Said the Spider to the Fly

By Mr Malaprop

© Mr_Malaprop 2007

A few months ago I was transiting through an area of the world famed for the beauty of its inhabitants and stayed in a favorite hotel. While I was there, an incident occurred that inspired this little story. This is a fictionalized account and perhaps there is a little fantasy thrown in. I want to point out, before I begin, that there are still many societies in the world where men rarely have sex with women before marriage so gain all their sexual experience with other men, initially with their siblings or cousins or school buddies then later with friends and colleagues and, well, anyone who happens along; this is all seemingly done without guilt or hang-up. Perhaps I am biased but I think that as arrangements go it is pretty darned good!

Many may ask if my little tale is exaggerated - I’ll let you decide.

If any of you recognize the hotel, the description is fairly accurate, please let us keep it to ourselves! Send me your guesses and if anyone guesses right we can compare notes.

Thanks to my friends HCFU (Freedom, Nick and Thorns) for their constant encouragement.

None of the above is responsible in any way for any imperfections in this story, that responsibility rests solely with me.

And finally: If you shouldn't, don't. If you don't like it, stop. If you want to flame me, you're wasting your time.

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Said the Spider to the Fly

By Mr Malaprop

I’ve liked the hotel ever since I first stayed there, years ago now. My taxi driver friend and I came upon it by accident; we had recently met up again after a gap of a few years, purely by chance. I was walking along by the beach and passed a taxi stand and he called to me, recognizing me after three years despite my now graying hair. He whisked me off into the twilight to a restaurant he said he knew a few miles up the coast, he obviously didn’t know it very well as it wasn’t easy for him to find. By the time we got there it was dark and he suggested a walk on the beach before we ate. We strolled down past some fishing boats then sat in the dark listening to the sea, he reached for my hand and placed it on his cock, which he had surreptitiously taken out of his trousers. It was of medium size and very hard - we had discussed years before how we were both into sex with guys but at that time we hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it - he had never gotten around to doing anything about it with anyone before then but he knew what he wanted. We had also discussed him being a top and me being a bottom. This all came back to me as I leant over in the safe, warm tropical dark and took him in my mouth.

The next morning we met up again and went looking for somewhere where I could have a nice room, preferably with a pool, and where he would be able to come to see me in my room and we found this place. It was rundown then but it has since had some money spent on it and it has smartened up considerably. There was a large banqueting hall open to the elements along one side via a colonnade and a smaller, but still sizable bar with a hatch to the pool area then outside there was a kiddy pool and a small swimming pool and a row of ten rooms down the side of the pool, little cottages really, all with their own verandah; round the pool were tables and chairs and umbrellas and so on. Each room had its own bathroom and also a back door letting on to a path that the staff used that ran from the kitchens to their shower and toilet area down towards the shore. In the refurbishment a few years ago all the rooms got air conditioning as well as other refinements like cable TV and new furniture and remodeled bathrooms.

That first time I stayed there was just one room boy and after my taxi driver friend had left, an hour or so after I had checked in, the boy/man, he was probably about 22 at the time, began to indicate that he might be willing to play. Each little hint from him brought an increasingly broad smile from me. When I thought that things were clear I went and lay in my room, naked under the fan. A short while later there was a tap on the door and he started to slip into the room but sort of panicked when he saw me naked and said “sorry” and left. I hastily threw a towel round me and opened the door, he was still on the path outside so I got chatting with him and assured him I wasn’t mad at him. I think he expected it all to be a bit more subtle but I am not really into subtle, it can waste an awful lot of time. Anyway he came back into the room and almost immediately I got my hand on his packet and slowly got his zip undone and his now hard cock out and into my mouth. His cum was amazingly sweet, it was a delight to taste it a few minutes later. That first time he went to suck me as well but I indicated that was neither required nor desired; I far prefer to concentrate on getting whoever I am with off rather than think of my own orgasm, which is often delayed several days to enhance my anticipation and eventual enjoyment.

