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Everyone has a "first time" story but not everyone tells theirs. Think I'll switch from one group to the other and tell you guys mine. See, I was pretty lucky. My first time was cool. No quick fucks in a bathroom stall for ME! No no. And you'd never see ME sprawled over a trashcan in an alley somewhere. No way. Not me. I'M sophisticated. I'M classy. MY first time was intricately planned, and flawlessly executed.

Not by me - by the guy who nailed me. I was fuckin' clueless.

Took me a long time to finally be able to stand up and say it out loud and in front of people, but I was an abused child. I was the youngest in a family that included some "step" relatives. I was always the one blamed, framed, and maimed. And I do mean maimed. I got the hickory switch (that I was required to select myself. And if it wasn't good enough I was whipped for that). Also got the belt a lot too. The buckle end - against my bare ass. I've been thrown across the room and slammed up against walls, then slapped open palm and backhand. Had pots, pans, spoons, eggs, and other food thrown at me. Seems my butt was always marked in one way or another. Either with bruises, welts, or scabs where I'd bled. My older brother used to practice his boxing skills on me. That was okay with every body. It only became unacceptable when I tried to fight back. He used to hide around corners, wait for me to come by, and beat the shit out of me. If I told my dad I got beat for being a tattler.

My dad caught me one day with drugs in my pocket. Pot and speed  (I don't do drugs anymore). I was grounded my entire senior year in high school. Not that any one at school noticed. The shit didn't stop with my family. The whole fucking town got into it: typical for small town America. Thinking back, I know that I always knew I was gay, but it wasn't something safe to talk about in my little town. But even though I denied it to myself everyone else knew. In high school I was known as the “Freshman Faggot,’ the “Homeroom Homo.’ I would get hate notes shoved into the little slits in my locker addressed to the “Klass Kweer.’ The only time I had any friends or anyone to socialize with was when I had drugs to share. When my pockets were empty, so were the streets.

Sorry guys. Didn't mean that to be such a downer, but maybe now you can understand why, on the day I turned 18 I left. Spent the day going around to my relatives collecting my birthday money, and at 2:00 am after everyone else had gone to sleep, I left. Picked up the grocery bag full of my jeans and extra t-shirts I'd hid earlier in the garage and just walked away. Walked down the quarter mile country driveway, down the road 'til it curved out of sight of my house, and to this day I have yet to look back.

I went to Papa C's place. Papa C was an old Greek guy who ran an all night restaurant/bar at the edge of town. He was from old Greece. His last name had two hundred some odd letters in it, but it started with C. He looked like everybody's grandpa. Overweight, bald head except for the sides, and that was all gray. His place was a bar until 2:00 AM. After that all the kids my age would come in for soda and non-alcoholic drinks until 6:00 AM. There were lots of bars in town, but Papa C had the only place other than the few burger joints where underage kids like me could gather. Papa C was a loveable old guy who treated all us kids like his own grandkids. We would talk to him about things we were too scared to talk to our own folks about. I always knew I was welcome at Papa C's place, even if it was only by Papa C himself.

I got there that night about 3:00 am, got a soda and sat down at a table. I was wondering how I was going handle the confrontation with my folks that I knew would come soon as they figured out I wasn't coming home. Papa C came over and sat down with me. He gave me his famous critical eye (with a wink).

"You look like shit," he told me.

"Gee, thanks," I said, then lowered my eyes, "But yeah, I feel like shit." He just nodded. One thing about Papa C all the kids liked. He always listened. You'd always see him walking through his place when the kids were there, usually with his arm around somebody, dispensing advice without lecturing. Talking to us, but not talking down to us. Yeah, we all liked Papa C.

And then I, like a lot of kids before me, said, "Hey, Papa C." I looked around to make sure no one could hear me, (again, like a lot of kids before me), "Can I talk to you?"

"Shoot," he said. Well, that started it. Spilled my guts. Talked 'til the place closed at 6. Papa C led me to a back room, with his arm around my shoulder when I couldn't hold back the tears.

"Listen," he told me, "You just took a big step; took a lot out of you. What you gonna do next - you worry about later. There's a room upstairs with a bed in it. Go get some sleep. As far as I know I ain't seen you all week. Go get some rest. We figure something out when you wake up."

I stayed at Papa C's place two nights. On the third night, I was sitting at a table about 3:00 am when Sanka came in. Sanka, of course, isn't his real name, but I like the movie, "Cool Runnings," so I'll call him Sanka. He was from Jamaica, or French Polynesia or somewhere down there. He was black as coal and spoke with the coolest accent. I'd seen him several times in Papa C's and talked to him, but didn't really know him all that well and never saw him any where other than Papa C's. Word was that he was gay, but he wasn't the outcast that I was. He was in college but no one knew just how old he was (I found out later he was 36). He was a very witty guy and always made all of us laugh, so he was kind of accepted by everyone.

Sanka got a cup of coffee ("Java" he called it) and sat at my table.

"You look like shit, mon," he told me with no preamble, just the way Papa C said it. I replied the same way I did with Papa C. "Heard you left your folks. Stayin' here?" he asked me.


"What you goin' to do? Where you goin' to go, mon?"

"Dunno. I'll find somethin'."

"No need to look so bad, mon," he said. "Come stay at my place. I have a small house, but just me, and no one to talk to. I could use some company. Come on."

