"Asian sauna buddy"
by Jim Mack

An experience at a sauna in East London around end of April this year (2000) - this was such a superb experience, i needed to write it down. If you were one of the guys involved - wasn’t it incredible, e-mail me, I’d love to hear from you - for all those who weren’t and enjoy the account, e-mail me anyway!

I’d had a client meeting without incident, and as it finished around 12.30, I went and found a pleasant looking pub in the City and sat having a pint of Adams beer, together with a toasted sandwich and salad. As I sat there, I kept reminding myself of where I was going to be in a few minutes time - testing myself to see whether I was going to back out or not.

The rain had stopped by the time I left, the strong beer had its effect and I walked towards Bank underground station relaxed and ready for what was to come. Limehouse Station arrived all too soon - I walked off to the left, around the block and approached the sauna from the other direction. No hesitation, I rang the buzzer and was let straight in. I paid my £12, said I’d been before and walked over to the changing area with my key. I was wearing my white CK’s and knew that they looked good stretched over my ass cheeks, so I had no inhibitions about undressing this time, in fact, I probably lingered a little.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and went up to the sauna floor and stepped into the shower. I stood there for five minutes, soaping myself everywhere, standing under the relaxing spray as all my cares seemed to wash away - I was ready to enter the reality of my fantasies!

I went into the steam room to start; I’m going to give names to the guys who were there on Thursday, it will make things easier; Adam was lying on the seat to the right of the steam inlet, on his back with no towel around him, he must have left it hanging outside. His nearest leg was bent, concealing what his left hand was touching, his right hand was caressing his stomach and chest, but he stopped as I sat down. He was dark haired, slim and tall, in his early thirties, one of those elegant, graceful guys. His face looked as if he was totally absorbed in himself. He lay motionless as I sat opposite him - I felt like asking him to carry on with whatever he was doing, but thought it too early to make any approaches.

After a couple of minutes, he stood up, his hand over his crotch, disguising what treasure he might have there, and walked out for a shower. I stayed there for a while, relaxing into the heat. An older guy, skinny and pale, in his fifties came in and immediately uncovered himself - I started to wonder whether this was the norm in the steam room, but certainly wasn’t happy to uncover for him. I was also unsure of the reaction to my shaved cock, not just from him, there was so little hair there after the close shave I’d given myself that morning.

I left the steam room and went for a shower, then entered the sauna. There was a figure, stretched out on the bench opposite the door - I sat there for a while, enjoying the heat. After a while, I glanced over, and realised with a start that this guy was coloured, I wondered whether it was the Indian guy I’d met last time, but no, he was black, and absorbed in himself.

After a while, a second guy walked in - I’ll call him Brian. He sat opposite me, leaned back with his eyes closed, opened his towel and started to gently massage his cock. I couldn’t resist looking at him, but couldn’t tell whether he could see me or not. He was well built but not too muscley, a few tattoos - I think he may even have had an anchor on his shoulder, a sailor perhaps? He had close cropped hair and a closely trimmed beard and moustache with a pleasant, open face. But he looked as if he wasn’t going to be interested in anyone else, so I stayed a little while longer, then went out for a shower.

The first time I’d been to the sauna, I hadn’t found the jacuzzi - I knew it was in the basement area, but I hadn’t explored enough - this time, I was determined to find it. I walked down the stairs to the basement and padded through, my cock-head rubbing pleasurably on the cotton towel. I looked into the ‘labyrinth’, and could see a couple of bodies lying there, and the sounds coming from that direction suggested that something pretty hot was going on. I walked through the video room, paused to watch the two guys on the video starting to get undressed but the older guy was sitting there, so I carried on. I found the staircase leading up to a half-level, and there it was.

So much better than the picture on the web-site had shown, with comfortable seating and planting, and very big. I hung my towel next to the three that were already there. The coloured guy was in the water, together with two other guys, both with cropped hair, one dark, the other fair. They were in their late forties, they smiled as I stepped down into the water - I’d seen the warning signs about the step down, but still stumbled into the deep part of the jacuzzi, helping hands reached out to stop me falling and I thanked them.

The coloured guy offered a seat beside him and I sat between the water jets - it was superb. The cycle switched to the main Aquajet, the two white guys left at this point, and Adam arrived, he stepped down, his hand in front of what was a superb cock, hanging down in front of his long legs. he sank down into the water in front of the jet and swam for a while. He seemed really serene and graceful.