The second time I went to stay the boy, Carl, was still working there and as I was shown the rooms he was obviously more than keen that I should stay but they were in the middle of refurbishment and it was more building site than hotel plus the pool was in the process of renovation so unusable; in the end I went and stayed elsewhere. However by the next visit the work was finished and the place was buzzing. The prices had gone up, of course, but then the exchange rates worked in my favor and in dollar terms it crazily worked out cheaper. They now catered a lot of wedding parties and things like that so the banqueting hall was in regular use and that was what made the money. The ten rooms were a bonus and attracted almost exclusively local people; some, I am sure, for an illicit and surreptitious shag away from the prying eyes of wife or husband.

So over the years I have stayed there on an infrequent but regular basis; whenever I am there that is where I stay. Carl still works there, he is now a married man with a child - and he is still a regular and welcome visitor to my room whenever I am there. He loves to be rimmed and then have my forefinger inserted up his rectum to give him a prostate massage while I suck him off - and his cum still tastes just as good. That second time I stayed he obviously told at least one other member of staff who told another and so on so that now I get a regular flow of visitors commencing shortly after my taxi driver friend leaves - he normally stays for an hour so that we can do it twice though lately his recovery time has got longer so sometimes it is only the once. Age gets to us all eventually.

The time before last when I stayed there was a new young member of staff, a waiter, about 19 years old. He knocked on the door one evening and was obviously very nervous but he locked the door as he came in and checked it was locked. He was off duty and wore a t-shirt and shorts. He sat on the bed right next to me. I couldn’t remember his name even though I’d been introduced to him earlier so I asked again.

Eyes cast down at the floor he replied, “Kumar.

Are you okay with this Kumar?”

Yes sir.”

So I placed my hand on his knee.

Are you sure?”

Yes sir.”

I moved my hand up his leg under his shorts and found he was wearing no underwear and was more than ready. I withdrew my hand and put it in through the elasticized waist band of the shorts then moved to pull them down. He didn’t let me pull them down far but let his dick into the air. That first time I sucked him and he came in seconds, he was really on a hair trigger. When he had come he pulled his shorts up, mumbled thank you and scuttled away. He visited a couple more times during my stay and each time got a little bolder though he was still on a hair trigger.

I had many other visitors on that trip, one evening almost all the staff visited one by one except the security staff and a few others who obviously did not fancy sex with a foreigner or a man or both/neither, if you see what I mean.

So now we come to my most recent visit. I was collected at the domestic airport as usual and my taxi driver friend came in for an hour during which he fucked me in a leisurely way then his mobile phone went off; his mother wanted collecting from the market as she had bought too much to carry home on the bus. He left and said he’d be back in the morning to take me to the international terminal for my flight home.

As soon as Andy left I went to the bar to see Caleb and get a couple of bottles of water. He was pleased to see me and held my hand while we chatted about old times and any staff changes. Carl still worked there but was on his day off, he would be in at 7 a.m. the next day. Eric and Felix had left and had been replaced by Rajan and Saji. They had all talked about me and Rajan and Saji both seemed keen to meet me, or so Caleb said. He said he would send the water along with Saji so I could see what I thought.

I went back to my room and stripped off to just a towel around my waist as if I was just about to get a shower. In preparation I gave myself a quick wash in the important places then sat in wait - Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly!

A few minutes later a very dusky young man knocked on my door bringing two bottles of water. Caleb was right, he was very cute, very much my type. I invited him in and he put the water in the fridge for me. I introduced myself and we shook hands. I sat back down on the bed and it was obvious he was already hard. I ran my hands up and down his flanks and his hands went to his belt and started undoing it, then his fly as he dropped his trousers to his ankles. He wore no underwear so I leant forward and sucked him into my mouth. He was another hair trigger and soon I was drinking him down; there was a faintly muttered “Oh my God” as he came. Whoever did that old advert I saw once on a trip to England was wrong when they said tea was the best drink of the day - fresh young man’s cum had it beaten hollow!