I grabbed my grocery bag, thanked Papa C, and went to Sanka's house. Sanka gave me the grand tour, which took all of two and a half minutes. A tiny living room. A kitchen/dining combo, one bedroom. Sanka pointed to his bed, "That's it, mon. That's where we sleep." And a tiny bathroom.

Back in the living room, beer in hand, joint in his mouth, Sanka said, "Don' worry, mon. You okay here. No one to bother you. What you want, mon? Something to eat? More beer? Here. Have another hit," and passed me the joint. Joint? More like a cigar. Sanka said that's the way they roll them down where he was from. I thought of the bathroom sink I'd used the past three days to wash up in, and told him I could really use a good shower.

"No problem, mon. Take your time. You know something? You too tense! After your shower, I will give you de best massage you will ever have your whole life. You will feel good."

The beer and pot was taking hold, "Sounds good to me!" I said. I went into the bathroom, stripped, and stood under the shower for a long time. Then it finally connected that when Sanka showed me the bedroom, he told me it's where "we" sleep. 'Oh my God!' I thought, 'He wants to fuck me!' Then I thought about it some more. 'Allright!!! I'm gonna do it! I'm fucking gonna do it!'

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. Sanka had a couple of candles burning and passed me another joint (he must have finished the other one by himself!). I took a big hit and sat it in an ash tray. It wasn't the same stuff he gave me earlier. This was much better. Exploded in my head. "Wow!" I said, "What the hell is THAT?"

"Columbian, mon," he answered, "Best in all de world! You feeling good now, eh?"

"You got THAT right!"

Sanka told me to lay on the bed on my stomach. "No no, mon," he said, "You got to be relaxed," and he worked the towel away from me. 'Yeah!' I thought. I was nervous, but felt strangely sexy laying naked on his bed. 'Fuckin' A,' I thought, 'I'm gonna do it!! I'm gonna let him fuck me!' It's kind of a weird feeling, ya know? Knowing I was gonna get fucked, wanting it, but never done it before, scared as hell, and didn't know what to expect, what I was supposed to do, but wanting it just the same. Behind me I could hear Sanka taking off his clothes. I thought about the things I'd heard about black guys and their huge cocks. As bad as I wanted it at that point I remember thinking, 'I hear anything other than his pants thump on the floor and I'm gettin' the fuck outta here!'

Well, I didn't hear anything else thump on the floor so I relaxed. I turned over onto my back. Sanka was standing naked at the end of the bed holding his pants in his hand. I smiled at him. My own cock was solid as a rock and flat against my belly. The candles he had lit were those real thick ones, and they were very much used, so they didn't really give out a lot of light. The room was about as black as Sanka was, and in my drunk and stoned condition I couldn't see very well anyway. But Sanka turned to toss his pants over the dresser and I noticed a movement between his legs. I tried to focus my eyes and looked closer. At that time I didn't know what a Beer Can Cock was, but I'd just found out! His cock wasn't all that long but it was actually as thick as the beer can sitting right next to me. I realized he intended to stick that thing up my ass and it seemed the blood immediately drained from my cock and made a beeline to my eyes 'cause they were so bugged out.

Sanka took a look at me and started laughing. He normally had a cool laugh - sort of like Eddie Murphy's, but with a much higher pitch. This time though, I didn't even hear him laugh. I just stared at his cock. He was as stoned as I was and was laughing so hard now that he almost doubled over. I just stared at his cock. He reached into a bowl on the dresser and pulled out another joint. I just stared at his cock.

He turned around and sat on the bed right next to my head. Once his cock was out of view I was able to look at this face. He lit the joint and passed it to me. "Don' worry, mon" he said to me - real soft. He reached over and put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed real gentle. The laughter was gone now - he was serious. "This your first time, am I right?" I took a hit from the joint - a big hit - and only nodded. Some guys don't like popping cherries and I thought Sanka was one of them. So I relaxed again thinking I was off the hook.

"That's okay, mon, you'll do fine. Sanka will take good care of you."

There went my blood pressure again! Made my eyes bug out all over again as I realized that he STILL intended to split me right down the middle with that pole of his. Remember guys, I was stoned! WAY stoned. Forgot I could say, "No." Besides, what little thinking I was doing at the time was about how I probably owed him. He wasn't charging me rent to stay at his place, so I thought he was charging me sex. I wondered where he hid all the bodies after he got done fucking them.

Sanka took the joint from me, took a hit, and handed it back. I just held it like I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. Sanka stretched out on the bed next to me. My body was as tense and stiff as my cock used to be. He took my hand with the joint in it and pushed it up to my lips and I finally took a hit.

"Hey, mon," Sanka said, softly, "Nuthin' we have to do yet. Don' worry, we take our time, okay?. Besides, I promised you a massage first, and Sanka keeps his promises, okay?"

I let him turn me back onto my stomach. He had me keep the joint and started with my feet. I had to admit - he had magic fingers. He worked my feet one at a time, then started up my legs. By the time he worked his way up to my butt, I'd relaxed and was only thinking about how good his hands felt. He told me he would give me the best massage and he wasn't kidding. By the time he started kneading my shoulders I was moaning and feeling REAL good! The joint was finished and Sanka even kneaded my hands and my head.

He turned me over onto my back. I felt so good that my eyes were now closed and I didn't even open them when I turned over. Sanka was talking to me the whole time - real soothing kind of talk, real soft, almost whispering. The sound of his voice got closer and closer then suddenly I felt his lips against mine. I opened my mouth just a little and his tongue slid right in. I'd never kissed anyone before, at least not on the lips, but Sanka made me feel like I was a pro. I don't know how long that one kiss lasted, but it was my first, and I'll never ever forget the feeling that sent shivers right down to my toes. Long before our lips separated my cock was hard again, and when our lips finally did part I realized that I had wrapped my arms around him and pulled him on top of me.