Brian arrived, and sat opposite me, and Adam came and sat next to him when the cycle changed back to the massage jets. We all lay back, being bobbed around by the powerful flow. I was aware that my shaved cock could be seen quite plainly as it was moved around by the water. The coloured guy left, and as the three of us relaxed, our legs moving with the flow, there was the imperceptible touch of a toe against mine. I didn’t move my foot, Brian had his eyes closed - again there was a touch, I responded gently. Adam now left, there were just the two of us. I sank down, my legs stretched out so our feet were up to each other’s knees. Gradually our calves came into contact with a firm pressure, he moved his legs so they stroked against mine - opened his eyes, looked right into mine and stood up, his cock looked beautiful as the water poured off him. He stepped out of the jacuzzi, my heart pounding, I followed after a few seconds wondering what would happen if I found him waiting for me.

I went into the shower recess and washed thoroughly, then went down the flight of stairs into the video room, not really knowing what I was going to do, whether I’d see him somewhere, did he want me to follow? The old guy was still in the room, I walked through, past the dark labyrinth area. On the right was a darker room, I saw him standing against the far wall, waiting for me...... a moment’s hesitation and I was in the room with him - he led me to the right hand cubicle, a tiny space, perhaps three feet by five, it was dark, he shut the door behind us. We both dropped our towels to the floor and reached for the other’s cock. We nuzzled into each other’s necks, it felt so good. He was very wet and my cock was streaming precum.

He leaned down and sucked my nipple, beautiful, then he was on his knees in that dark space, his lips around my cock - he took me oh so deeply. I leaned back against the wall, just loving this wonderful sensation. His hand cupped my balls, he felt my smooth skin and moaned, I concentrated on not becoming fully hard, as I knew if this happened I was finished. I relaxed and he worked away - man he was enjoying my taste so much..... At last I held his head in my hands and brought him up, he held on to my cock and turned his back to me, rubbing my cock-head up and down between his ass cheeks - I was so wet.

I kissed his shoulders, his neck, put my arms around him and held his chest, squeezed his nipples, he was breathing hard, pumping his cock - I started to pump it for him, he took his hands away and reached round for me again. We were revelling in each other’s bodies - I turned him slightly so I could get one hand on his ass, I slipped a finger into him, gently pushing up to the first knuckle - his breathing was harder now. He reached around and pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his finger in, my cock really hardened and I pushed forward. He loved the feel of me sliding up and down him, I didn’t go anywhere near pushing into him, there was nothing to show that either of us wanted to go that far.

He was moving back and forward now as I pumped him, his cock was really slicked up and felt superb. I whispered into his ear to just let go and enjoy it, he asked how I wanted to cum and I told him not to worry about me, he said thanks and started to buck into my hand. I sucked his ear and neck as I could feel his cock tensing - he jetted his load, I let my hand slip over the end of his meat so I could spread some of that wondrous nectar over him - I carried on until he was spent and he relaxed into my arms.

He turned and we hugged close, our bodies sliding over each other, our cocks slipping in each other’s groins, we kissed each other’s faces, I kissed into his neck, over his shoulder, down the side of his body to his hip, then around to his ass cheek and kissed and gently bit its flesh. I stood up and hugged him again and thanked him - he said it was his pleasure! We picked our towels up and squeezed out of the little space. He went towards the stairs, I went back to the jacuzzi, showered, and stepped down into the empty water.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, revelling in what had just happened. I almost fell asleep in the soothing water, but then came to and realised I was wasting precious time! I got up, stretched my limbs like a cat, climbed out of the water, showered, and went down the stairs again. I walked past the labyrinth, at an opening was one of the two guys I’d seen earlier in the jacuzzi - he was laid out on his back, his feet at the opening, slowly jacking off. Adam was beside him, caressing his stomach and chest. I walked past, but then paused and thought - I turned back, and stopped at the entrance, I leaned in and stroked this guy’s leg, higher and higher until I touched his sac. By now I was kneeling beside him, opposite to Adam. But he opened his eyes, and held his hand up to say no, this was obviously a private party, although for public viewing! I backed out and carried on up to the sauna floor.