I got a very shy “Thank you, sir” then I helped him dress and sent him on his way.

After he had gone I had a shower and a walk around the grounds then went back to my room for a lie down. I knew the waiters and room boys had shift change at 3 p.m. so usually my room got busy about 2 p.m. with those about to go on duty and this carried on until shortly before three then there would be a lull until 3.15 when it would pick up again until 4.00 or 4.30 with the staff who had just finished their shift. Many of the staff lived in the staff quarters and they always gave preference to those going off duty who lived a distance away so they could come and see me then head home to their wives and families. From about 6.00 p.m. I could expect one or two of the day staff to visit before they headed home or wherever.

About 2.05 there was a little knock at the back door to the room, I opened it and there was Kumar smiling all over his face and wearing, once again, just the t-shirt and shorts. He said to me “Sir, I have come” - well, I thought, not strictly accurate but I knew it would be in a minute or two! He came in and sat on the bed while I locked the door. When I sat beside him and put my hand on his knee he seemed all diffident again. We exchanged the usual pleasantries, how was my trip, how were his parents - standard stuff - and then my hand crept up the leg of his shorts and found his hardness.

Sir, can I …”

What, Kumar, what do you want to do?”

Can I, erm, can I …, erm, be inside you?”

You want to fuck me?” Even with his dark skin I could tell he was blushing.

Yes, sir, if you don’t mind.”

Kumar, I’d love you to fuck me.”

But I know you like me coming in your mouth.”

I do, but I love to be fucked as well. Afterwards you can empty the condom in my mouth then I can still taste you.” I was still holding his dick and I felt it twitch its approval of that suggestion. I got him to stand in front of me and I stripped him off then took his cock in my mouth briefly before I rolled on the condom then knelt on the bed facing away from him so he could take me doggy fashion. He pushed in and I heard him sigh. He slid to and fro a couple of times then I felt his cock twitch as he unloaded into the condom then he held still for a while and started pumping again; this second time he lasted a minute or two before he was making quiet animal noises and was twitching against my ring again.

He pulled out and between us we got the condom off him and held in a tissue which he then held to my mouth and emptied. I held it all in my mouth then cleaned off his dick with my tongue, swallowing the whole lot together.

I’ll see you later, sir.”

I hope so, Kumar. Thanks.”

Thank you, sir.” A big smile and he was gone.

He was followed by Ravi [suck] and Pete [fuck] and Caleb [fuck] and Irfan, one of the security men so a new face, [suck] before the break came at about 2.55. Irfan had a lovely cock but really small balls - and he loved them being rolled around in my mouth! I had another shower before the second sitting which saw visits from Rajan and Saji [again] and Kapil and John. Then Irfan came back with the mechanic-electrician-handyman called Prasantha to look at the lights in my room as one of the bulbs was missing. Irfan indicated to me to try it on so I put my arm round Prasantha’s waist then Irfan said “I’ll leave you two to it.” and disappeared. Prasantha was a little bit freaky about it but the tent in his trousers showed he was keen. I rubbed it gently then sat down in front of him on the edge of the bed and unzipped his fly. He was another one going commando so his cock sprang out in front of me. I pumped it gently with my hand while I freed his nuts then sucked on them before engulfing his cock in my mouth. His hands went to each side of my head and held me gently while he fucked me in the mouth then, after a couple of minutes, came quite explosively. He had never visited me before so I was delighted to add a fourth new boy in the day to my score. He was one of those who finished work at 6.00 and by 6.30 he was knocking on my door again wanting a second go. I think he waited until he saw Joe, the gardener and probably the oldest member of staff at 40+, leave. Joe was strange and the opposite of Irfan as he had huge balls and a really small dick!