I felt the weight of his body on mine shift as he raised up a little. I don't remember if I opened my eyes, but I remember I opened my mouth. I don't remember if I said anything, but I remember that I wanted more, and Sanka obliged. I felt his lips brush mine again and I opened my mouth further. I felt the tip of his tongue touch the tip of mine. I slid my hands up his back to the back of his head and pulled him into me and devoured his tongue. I no longer cared how big his cock was. Now I was hungry. Now I was horny. Now I trusted him and now I wanted him. I wanted to get my cherry popped and I wanted Sanka to do it.

My second kiss ever lasted as long as my first but was more intense, more electric because now I took part in it. When our lips parted once again I felt like I was ready. I spread my legs under Sanka and started to wrap them around him like I'd seen women do in the magazines hidden under my dad's bed. But Sanka raised up again. I started to say something, to tell him it was all right, to beg even, but his finger tips reached up to my lips and stopped me. My eyes were still closed. I was afraid opening them would somehow break the spell. "Sssssshhh," he whispered, "I'm not done yet, mon."

Then his hands went back to work on my body. From my shoulders to my chest. He rubbed my nipples and squeezed my pecs. I felt his mouth cover a nipple and he sucked real gentle. My head started lolling side to side and small moans escaped me. His tongue started working it's way down my chest with his hands just ahead of it. He was on his knees now and his hands slid down past my belly button. I was sure he was going to grab my cock but his hands separated at the last second and started kneading my thighs, and I felt a little disappointed. But I trusted him now, and I didn't say anything but just let him do his stuff. He massaged my legs, his hands sliding up and down each one, each time getting closer and closer to my cock, but always reversing direction at the last second. His lips kissed and licked - they too, getting closer and closer to my cock but always skipping over it over and over again until I couldn't take it any more.

"PLEASE!" I finally hissed, "Suck it Sanka!" I begged, "Suck it, man! Do SOMEthing with it!" I was squirming on the bed, bucking my hips, trying to push my cock into his face, but he kept avoiding it. Finally I raised my head and opened my eyes, "God DAMN it, Sanka!" I almost yelled. At that I felt his hands slide in one smooth motion from my knees up my thighs. This time I knew he was gonna do it and I let my head fall back down. His hands slid up my thighs and one wrapped around my cock and the other cupped my balls.

"Oooooooooohhhh!" the sound was more like wind coming from my mouth as my whole body arched up in the air. Sanka's mouth met my cock and swallowed it right down and I almost blew my load right then and there. I didn't know it at the time, but Sanka squeezed my cock hard and kept me from cumming. His mouth and tongue worked my cock just like his hands had worked my body. I thought I'd felt good before, but now I felt almost like I was having some kind of out of body experience, white light and all! Sanka stretched out on the bed 'til his own cock was right next to my face. I forgot all about how big it was. I only knew I wanted it any way I could get it. I reached over and wrapped my fist around it and his cock and my mouth were like two magnets slamming together as I stuffed as much of it as I could into my mouth.

As much as I could turned out to be not much more than the head, but it sure did fill my mouth! I remember thinking, 'Hot Damn! I FINALLY got a hard cock in my mouth!' I sucked on it and licked it and slicked it up and jacked the rest. I let it fall out of my mouth and leaned over and sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I sucked it in and out and it bobbed between my lips and Sanka moaned. I don't know how much of Sanka's moans were me making him feel good, and how much was him trying to make me feel like I was doing good, but hearing him moan made me feel great! I stuck out my tongue and licked his dick all up and down and tasted his pre cum and sucked on the head and Sanka drove me wild doing the same to me.

I don't know how long we 69'd it like that - I'd lost all track of time and didn't care either. Eventually Sanka started twisting his body around 'til his cock fell out of my mouth. He worked himself around until he was stretched out between my legs with his feet on the floor and my cock never left his mouth. I looked down my body and watched his head bob up and down and saw my cock sink in and out of his mouth. Moans and grunts were coming out of my mouth all on their own. I wrapped my legs around him and this time he didn't tell me he wasn't done yet. He didn't tell me anything - he just kept right on sucking. His hand played with my balls and his tongue played with my dick. Then I felt both his hands on my thighs. They pushed gently and I soon saw my feet way up in the air.

Sanka's tongue went back to work. It licked my cock up and down the shaft and further down and licked my balls. I felt more than saw, but one of his hands lifted my balls up and his tongue kept on going strong. Then I felt his hands back on my thighs, pushing. Pushing until my legs were spread as far as they would go and I felt like any further and Sanka would need to make a wish! Next thing I know I felt Sanka's tongue enter the crack of my ass and my eyes bugged out again. Sanka's tongue crossed over my hole and I crossed over into a whole other world.

There wasn't enough light to see my face, but my eyes squinted shut, my lips peeled back and bared my teeth and I sucked in a huge gulp of air and let it out in one big loud, "YYYEEESSS!!" I didn't know what I was doing at the time - Sanka told me later - but I started cheering him on. I was saying, "Eat me, Sanka! Lick my ass, baby! Eat the fuck out of me!!!" And this was coming from a guy who lived an extremely sheltered life, never saw a porn movie, never read a story, never kissed or made out before, and had no idea what was expected of me. The sensations were like shock waves starting at my virgin hole and exploding outward 'til they slammed into my feet and made my toes fan out and slammed my head into the pillow while grunts and yells shot out of my mouth.

