car is mine, do you want to get inside instead of standing here."


While we ran the short distance to the car, I pulled the auto lock release from my pocket.  We reached the doors at the same time.  As he got inside, he threw his raincoat open, and splayed his legs wide. "God." I thought to myself as I pulled my door shut. "He must be really horny."

I hit the release button on the side of the seat and as it slid back, he said, "Hey, Man that's really cool, it gives a lot more room for taller people."

"Yes it does but better still, it gives more room to suck your cock, if your still up for it," I said.

Kneading his cock through the cloth of his jeans, he looked at me with lust filled eyes and said, "Baby, I'm always ready for sex; but, since we didn't finish inside, I was kind of hoping you might have a place we could go so we could get naked and really get it on."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked.

"As sure as I'm sitting here next to you with a monstrous hard on waiting to be take care of," he replied as he continued fondling his hardon.

"Would you tell me your name first?" I asked softly.

"Allen," he said bluntly. "What's yours."

"Keith," I said, swallowing the salive that had collected in my mouth, and breathing in deeply to suppress my nervousness before saying, "I'm staying at the El Camino Motel."

"I know where it is," he said as he slid across the seat and put his arm around me. "I love their king size beds, more room to make love," he whispered softly as he pulled me closer to him, and putt his lips to mine.

"Oh, God," I mused, as I dropped one arm over his shoulders, our tongues dancing fiercely in the recesses of our mouths.

The kiss was wanton and my cock was instantly rock hard.  When our lips parted, he drove his hand into my crotch and whispered, "How long do you have, Keith?"

I was so fucking horney that the time didn't mean a thing. I had to feel Allen's cock down my throat and in my ass. He was to hot for me to just blow and forget.  

As I started the car, I said, "Just as much as you have," I said.

Backing out of the parking space, I spotted the chained bicycle.  "Allen, what about the bicycle?"

"Leave it, I can pick it up later on," he answered, still gently squeezing my cock and balls. 

"That might not be until tomorrow," I mused to myself as I dropped the car into drive.