By the time Prasantha left I had serviced 12 men to 15 orgasms since getting there, a bit above my average score for that time, and I needed a break. I decided to go for a swim and then eat so I put on some trunks and headed for the pool. On the way I saw Kumar on duty and ordered my evening meal, knowing it would take 30 minutes or so, then got in the pool and started swimming some laps - not seriously, you understand; just gently and for the exercise. When I saw Kumar bringing my meal I got out and dried myself a bit then put my towel on the chair by the pool and started to eat.

When Kumar came back to clear my empty plate and check if I still wanted my usual lemon pancake and ice cream for dessert a small bus pulled into the car park and a load, and I mean a load, of young men got out and headed into the pool area and started pulling tables together. I raised an eyebrow at Kumar.

They work at the airport, sir. About once a month they come here and rent a few rooms and drink and eat and swim then in the morning they head straight into work from here. They are good boys, sir, they won’t make a lot of noise.”

As they were definitely good eye candy I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but Kumar knew I couldn’t cope with raucous parties as I was usually pretty tired when I was there having been up country for a while working 16 hours a day trying to sort out one of our local operations. I was happy to do without sleep for plentiful sex but not to be kept awake by lots of noise.

I looked across and smiled at the new arrivals but wasn’t really taking them in as individuals so when Kumar arrived with my dessert I gave that my full attention for a little while. As I finished one of the boys from the group came over to my table.


I looked up and I knew I knew the face but couldn’t think where I knew him from.

Yes,” I said, probably quite guardedly.

Do you remember me? I’m Neil, I met you at Sammy’s.”

It all came back. I wasn’t in touch with Sammy any more but a couple of years ago he had organized a little party for some of his friends, with my connivance, and with me as the main attraction. He was 21 at the time and his friends were all around the same age. His parents were going to be away for a month staying with their daughter and her husband shortly after the birth of her baby so Sammy was left in sole charge of the house. This is a poor country and Sammy had a group of friends who were interested in having sex with a white man so I had agreed to splash out on the food and the booze and he had agreed to provide me with a room where I could, erm, entertain his friends one at a time, or in small groups. It was a great party, a good time had been had by all - I know, I was that good time! Of course I remembered Neil! He had been the third boy to come to the room that night and had been the gentlest of the lot.

I invited him to sit with me and we chatted a little about Sammy and his friends and what had happened in his life. He had been working at the airport for about a year and was loving it. He liked being away from home and enjoyed the life with the lads at the airport. He said his parents were nagging him to marry, every time he went home they had another little selection of girls for him to see but he didn’t feel ready, he was rubbing his leg against mine as he said this, he still enjoyed messing around with his mates and thought marriage would be better when he was at least 30. He told me more about the group he was with and how they all lived together in a hostel but saved a bit of money and once a month or so, normally just after pay day, they all came here for a night of fun and booze then slept it off in the rooms. He echoed Kumar by saying “they’re all good boys.” He put his hand on my leg under the table. “Do you want to meet them? I think you’ll like them and I know they’ll like you.” and he gave me a very knowing smile.

Sure, how many of you are there?”

Tonight 22 of us. We have taken 5 rooms here and we’ll sleep 4 or 5 to a room.”

Should I buy some booze for you all?”

If you don’t mind.”

How much? A couple of liters of arrack?”

One would be enough but two would be great.”

I’ll arrange it then I’ll come and join you.”

Great, it is so good to see you again, Chris.”

And you, Neil.” Under the cover of the table he gave my cock a quick grope and I reached over and returned the favor. He then walked back to his mates and I headed for the bar hatch to organize some booze for them all. Caleb, the barman, said he’d send Kumar with the first bottle immediately, he also told me that he’d phoned Carl at home and he would be in at 6.30 in the morning to see me before he went on duty at 7. I then grabbed my drink and walked over to the big group where Neil had cleared a space next to his own chair for me. I sat down and he started to introduce everyone but I soon lost touch with the names - Alec and Alex and Rafiq and Dileep and Bijan and, and I don’t know who else. They all seemed very friendly and welcoming. I think Neil must have told them what might be expected to happen during the evening as Dileep, the other side of me, had his hand on my bare thigh pretty quickly!