Some things about fucking just come natural. When the pleasure starts no one needs to be told what to do. I felt Sanka's hands grab one of my legs and pull, and I flipped over on to all fours without Sanka telling me to. My butt was in his face which he rammed back in my crack; his tongue hitting a bull's eye in my hole. I reached a hand back all on my own. I didn't wonder if it was okay, or if I needed to let Sanka know what I wanted. I only knew I wanted more of his face in my ass and I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my butt harder. I started wiggling my ass around and back and forth like I was trying to get his whole head in there, and Sanka moaned his approval. I stayed on all fours, but leaned forward and buried my face in the pillow. Over and over again I sucked in a breath of air and let it out in a grunt. Sucked it in and grunted. Sucked it in and yelled. Sucked it in and begged for more. I didn't think at the time, but it was a good thing we were in a house rather than an apartment. If there were people on the other side of the wall I'm sure they would be jacking themselves off listening to the noise I was making.

I didn't see him do it or know what he was doing at the time or why, but Sanka had reached over to his side somewhere and coated his finger with lube. I only felt his hot tongue replaced with something cold and wet. Then suddenly I felt something stiff slide up my ass with surprising ease. My head snapped around with my eyes bugged out yet again. I couldn't believe that the monster he had between his legs would fit that easily. I saw Sanka looking at me with a big smile on his face.

"Don' worry, mon," he grinned, "It's just my finger. Just relax, mon, and let my finger play a bit." I turned back around and buried my face in the pillow again. The apprehension was starting to come back as I realized what was coming next.

Sanka used his finger to work my ass for a while. I felt it slide in and out and he wiggled it around. He was sneaky all right, but still gentle as he slid two fingers up my butt. He wiggled them around and new waves of pleasure started bouncing around my body. Without realizing it at the time I started bucking my hips and riding Sanka's fingers. Where I couldn't get enough of his tongue earlier, now I couldn't get enough of his fingers. In and out they went. In all the way and wiggled around, all the time with me cheering him on and letting him know how much I liked it. Sanka told me how to push back against his fingers like I was constipated and I felt my hole loosen up a little and his fingers slid in more easily. He was telling me to do that when he was shoving his cock in but I don't remember listening too closely. I only remember that I didn't want these new and wonderful feelings to stop.

I felt the bed shift as Sanka got up on his knees and positioned himself behind me. The mattress bounced and heaved but his fingers never left my ass. He told me he was going to pull his fingers out, then the next thing coming in would be his cock. While he still worked my ass with his fingers he kept talking to me and telling me to stay relaxed, and promising me that he would only go as fast or as far as I let him. Then I felt his fingers leave my butt. I looked back and watched him move. I couldn't see what he was doing exactly, but he was lubing up his cock. He reached forward and I felt more of the cold stuff on my ass. He put the head of his cock up against my ass and I looked away, closed my eyes and gritted my teeth again. I sat completely still. Sanka used the head of his cock to spread the lube around. He told me once again to relax, and to push back against his cock like I was trying to push it away with my hole. Then I felt one of Sanka's hands on my back. He steadied his cock up against my hole. Then he pushed....

Now I know a lot of you guys out there reading this haven't been fucked yet. The last thing I want to do is say something that would scare you out of taking that initial plunge because, believe me, getting fucked is the absolute most wonderful feeling there is or ever will be. It's better than being drunk. Better than being high on drugs. Better than anything I've ever felt before or since. The only thing that matches getting fucked by a hard cock is fucking a tight little butt with your own hard cock. I would want you guys to go for it, so I won't go into great detail describing the pain.

Suffice it to say I was on all fours when Sanka tried to shove his over developed fuck meat up my ass.

All fours left the bed at the same time. All fours hit the floor at the same time. All fours became a tangled mess of arms and legs and hands and feet and bugged out eyes as I tried to walk, crawl, stumble, roll, and run to the wall on the opposite side of the room, trying to get as far away from that man as I possibly could. If my hole had been an eye, and if looks really could kill, I´d be in prison today. But I promised not to go into great detail describing the pain (and I may have blown it already), so we'll leave it at that.

I wound up sitting on the floor with my back against the far wall and my knees up under my chin. Probably the only thing showing on my face was my bugged out eyes as I could only stare, speechless, at Sanka. Sanka was doubled over laughing that high pitched Eddie Murphy laugh of his. When he put a foot down on the floor, I was afraid that meant he was going to come after me again, and I immediately clasped my hands together in front of my that would help.

But he only put his foot on the floor to steady himself because he was laughing so hard. "Don' worry, mon! Don' worry!" he said in between snickers.

'Yeah," I thought to myself, 'You said THAT before!' He turned around and stepped to the dresser. The pot I smoked was still in me full force, and as I watched his butt jiggle I wished I could find a telephone pole or something to shove up HIS ass so he'd know how I felt!

He lit another joint then turned around and leaned against the dresser. "It's OK, mon," he said, "We stop now for a while, OK? I promise." Then he doubled over again in laughter. I just kept staring at him, and I hadn't moved yet. "Look, mon," Sanka said, still laughing. He put the joint in his mouth, grabbed a pair of shorts from somewhere, and put them on, "There, you see? I won't do nothing now."