Decision time now, sauna or steam? I chose the steam room. There were two guys there, sitting at an angle to each other. Craig was a similar build to Adam, although hairier and heavier, David was fair and thickset, neither of them had towels, and David had one of the biggest cocks I’ve seen. They were both laid back, David had his right leg lying across Craig’s legs, who was dreamily rubbing his thigh, occasionally reaching under his cock to slip a finger into his ass. But there was no touching of his cock, there was some teasing going on here. I sat next to Craig, leaving a space. The older guy was sitting opposite, uncovered, stroking his cock and watching the two. I leaned back, uncovered myself and stroked my lengthening meat, the precum felt so good as I spread it up and down my shaft.

I looked over at David, his face showed he was dying for Craig to touch his giant cock, which by now was well above his navel, it seemed almost up to his nipples. Craig leaned forward and put his mouth on the end of this great piece of man-meat! He worked his mouth down, David caressing his head as Craig fingered his own engorged cock. I was desperate to get involved, but couldn’t raise the courage to reach across. The old guy left, in somes ways I felt sorry for him, but there was no way he was going to be involved in any of this. Everyone seemd to ignore him.

Now the fourth person came in; Lee, a Malaysian guy. He had a slim, hairless body and a beautiful face. He sat near the door, next to David, and seemed transfixed at what was going on. After a couple of minutes he took off his towel, to reveal a jet black bush of hair and a wonderfully shaped cock. He went straight over to Craig, knelt and took his cock in his mouth, I think they’d been together before. Now Adam walked in, took in the scene, and sat between Craig and myself. Here was this beautiful, languid body sat right next to me. He reached over to caress Craig’s chest and Lee’s head, then slid his hand down to hold the base of Craig’s cock as Lee carried on sucking. Craig was still gagged on David’s giant piece.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, I started to caress Adams body, beautiful, sensuous flesh - I was so relieved when he seemed to welcome my touch. I slid my hand down under his, which was still covering his cock, he held his hand over mine, and moved it over his meat, I loved the feel of it growing under my touch. I reached over and stroked Lee’s back with my other hand, he looked superb as he worked on Craig’s by now enormous shaft. Leaning forward more, I could reach Lee’s ass, he groaned as I found his hole and worked my finger in.

Brian walked in and sat opposite us, he seemed content to lean back and enjoy the show. We were changing places, suckers were becoming suckees and vice versa, although no-one seemed to mind that I wasn’t going down. I remember Lee’s lips on my cock, he had a wonderful touch, and Craig leaned over to take my meat. The steam built up, after a while of this, our bodies were becoming slicked with precum, I couldn’t take the heat and passion together, and had to get out, David followed. We smiled at each other in mutual recognition of the conditions and both showered, (separately though - with hindsight, I wish I’d asked him to shower with me!).

After recovering, I decided to really take the plunge, I left my towel hanging outside the steam room. Brian had joined in the action now. Craig had produced a small bottle and was offering it to Lee, he sniffed deeply, and sat on Craig’s lap and started an erotic lap dance. Craig was in heaven! I squatted down in front of them, kissed Lee face and neck, while massaging his cock. I reached underneath and could feel the base of Craig’s I don’t think he was inside Lee, as after a while his cock was pointing down under Lee’s ass, I could get them both in my hand! What a feeling - at last Craig came, the burning sperm covered my hand, I used it to rub into Lee - Adam was jacking David off, he came massively - Brian was there somewhere, it’s difficult now to remember exactly what happened, and some of it is disjointed, but wherever I reached, there was hot, slippery skin and cock. I still didn’t cum, but it didn’t seem to matter, I was happy just touching these guys, with an occasional mouth sucking me, and hands rubbing me.

At last I felt I’d had enough and needed to cool down and to have a rest! The coolest place had always been the video room, so I showered and went downstairs again. There was just the coloured guy there, standing, leaned against the wall just in front of the TV, slowly massaging his cock under the towel. I was burning hot, I sat on the lower seat, about six feet from the back wall and leaned back. I was really relaxed now and very comfortable. I lifted one leg and crooked it under the other, my cock almost in view. Someone else came into the room and sat on the higher seat near me. I wasn’t sure who it was. The video was really hot, two gorgeous guys fucking. Shaved, smooth skin and beautiful, hard cocks. I slowly stroked mine.