The fun really began when a few of them decided to swim and got me to go in with them. They stripped off to their underwear and jumped in and started splashing about so I got in with them, there were about 6 of them and me. After a while they gathered around me and were asking the usual questions about was I married, no, why not, I never wanted to, didn’t I like women, yes but …, and I was being as evasive as possible but then the hands started wandering and I had hands massaging my buns and stroking my cock and then a hand inside the back of my swimsuit with a finger exploring my crack then my hands were taken and placed on cocks. I played with them a bit from outside their undies then pushed the cloth down and played with the cocks openly in the water. I tried to share my attentions around and before long all of them had their underwear tucked under their balls and their hard cocks out in the water. I took a deep breath and ducked under the water giving one a few sucks before coming up for air then repeating with the next in a circle until I had given them each a little taster. It took a while but eventually one of them summoned up the courage to suggest that I went to their room with them, I agreed and popped into my room first to grab a box or two of condoms and some KY then joined the six of them in the room next to mine. The rooms are all doubles but they had two twin beds pushed together to make one 6 foot wide platform plus they had country mattresses unrolled on the floor, plenty of sleeping space for 4 or 5 or even more.

By the time I got from my room to theirs they had all shucked their underwear and were naked so I shucked my own swimsuit; just so as not to feel out of place, of course. They stroked my shaved legs and crotch and oohed and aahed over my white flesh while I started feeling one or two of them up with my hands then with my mouth. As I sucked I made sure my ass was up in the air, inviting attention. It wasn’t long before someone had spread KY on their finger and was finger fucking me then I stopped sucking to help the first couple of guys get a condom on then went back to sucking one or two intermittently while the first guy entered me.

This set the pattern for the next couple of hours as one after another the guys fucked me. Some were big, some were small, some were fat, some were thin, some were gentle, some were rough but they all had a go, one after the other with hardly a break in between. As one guy got finished and pulled out another slid in and the guy who had finished would get his underwear back on and go back out to the table and someone else would take his place. There may have been only 22 of them but in a two and a half hour period I was fucked 37 times - such is the stamina of youth! I think they all had a go but perhaps one or two didn’t join in, I wasn’t ticking them off on a list! All I did was keep count and the 37 was the result at the end of the stint, signaled by the arrival of their food. Each time afterwards the condom was emptied into a glass and then when they went back to the poolside for their meal I took the glass over with me and toasted them in it then drank it all down to applause before leaving them to eat in peace.

While they were eating I went to my room for a bit of a rest, or so I thought, but it wasn’t long before the bush telegraph had told the off duty staff where I was and shortly Irfan and Prasantha were knocking on the back door wearing just shorts. They came in and dropped their shorts without asking and got me in a sandwich with Irfan in my ass and Prasantha in my mouth until Irfan asked me if I could manage the two of them up my ass. I had done this sort of thing before so I told them I reckoned so. I got them lying groins together heads apart with right leg over left leg so their condom clad cocks were together then, holding them in my hand, lowered myself on to them - I felt very full but it was great. I bobbed up and down on them like that then got off and got Irfan lying down and I sat on his cock, facing away from him, then lay back on to him and brought my legs up so that Prasantha could enter me as well. Prasantha then fucked away and the friction against Irfan’s cock brought them both off. They then fed me the contents of the condoms and surprised me when they both kissed me on the cheek as they left. Irfan put his head back round the door and said that if I was awake after midnight his fellow security men might welcome a visit in their little hut by the gate.

I was just about to go back to Neil and his friends when the manager knocked on my door. I had never done anything with any of the management though I realized they probably knew at least a little of what was going on. I only knew him as Mr Anselm and it was like that I addressed him as he came and sat with me and chatted on the verandah. He was a bit diffident, but then he always was. We chatted inconsequential stuff, tales of his kids and so on. He then told me how lonely he was sometimes, his family lived two hundred kilometers south and he only saw them every 6 weeks or so. As he said this he adjusted himself in his trousers.