Once I was sure he was serious about not coming after me again, I looked down between my legs, lifted my balls up and gingerly touched my hole with the tips of my fingers. I thought it would be swollen or bleeding or something, but it wasn't. Sanka saw what I was doing and went into another fit of laughter.

One thing about pot - it makes you laugh. It makes you laugh a lot, and it makes you laugh at absolutely nothing. When I realized what I was thinking and what I was doing, I broke into a relieved kind of laughter myself.

"Here, mon," Sanka said and reached his arm out to hand me the joint, "Have a hit. It will make you feel better."

"No thanks!!" I said, "You gave me some of that stuff before and look what happened!" Then we both laughed, him half on and half off the bed, and me up against the wall like I was in a rubber room.

Well guys, I did help Sanka finish the joint, and it did make me forget the feeling that I promised not to dwell on, and I actually did let Sanka try again. There was the thought in the back of my head that I didn't want Sanka to think I was a lousy lay, so I was somewhat determined to fit that Boa cock of his up my ass. The second time, he laid on his back and told me how to straddle him and sit on his cock. He said that was the best way to do it because I'm the one who remained in control of how much and how fast. I really tried, but I just couldn't fit that damn thing up my butt. I don't mind admitting it now because it was such a long time ago but I simply couldn't do it. We wound up lying on the bed drinking beer and smoking even more pot (Sanka seemed to have an endless supply), and talking about it.

Sanka told me I'm not the first or last guy to go through this, and I certainly wasn't the first guy who couldn't take his cock. Turns out he'd popped quite a few cherries before and not all of them were successful. He said he had a fuck buddy who had a cock about the same size as mine. Then he reminded me that he'd managed to get a few fingers up my butt and that I'd liked that, didn't I?

I smiled at him, "I sure did!" I said and leaned over and kissed him. He was right. I most certainly DID enjoy him finger fucking me. I thought he was going to offer to get me off with his fingers. Instead he offered to call his buddy to come over and fuck me. I got nervous all over again, but we'd smoked more pot and drank more beer, and I figured (as well as I was capable of "figuring") that it was gonna have to happen sometime sooner or later, so I might as well get it fucking over with while I was at least with someone I trusted. So I told him to go ahead.


Sanka went into the living room to call Mike, his fuck buddy. I sat on the bed with my legs crossed and wondered what else I'd gotten myself into. Sanka came back in the bedroom with yet another joint in his mouth. I learned later that he kept those things ALL over the house. Whenever he or I was in the mood to light one up, we didn't have to go far to get one. He was carrying two more beers and handed one to me. He was still wearing the shorts and stretched out on the bed on his stomach and we smoked and drank and laughed and talked about a lot of things. In our drunken and stoned state we solved many of the world's problems, found a cure for cancer, and determined that in one of our previous lives we saw God. Then the talk came around to sex.

"Have you ever fucked a girl, mon?" Sanka asked me. This wasn't a locker room - in high school or anywhere - so I told him the truth. No, I haven't. He asked me if I ever did anything at all with a guy and I told him about a couple times of mutual jackoffs, and one quick suck with a guy from a neighboring high school.

"So," Sanka said. "You've never fucked a guy either, right mon?" I just shook my head. "Well," Sanka smiled. He looked up at me with a strange, conniving look on his face and smiled. He reached back and patted his own ass. "So! What's wrong with right now, eh mon?"

Before I could speak, Sanka scooted up on the bed, pulled me down and kissed me. We made out for a while and he played with my cock, which responded immediately. I started to think that I still owed Sanka. He'd taken such good care of me, and didn't get pissed when I couldn't take his dick up my ass. I thought that I should try somehow to get him off, and the idea of finally getting to stick my dick up another guy's ass seemed the perfect way to do it. And a lot of fun, too!

I scooted out from under him and rolled on top of him. I pulled his shorts down his legs and off: threw them behind me somewhere. I started rubbing his legs and butt like he did to me. Sanka just put his arms under his face and laid there, moaned encouragement and wiggled his ass.

He had a very muscular ass. Two globes that I squeezed and rubbed and pulled apart and pushed together. I ran my fingers up and down the crack and felt his hole while he moaned and closed his eyes. He wasn't telling me to do anything, but just lay there and let me do what I wanted. I played with his butt, and leaned over and kissed each cheek, licked his thighs like he did to me. My own cock seemed to get harder and harder and I couldn't wait to feel it in his ass. I leaned up on my hands and knees and lowered my cock into his crack and started dry humping his butt while I moaned some myself. It felt wonderful being on top of him with my cock almost in his butt; so good in fact, that I still enjoy dry humping a guy's ass even today.

Sanka had heavy curtains over the only window in the bedroom, so I didn't notice that the sun was starting to come up. The candles by his door were burning dimmer, so I couldn't really see what I was doing as Sanka was black enough to simply blend into the darkness of the room. But I didn't need to see - I only needed to feel. And I was feeling REAL good. Sanka laid real still and moaned while I slowly slid my cock up and down the crack of his ass. He flexed his butt cheeks and I felt them tighten up against my cock and I could have shot a load then, but I knew what I wanted, and I wanted to fuck him.

I felt the head of my dick slide across his hole so the next time I held it there and moved my hips in a circular motion. Sanka thought I was going to try to shove it in and reached back to stop me.

"No no, mon," he mumbled, "Use the lube first."