Another person came in, he stood at the entrance for a while. It was Lee - after a while he came and sat beside me, at the foot of whoever else it was and the side of me away from the screen. A fourth person arrived. It was Craig, he sat on the upper level, beside David, as the second person turned out to be. Lee turned and took Craig’s cock deep into his mouth, I leaned sideways and put my head against David’s leg, and stroked Lee’s stomach. I reached up and took David’s great cock in my hand, he moved my hand down and I played with his balls, massaging them gently, then slipped my hand underneath and played with his ass.

Lee and Craig started kissing each other really deeply, making a good deal of noise. I took my towel off, the four of us were putting on a good show. I was aware of the coloured guy watching us, and two sets of legs coming down the stairs from the jacuzzi. I didn’t see who they belonged to but whoever it was stopped and were obviously watching the four of us.

David was pretty near to cumming as he quickly tensed up and this great cock pumped its load. Most of it went onto Lee’s back, but some came over onto my legs. I rubbed the cream into Lee and he did the same to me - it felt so good! David then left and now there were just the three of us. I wondered whether to hang around as these two were heavily into each other, but Lee twisted round so he could rub his ass against me, I kissed his ear and neck, and he reached round and stroked my head - he wanted me to stay!

Lee’s body felt so good, he was hairless apart from around his crotch. Craig leaned right forward and pumped Lee’s beautiful shaft, I took the opportunity to kiss Craig’s shoulder and slipped my hand deeply into his crotch, his cock was so slippery and I loved playing with it. I placed my other hand over his and we both pumped Lee’s hard flesh, I then just rubbed my open hand over the top of his cock, spreading his precum over his cock-head with the palm of my hand. I wanted him to splash his seed all over me, but he seemed to be taking a while to cum. I moved my hands back to caressing his body, his hand massaged my cock and balls. Craig carried on pumping him and suddenly Lee shot his load over his thighs, that wonderful rank smell of sperm filled my nostrils, I scooped some up in my hand and rubbed it into his softening cock.

Lee turned and kissed my cheek, licked my ear. The sweat was dripping off my forehead - he turned and deep-throated Craig, Craig held his face in both hands and whispered things to him - I couldn’t hear but they we really into each other. I kissed Craig’s face, and they both turned and stroked my body, my cock was making Lee’s thigh wet, he rubbed it gently as I took his hardening shaft in my hand. I wanted to make this exciting Malaysian guy cum as well. A sequence of rubbing, kissing and caressing then started which seemed to last forever now followed. The three of us were oblivious to the video showing, and to the four or five guys who were standing watching us.

Lee seemed to really enjoy the way I was touching him, particularly when I stroked my fingertips under his sac, barely touching him. His body was now arched between the two levels of seating, his head back being kissed and licked by Craig. It meaned I could get my left arm right around his body so his head was supported against my neck and shoulder. I sucked his fine nipples, tiny compared to ours. I could reach under him and play with his ass, he was taking an age to cum. We were totally absorbed in the feel of each other’s skin. I felt that I wanted him to cum at last, but try as I might, I just couldn’t pump him hard or fast enough to bring him over the edge - his staying power was tremendous.

Then, I dripped a mouthful of saliva onto the end of his cock, and spread it down over his shaft like a glove. My hand now slicked up and down his meat, making a wonderful slopping sound - almost immediately his body stiffened, and he finally shot his load, I spread it over his beautiful cock - he held my hand and the two of us pumped the final drops from him. Our fingers intertwined, sliding together with the cream of our passion. The three of us hugged together and kissed each other. I had still not cum, but felt such a fulfilment at having given so much pleasure that it was enough.

I walked upstairs to the sauna floor to have a good shower, I really thought about jacking off in the shower but didn’t want to. At last, I went down to the changing area - there was Lee, getting a drink from his locker, we smiled at each other - that look was so deep - I thanked him quietly and he said goodbye as he turned to go back to the sauna.

As I sat on the train going back towards the studio, I felt completely satisfied. I got back to work just twenty minutes before the end of the day - if only my colleagues knew what had happened just a couple of hours before! When they’d all gone, I locked myself in, stripped off, lay back and watched a slide show on my screen of the TS shots I have, and slowly jacked off, a seemingly endless torrent of sperm finally welled up from my cock, running down over my smooth crotch - what and end to an incredible afternoon.

e-mail me if you’ve enjoyed this, I love to hear comments, even more if you know the sauna, and even more if you were one of the guys involved, you will remember the day! Mike Salac <mike_salac@hotmail.com>