You must get very lonely, Mr Anselm.”

Indeed I do, sir. And in a place like this I have to be very careful what I do as I am the manager.”

I understand but I am sure that if I invited you into my room for a chat nobody could think badly of you.”

I hope not sir. I’d very much like to talk to you in your room.”

He was a bit overweight, but then so am I, he was a bit out of condition, ditto, but I think I gave him a good time and eased his loneliness a little. He wasn’t very big but his technique was excellent! I am sure mine was not the first ass he had screwed but it wasn’t my place to ask questions like that.

By the time I was heading back to the airport gang the bar was about to close so I asked Caleb to send over a third bottle of arrack and told him to put their food bill on my bill, too. He smiled at me.

They were that good, were they, sir?”

Oh yes, Caleb, I'll tell you about it later!”

I went and sat with them a while but they mostly seemed exhausted by a combination of the strong liquor and their earlier exertions. I swam a little with a couple of them and we played a bit in the water then, in the end, just two of them came back to my room with me for a while and two more joined us there as the rest headed for bed. After 40 minutes they had all gone and then it was time for Kumar and Caleb to come calling before they went to bed. They brought Augustine, the kitchen boy, with them. He was only 18 but was definitely well blessed, we were all impressed with the size of his equipment! It still fitted, of course, but made me feel rather full.

After they had drifted off to bed I headed for the security hut to see Josh and Leon. They saw me coming and by the time I got there they had their flies open and their cocks out. I smiled and knelt on the floor and played with them a bit, one in each hand, before blowing them as well as I knew how. I got no complaints just gasps as they came and thanks as I left.

By the time I got back to my room it was 1 a.m. and I was tired but I had no sooner settled down than Neil and two of his mates knocked; we played for an hour, Neil went first then his friends, whose names I still don’t know, then Neil again very tenderly after the others had fallen asleep, then he and I curled up together and slept.

We woke about 4.30 when I needed a pee so they all peed then fucked me again, one by one, before going back to their own rooms - as they left Neil whispered to me “I really like you, sir.” I told him I liked him too; I do and I was very touched by what he said.

Their moving about seemed to alert the security staff that I was awake so soon enough I had Josh and Leon in my room taking turns to throw a quick fuck into me before going back to their rounds.

I rested for a bit then until Carl turned up, early, at 6.15. It was lovely to see him and we lay together afterwards just cuddling and chatting. He told me all about the baby and how proud he was to be a father. It was a nice time. As soon as he left Kumar was at the door wanting to fuck me again and once again he managed a double - where do these young guys get the energy?

After Kumar left I decided I could either rest until it was time to pack or wander along the path at the back of the rooms to see if any of the airport boys had their back doors open - I decided it was a pretty simple choice. They did and I got to suck another dozen cocks before they had to leave for work, with profuse thanks to me for the fun and the food and the liquor, and I had to go and pack and get showered ready for Andy to appear. He was a little late but I still had time to suck him and then we were ready for the off. I spoke to the manager as I paid the bill and left a tip to be shared between all the staff, not just those who had been obliging.

On the drive to the airport I did a quick count, then I did a slow count, then I double checked and still came to the same total - 85 orgasms either in my mouth or in my ass - and that is not counting Kumar’s double orgasms which shoved it up even higher, if you see what I mean! Wow, quite an achievement!

I said goodbye to Andy and promised to e-mail him as soon as I knew when I would next be over, we always keep vaguely in touch. Then I checked in, passed through security and into the departure lounge where I did a bit of duty free shopping, getting a few little gifts to take home.

What made it the perfect trip, and it had been pretty good to begin with, was on the flight home, all 15 hours of it, the Purser was an old friend. Ahmed had been a flight attendant on a flight I was on a few years earlier. At the time we had flirted a bit but nothing more then I ended up staying in the same hotel the airline staff used and Ahmed spent more time in my room than he did in his own. It was good to see him again. As usual the Purser spent most of his time in Business Class so I saw a lot of him. After we had leveled off I went to chat to him out of the hearing of the other passengers. His first question was whether I had ever joined the Mile High Club, I said I had but many years ago. He told me that when everyone was asleep he would come and wake me and I could renew my membership.