"Oh yeah!" I said and gulped, "Okay." And then I thought to myself, 'What's lube?' I scratched my head. Sanka was lying with his eyes still closed and a big smile on his face. I thought he was feeling really good, because I remembered that I sure did when he was working on me. I didn't want to ruin the moment for him, so I didn't ask him anything. I felt the shelf next to the bed, and found two jars and a tube. One jar was open so I took out a tiny bit of the stuff inside and sniffed it. It was Vaseline, but it didn't feel like the stuff he used on me. I wiped it off and squeezed a bit from the tube. 'Yeah!' I thought, 'This is it! This is what he used on me! Hot Damn!' So I squeezed some more on my fingers and spread it all up and down Sanka's ass with one hand, and all over my cock with the other.

"Mmmmmm yeah!" Sanka moaned.

'Yeah! I thought, 'He likes it! I'm doin' good!'

"Oh mon, thassss good!"

'Yeah, I'm gettin' him goin'! All by myself!

"Good, mon, good!"

'Oh yeah, baby! I'm hot! I'm hot!!'

"You picked de right one, mon."


Sanka laughed and got himself up on all fours. I finally realized that I wasn't fooling him and stopped trying. I positioned myself behind him and put the head of my dick up against his ass. My hands were really slippery from all the lube, and it felt good to be slowly jerking myself and poking Sanka's ass, and....and....well...I couldn't find his hole!

I pushed my cock but it just slid up the crack of his ass, or it slid down and tickled his balls. I tried several times, but I'd used an awful lot of lube and it was dark and Sanka was black and I couldn't SEE, okay?! Sanka was still laughing and I was getting pissed with myself. I couldn't stand the thought of failing yet again, and my cock started to go a little soft, and that scared me even more. I leaned back and jerked myself, closed my eyes and thought of how good it felt when Sanka ate my ass, and worked my cock hard again. I moved back into position behind Sanka. He very smoothly reached back, grabbed my cock and put it up against his hole and held it there. He told me to push, and when I did he pushed back and I entered heaven!

It didn't occur to me at the time that Sanka was a lot more experienced than I was, so when my cock slid all the way up his ass to my bush, my eyes bugged out again because I was afraid he would hurt like I did. But Sanka just started rocking back and forth, sliding his ass up and down my cock. I realized he was just fine, that he wasn't hurting at all.

I said before that some things about fucking just come natural. My hips acted like they had a mind of their own and I just started bucking them back and forth, driving my cock in and out of Sanka's ass. I grabbed hold of his hips, leaned my head back and moaned. Sanka stopped rocking back and forth and now the only movement was me fucking my first ass!

'Oh shit!' I thought, 'I'm doin' it! I'm doin' it! I'm FUCKING!! YEAH!!!'

I tightened my grip on Sanka's hips and started bucking faster. I looked down and watched my own dick appear and disappear in and out of Sanka's ass. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I went faster, started driving my cock in his butt harder. I kept glancing at his face, looking for a sign that I was going too fast or too hard. But all I saw on his face was a big smile. So I fucked him faster and harder. Soon the mattress was bouncing and we were both moaning and I was grunting with each thrust. I no longer worried about hurting him or whether or not I was doing it right or where I was or what day or year it was. Twice I pulled back too far and my dick fell out of his ass. But I was too hot to worry about it. I just grabbed my dick and shoved it right back up his ass and kept right on fucking. I listened to my hips slapping his cheeks and felt my balls slapping his balls and I started yelling out each time I slammed my cock up that butt.

Far too soon for me I knew I was going to shoot and I couldn't hold back. Didn't know how to anyway. I yelled that I was gonna cum, and Sanka just said to do it. So I jack hammered his ass and shot my load and screamed and just kept right on fucking my dry dick up his butt until I broke my concentration and it fell out of his ass by itself. I let out one more long moan and collapsed on the bed next to him. I looked up at him and he leaned over and kissed me again. I broke away from his lips and panted and tried to catch my breath. After a couple of minutes I was calmed down some and Sanka leaned over to my ear.

"You did great, mon. Best fuck I had in a long time! Thanks, mon." Then he kissed me again.

I really can't describe how good I felt. Not only did I finally get to do some fucking, but it was all I thought it would be and more. I think that no one has done an adequate job of putting the feelings into words, and I'm only going to ask you guys to take my word for it. Well.... mine, and millions of other guys'! And to top it off he thanked me! He actually told me I did a good job!

Sanka rolled over and lit yet another joint, and then we heard a knock on the door. I'd completely forgotten that Mike was coming over, but I felt so good about what I'd just done that I was even able to ignore the nerves that tried to steal their way back into my feelings. Sanka went into the living room to open the door and I heard him greet Mike and tell him we were in the bedroom. The sun was up, but the room was still in darkness except right at the doorway where the two candles were, and a little sunlight from the living room. I lay in the bed still recovering and thinking of how good I felt, and the next thing I knew, Jesus Christ walked into the room!


Well...not really, of course. But in those days there was no real dress code. No real fashion statement that when seen today would make someone immediately think of that time. The flashy bell-bottoms and disco style of dress hadn't happened yet. Hairstyles were still having men (including me) with hair parted in the middle and at least shoulder length, as mine was. The only headgear wasn't hats, but headbands. Other than that, it was pretty much anything goes.