It seemed a pretty good idea to me.

When the time came I was still awake and working on the early part of this narrative. When we got to the pantry area he introduced me to Bashir, one of the stewards, who would keep watch for us - and perhaps if I felt like it I could help Bashir as well and Ahmed would then keep watch. I smiled at the suggestion. Ahmed showed me two condoms in his hand and gave one to an equally smiling Bashir then led me into the Business Class bathroom. Like all aircraft toilets it was a bit cramped but I quickly dropped my pants and stood leaning across the pan, bracing myself against the wall while Ahmed entered me quite gently. He put his hands round my chest and undid my shirt so he could twist my nipples as he fucked me. He didn’t last that long then he was bucking into me and crushing me back on to him as his dick twitched in my ass.

He slowly released me, shucked his condom and most obligingly emptied it into my mouth without my asking. I turned and sat on the lowered toilet seat to clean off his cock and while Ahmed rearranged his clothing then he slipped out and Bashir slipped in, locking the door behind him. I stayed seated as I wanted to see what the young man had to offer. He unbuckled and dropped his trousers then pulled his underwear down over an already rock hard cock. I looked up at him, he smiled down at me. I leant forward and took him in my mouth. It was neither too big nor too small, a very pleasant mouthful. As I licked and sucked he was unwrapping the condom - I stopped and helped him roll it down his delightful dong then stood and assumed the position again. He was a little rougher than Ahmed, which was fine and added to the raunch. After he came he withdrew and as he removed the condom he said “you want?” “Yes please.” So he emptied it into my mouth for me then threw it in the trash. Ahmed had obviously briefed him well. I cleaned him up and he got dressed again and left then I followed suit. As I was heading back through the pantry Ahmed smiled across at me “one more time just before we put the lights on to serve breakfast?” “Sure, how long is that?” “About 7 hours time.” “Brilliant, wake me.”

I went back to my seat and wrote a bit more then slept until Bashir came and shook me gently. We went off to the bathroom together and he went first this time, he was more tender this second time around and spun it out quite beautifully until Ahmed tapped quietly on the door so Bashir finished off in a hurry and slipped away so that Ahmed could have his go - “Sorry about that, we are a bit short of time, the meal is due out in another 20 minutes.” He gave me a hurried fuck then fed me again, as Bashir had done and I went back feeling very pleased with myself.

After the meal I used the in-seat satellite phone and called home. A little voice answered and said “Hello.”

Hello Stevie, it’s daddy.”

Hello daddy! [Mummy, it’s daddy on the phone! ] Where are you daddy?”

I’m on the plane sweetie, I’ll be home soon, I told you I’d be home for your birthday didn’t I?”

I’ll be nine! I’ll be a big boy, won’t I daddy?”

Yes, darling you will. Is mummy there? Can I speak to her?”

Here she is.”

Hi Chris, how are you?”

Tired but coping, we are about 90 minutes out now so we are bang on time, just thought I’d let you know.”

Thanks, we’ll be leaving soon, I’ll bring the monster with me.”

[“I’m not a monster, mummy!”]

Good, I’ve missed you both so much,” then, putting my lips close the phone and covering it with my hand, “I won’t be much use to you tonight but watch out tomorrow night, I haven’t come in ten days!”

Ooh, you dirty man,” she whispered back “I can’t wait! See you soon, Tiger. How was your night?”

I’ll tell you about it later, it was amazing; the flight is being good as well. Bye darling.”

You’re a dirty bag! Bye.”

I didn’t tell her a word of a lie, I hadn’t come in ten days. I didn’t lie to the boys at the hotel either; Stevie’s mum and I are not married, we’ve just lived happily together for a dozen or so years.

The End.

© Mr_Malaprop 2007