I don't mean to be blasphemous, but religious pictures showed Jesus Christ as a blonde. He had shoulder length hair that just happened to be parted in the middle. In many pictures, Jesus also had a mustache and beard. Parents were trying real hard to get us kids to cut our hair, and our answer was usually that Jesus had long hair and so can we. Well, guess what Mike looked like? You got it - he was a blonde. And his hair was parted in the middle, AND it was shoulder length. Mike took things a step further and in the style of Toga parties, fashioned a sheet into and outfit that looked like what was worn in biblical times, right down to the sandaled feet, and he even grew a mustache and beard. The complete ensemble earned himself the nickname, "JC." So after a whole bunch of beer and a generous helping of pot, you can imagine my first thought when Mike walked into the dimly lit doorway! Made me swallow hard and gulp.

After that first instant Mike greeted me, shook my hand, and I finally realized that he was just a mortal like me, and I wasn't about to be punished for anything I'd done so far. The three of us sat and drank and smoked and talked for a while. Then Mike came and sat on the bed next to me.

Sanka and I were still naked, and Mike put his arm around me and asked me if I was okay with everything so far. I was a little apprehensive still, and was trying to think of a smooth way to ask him to take off that ridiculous outfit! In what I considered a gutsy move I decided to show him that it was okay, and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. He returned the favor, and we wound up laying on the bed making out in the semi darkness. We were laying side to side and my hands were sliding all over Mike's body and his hands slid over mine.

My hands did have something of an ulterior motive. I was really floating in the clouds from Mike's lips and tongue, but I still felt rather silly thinking I was laying naked in bed making out with a biblical figure. Especially that particular biblical figure! My hands and fingers slid over his chest looking to unbutton his shirt so I could get it off. But since what he was wearing wasn't really a shirt - there were no buttons. And since he wasn't really wearing pants, and it wasn't really a dress, there was no snap or zipper or anything I expected.

"Hey Mike?"


"Could you do me a favor?"

"That's what I came for," he said sensually. I rolled my eyes.

"I mean something else?"

"Sure, babe," he said. No one had called me "babe" before, and it felt good. And like dry humping a guy's ass it stuck with me, and is my favorite term of endearment today.

I grabbed a handful of whatever it was Mike was wearing, "Would you please get rid of this?" I asked him, then snickered, "I feel like I should pray or something." That was silly, but it made us both laugh. I noticed when we were laughing that I didn't hear Sanka's high-pitched laugh. He had left the room and left Mike and me alone. Mike reached behind him where I couldn't see, and made some kind of movement. He stood up and everything came off all at once and he stood naked in front of me. Now he was beautiful! His cock really was the same size as mine and it stood up straight and proud. Since he now looked normal, my own cock woke up.

Mike pushed me back on the bed and laid on top of me. He kissed me again and my arms automatically wrapped around his back. This time when my hands explored his body, they were rewarded with a smooth back and a nicely formed butt. Mike's tongue was as magic as Sanka's and I was soon lost in the moment. My own body started slowly squirming, my cock searching for Mike's as he laid on top of me. Mike reached between us and pulled our cocks together, then pushed his hips and applied pressure that made me moan. I kissed him and let him kiss me and my hands got to know his back, my fingers combed his hair, and played with his ass and rubbed his hole and our lips stayed together.

Mike reached between us again and grabbed my cock. He squeezed gently; just enough so that when he raised his body up a little, the pressure on my cock remained constant. His lips finally let mine go and moved to my ear, "I'm gonna make ya feel good now, Robby," he said. I only moaned my approval. I couldn't think of anything to say, "Just relax, babe," he told me, "I'll make it slow and easy and wonderful." All I could do was nod. His lips kissed my ear, my cheek, my neck, and moved to my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair and he licked my nipples and lightly raked his teeth across them. I didn't know until then how sensitive my nipples were, and I reveled in the sensations. Mike's tongue worked one and his fingers worked the other then they traded places while his other hand stayed around my cock. When his tongue wasn't sliding across me, his beard was, and it was just rough enough to send new shivers rippling across my body from one end to the other and back again and all I could do was moan and my head lolled from side to side and I just laid there and panted and smiled.

Mike's lips worked their way on down my body and soon his hand around my cock was replaced with his mouth and his tongue worked it's magic again. I kept wondering what I'd done to deserve to experience so much pleasure all at once. One hand moved down between my legs and played with my balls and Mike sucked and sucked and sucked and I still could only moan. I reached down and grabbed his head but didn't know what to do with it and could only keep running my fingers through his hair. His tongue ran up and down my cock and licked my balls and sucked them one by one while his hand slid further down.

His fingers slid into the crack of my ass and across my hole, but the apprehension I expected to start feeling didn't come. He didn't have to push anything; my legs spread by themselves. I don't know where it came from or when he did it, but I felt the lube as he spread it over my hole and his fingers rubbed and prodded and rubbed. My hands reached down and I spread my cheeks myself and Mike's fingers accepted the invitation. They rubbed some more and prodded with a little more pressure and while his mouth worked my cock his finger slid into my hole and I didn't even flinch; I only moaned some more.

Mike was real patient. It felt like he was taking forever working my hole with his finger and my cock with his mouth. I can't remember noticing when, but there was a moment when I realized he had two fingers up my ass and I just took a deep breath and let it all out in a hiss and smiled. Mike just kept making magic on my cock and ass and the next thing I knew he let go of my cock just long enough to tell me that he had three fingers up my ass and that I was doing great. He managed to spread my hole further and further with his fingers and my butt didn't complain at all. I didn't even notice him shifting position and didn't open my eyes to see that he was up on his knees with his mouth still on my cock and his fingers still up my ass.

I didn't even have time to tell myself that this was it, or that the time had come. I only felt Mike's lips leave my cock, which slapped against my belly. His fingers kept sliding in and out of my ass and in and out and in and out and in and then they slid all the way back out. When they slid back in I realized it wasn't his fingers - but his cock! There was no pain, no extra stretching, no sting, nothing but the same sensations only more intense because now I finally had a hard cock up my ass for the first time, and I went nuts! He slid his cock in and out of my ass at the same speed his fingers had been moving and kept up the same rhythm and I felt great! When I realized what he'd done I opened my eyes and could only stare at him with wide eyes and an equally wide smile. He was looking right into my eyes and smiling. I couldn't think of anything to say to match what I was feeling so I only stared at him while he picked up the pace. Finally he threw his head back and started moaning himself. His long hair was swinging back and forth while his mouth formed an "O" and he panted and grunted and so did I.

I thought I wasn't doing anything special for him, but I didn't realize what a virgin ass felt like - what the psychological effect of popping a cherry was. Mike was having a good time and I was amazed at how easy I took his cock up my ass and how fucking great it felt. Like a lot of virgins, I couldn't hold back and didn't need to hold or jack my cock. Cum started shooting out all on it's own and splatted on my chest and belly. My moans changed to pants and whimpers and my hands just fanned out and my arms raised up in the air as I shot my load all over myself. My legs had found their way over Mike's shoulders and he had to grab my ankles to keep them from squeezing his neck too tight.

Watching me cum sent Mike over the edge. Suddenly he bared his teeth and started pounding my ass and I didn't care a bit. He slammed my ass hard enough to make my hair shake and then he suddenly rammed his cock all the way in and held it there and just ground his hips as I felt a strange sensation in my ass and realized he was filling my ass up with the first load of cum I ever felt, and it felt indescribably wonderful! He pulled his cock out of my ass and sat back on his knees. I reached down and felt his cum oozing out of my hole. I sat up and saw a few drops of cum still working their way out of his cock. Anyone watching would have thought I was in some kind of trance. I just looked at Mike's cock, then up at Mike, then back to his cock. Mike reached out and pulled me into a hug and told me I was wonderful and beautiful and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.

A thought occurred to me, and in what I'm sure was a typically virgin'ish fashion I cupped Mike's face in both hands, and looked right into his eyes only inches away from his face. "I got FUCKED!!" I yelled, and Mike laughed. I let go of his face and pumped both arms in the air and yelled, "YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!" and wrapped Mike back into a bear hug. Mike laughed some more and this time I heard Sanka's high pitched laugh as he appeared at the door, still naked.

Sanka came and sat on the bed and the three of us hugged and kissed. Sanka shook a finger at me, "I knew you would do it, mon!" he told me, "I knew you would do jus' fine!" and we hugged again and kissed and acted silly for a while. I finally thought to ask Sanka where he'd been, and while I was floating on Cloud 9, and while the earth moved and the angels smiled and all that, Sanka was in the kitchen ignoring us and calmly fixing a meal. I then noticed the smell of breakfast and realized that the pot had done the other thing it's famous for, and I was ravenously hungry. The three of us sat naked at the kitchen table and in typical cone head fashion consumed mass quantities of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast. Between bites, poor Sanka and Mike had to listen to me babbling on and on about what felt good and what felt best and what felt better and how good I felt 'cause I was a MAN now. After we ate, somehow the three of us fit on the bed and slept the rest of the day away. When we woke up I started talking again, and I'd bet you that if you asked the two of them today, they would say that when I went to work that evening they were glad to get rid of me.

I stayed with Sanka a couple of months, then got my own place. I kept seeing Sanka and Mike and a couple of other fuck buddies of theirs for the next two years until I was 20. Even though I was having a great time with them, I was still desperate to get out into the world and DO something with myself.

Almost on the spur of the moment, I joined the military. I didn't tell anyone right away because--thanks to Vietnam--being in the military was not a cool thing to do. I didn't care though, because I just wanted to leave and go somewhere else and do something else and be someone else. I ran into Sanka on the street four days before I was due to leave for boot camp and told him where I was going. This time HIS eyes bugged out like mine had done.

"What you go and do a crazy thing like that for, mon?" he gasped and even felt my forehead like I had a fever. When he realized that it was all arranged and done, and the contract was signed, and I had already raised my hand, he insisted on having a going away party for me. He told me there was one other guy I needed to meet.

"I didn't tell you before, mon," he said, "It was no accident I came to Papa C's that night." I just looked at him, puzzled. "There was another guy you know who told me you were in a jam," Sanka explained. I thought of the couple of guys I jacked off with in high school and the guy from the high school in the next town who's cock I sucked. I wondered which of them it was. I'd seen them on the streets, but we never did do anything else with each other, and I thought that one of them had gotten a job in another city and had moved away. I'd gotten an apartment in the town next door to my hometown and so hadn't been back home in two years. I smiled, wondering how I could ever thank which ever it was for starting me on a road I was only too happy to keep traveling, but Sanka wouldn't tell me which one it was. He wanted to surprise me, which was something about him I'd gotten used to.

The party was a rip roaring one involving Mike and the other guys and we drank and smoked and danced and later turned the whole thing into one big orgy. I really don't remember how many times I got fucked, or how many butts I sank my own cock into or how many times. Then there was a knock on the door. I was in the bedroom and Sanka came in and told me my buddy was here. I almost ran from the bedroom to see which of my old school playmates it was. I almost broke into tears as I ran across the room to give him a hug....

It was Papa C.


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